Tuesday, 3 May 2016



I think in a previous post regarding Father Dallat, I spoke of what would happen in any other profession where such behaviour had taken place. The behaviour ? Transgressing every professional boundary between the professional and a client, particularly in engaging in sexual relations. If a GP, a lawyer, a teacher - any professional - did such with somebody with whom he / she had a professional relationship, it would be deemed that such person was not fit to continue in the profession. It appears that Father Dallat has a track record of this kind of behaviour, and I am sure there is much more that has not come to light as of yet. I am dumbfounded that Bishop Treanor has resorted to discredited tactics - namely, sending the priest away for a bit of spiritual R & R, and then quietly trying to reintroduce him. Does he not realise from past experiences in the RC Church that Father Dallat will simply lie low for a while, but will then return to his old ways and continue to inflict damage on those around him, particularly vulnerable women who crave for some attention and affection, whom he will happily take advantage of under the guise of pastoral care and concern and satisfy his own needs at the expense of vulnerable people. This matter should be referred to the Safeguarding people in the Diocese, or in the State, so that Father Dallat will not have any further opportunity to use his profession, his priesthood, his privileged position, in order to take advantage of the vulnerable. Why can Bishop Treanor not see this ?

I am equally flabbergasted at the suggestion that Father Dallat should become a prison chaplain ! I am a prison chaplain in England, lay not ordained, and I know how vulnerable and fragile are so many people in prison. Father Dallat's modus operandi is to take advantage of the vulnerable, albeit under the guise of pastoral care, and I am sure in prison he will take advantage of those who are given in to his care. It may not be sexual advantage - it appears that Father Dallat is rampantly heterosexual and unless he has access to a female establishment there should not be too much sexual temptation. And, I hope people would have the sense to keep him away from the women prisoners with his track record. But....I would put my money on it that there will be lots of other ways that Father will be able to do favours for his charges. That will get him in to trouble in prison, where security and strict boundaries are essential. Father Dallat isn't good at boundaries, it appears.

So, what should happen to Father Dallat ? He should be removed from public ministry, and put in to a position where he has no contact with vulnerable people. Perhaps a position in Treanor Towers ? Shuffling paperwork ? Serving dinner parties ? Saying his prayers ?

Sunday, 1 May 2016


*****WARNING: this Blog today contains BLUNT content. 




Those of who know Ciaran Dallat, and know about him, are not surprised one little bit by what is happening. He is obviously as good at charming and manipulating bishops as he is at charming and manipulating vulnerable and easy to target women. 

This is Ciaran Dallat at his finest. And of course it must be in his genes. His uncle, Mickey Dallat, also found it to keep his John Thomas in his trousers. We do not know how much he got as a reward. But we do know that he was rewarded by being made a bishop - with all its monies, expenses, perks and privileges. We also know that the Church tried to keep the woman hidden at his glorious funeral.

The Most Reverend Bonker
While we are not shocked by the Dallats brass necks and brass balls - we are shocked that in 2016 a Roman Catholic bishop - after all the scandal that is sweeping the Church is actually financially REWARDING  priests who copulate with their parishioners  !

And Bishop Treanor is doing this as A SUCCESSOR TO THE APOSTLES and as the appointed representative of The Vatican in this area.


What Bishop Treanor is really doing is giving the TWO FINGERS to the faithful priests of Down and Connor and to the 300,000 plus lay men and women of the diocese. Will his next pastoral letter to the priests and people of the diocese be named: "PEDICABO EAM" - "F*** OFF?

Bishop Treanor is also sheltering a number of other priests who are involved with both women and men. Maybe they get a year bonus or yearly expenses to cover the cost of their "activities". Maybe serving priests can now apply to Bishop Treanor for contraceptive expenses or fertility treatments. Is Saint Viagra being added to the diocesan patrons - St Malachy and St Macnisi?


And now Ciaran Dallat - if approved by the Northern Ireland Department of Justice - will have access to prisoners and their wives and families. 

Will he be a real hit with the sex offenders in HMP Maghaberry? 

Will he preach in the Maghaberry Prison chapel about the 6TH and 9th Commandments? Will he give talks - as he used to in his parishes - about Chastity, Theology of the Body etc?    

Has Ciaran Dallat? Has Noel Treanor no shame? Do Dallat and Treanor uphold Catholic moral teaching? Do they worry about causing scandal? Do they worry about what message their activities and decisions are sending out?

Has it now come to pass in Down and Connor that what is EVIL is considered Good? That SIN is considered VIRTUE? That BRAZENNESS is considered as FIDELITY?

As the old Catholic people in of Down and Connor used to say - "JESUS WEPT"!

Saturday, 30 April 2016


Seminaries and sex abuse

By Bryan Cones

The sex abuse crisis should teach us that it takes more than a seminary to raise a priest.
In the spring of my first year of college, I wrote my bishop and told him I wanted to be a priest in our East Tennessee diocese. Four months later I was in the seminary—at a Benedictine monastery on the far side of Missouri, a good 13-hour drive from the Catholics among whom I had experienced a call to serve.
On the way, I stopped for the night at a small high school seminary just across the Mississippi River, where my bishop had been rector. There I met some nice priests and learned about one of the few remaining seminaries for high school students, once common stops on the way to ordination.
I didn’t know it then, but the visit was my first contact with the clergy sex abuse crisis. Within 10 years I learned that two of the priests I had met were perpetrators; one was carrying on an abusive relationship with a student I would meet when I arrived at seminary. The third priest claimed on national television to have been abused by my bishop, who was one of the few in the United States to resign as a result of the scandal.
As the latest chapter of the sex abuse catastrophe is being written across Europe, I remain struck by how early in my clerical training I was “involved.” My time in seminary left an indelible mark on me, much of it for good. Yet it occurs to me that it is the way we prepare priests—rather than celibacy, homosexuality, or any other of the “causes” ascribed to the crisis—that is a major part of the problem.

In effect, a Roman Catholic priest is made in a way similar to a U.S. Marine. Candidates are sent away to “basic training” for an extended time, share an intense experience in a strict hierarchical system, and are encouraged to form bonds of brotherhood in that system, in fact, to draw their identity from it. Precious few non-priests are involved in the day-to-day formation of seminarians, and personal contact with parishioners, especially women, is limited and infrequent.
One result of such formation is a certain loyalty to the priestly institution, such that priests identify first with their brothers rather than with those they are ordained to serve. (I still detect that tendency in myself though I was never ordained.) One product of such group loyalty has been a systemic failure among priests and bishops to report clerical child sexual abuse, some cases of which are so monstrous they should be labelled rape and torture.
To sex abuse one could add the less sensational problems of food and substance abuse and other sexual and financial misconduct among priests, which only ever seem to be detected when a particular case spirals completely out of control and ends up on the front page. It is rare indeed for a priest to report a brother who is faltering to higher authorities, often out of fear that “scandal” will result. Those who do, I have been told, find their concerns are rarely acted upon.
If clerical culture itself is at least part of the problem lying beneath the sex abuse crisis, then an obvious remedy must begin where that culture is created. Priestly formation must of course foster a common identity among the ordained, but a pastor must also identify with the people he will serve.
Sending candidates hundreds of miles from their local churches for training does not foster that connection. Neither does it make sense to leave the formation of future pastors almost solely to other priests. Seminarians need the guidance and Christian witness of laypeople every bit as much as they need good ordained role models. Perhaps if families with children had been a daily part of seminary formation in the past, victims of sex abuse would have found a fairer and more generous hearing when they first spoke out.
Today’s seminary system was created as a response to the Reformation and was meant to educate a clerical corps that could hold the line against Protestantism. Now that system is part of a problem so serious that it is undermining not only the moral authority of the Catholic hierarchy all the way to the pope but the Catholic proclamation of the gospel itself.
That proclamation is finally the only mission of the church; the priesthood, as well as the institutions that form its members, must empower that mission, not cripple it. The residential seminary system is hardly part of the deposit of faith, and there are other ways to prepare clergy. Priestly training should create pastors to shepherd God’s people, not a clerical system that fails the weakest of those in its care.

Seminaries are not only hotbeds of promiscuous gay sex but are also the factories that are creating a whole new host of young, right wing, clerical club and vestment loving young priests.
I used to think that when all the old clerical "illegitimates" died off - and went to hell or heaven - the Church would become a better Church.
I was so wrong!
The young priests coming out today are little right wing clerical clones who see themselves on a pedestal and see the laity as an inferior class of Catholic.
They are interested in lace albs and surplices, Latin liturgies, big thick Roman collars, expensive cassocks and incense. 

They are mainly gay and also sexually promiscuous. 
They seems to have no spirituality or prayer life and busy themselves creating complex liturgies, arranging flowers, and hosting classical music recitals.  

Today's priests should be trained while living and working in parishes - preferably in areas where people are struggling in various ways. They can attend lectures from there and they can have retreats and a spiritual year to develop their faith and spirituality.

A GOOD PRIEST is a servant of God and a practical servant of people - not a member of an exclusive CLERICAL CLUB. 

Thursday, 28 April 2016



WAS THE CLAIM OF RAPE BY 5 DOWN & CONNOR PRIESTS made to me in the early 1980's true?

At the time I was a curate in St Peter's Cathedral on the Falls Road and was receiving wide spread publicity for my work on housing and joyriding in the Divis Flats area.

Every evening at 6.30 pm after I had my tea there would be a queue of ten or twenty people waiting to see me. I saw them in one of the 2 interview rooms in the presbytery.

These interviews were cynically referred to as "Buckley's Surgery" by two of my fellow priests who did not approve. 

The administrator, Father Vincent McKinley, even removed the fuses in the electric fires so that I and my interviewees could not have heat!

Vincent McKinley

Most of the people waiting were parishioners but there were always a number of others from all over Belfast and the diocese.

On one occasion a youngish lady came to see me and in a very distressed state and in a flood of tears she told me that she had sex with 5 Down and Connor priests at the one time.

She did not call it "rape" but told me that the incident had taken place in the now closed Conway Hotel in Dunmurray.

She claimed to have met the group of priests - who were not in clerical dress - in the bar and began to drink with them. She claimed to have been plied with alcohol and was then taken to a hotel bedroom where the 5 priests had in turn had sex with her.

At the time she was quite drunk but still had a full recall of what had happened. It was only when she woke up in the morning and found herself in the hotel bedroom alone that she fully realised what had happened and from that moment on she was greatly traumatised about it.

At the time I immediately suggested that her and I should go and report her claim to the police - the RUC. She refused to do this giving me 3 reasons:

1. She felt that no one would believe her and she had no proof.

2. As a Catholic and Nationalist / Republican she did not like or trust the RUC.

3. She felt that if she did go to the RUC and openly give evidence against 5 priests that her life would be in danger from paramilitaries. 

I insisted that she should not let the matter rise and I sought her permission to communicate her story to the then bishop - William Philbin. She agreed.

Bishop Philbin

I attempted to make an appointment with Bishop Philbin but as was his practice at the time I was referred to the diocesan vicar general Monsignor Patrick Mulally.

I went to the bishop's house and met Monsignor Mulally who was very uneasy about receiving this report from me but who in any events made notes. I also communicated to the monsignor the names of the alleged priests involved - of whom I now only remember 2. 


Monsignor Mulally told me he would discuss the matter with Bishop Philbin and that they would be in touch with the lady and that I was to have nothing more to do with the matter and if she came to see me  again I should refer her to Lisbreen.

This story has always haunted me and I have told it to several Down and Connor priests. If any of them are willing I would like them to acknowledge - even anonymously - that I have told them.

Its quite possible that the lady is still alive and would obviously now be in her 70's. 

I have appealed one or twice in this Blog - if she reads it - for her to approach me again.

However it is a long time ago and she may not be alive or may not want to deal with such a horrible historic incident.

Monsignor Mulally took notes during our meeting and I do not know if those notes were kept and are still extant?

When I met them afterwards neither Bishop Philbin or Monsignor Mulally ever referred to the alleged incident and my reporting of it, as far as I know, did not influence them with regards myself. 

This case is one of many that have never seen the light of day. 

Personally I believed the lady involved - especially as she was not after either prosecution or compensation. She simply need to tell someone - someone in the Church - of what had happened to her.

Of course I am still willing to talk to the authorities about this matter and even give the names I was given. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016



OVER TWO YEARS AGO the BBC carried  an article about Father Peter Donnelly which reads:

"A priest from the diocese of Down and Connor has been found not guilty of child sexual

 abuse in a Belfast Court. 

Fr Peter Donnelly (71) was charged with six counts of indecent assault and one of gross indecency against a woman dating back to the 1980s.
The former parish priest of Drumaroad and Clanvaraghan was before Belfast Crown Court on 14th January 2014, where a jury of nine men and three women had been sworn in and was ready to hear the case.
Fr Donnelly denied all the charges, which were alleged to have taken place between 1983 and 1988. Two previous juries in the case had been unable to reach a verdict on the charges against the priest.
After the third jury was sworn in, prosecuting barrister Kate McKay told the court: “The Crown is not offering any evidence in this case,” and Judge Gordon Kerr QC directed the jury to acquit the priest of all the charges, telling Fr Donnelly that he was free to go.
Fr Edward McGee, media liaison officer with the Diocese of Down and Connor, told journalists that now that the criminal process is complete, the canonical investigation will begin.
Eddie Magee

“This is normal procedure,” he said. The review under the Church’s safeguarding policy and procedures had been suspended for the course of the statutory investigation and the “civil proceedings will now resume”.
In a statement, the Diocese of Down and Connor said they continued to encourage “anyone who has a concern of a safeguarding nature to contact the PSNI, Social Services, or the Diocesan Designated Safeguarding Officer.”
Fr Peter Donnelly  voluntarily stepped aside from ministry toassist the investigation by the civil authorities in September 2010.
During his absence, Fr Kieran Whiteford from the nearby parish of Loughinisland has acted as Administrator to Fr Donnelly’s parish of Drumaroad and Clanvaraghan.

Dromaroad Parish Church.

While not prepared to comment on the case, he said he was pleased at its outcome.
Meanwhile, speaking outside the Laganside court complex on Tuesday, Fr Donnelly’s solicitor said that due process had taken place “in which Fr Donnelly has co-operated fully and he has now been found not guilty”. 
The canonical phase of the investigation into the allegations against Fr Donnelly now commences, which means that the priest will remain out of ministry for the present".

The Father Peter Donnelly case, in various forms, criminal, civil and canonical has been continuing for 6 years now since 2010.

This seems to be an extraordinary length of time. Peter Donnelly is now 73 and must retire in less that 2 years time. It looks as if these matters may not be decided before he retires.

Peter Donnelly and I served together in the early 1980's in St Peter's Cathedral. 

Co-incidentally he is a close friend and golfing partner of Father John Murray who is currently on leave from Rasharkin.  

Tuesday, 26 April 2016



Fr John Murray PP - Rasharkin
FATHER JOHN MURRAY the parish priest of Rasharkin in County Antrim was spotted in Tererife Airport in the past few days by a parishioner of Ballymena parish.

The Ballymena man who contacted the Blog said he saw Father Murray dressed in non clerical dress arrive at Tenerife. He was not alone.

The Parish of Rasharkin has been awash with rumour since Thursday of Holy Week when an alleged showdown took place between Fr Murray and Bishop Noel Treanor.

Bishop Treanor

Within hours of the showdown Father Murray left the parochial house and went to a confidential County Down location. 

The temporary curate of Ballymena - Father Darren Brennan was despatched by Bishop Treanor to celebrate the Mass of the Lord's Supper in Rasharkin on Holy Thursday evening.

Fr Brennan and Friend

Within the past few days he departed County Down and went straight to Belfast Airport for a flight to Tenerife where he is reputed to be staying with his travelling companion in the comfortable apartment of a close friend.

Meanwhile a well placed and senior cleric in Down and Connor has told this Blog that Father Murray may never return to Rasharkin. He said: 

"Normally priests retire at the clerical changes after they have reached their 75th birthday. John Murray will be 75 in May. In my opinion he will not return to Rasharkin and if he does it will be for a very short time and to pack up his belongings".

Among the Down and Connor clergy there are a number of rumours circulating as to the cause of the Murray / Treanor showdown. There was no sign of it coming and less than a year ago Bishop Treanor had welcomed Father Murray to his Palace on the Somerton Road for a 50th ordination anniversary pic. 

Back Row: Bishop Treanor 3rd from left - Father Murray 1st from right
Both the clergy and the parishioners of Rasharkin are wondering what it is that has caused this sudden and serious deterioration in relations between Bishop Treanor and Father Murray.

A D&C priest said last night: "If you are going to be in Bishop Treanor's "Sin Bin" its better to be in it in Spain rather than in Rasharkin".

I have emailed the Down and Connor Press Officer - Father Eddie Magee - for a statement from the diocese on the Father Murray situation. I will publish his reply here if I get one.

Eddie Magee

I would also invite Father Murray himself or any of his friends to tell us their perspective on this story. In fairness ALL SIDES deserve to have their perspective represented.

Sunday, 24 April 2016




On SATURDAY JUNE 4TH 2016 ( 5 weeks time) I will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of my priestly ordination in BELFAST.


The celebration will be in two parts - a Mass at 2pm and a meal at 5pm. 

Anyone who would be interested in attending - including any Blog reader - would be very welcome to either the Mass or the meal or indeed both.

The celebration will obviously involve members of our Oratory congregation in Larne, some members of my family, some friends and a number of priests. One priest from the USA will be joining us as will priest friends and colleagues from England and Ireland.

I have wanted to be a priest since I was a little child and fortunately today I am at least as happy, if not more so, to be a priest. 
Ordaining Mother Francis Meigh in 1978

I loved the Welsh people and the only problems I had in Wales were with some cruel and dictatorial old Irish parish priests who quite frankly treated their curate like dirt. 

The Archbishop of Cardiff, under whom I served, was an arrogant dictator called John A Murphy - who in spite of his name was clearly anti Irish. Having tried to resolve my issues with those pp's and Murphy I left and was designated a "fugitivus" - a canonical criminal :-)

Back home in Dublin I spent 9 months working voluntarily as a priest in a hostel for the homeless - saying Mass, scrubbing floors, making beds and cooking and serving food.

Then through a priest friend I found myself as a curate in St Peter's Cathedral in the Lower Falls from 1978 until 1983.

Divis Clean Up - early 1980's

Once again I loved the people of St Peter's and Divis Flats and worked well with them. Again I had problems with two of my fellow clergy in the parochial house - Vincent McKinley and Joe McGurnaghan. Things got very bad there until one night Father McKinley gave me a physical beating. 

Divis Festival after Clean Up

McKinley and McGurnaghan reported me to the bishop, Cahal Daly, who moved me to Kilkeel in County Down and Larne in County Antrim. 

Youth Club Committee - Attical - Kilkeel

In Kilkeel and in Larne I got on extremely well, as usual, with the people, and indeed I had a decent relationship with my two parish priests - Canon Walter Larkin (Kilkeel) and Father Paddy McVeigh (Larne). Incidentally Father McVeigh was buried just this week in Ballymena. 

Elected to Larne Council 1989

So a constant theme of my priesthood has been a very good relationship with ordinary people and parishioners and not such a good relationship with some clerical "illegitimates" (with some exceptions).

To me being a priest is about having a good relationship with God and being willing to to serve people 24 / 7.

Being a good priest is about caring, loving, understanding, encouraging and not judging or lording it over anyone. 

Celebrating Gay Blessings and Marriages

I have never agreed with priests having "surgery hours" and throughout my 40 years my door has been open all day and all night, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. 

Celebrating Irish Traveller Weddings

Considering the ups and downs I have had in the priesthood - sticking at it for 40 years is not a bad achievement.

My hope is to continue riding that Bucking Bronco to the end :-)

Anyone interested in attending on June 4th - ring 07900 287283 or email bishoppatbuckley@hotmail.com

Saturday, 23 April 2016



Vatican Audit Suspended, Secretariat of State Announces

The Institute for the Works of Religion, known as the Vatican Bank.

VATICAN CITY — Just over four months since the Vatican announced that the Vatican would be subjected to an external audit by one of the world’s leading accounting firms, the Secretariat of State has said that it is pulling the plug on the initiative.

The Vatican announced the decision to suspend the audit, carried out by accountancy giant PricewaterhouseCoopers, in a letter sent to all Vatican entities this week.

On Dec. 5, the Vatican revealed that Pope Francis’ had brought in the auditing firm on the advice of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy in a bid to reform Holy See finances and make them more transparent after a number of scandals. The audit began immediately after the announcement.

News of the audit’s suspension comes as an article appeared in today’s Italia Oggi newspaper alleging that a possible replacement for Jean Baptiste De Franssu, the current president of the Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR), colloquially known as the Vatican Bank, had turned down an offer.

According to the article, penned by Antonino D’Anna, the proposed candidate said he “felt awkward” accepting the position — not because of financial reasons but because it was a “complex situation.” The newspaper went on to claim the refusal indicates the “era” of Cardinal George Pell, prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy, was “over, or nearly so.”
It goes on to also speak of the need of an Italian replacement for De Franssu, who is French. His predecessor Ernst von Freyberg was German, and both have led reforms of the Vatican Bank in a bid to bring them into line with international anti-money laundering regulations.

Reliably informed sources say De Franssu was not due to leave his position in June, and that the contents of the article, as well as the suspension of the audit, are ultimately aimed at unseating Cardinal Pell and replacing both him and De Franssu with Italian officials.

“They’re afraid of the audit uncovering information they don’t want uncovered and are worried about losing sovereign control over Vatican finances,” said a source. “What they want is to get rid of Cardinal Pell, but it’s important to remember that a pope resigned largely because of these issues.”

Another source with experience of Holy See finances said the move to suspend the audit is meant to “send a clear message that the Secretariat of State is again in control of the machine.”

The Vatican’s Financial Management
Until Francis created the Secretariat for the Economy, Vatican finances were loosely overseen by the Secretariat of State, which traditionally has served as the central administration for the Roman Curia and which currently is headed by Italian Cardinal Pietro Parolin; by the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA), which dealt with real estate, personnel and assets; and by the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See, which audited the balance sheets and budgets of curial offices.

Each dicastery tended to manage its own budgets independently of one another. IOR was a further entity, separate from the Roman Curia.

Most of these responsibilities were subsumed into the Secretariat for the Economy, which now has almost total authority over Vatican finances. APSA was halved in two and now acts as the Vatican’s central bank. Although the Holy See’s real estate responsibilities were initially given to the Secretariat, they were returned to APSA last year.

In 2014, Pope Francis also established three bodies — including the Council for the Economy, which is comprised of 15 members and is charged with inspecting the budget forecasts and final budgets of all dicasteries, offices and organizations of the Holy See and Vatican City State — to monitor the work of the Secretariat and Vatican finances in general.

Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Pell to head up the new Vatican Secretariat for the Economy in 2014. Although the Australian prelate turns 75 in June and is obligated to submit his resignation, he was given a five-year mandate and so expected to continue beyond this year.

Until it hired PwC, the Vatican had always used an Italian external auditor but the decision to hire PwC marked the first time the Vatican had sought to raise its financial operations to international auditing standards.

In 2014, Cardinal Pell said he had discovered millions of euros “tucked away” in Vatican dicasteries. He did not say any wrongdoing had occurred, but added that Vatican departments long had “an almost free hand” with their finances.

The Vatican said in December that PwC would review the Vatican’s consolidated financial statements which include assets, income and expenses.


We often talk on this Blog about the local and international sex scandals of the Catholic Church.

One of the other great Catholic scandals surrounds the use of church funds by priests, bishops and higher officials for their own enrichment.

This happens from the parish level - whereby a priest steals from Church collections to improve his already quite good salary.

It happens when bishops in diocese use Church monies for their own luxury needs.

And it happens on an international scale.

I would really believe that clerics steal MILLIONS every year from Vatican funds.

A case in point is the retired cardinal Bertone using church money from a hospital for sick children.

ANYONE who is FOOLISH enough to give money to the Catholic Church at any level needs to realise that the chances of their offerings being misued by clerics is very high.

And still the blind believers give....and give.....and give....


Friday, 22 April 2016



An archbishop caused fury in Spain by saying domestic violence happens because “women do not obey men”.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Toledo, Braulio Rodriguez, told his congregation that wives could avoid being hit by doing what they are told.
Women could also escape being physically abused by not asking their husbands for a divorce. Rodriguez said.

He told churchgoers in his sermon: “The majority of cases of domestic violence happen because the woman’s partner does not accept them, or rejects them for not accepting their demands.

“Or often the macho reaction comes about because she asked for a separation."

He also said many relationship problems occurred because the couple were not in a ‘true marriage’, and he criticised the practice of ‘quickie divorces’.

He said: “I don’t think our political leaders are worried about divorce figures when they have fought so hard to implement the so-called quick divorce laws.

He made the comments during a mass held in Toledo Cathedral on December 27, and they were later published in the Our Father parish bulletin.

Thousands of furious Spanish women have now taken to social media to slam the cleric.

One wrote: “The archbishop of Toledo has linked domestic violence to couples not being in a ‘proper marriage’. So says the celibate man who believes in a ghost.”

Another added: “He should be locked up for inciting violence. This idiot should keep his medieval views to himself.”
In 2015, 56 women were killed in Spain because of domestic violence.

More than one million cases of domestic violence have been dealt with by the Spanish courts since 2007, with judges handing down prison sentences to 148,000 men.


What kind of moron - in the 21st century blames domestic violence on women not OBEYING men!

There is something seriously wrong with this man.

He needs to be removed from ALL pastoral situations where he is involved with people and put in some monastery where his 16th century beliefs do not impinge on people or society!