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FATHER HUGH KENNEDY is in bother again and is being interviewed by the police over "historic sexual assault".

Even though he has not yet being charged with any offence we are better treating the current development as sub judice and allow the police and the current authorities to do their job.


If we want to be either Christian or humanly kind we must feel some sadness and sorrow for him. He is not in a place that any of us would like to be. 

Even if he brought these developments om himself it does not mean that he does not deserve some pity. Most of us are our own worst enemies.

Of course if it emerges that there is an INNOCENT VICTIM involved in these matters our first empathy must go to the victim. That is absolutely clear.

However Hugh has three issues he needs to sort out - his ARROGANCE - his UNBRIDLED AMBITION - and his SEXUAL INAPPROPRIATENESS.


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Hugh comes across as very arrogant. As administrator of St Peter's Cathedral - one of the most socially deprived areas in the diocese - he held forth as a lord in the "Big House".

He preached to the ordinary people of St Peter's as if they were all university graduates - with themes like the French composer Durufle. 

He also tried to make St Peter's like a mini Vatican by setting up a Scola Cantorum - a boy's choir - with most if not all of the boys from outside the parish and wealthier areas of Belfast.

I spent 5 years in St Peter's. To be a successful priest there you need to able to adapt to the outlook and needs of the people. I'm sure there are some in St Peter's who like classical music and chant. But most I imagine might prefer Irish ballads etc.

Hugh never got that. He was too arrogant to understand. 


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Hugh is not happy to be an ordinary priest. He would like to be a bishop - or at least a monsignor or a canon that can wear a bit of purple.

He was the "administrator" of St Peter's but he fashioned himself the "Dean of the Cathedral" - an Anglican notion where the dean dresses in purple and is the Chief Canon.

He has been going around wearing purple capes and hats and medallions from the Knights of Malta.

Hugh badly wants to be a decorated cleric.

Being an ordinary parish priest or curate is way, way below him.


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Hugh is obviously a gay man. He is obviously attracted to the younger man.

One of his problems with that is that in the company of young men he becomes helpless and is drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

Then, when he hardly knows them he invites them to go swimming with him.

Of course there is nothing wrong with two men going swimming. But when a 59 year old man wants to go swimming with an 18 year old man - 5 minutes after meeting him - it is "inappropriate".

We all have our sexual desires and fantasies. But we have to keep them in check. Its as if poor Hugh has no brakes!

I would imagine that these three things - as well as others - has landed Hugh where he is.

I hope the polive investigation finds out that nothing untoward happened. 

But even if that is the case Hugh is going to have to grab himself by the boot strings and address his habits.

Otherwise he will find himself in more bother of various kinds and will end up a more tragic figure than he already cuts.



YESTERDAY'S SUNDAY LIFE newspaper carried a front page story saying that Father Hugh Kennedy - the former administrator of St Peter's Cathedral Belfast, is being quizzed once again about a historic abuse complaint.

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A few years ago Fr Kennedy was investigated by the police and by the Church over another allegation and he was cleared to return to ministry as the adm of the cathedral.

On that occasion Bishop Treanor appeared with him to oversee the re-installation.

Then, for some strange reason, Father Kennedy left the cathedral and went to work in London as a chaplain to some nuns in the Archdiocese of Westminster.

In London he began to hang around Westminster Cathedral and at least on one occasion he con-celebrated Mass with Cardinal Vincent Nichols. 

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It became well known in Westminster that Father Kennedy hoped to be appointed to the staff of the London Cathedral - or at least be on the Mass and Confessions rota there.

To that end he ingratiated himself with some Westminster notable clerics - the administrator of Westminster Cathedral - Canon   Christopher Tuckwell  and the secretary to the English Conference of Catholic bishops - the Welsh man - Father Christopher Thomas

Canon Christopher Tuckwell
Apparently Father Kennedy has treated both men to fine dining experiences in London's best.

Fr Chris Thomas, General Secretary of the Bishops' Conference, and Cardinal Vincent Nichols
Father Kennedy is the heir to the Kennedy Bakery fortune.

But now it looks as if Hugh's hopes for a London career has collapsed as a result of the latest allegation.

He is currently being interviewed by the PSNI who say the allegation is "historic".

Of course Father Kennedy deserves the presumption of innocence until it is proven otherwise. 

But it is unfortunate that after being cleared another allegation comes along.

TV choir priest Fr Hugh Kennedy quizzed over sex assault

PSNI launch an inquiry into a sex attack claim.

By Ciaran Barnes, Chief Reporter


TV show: Fr Hugh Kennedy in the television documentary Choirboys.
TV show: Fr Hugh Kennedy in the television documentary Choirboys.
A prominent TV priest who has publicly claimed never to have “molested a child” has been questioned by police about sexual assault.
Sunday Life can reveal that Fr Hugh Kennedy — the former Administrator of St Peter’s Cathedral in west Belfast and star of BBC television documentary Choirboys — was quizzed by detectives last month.

Fr Hugh Kennedy celebrating mass in the BBC documentary.
Fr Hugh Kennedy celebrating mass in the BBC documentary.
The 59-year-old has been suspended from clerical duties until the investigation is concluded.
PSNI Detective Inspector Zoe McKee said: “Police investigating a report of a sexual assault allegation interviewed a male on November 7, 2016.
“Inquiries into this matter are ongoing.”
A spokesman for the Down and Connor Diocese of the Catholic Church confirmed Fr Kennedy has been withdrawn from ministry.
He said: “We have been informed that the PSNI has initiated an investigation into an alleged incident of an historical adult nature involving a priest of the Diocese of Down and Connor.
“Bishop Noel Treanor has suspended the cleric’s ministry pending a full and complete investigation.
“As with every person in such circumstances the cleric’s innocence is presumed until the contrary is proven and he retains the right to his good name. The Diocese cannot provide any further information whilst the investigation is ongoing.”
Until recently Fr Kennedy, whose family are from the Portstewart area, had been based in London at More House in the Archdiocese of Westminster.
The priest moved to England earlier this year having previously been Administrator of St Peter’s Cathedral.
During this time in the west Belfast parish publicly said: “I can categorically state I have never violated or molested a child placed in my trust, either in a private or priestly capacity.”
While at St Peter’s, music-loving Fr Kennedy established the hugely successful Schola Cantorum boys’ choir which featured in a three-part BBC documentary.
In relation to the issue of child protection,  Fr Kennedy previously stated: “In order to reassure the parents of the children associated with Schola Cantorum, I am personally willing to engage with as many of them as possible, to satisfy them of my bona fides.”
Fr Kennedy was ordained a priest in 1981 after studying at the Irish College in Rome.
He was appointed Administrator at St Peter’s Cathedral in 2006 after a spell as parish priest at Sacred Heart in the Oldpark area of north Belfast.

All of us in the clergy have known for many years that Hugh Kennedy had, let us say, "issues".

In 1984 a 17 year old sixth former of St Louis' College, Ballymena, where Fr Kennedy was chaplain, told me that Hugh had jumped up on his back on the school corridor.

There have been other instances of Hugh asking young men to go swimming.

Bishop Treanor's files may not contain any definite accusations against Father Kennedy - but I would be amazed if they did not contain letters of concern.

THE BIG QUESTION for many is - why did Bishop Noel Treanor send Hugh Kennedy to London at the age of 58 and why did Cardinal Nichols accept him there?

And finally - What went wrong in London this past 10 months?

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DEFENDERS of Sean Brady have been saying on this blog that he was only the "note taker" when Brendan Boland and another were quizzed about their sexual abuse by Father Brendan Smyth.

They also want to stress that Sean Brady did not ask the majority of the questions - questions like:





What were two adult men - priests - doing locking themselves into a room with two boys - keeping their parents outside - talking about enjoying sexual abuse and the spilling of semen?

To me that smacks of co-abuse - or abuse after the abuse. 

And if Brady was only there as a "note taker" why was he the one who drew up the vow of silencing the boys in his own hand - and signed it below the boy as per below.

Brady was an integral part of that weird interview and it does not matter whether those other "Father Donnelly" asked more of the questions than Brady did. 

Brendan Boland in his book says that "Brady asked the odd question". All the questions were "odd" in my mind.

Surely the act of abusing a child is extremely serious. What is all this preoccupation about "spilling the seed". Is abuse less serious if semen is not spilt! I hardly think so.

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Whether people like it or not Brady was part of the cover up of Brendan Boland's abuse and the abuse of the other boy interviewed.

AND - Brendan Boland says he gave Brady a list of other children abused by Smyth. What happened that list?

Does Brady still have that list in his safe?

Brady was unfit to be a priest. He was unfit to be a seminary rector. He was unfit to be a bishop and a cardinal.

AND NOW - he is unfit to be parading around Rome and Ireland in flowing red robes as if nothing had happened.

He should be living a low profile life preparing himself for his meeting with Christ who will ask him:


If you are still not convinced - watch this 58 minute film:


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Chaplain shared bed with teen pupils on school trip, court told

A WOMAN claims she was sexually abused by a school chaplain over a three-year period, including sharing a bed with the priest and another student during a trip overseas.
The 28-year-old woman, who alleges the abuse began when she was a transition year student, has launched a High Court action for damages.
“He exploited her continually and regularly,” said Jack Fitzgerald SC, for the woman.
“His attitude to the claim and what she says happened is that none of it ever happened.”
The woman has sued the priest as well as the school and the local bishop. They have denied the claims.
Mr Justice Robert Eagar was told the school claims it is not vicariously liable for any alleged actions of the priest.
She claims that between 2004 and 2007 she was repeatedly and wrongfully physically and sexually assaulted, falsely imprisoned and sexually abused.
She says she was subjected to sexualised behaviour by the Catholic chaplain and teacher in her secondary school.
She has alleged that on a school trip abroad, when she was 16 years of age, he invited her and another student to sleep in his bed with him.
The three of them spent the night together in his bed, she claims.
The priest, she has further claimed, was very attentive to her on the trip and after that sent her private text messages.
She has also claimed the priest continued to send private text messages to her and they became increasingly personal and sexual in nature.
She has alleged the priest bought a mobile phone for the specific purpose of texting her and allegedly advised her they would wait until she was 17 before they could take the relationship further.
A few days after she turned 17, the priest brought the girl and some friends to the cinema. She claims when he took her home he kissed her.
It is claimed the physical contact developed and progressed from kissing and cuddling to oral sex.
She has claimed the priest was held in high regard by everyone. Her counsel said the woman first made her allegations in 2011 and the school board of management conducted an inquiry and found there had been no sexual contact between the two.
A later assessment found the priest to be a low risk. The case continues.


Investigation into alleged sex assault at boarding school

The Garda and child and family agency Tusla are investigating an alleged incident at a major Dublin boarding school, following a claim that a 13-year-old boy was sexually assaulted in a dormitory with a hockey stick by eight other pupils.
The incident is alleged to have taken place late last Thursday night at the 450-year old Church of Ireland-governed King’s Hospital secondary school in Palmerstown. However, it was not reported to the Garda, Tusla, or the Church of Ireland authorities until Tuesday. Dr Ken Fennelly, secretary to the Church of Ireland Board of Education, who said he had not been told of the allegations until he was informed of them on Tuesday by The Irish Times, said Tusla and An Garda Síochána had begun investigations.
The eight pupils will remain suspended until investigations are completed, said Mr Fennelly. However, the 13-year-old alleged victim will remain on in school, with the agreement of his parents. The school board will also meet.
Following a series of questions over two days to the school, its principal, John Rafter yesterday confirmed Tusla’s investigation: “No further statement will be made by the school at this time,” he said.
The school’s 24-strong board of governors includes the Church of Ireland’s primate Archbishop Richard Clarke; the Archbishop of Dublin Michael Jackson, as well as Bishop of Meath and Kildare Pat Storey. None was available for comment as the church’s bishops are currently on retreat.
Under child protection rules, people with knowledge of child abuse or neglect are expected to lodge reports “without delay” to the authorities, while reports should be made directly to gardaí if a child remains at immediate risk of danger.
In February 2008, King’s Hospital and Swim Ireland agreed to pay substantial damages after a 10-year battle to 13 female victims of convicted sex abuser Derry O’Rourke, who had been employed by the school as a swimming coach.
Under the settlement, 12 of the victims each received six-figure payments and costs against the school, while the remaining victim got a lesser sum. They had claimed the school was vicariously liable for his actions. They claimed O’Rourke was employed by the school as its swimming coach and pool manager, but that he was allowed to remain despite complaints having been made about him to the school on several occasions from 1973.


Its becoming increasingly clear that churches are not fit to run schools.

Schools should be run by educational professionals who put principles like CHILD SAFETY, EDUCATIONAL GUIDELINES, ACADEMIC TRUTH etc first and proslytising and the interests of religion.

We should be grateful to churches for providing services in the past that the state did not.

But in the 21 st century it maybe time to separate religion and basic education.

Religion should be for the church, the Sunday school and the home.

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FATHER BRENDAN HOBAN the Whinger In Chief of the so called Association of Catholic Priests is being quoted around the Catholic world for saying that priests are:


He is also strongly defending a small number of priests like Fr Tony Flannery - thye Redemptorist - who were disciplined and silence by the Vatican in the time of Pope Ratzinger.

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Are priests overworked. Well, let me talk about my experience of priests.

When I was in St Peter's Cathedral from 1978 until 1983 there were five priests - Fathers Vincent McKinley, Joe McGurnaghan, Jimmy McCabe, Peter Donnelly and yours truly.

Vincent McKinley kept the books and cycled everyday to the bank to lodge the parish takings. As the administrator he did not even have to say a public daily Mass and used to say a 10 minutes Mass for the Dead - in Latin - at a side altar - for which he received a donation.

Joe McGurnaghan did say a public Mass but spent the rest of the day playing classical music in his sitting room and once a month brought communion to the sick and once a month attended the meeting of a school board of governors.

Peter Donnelly was a keen golfer, said a public Mass some days and played golf with other priests many times a week.

Jimmy McCabe a holy priest from Derry said his Masses and spent most of every day visiting parishioners in their homes. 

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Yours Truly spent every morning doing pastoral work in St Louise's Girls College, every afternoon doing pastoral work in St Peter's Boy's Secondary School, was in the parish youth club from 7 pm until 9.30 pm and then spent from 9.30 pm until 2 am working with the "anti social behaviour" youths in Divis Flats trying to stop them steeling cars - ie: "joyriding". I also had my share of Masses, weddings and funerals.

As a 26 year old priest I did not  regard myself as overworked.

I regarded myself as FULFILLED - ie: following my chosen vocation. What's the problem?

Many priests these days say a Mass once a day and after that, if they want to, can have the day to themselves.

I know one youngish priest who claims to be too sick to work in a parish but earns £100 a throw saying Mass for other priests.

Yes, if you want to, the priesthood can be a busy fulfilling life. But how many priests make it that way.

Many young priests spend the day on the internet looking at lace albs and chalices - on indeed GRINDR - and do little work.

Let me ask you lay folk reading this: "HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE YOUR PP OR CURATE VISITED YOUR HOME"?

Now, I do not mean the few homes of the privileged where priests come to wine, dine, receive donations and being fawned over.

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I mean ordinary homes?

Many people tell me that it has been 20, 30 or 40 years since their priest called!

When I was in Kilkeel Parish I celebrated up to 6 Masses a day. That was NOT overwork. That was prayer, service, vocation, fulfillment, pleasure joy.............................................

HARD WORK is what my Dad did to raise 17 kids - work as a trade unionist from 9 am to 5.30 pm and as a telephone operator from 6 pm until midnight - a 15 hour working day.

Before that he was a labourer on a building site doing overtime.

Father Hoban - that's hard work!


When I visit psychiatric hospitals and units - which I do regularly - I don't find too many depressed priests.

Maybe they are all tucked away in private psychiatric clinics?

Of course there are priests who suffer from anxiety and depression but I hardly think that there is a pandemic of depression among Irish priests.

Most priests I know - and know of - have a good life -- a better life in fact than many of their parishioners have.

They may not be very happy that their profession is somewhat disgraced at the moment. But who is to blame for that - their own CLERICAL CLUB.

If they have been let down by anyone they have been let down by the Eamon Caseys, the Michael Clearys, The Brendan Smyths, the Ivan Paynes etc.

Of course they have also been let down by the disgraceful band of bishops that lead them - the protectors of Maynooth etc. And these characters did not come from the Moon. They were priests before they were bishops!

I am now 64. I have been a priest for 40 years. I have always worked hard but have never regarded myself as overworked.

In fact at 64 I feel that I could run 3 parishes if I had to or was asked to.

I have suffered anxiety in that 40 years. But any anxiety I ever suffered was imposed on me by members of the Clerical Club.

Thankfully I am not longer a member of that club.


I once attended an ACP meeting in Dublin.

The leaders of the ACP like Brendan Hoban never came near me.

Most ACP members at the meeting avoided me like the plague. 

When they were whinging from the stage about no bishop being at their meeting one brave lady from the floor - NOELLE RYAN - who worked with Father Des Wilson in deprived Ballymurphy in Belfast - stood up and said:


There was an embarrassed silence - and they all then moved on to some more whinging.

Brendan & Co - get a life. Many of you are episcopal would have been's. Stop the whinging. Imagine how hard life is for the ORDINARY JOE - working on a building site, in an office, on an ambulance, digging roads, cleaning windows or waiting in a restaurant.

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Count your blessings.

Throw away the anti depressants.

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Another high profile outing for Brady in spite of his part of the cover up in child abuse in Ireland!

Brady just keeps PUSHING - and PUSHING - and PUSHING.

In spite of his past he insists on turning up at every party in town.

And MARK MY WORDS - if and when Pope Francis comes to Ireland in 2018 I can assure you the same SEAN BRADY will be sitting with him in the Pope mobile touring Ireland - North and South dressed in red silt from head to toe.

Related image

For this reason alone I would definitely not take part in any aspect of Francis' visit.

In 1979 when John Paul 11 came I brought 3 busloads of teenagers from Belfast to Galway to the Pope's gig.

But since then I have lost all respect for the Roman Catholic Institution over which the pope presides.

I have lost that respect because of all the abuse of children and  adults - because of the horrific Magdalen Launderies - because of the likes of SEAN BRADY.

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And then there is the whole question of Maynooth / Gaynooth which is now being run by an aggressive gay clique that targets both straight seminarians and gay seminarians who want to behave.

I have also lost trust in Archbishop Diarmuid Martin who pretended to do something about Maynooth but who in in fact a supporter of the gay clique in his own diocese. Next year we will probably see him ordain Michael Gorgeous Byrne in Dublin's Pro Cathedral.

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Pope Francis himself may be a decent human being but he is surrounded in the Vatican and in the universal Church by great gangs of ecclesiastical mafia.

The Catholic Church bears absolutely no resemblance to the community Jesus Christ founded 2,000 years ago.

So when Francis comes to Ireland I will be staying at home minding my own business - or I may even arrange to be out of the country at the time.

But I will certainly not be giving credence to BRADY & CO by my attendance at any of their spin orientated gigs.

There will be enough people around to genuflect to them and kiss their rings. 

Ireland, to date, is still suffering from Roman Catholic-itis. 

I, thank God, have seen the light and am both in recovery and on the way to being cured.

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Father Ian Hellyer is a Roman Catholic priest – but far from being celibate, he's a father. Not just to a couple of children, either: in true Roman Catholic fashion, Father Ian has lots of them – nine, in fact, ranging from 18-year-old Clare to seven-month-old Rose – taking in Teresa (17), Angela (15), Martha (11), John (nine), Luke (seven), Simeon (four) and Gregory (two) in between.

Ian (45) hasn't done all this on his own, naturally: his wife Margaret (43) has been heavily involved too. And yes, he agrees genially over a cup of tea at his cluttered family home, his lifestyle does surprise a lot of people. Just the other day he was wheeling Rose's buggy into a church before a service, clerical collar visible, when a whole row of elderly Catholic ladies turned to stare at him. "They had this mixture of delight and horror on their faces – delight at the baby, and horror that she belonged to me," he says.

This time last year, Ian was an Anglican priest, and he and Margaret and their children lived in a large Victorian vicarage in Devon. The house, and the life, seemed to have been made for them: they had six bedrooms and two staircases. There was a huge garden and plenty of friends for the children in the surrounding villages.

It all seemed rosy, but it wasn't: because deep inside, Ian – who was ordained into the Anglican priesthood in 1995 – was having doubts about whether he was in the right church. "I felt like a fish out of water," he explains. "The Church of England was making decisions that seemed more to do with the world than with the fundamentals of Christianity. The Church of England was changing its mind about everything all the time. Decision-making seemed to be all about politics, rather than what I felt it should be about, which was God's will."

He had always been close to the Catholic church, because Margaret – they married 19 years ago after meeting as students at Lancaster University – is a Catholic, and the couple have raised their children across both denominations. "We'd go to church twice on a Sunday – once to Ian's church, and once to the Catholic church," says Margaret. When the pope came to Britain, the Hellyers went to hear him celebrate mass in Birmingham – and that, says Ian, was pivotal. "Everything fell into place that day," he says. "I knew the Catholic church was where I belonged."

In the past, Anglican priests who made the switch to Catholicism could become priests only if they weren't married. But in 1995 the Vatican changed the rules, and then two years ago it established a new organisation – the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham – into which married Anglican priests could be ordained as Catholics after converting.

With that mechanism in place, leaving Anglicanism seemed a lot more attractive – Ian could leave his church but continue his ministry, despite having a wife and children. Surely, though, that meant the Catholic church was doing exactly what Ian had criticised the Anglican church for doing – changing the rules to suit itself? "For me, the celibacy issue is a discipline – it's not a fundamental tenet, and it was fundamental tenets that I felt were up for grabs in the Church of England."

"Not many people realise this, but the Eastern rite Catholic church, which is in full communion with Rome, has a married clergy. Celibacy isn't a core issue in the way, for example, that the bodily resurrection or the virgin birth are core issues – and these were the sorts of things I felt Anglicans were sometimes unclear about."

But the switch was far from simple: Catholic priests are paid a tiny stipend, and there's no budget to support a priest with a family – let alone one with nine children.

"Lots of our friends were worried about us because it was difficult to see how we'd survive financially if Ian became a priest," says Margaret. "But we both believed this was the right way, the way God wanted us to go, so we thought: the Lord will provide."

That's easy enough to say, not so easy to live out in practice. Many of Ian's former colleagues in the Church of England preferred to stay put until their children were older and he says he can understand why that is. "We knew it was a leap of faith – but we decided to leap."

Telling his Anglican parishioners wasn't easy but, he says, most understood. "I didn't feel guilty about going, but there was a great deal of sadness," he says. They were given a few months' grace to stay on at the vicarage but by the end of the summer, they knew had to leave.

I an and Margaret worried about the effect on their children. "They loved the vicarage, they had friends nearby, and suddenly there was all this uncertainty," says Margaret. "Where would we live? What would we live on? It was very unsettling for them."

The Hellyers had always been frugal but now the lack of money was a much scarier reality. "I remember going to the cash and carry to buy large quantities of pasta, flour, rice and lentils, and wondering how long our savings would last," says Ian. "Meanwhile, Margaret was getting larger and larger, as the time was getting closer for the new baby to be born."

By last spring Ian had converted and was studying for the Catholic priesthood, travelling to London one day a week to study at Allen Hall seminary in Chelsea. But one day in May, he couldn't make it. "I had to phone and explain that my wife had gone into labour," he says. "I don't think there can have been many calls like that to a Catholic seminary through the years!"

A few weeks later, with newborn Rose joining all the other Hellyers for the occasion, Ian was ordained – and told that a job had been found for him as chaplain at the University of Plymouth. What is more, the bishop gave him the happy news that a five-bedroom house beside a church in central Plymouth was being made available – and that they could move in right away.

Today that house is a bustling home overflowing with children and toys and schoolbooks (Margaret homeschools four of the children). Ian agrees that, yes, in a church whose leaders have little direct experience of family life, he perhaps does have another perspective to offer – but he is modest about whether an example like his could prompt the Vatican to rethink its rules on celibacy. "I'm happy to be a good witness of how the married priesthood could work, but I don't have a sense that raising it as an issue is my calling in the church." he says. "I'm happy to trust the pope to take the decision."

He says he has always been grateful to his new bishop and the seminary rector for being clear about where his first loyalties lie. "They both said to me that being a father and a husband came ahead of being a priest," he says. But he says he would never want to confuse the roles of spiritual and actual fatherhood. "I wouldn't want to baptise my own children, for example," he says. "My role that day was to be my family's father, not their priest."

Their new house, although not as grand as the old vicarage, does have one advantage: a door that leads from the sitting room on to the altar of the adjoining church. Sometimes, the whole family troops through and Ian says Mass for all 11 of them. As he does – and especially over the next few days, he says – his thoughts will go to the Christmas story. "I think of St Joseph, who guided his family through a difficult time, and always tried to follow God's will," he says.

"This has been an eventful year for us – but in the end, God did indeed provide."


Above proves that optional celibacy works.

And no word of any snowballing or felching :-)

Tuesday, 29 November 2016




Whether we like it or not Sean Brady played a part in covering up the Child Sexual Abuse in the Irish Catholic Church.

He brought two little boys into a room - locking their parents outside and asked them questions about SEMEN and the spilling of the seed and as to whether or not those little boys ENJOYED being abused.

He also swore them to secrecy.

This means that while Brady was not a DIRECT ABUSER he was by his actions - and non actions - what we might call a CO ABUSER - or an ABUSER AFTER THE FACT.

And all this took place a few yards away from DUNDALK GARDA STATION !

Brady got away with all this and was promoted through the ranks of the RC church - curate, canon lawyer, teacher, Iris College staff member and Rector, monsignor, parish priest, bishop, archbishop and cardinal.

He had buried the Catholic Church's abuse skeletons and he was rewarded for his cover ups.

He spent decades after the co abuse having a great time in Ireland and in Rome, climbing up the church ladder and wining and dining with the church elite.

And then when his co abuse was exposed - he brazened it out and refused to resign.


He continued to go to Rome for meetings and he continued to celebrate publicly and ordain priests and bishops and chair the Irish Bishop's Conference.

During all this time he wanted for nothing and was the guest of politicians and others.

When his past did catch up with him and he was forced by public outrage to resign he still decided that he could make public appearance without disturbance.


Even though he was no longer a diocesan bishop he imposed himself on congregations for Mass and Confirmations - even beyond his own diocese. 

He turned up for Confirmations in the Diocese of Dromore at Rostrevor. What business had here there?

He attempted to Confirm children in the Parish of Midleton in Armagh but was stopped by the courage of some of the parents.

Brady is now 77 going on 78 - and that is 12 years after the normal retirement age for most people.

He should STOP inflicting himself on people who are trying to put the Sex Abuse Scandals of the past behind them.

He is one big living reminder of BRENDAN SMYTH.

Other bishops and priests should stop using Brady as a "filler in" for Masses and Confirmations.

Brady should be spending whatever years he has left asking the forgiveness of God and others for his role in abuse cover up.

He should not have been present at the conclave to elect Pope Francis.

He should have done what the disgraced Cardinal Keith O'Brien of Scotland did and stayed away so that Francis would not be tarred by his presence at the voting.

Brady's putting himself about is a sure sign that he has no remorse for the part he played in the SMYTH SAGA.

Instead of parading around the world in his red robes he should be quietly retired with his Rosary in his hands asking God's forgiveness for putting Church reputation and money before the protection of innocent little children.