Sunday, 21 September 2014



I am always amazed at how many modern people – even doctors and other well educated people – are about HIV.

HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus – is no longer a killer and with the modern HIV drugs people do not get ill and do not die of HIV or progress to AIDS.

HIV and AIDS are NOT the same thing – HIV is a virus that you can come into contact with – and AIDS – Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome - is an illness that UNTREATED HIV can turn into.

Anyone who thinks that HIV and AIDS are the same thing is, quite simply, ignorant.

The new wonder working drugs used by medicine to treat people who have come into contact the HIV virus are called – Antiretrovirals.

These drugs stop HIV affecting the body’s cells and they prevent people getting ill.

There are people alive today who have been HIV+ for over 30 years and they are as well as anybody else is. They will not develop AIDS and they will not die of AIDS. Like all other people they will die of cancer, heart conditions, strokes, motor accidents, etc.

When doctors test people to see if they are HIV+ they test two things.

First of all they test the blood cells CD4 count. A person without HIV will score between 500 and 1200 on their CD4 count. There are people who are living with HIV whose CD4 count is quite normal and well above the 500 bottom line – even up quite near 1000.

The other thing the doctors check is what is called the Viral Load – in other words how much of the HIV virus is in your body. The doctor’s machine can only test from the figure 50 up. A Viral Load below 50 cannot be detected.  

Many people living with HIV have a Viral Load of -50 – in other words the HIV is not at all detectable in their bodies. In non HIV people took a HIV test all their test would show would be the same -50 – non detectable.

You cannot get HIV from someone by touching them, kissing them, using their cutlery or dishes, using the toilet after them etc.

HIV in only transmitted through BODILY FLUIDS – blood, semen etc. That is why so many drug users get HIV / AIDS - they share needles!

A HIV+ person with a CD4 count of over 500 / 600 and a Viral Load of -50 is very unlikely to pass the virus on to another person with whom they have intimacy.

Of course ALL HIV+ people should tell any and every prospective partner that they are HIV+ and everybody should ALWAYS be using protection if they are having sex with an unknown partner.

Partnerships in which one partner is HIV+ and the other is HIV- have existed for decades without the infected partner ever infecting the un-infected partner.

The real problem in Northern Ireland and elsewhere is that only a MINORITY of those who are HIV+ know they are!!!  That is truly alarming. They are putting their own health and lives at risk and the health and lives of partners.

Anyone who is sexually active – especially outside the context of a committed, faithful partnership – should have their sexual health checked every 6 months.

Of course our poor brothers and sisters in Africa – who do not have access to antiretroviral drugs – often because of greedy drug companies and highly irresponsible governments – are still dying of HIV / AIDS. These deaths are ABSOLUTELY unnecessary and avoidable.

However people here at home with HIV are suffering because of people’s ignorance, prejudice and unkindness.

And don't forget - HIV is not a "gay disease". There are millions of so called "straights" with it.

There are innocent children with HIV.

Furthermore, anything that affects even one human being affects God and Jesus.

We can therefore truly and accurately say: "Jesus has  HIV".

We can also say that the church - the Body of Christ - has HIV.

Don’t allow yourself to be ignorant about this topic. 

Don't be lacking in compassion.

But for the grace of God - you could have HIV or AIDS!

+Pat Buckley



Bishops must not have “an expiration date,” Pope Francis told a gathering of recently appointed bishops yesterday.

In his address to 138 bishops gathered at the Vatican, the Pope warned them against always being on the lookout for a promotion elsewhere and surrounding themselves with “courtiers, climbers and yes-men.”

The new bishops should not be “like a medicine that will stop being effective or like perishable food to be thrown out,” he said.

He also encouraged them to accept their congregations as they are.

“I also beg you to not let yourselves be deceived by the temptation to change the people. Love the people that God has given you, even when they will have committed great sins,” he said.

The Pope addressed the bishops as they gathered in Rome for a series of orientation programmes.
In his address, Francis reminded them of their mission to be “custodians of the joy of the gospel” and outlined a series of do’s and don’ts for their ministry.

The Church cannot have bishops who are “switched off or pessimists” or who have “surrendered to the darkness of the world or resigned to the apparent defeat of the good, screaming – at this point, in vain – that the tiny fort has been attacked,” he said.

Instead, the bishops must be like vigilant watchmen, “capable of waking up your churches, getting up before dawn or in the middle of the night to bolster the faith, hope and charity, without letting yourselves be lulled to sleep or conforming to the nostalgic complaint of a golden past that’s already gone.”

The Pope also spoke of the need for bishops to be accessible and available to their priests.

A bishop who is “reachable” isn’t the one who has endless means of communication at his disposal. Rather, he is the one with room in his heart to welcome and listen to all of his priests and their “concrete needs, giving them the entirety and breadth of church teaching and not a list of complaints.”

Bishops must always adopt a positive approach, especially in their dealings with each other.
“Though jealously safeguarding the passion for truth, do not waste your energy in opposition and arguments, but in building and loving,” the Pope said.

He also spoke of the bishops’ need for prayer to sustain them in their ministry.

“It is necessary to always dwell in Christ and never run away from him: dwell in his word, in his Eucharist, in the things of his father and, above all, in his cross,” he said.


Pope Francis' exortation this week to bishops is a challenge to all serving bishops to re-examine their relationships with their priests and people.

It is also a challenge to priests to re-examine how they get on with their bishop and their people.

- No bishops hiding behind the walls of elaborate palaces.

- No priests on pedestals talking down to people.

- No bullying.
A welcoming face at a presbytery door :-)

- No remoteness.

- No "I'm better than you" attitude.


- Openness - service - compassion - availability - humility - sacrifice - prayerfulness - sensitivity.

Don't take my word for it.

Listen to the Pope !

+Pat Buckley

Saturday, 20 September 2014



On a reasonably regular basis I hear from principals and teachers in Catholic schools who complain to me that their local priest is behaving like an out of control bully in their school!

 In the Catholic school, system in Ireland - both north and south, the local parish priest is often the chairman of the board of governors. This means that the school principal has to answer to the board of governors whose chairman is a priest.

But it also means that the priest who is school chairman, can if he wants, visit the school on a daily basis and make life very difficult for the principal and the teachers. If the principal does not have a strong personality he / she can be intimidated by the Little Hitler priest and in fact the priest virtually becomes the principal. 

I know of situations where both principals and teachers have become the victims of priest bullying and in some cases principals and teachers mental health have suffered and they have been out of work with illnesses directly related to the stress of coping with a bullying priest.

In one case I know of the priest's behaviour towards the principal and teachers became so extreme that the local bishop became involved and he had to ban the priest from the parish school!

But what did the priest do in that case? Instead of accepting the bishop's decision he stood outside the school everyday, like a spoiled child or an out of control teenager with an ASBO, to intimidate the principal and teachers on the way in and out of school!

When I became the curate of Kilkeel in County Down I also became the secretary of the board of governors of five primary schools. Soon after becoming school secretary another priest in the diocese showed me a "black list" of teachers I should never give jobs to! Those people on the black list were not bad teachers or "criminals" of any kind. They were simply good Catholic teachers who had a bit of courage and backbone who had stood up to various bullying priests over the years. As a result they were secretly placed on this priestly black list. 

My reaction to seeing that black list was to make a vow to myself that if anyone on that blacklist applied to one of the schools of which I was secretary they had a head start :-)

During my time on that board of governors we needed a new principal for one of our schools. The board of governors consisted of the parish priest, myself and a number of lay people. The parish priest was under pressure to give the job to a particular person who had big connections with the clergy. But that person was not the best candidate. Even a consulting expert, who had no vote, had said that they were not the best candidate. I had to fight very hard to get the best qualified candidate appointed.

But even then the parish priest sneaked away under the cover of darkness to inform his preferred candidate that they did not get the job and that it was my fault. That unsuccessful candidate eventually brought the parish priest to court, lied in the dock and failed in their case. At least the parish priest had the good grace to say to me afterwards on the steps of the court: "From now on we will do things the right way".

Too many principals and teachers in Catholic schools get jobs because their uncle is a priest or a monsignor or because they have licked clerical asses for years. This is unjust and has to stop.

Also teachers and their unions should take a stronger stand against these Little Hitler parish priests who abuse their positions in the Catholic school system. Many of these Little Hitlers are not very bright, are emotionally stunted and psychosexually maladjusted and cope with their petty little lives by trying to exercise power over others.  

In the 21st century all appointments and promotions should be on the basis of ability and merit. Anything else is unjust and corrupt.

+Pat Buckley

Friday, 19 September 2014


Pope Francis celebrating the marriages of cohabiting couples

Pope Francis set an important precedent in the past week when he celebrated the marriages of couples - some of whom were cohabiting and had children.

Most people accept that the "ideal" is for a man and a woman to marry, stay together in love for life and bring children into the world that will benefit from a happy home and a good mother and father.

Those of us who grew up in that kind of situation should regard ourselves as having been very fortunate and blessed. 

But in life achieving the IDEAL is not ALWAYS possible for EVERYONE.

Most, if not all people, begin a marriage with the dream and the hope that it will be a good, permanent marriage. 

But life is full of disappointments, mistakes, infidelity and unforeseen circumstances. 

I have been celebrating the marriages of divorced people for nearly 30 years now. Many of those I married had been chased away from the doors of churches and priests houses by priests lacking in compassion - priests who put man made laws before the teachings and message of Jesus.

Some of these couples were chased away by priests who were in sexual relationship both with men and with women. Is that not hypocrisy?

I have dealt with one or two couples who refused marriage by Father Michael Cleary who had been cohabiting with Phyllis Hamilton for many years and who had 2 children with her!
I'm sure that Bishop Eamon Casey who was the bishop of both Kerry and Galway would have refused to marry divorcees in spite of the fact that he himself seduced Annie Murphy and had a son with her called Peter.
For years Father Ivan Payne of Dublin, who went to prison for sexually abusing Andrew Madden and other worked in the Dublin archdiocese annulments office where he decided who could and couldn't have church annulments and who could and couldn't remarry in church.
The whole system of church annulments is pretty corrupt anyway. A woman could be refused an annulment in Ireland but go to the USA and get one there - especially in she had an uncle a bishop or monsignor or had plenty of US dollars to hand over to the church. 

The Roman Catholic Church - and all churches should approach marriage, divorce and remarriage with the compassion of Christ:

I would suggest the following guidelines:

1. The ideal of the marriage of one man and woman for life is a Christian ideal and an ideal that should be promoted. The churches should INVITE (not coerce) people to uphold this ideal.

2. When a marriage fails everybody involved should do their very best to repair and save the marriage through counselling etc.

3. When it becomes abundantly clear that the marriage is dead we should accept that with a sense of sadness and regret and we should all do our best to support the couple in their time of difficulty - and if there are children involved there should be a massive effort by everyone to see to it that the breakdown of the marriage should have as little negative impact on the children as possible.

4. When the marriage is over we should all do our best to encourage the separating man and woman to handle the tragedy with as little bitterness as possible. Each partner should be sensitively invited to reflect on what caused the breakdown and to voluntarily "own" their responsibility for the break down.

5. Ideally separation, annulment and divorce proceedings should be conducted in a non-combative spirit and children should not be used as weapons or ammunition.

6. In the context of church, worship and access to Communion and the sacraments people should not be treated as failures or lepers and should be encouraged to remain part of the Christian community and along with all the rest of us "sinners" they should be made welcome at the Lord's table.

7. In a clear case when one party is totally innocent in the breakdown of the marriage that party should be able to be divorced and remarry in church whenever they wish. If there is a "guilty" party then that party, especially if they acknowledge their failure, and are sorry for it, should be able, in time, to marry again in church.

I believe that this approach is supported by Jesus in the Gospels when he allowed for divorce in the case of infidelity.

I believe it is further supported by the attitude of the early church and church fathers like St Basil of Caesarea who allowed second marriages on the grounds of COMPASSION even if the second marriage was not as sacramentally pure as the first marriage.
Basil of Caesarea

I hope Pope Francis actions within the past week will encourage all to look at divorce and remarriage in a less judgemental way.

+Pat Buckley



Thursday, 18 September 2014



One night on RTE's Late Late Show Cardinal Cahal Daly told the presenter Gay Byrne that he had bever cried!!!

Up until that moment I had never heard of a person who had never cried.

I thought: "What kind of human being, what kind of Christian, what kind of pastor, has NEVER shed tears.

I published the piece below in the homeless magazing THE BIG ISSUES.

+Pat Buckley
Cahal Daly
ONCE UPON A TIME there was a cardinal who couldn’t cry. Everyone called him Cardinal Dry Eyes. Cardinal Dry Eyes ruled over a vast kingdom of four million souls. His subjects affectionately called him “Eminence” and when they approached him they genuflected and kissed his hand.

The cardinal had everything a man could want. He had a big car, a chauffeur, a golden ring, a golden shepherd’s crook and many telephones and fax machines. He was invited to all the best parties and most months he travelled abroad as a VIP. Everyone gave him great respect and he had immense power.

But the cardinal was very sad. He couldn’t cry!  He knew that a good cardinal should be able to cry. So he called together all the members of his court and promised great rewards to the man who could make him cry.

The Archdeacon approached the throne and in an attempt to bring tears to the prelate’s eyes told him of all the married couples in his kingdom who could not cope with large families and who had resorted to the crime of contraception. As a result they had been designated “mortal sinners”, were banned from receiving Holy Communion and would go to Hell when they died. “Many of these poor people”, said the Venerable Archdeacon, “are living lives scarred by guilt and rejection”. Cardinal Dry Eyes thought about these people for a short while. But still he couldn’t cry.

The Dean approached the throne. He told the cardinal of the 100,000 subjects in his kingdom who marriages had broken down and were living in unblessed “second unions”. “They live, Your Eminence, as religious lepers and are in great pain and misery”. Again the cardinal thought briefly. But again he could not cry.

The Chancellor stood up. He described the plight of the homosexual community in the kingdom who are also made to feel unwanted and who must cope with marginalisation from the church as well as with all the other difficulties of being “different”. “Many of them have been forced to emigrate Your Eminence and others have taken their own lives”. The cardinal dwelt on these people. But no tears would come.

The Vicar General approached and bowed low. “What Your Eminence of the hundreds of priests in your kingdom who find their celibacy vows unbearable, and as a result become involved in secret affairs with women and with men or who turn to alcohol or the abuse of power in order to cope. And what of all the deserted partners of priests and what of all the secret priest’s children”? The cardinal thought and thought. But still he could not weep.

There were many other attempts by the Auxiliary Bishops, the Monsignors, the Canons, the Vicars Forane, the Consultors, the Episcopal Vicars, the Judicial Vicars, the Vicar for Clergy, the Vicar for Social Affairs, the Pastors Emeritus, the Parish Priests, the Administrators, the curates, the Media Relations Officers, the Diocesan Archivists, the Diocesan Historians and the Religious Superiors to make the cardinal weep. But all to no avail. Even an attempt by the Canon Lawyers to inject artificial tears into the cardinal’s eyes came to nothing. There was despair throughout the whole kingdom. Everyone, except the cardinal, sat and wept until a river of tears flowed up the hill and in under the palace door.

And then something wonderful happened. A court messenger arrived with a copy of THE IRISH TIMES. Even though he regarded it as a Protestant type of newspaper the cardinal browsed through its pages. His eminent eyes fell upon a column  by a certain Nuala O’Faolain. The heading was “No Excuse For Church In Scandal Of Priest Child Abuse”.

There the cardinal read of how he had failed to act after the came to know of clerical child abuse. His Eminence read on with ever opening eyes and saw himself being accused of doing little to stop offending priests apart from moving them from parish to parish where they abused again. He felt a lump in his throat as he saw himself being accused of being more interested in covering up for the Church than in the welfare and protection of little innocent children.    And his whole body visibly shook as he read Ms. O Faolain suggest that the Catholic Church in Ireland might not always be of God and that some senior clerics in it might be the present day Pharisees!

The cardinal felt a huge surge of anger and resentment. His lavender coloured lips trembled. Great beads of sweat appeared on his clerical collar. His breathing became laboured. He put is snow white head into his marble hands and as the court looked on am amazing scene unfolded. The courtiers saw huge, translucent tears stream out through the cardinal’s white fingers and fall upon the highly polished marble floor. His Eminence wept for hours and hours. At last he could cry.

Ms. O’Faolain’s name was immediately inserted into the Solemn Liturgy Of Personae Non Grata

Cardinal Dry Eyes changed his name by a no-deed poll to Cardinal Crocodile. The kingdom returned to “normal” and they all lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014



The Belfast based newspaper The Irish News has today confirmed that Bishop Noel Treanor Down & Connor (Belfast) has spent a seven figure sum on renovation his 15,000 square palace in a leafy suburb of Belfast.

In recent weeks this Blog has received a large number of complaints and comments from both priests and lay people objecting in the strongest possible terms to the cost of renovation the bishop's house.

Today Bishop Treanor was unable to tell The Irish News how much he had spent and was spending on the house called Lisbreen. He said that he had no final figure on the project.

However workers on the project did tell this Blog some time ago that the door handles on the house were costing £350 each and that the wall paper was costing £100 a roll.

The Irish News also revealed today that the tax payer is giving Bishop Treanor £303,550.00 towards the revamp. This means that the catholics of the diocese are contributing in two ways to the renovation - by giving money to the church drectly and by money that comes out of the taxes they pay.

In the newly renovated house Bishop Treanor will have the personal use of a bedroom, a sitting room, a study, a bathroom and presumably a kitchen and will have several other rooms in which he can entertain his guests.

One of the workers at the property told this Blog that the new kitchen - which had not yet been completed - had already cost more than any other kitchen he had ever fitted in his lifetime. 

It is also believed that Bishop Treanor - a collector of antiques - has furnished the property with antiques. 

Because Bishop Treanor has not shared how much the renovation is costing the rumours among the priests and the Catholic laity vary from £1.5 million to £4 million.

Either way its an awful lot of money to provide a house for one man. 

Many people think that Bishop Treanor should have moved into one of the many empty presbyteries in the diocese. Many others believe that he should live at his cathedral. When I worked at the cathedral there were 5 priests living there and there still were a goodly number of spare rooms. Nowadays there is only 1 priest living in the cathedral presbytery that could easily accomodate 5 or 6 people. 

Bishop Treanor has also come under severe criticism from Margaret McGuckin who is a campaigne for abuse victims and survivers. Ms McGuckin said that Bishop Treanor's spending on his home was "a disgrace". 
Margaret McGuckin

She said the money he is spending on an extravagant home should have been spent on more important things like victims of abuse.

She claimed that other bishops in other diocese had deliberately spent money on property renovation so that they would not have to pay compensation to victims.

Bishop Treanor has tried to defend the project by saying that he was creating employment in the employment black spot of North Belfast. But a priest of the diocese told this Blog that the contractor and workers were from County Tyrone - 60 miles away.

To make matter worse Bishop Treanor has been living "temporarily" in a church owned 6 bedroomed house across the road from Lisbreen called "Tieve Tara". Bishop Treanor sold Tieve Tara last week for £500,000.

Tieve Tara which the bishop just left.

Tieve Tara used to accomodate 4 priests - including Fr Timothy Bartlett - Bishop Treanors vicar for SOCIAL AFFAIRS!
Tieve Tara sitting room
Bishop Treanor has also come under criticism for being distant and difficult to talk to.

Other have complained that he is pulling out of confirmation ceremonies and getting the retired bishop Patrick Walsh who is in his 80's and the auxiliary bishop Tony Farquhar who is in his 70s to fill in for him.
Ian Elliott

Recently Bishop Treanor also got himself into an unseemly row with the church's former head of child safeguarding - the highly regarded Ian Elliott. Last we heard Mr Elliott said he was going to take legal action against Bishop Treanor.


Far too little care and consultation takes place in the appointment of bishops. Noel Treanor, by all accounts, was well suited to his role as secretary to the European Bishops Council.

He does not have the personality and skills to be a pastor - a shepherd to the priests and a shepherd to the laity.

He would have been very suitable in the Roman Curia or indeed in the Church's diplomatic corps.

The problems we are now experiencing in Down and Connor comes from placing square pegs in round holes.

As a result everone suffers.

Bishop Treanor's spend on his house goes completely against the wishes of Pope Francis himself.

Who is being disobedient now?

+Pat Buckley

Monday, 15 September 2014


It has emerged this weekend that the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland has spent £50 million on settling its sexual abuse cases to co-incide with the "retirement" of it's boss Sean Brady!

Up to now the Roman Church has been sitting on dozens of sexual abuse cases and has been stalling on settling them for up to 13 years in some cases.

But now, all of a sudden, there was an urgenct in settling these cases as Brady stepped down from Armagh,

The tactic is obvious. Brady had become synonimous with bishops covering up sexual abuse by priests and moving them from parish to parish where they abused all over again.

Brady's personal role emerged in 2010 when it was discovered that he personally had interviewed two 14 year old boys about their abuse at the hands of mega abuserr Father Brendan Smyth.

Father Smyth - for whom Brady covered up
The then Fr Sean Brady brought the two little boys into a room and locked their parents outside where he proceeded to interview them about their abuse by Smyth.

In a weird turn of events Brady questioned the boys about whether or not they enjoyed Smyth abusing them - and whether or not the abuse gave them "dirty thoughts" and erections.

Furthermore he asked them if they had ever done the same thing with other boys and men.

What was Brady attempting? Was he attempting to shift the blame - or some of it - from Smyth to the children?

He then let the boys go home with their parents, reported to his bishop and did nothing else. Brendan Smyth went on to abuse other children. Some of the blame for that later abuse lies with Brady - as he never reported anything to the Gardai (police).

When questioned about the whole affair in 2010 Brady tried to do a Pontius Pilate and said: "I was only a note taker".

That a bit like one of the Roman soldiers who was part of the unit sent out to crucify Jesus saying: "I did not drive any of the nails in - I was only an "observer" - a note taker for the empire!

What was Brady's reward for being a note taker and NOT going to the police? He was sent to Rome to a cosy job in the Irish College. He was made tector of that college. The pope made him a monsignor.

Later another pope made him and archbishop - and later again a cardinal.

Climbing up the church ladder was Brady's "30 pieces of silver".

"What would it profit a man if he gained the whole world but suffered the loss of his soul"

But for a few pieces of red silk!

I doubt if it has made him happy since 2010 when his deeds, actions and lack of actions were exposed.

But even then he was allowed to spend 4 more years at the top of the Irish Roman Church and eventually he was allowed to "retire" - with so called "dignity".

And now in an attempt to try and make the matter go away the Roman Church has spent £50 million settling all the abuse cases that Brady have been sitting on for 13 years.

Why now?

1. Because Brady has gone and can no longer be embarrassed by the settlements.

2. To try and give his successor - Eamon Martin - a "clean slate".
Eamon Martin

Eamon Martin appeared yesterday morning on BBC Radio Ulster's religious affairs programme: Sunday Sequence. What was noticable was that he talked a lot but SAID NOTHING.

From Eamon Martin we can expect more of the same - nothing!

The Church is very foolish if they think that the Irish people will forgive and forget.

The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland is doomed - and the interesting thing is that it has not been destroyed by "outsiders".

It has been destroyed from inside by the cynical, political men who - posing as servants of Jesus - are actually servants of the Roman Empire Mk 11 which is all about power, mind control and money.

But there are still enough "ejits" in the pews who Sunday by Sunday will put their hands in their pockets and help the men of Rome recoup their £50 million of blood money.  

"There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see"

+Pat Buckley

Sunday, 14 September 2014



Noel Treanor has now completed moving his priests around for the Autumn of 2014.

1. Canon Sean Rogan (Downpatrick) is moving to live in Kilcoo. God bless Kilcoo. I had a very bad experience of Rogan when he was in Larne - a topic for another Blog.
Sean Rogan

2. James O'Kane is moving from being "Priest in Residence" in Kilcoo to being a pastor emeritus and will live in Cushendun. I always found James to be a nice man who has not had an easy life. I wish him well.

3. John Murray (Da Sex - from his days in St Malachy's) is moving from Belfast to Downpatrick. A kind of promotion I suppose? Will he be a canon or has Noel done away with canonship? He is a real radical and revolutionary :-)
Da Sex

4. David Delargey - the hunky singing priest - is moving from Hannahstown to St. Michael's Belfast. He will be busier there - which might not suit. 
David Delargy with his cousin

5. Kevin McGuckien is moving from St Patrick's / Mater Hospital to Hannahstown as will be diocesan vocations director. He is a good priest. Knowing all he knows about D&C will he, in good conscience, be able to encourage young men to be priests in the diocese? Dilema!

6. Dominic McGrattan - newly ordained - to be in St Patrick's and the Mater. I do not know him. Will he be a good priest or eventually a cynical member of the Clerical Club? We will have to wait and see.
Dominic Mc Grattan - wait and see

7. Laurence Mc Elhill is leaving Aghagallon after many years. A good priest by all reports.

8. COLIN CROSSEY is leaving the Royal Victoria Hospital and going to Newcastle. He will be happy at that, I think.
Colin Crossey

9. ROBERT SLOAN is going to the RVH.
Robert Sloan

10. Peter Forde is retiring from being PP in Carnlough and will live in Belfast. I think Peter is a good man, if somewhat inflexible.
Peter Forde

11. Dermoy Mc Kay pp of Glenarm is now also becoming pp of Carnlough - leaving him to serve 4 churches singlehandedly. The life of the party is Dermot.

12. Maurice Henry is leaving Crossgar and will live in Dundrum. An early retirement. Another real radical and party goer.

13. Eugene O Neill takes on Crossgar as well as Killyleagh.

14. Paddy Mc Cafferty is going as curate to Killyleagh / Crossgar. Paddy is a good man who has suffered greatly at the hands of D&C in the past. I'm sure his sufferings have made him compassionate. I wish him well.

15. Michael Murray - pp of Kilkeel is retiring and will be available to help here and there - and still take an interest in golf and football.
Michael Murray

16. Sean Dilion leaves the parisgioners of Gleneavy broken hearted at his departure. I was in Kilkeel on Tuesday and I have told them that Sean will service all their motorbikes and sports cars.

17. Colm Mc Bride is off to Gleneavy.

18. Rory Sheehan leaves the sand dunes of Portrush for Our Lady's Parish Belfast. As all his hobbies are in the Belfast area he should be happy. He is a devout practioner of John Paul 11's Theology of the Body.
Rory Seehan

19. Peter O'Kane leaves Holywood for Strangford.

20. Stephen Mc Brearty leaves East Belfast for Holywood. The old town of Holywood should encourage his interest in property.
Stephen Mc Brearty

21. Henry Mc Cann leaves Portglenone for East Belfast.
Henry Mc Cann

22. Tony Curran will take his sense of humour with him from Carrickfergus to Portglenone.
Tony Curran

23. Peter Owens goes to Carrickfergus which will leave him and his friends much nearer his holiday home in Glenarm.

24. Hugh Kennedy the cathedral and its scandals behind him for further studies at Heythrop College in London - otherwise known as The Clerical Parking Lot. Apparently he will complete another doctorate looking at the relationship between the art of swimming and priestly celibacy.
Father Hugh Kennedy (left) with his cousin

25. Joseph Rooney is leaving pastoral ministry to become a judge.

26. Timothy Bartlett who was Cardinal Sean Brady's very successful public relations officer is to become a Vicar (education and social affairs). Some people though that in becoming a vicar he was becoming a Protestant - but I reasured them. His only problem is that he has nowhere to live as Noel sold his house for £500,000 last week.
Tieve Timbo SOLD!

27. Michael Spence is becoming a vicar too - the Vical for the Clergy. His job is to keep as many priests as possible away from Lisbreen where Noel will be living in isolated splendour.
Michael Spence (right) without his cousin

However having all this extra work might mean that Michael's cousin from Dublin will not be able to visit every weekend?

28. Paul Morely is a priest from India and he has two jobs - 1. To cook Indian Food at Lisbreen to that +Noel will not have to travel to Lolita on Stranmillis Road for his Indian - and 2. he will be a curate at Holy Family in Belfast - which will mean he will not have to travel too far to get to the Lisbreen kitchen.

29. Chris McGuinness a Kiltegan father is going to Gleneavy as curate.

Bishop Treanor has also raised the salares of priests:

Handle H 46 for curates

and       H 52 for parish priests.

+Pat Buckley
Feast of Resurrection of Lisbreen Outside (and inside) the Walls