Thursday, 6 December 2012




In taking to the streets of Dublin this week over the legislation of abortion the Irish Roman Catholic Bishops are throwing down the gauntlet to Enda Kenny and Irish politicians.

A number of years ago one of the dinosaur bishops in Ireland said: “Even in political matters the Bishops have the final say”.

Some may have thought that after Bishop Eamon Casey, Father Michael Cleary, Father Brendan Smyth and 20 years of clerical sex abuse and cover up the Irish Bishops might have gotten the message that they have no moral authority left.
But not so! The Roman Church throughout the world and especially in countries like Ireland  still have a Luciferian type pride and  arrogance that makes them think that they have a God given right to rule over us all.

I am not at all “Pro Abortion”. In fact I think that abortion is never a “good” thing and at best is the lesser of two evils. 

But when there is a clear decision to be made between saving the life of the mother and saving the life of the unborn baby then I believe the mother should always be saved – unless the mother demands that it be the other way.

I also believe that in the case of rape the woman should be allowed to decide whether or not she wants to carry her rapist’s baby for 9 months.

There may be other exceptional cases

I am not in favour of abortion on demand. I am not in favour of abortion being used as a method of contraception. I am not in favour of materialistic people being able to decide between a baby and a second BMW.
The Irish Government and Dail have a solemn obligation to introduce legislation to cope with difficult cases.

There is no need for a referendum on this matter. The Supreme Court has already decided the matter.

The Irish Roman Catholic Bishops have no moral authority on matters concerning the life and welfare of Irish children. They had no “moral” problem covering up child abuse by priests and religious for the last 50 years. Cardinal Brady had no “moral” problem swearing 2 little boys to silence about their priest abuser. 

The Irish Bishops want to protect the life of children in the womb but for so long they did nothing about the abuse and rape of children after they left the womb.
Ireland is now at a crossroads it has never been at before. Having lost all their moral authority the Irish Roman Catholic Bishop want to bully Irish politicians and the Irish people on this issue. 

I hope that Enda Kenny and his government and the majority of our politicians have the moral courage to tell the bully boys to “Get lost”. 

Bishop Pat Buckley


  1. Pat, I once again so agree, except I would substitute the words "Get Lost" for F*** O**. Not something to be proud of on my part, resorting to obscenities. But I use it as a means of emphasis against a career first, bugger little children Cardinal and blame someone else for your {rape of children in your care] own cover-ups Pope. Moral authority? They have none. God, whom I have little or no comprehension of, thank you for people like Pat Buckley in a world of power hungry, child molesting, evil so called men of God.

  2. Complete separation of church and state - this is urgent in Ireland!

    Signed - Catholic Priest