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When I entered the seminary in 1970 - 44 years ago - most of the priests I knew were heterosexual.

Now most priests are gay and and not just gay but aggressively gay. In fact a priest friend of mine in England - a man who worked in Rome and who has the inside track on the Catholic priesthood - tells me that in the 21st Century the Roman Catholic priesthood is a "gay profession".

The modern young Catholic priest is not only gay - but he is effiminate - loves dressing up in lace vestments - is theologically ignorant and right wing - and lives a secret gay life while demanding celibacy and chastity of all others!

He us also likely to have little or no faith and is likely never to pray!

If he is not a cynic by ordination he will be absolutely cynical within a few years of ordination - a cynicism that shows itself in an absolute contempt for lay people. He is a devoted member of the clerical club who demands to mount the pedestal that priests used to be on.

He will be sexually promiscuous throughout his time in the seminary and later throughout his priesthood.

He will think nothing of having sex the night before his ordination and the nights of his ordination and first Mass. 

If you don't believe me watch the modern seminarian - priesthood student. You will see him mince up the aisle of a church he is going to attend Mass in and over his arm you will find a perfectly tailored cassock and a white surplice he has spent hours ironing pleats into - walking as if he is one of the most special and privileged people that ever lived.

Before entering the seminary he will be asked if he is gay and he will lie during his assessemnt procedure and tell anyone who asks him that he is heterosexual. If he does not lie he will be afraid he will not be accepted.

Occasionally gay bishops and seminary authotities will favour gay candidates and accept them - sometimes for the price of a sexual liasion with them.

Rome itself is chock a block with gay clerics at every level who are also sexually active. I know of two former seminarians who currently act as gay escorts for these senior clergy and who are rewarded with money, apartments, jewellery, holidays, designer clothes and anything else they desire.

In the seminary all the seminarians call each other by womens names - Divina, Georgina, Cassandra, Lolita etc etc.
Father Anthony aka "Big Mamma"

Young and not so young gay priests flock to the seminaries to "support" the seminarians, bringing them chinese and pizza take aways and wine and dine them in restaurants and in presbyteries.

Quite a number of these young seminarians show an inordinate interest in the old latin Mass and love dressing up in lace albs and multi coloured vestments.

These new effeminate gay seminarians have older cross dressing bishops and cardinals as their role models - like Cardinal Burke - the Liberace of the Catholic priesthood:
Cardinal Liberace Burke
Cardinal Ranjith of Sri Lanka astride a military tank

The "gaying" of the Catholic priesthood is attested by many people who entered Catholic seminaries to study for the priesthood and who left because of the smothering gay athmosphere or because they were the targets of unwanted sexual advances by fellow seminarians.

One of those is the former seminarian of the Pontifical Irish College in Rome - Terry Brady from Belfast.
Terry Brady

Terry will tell you of how he was the victim of unwanted overtures from seminarians in the Irish College. When he refused these overtures he was targeted by unwanted amourous notes under his room door and unwanted amourous telephone calls in the early hours of the morning.
Irish College Rome

They even extended their sexual harrassment to stealing Terry's underwear in the Irish College laundry room.

Former seminarians tell me the same story of Ireland's biggest seminary - Saint Patrick's College, Maynooth - where they even had their own indoor gay cruising are called "The Pink Corridor".
Maynooth - venue of The Pink Corridor
I have also had former seminarians of Oscott College, Birmingham in England bring me similiar stories:

Many of these modern seminarians are not the brightest. They would never have been accepted into the seminary years ago when there were plenty of priests. Its a real case of the drop in supply causing the drop in quality.

As an openly gay man, priest and bishop I have no objection whatsoever to gay men being priests. I do not think that one's sexual orientation prevents God from giving you a vocation and using you to serve people.

But all these things should be in the open.

But because they are not in the open - and because there is such a culture of denial in the Church and the Vatican a wicked and vicious Gay Sub Culture has developed in the Catholic Church - a subculture that is perfectly capable of mentally torturing the occasional heterosexual man who offers himself for the priesthood - or indeed the gay man who wants to be celibate or at least not promiscuous.

This wicked and vicious gay subculture of cardinals, bishops, priests and seminarians has hijacked the Catholic Church. It is almost as if it is a self hating subculture that in intent of trying to destroy the Church.

I do not understand how any actively gay cleric can preach against homosexuality, homosexuals and things like gay marriage. They also love to preach about sex in general, contraception. masturbation, abortion.

I know one young gay priest who gave a friend of his a Mass cincture to tie his girlfriend to the bed for sexual bondage while they stayed overnight with him in the presbytery and they all laughed about it over breakfast the next morning - mush to distress of the old lady housekeeper - a devout Catholic.

So what does the future of the Catholic priesthood look like if they keep going as they are:

1. An exclusively gay profession.
2. Priests who like dressing up in lace and bright colours.
3. Priests who are theologically ignorant, light weight and right wing.
4. Priests who lead a secret gay lifestyle but who preach chastity and sexual abstinence.
5. A return to the Latin Mass - lasting hours whith nothing but lace, smells and bells.
6. A dwindling number of priests.
7. No Sunday Eucharist in most parishes.
8. Empty churches.
9. Generations without spirituality.

The seminarian of the future?

+Pat Buckley


  1. Broad Minded Parishioner13 August 2014 at 22:22

    Whilst the hypocrisy is unacceptable and the "watering down" of the priesthood in terms of theology and spirituality very sad, I also have nothing against a priest being gay. I take your points seriously but what I enjoyed most here was your selection of illustrative photos - really made me laugh.

    1. I am glad I gave you a laugh :-)

      But the whole issue could also make one cry.


  2. The local Catholic Church I frequently drive by is usually only active on a Saturday evening around 7:15 pm when I notice some people coming out; the women are all post-menopausal and the few men are even older, one had a Zimmer with handbrakes. The two or three robed men standing at the doorway are so obviously huge girls. The fish and chip shop opposite invariably has more customers.

    I cannot understand why the Catholic priesthood attracts so many gay men, especially nowadays. I have a feeling though same-sex marriage will, ultimately, be the priesthood’s nemesis.

    1. I smiled at your description of the church and chip shop :-)

      The reason the Catholic priesthood attracts so many gay men?

      1. Its nearly an all gay club.
      2. A job for life with a free house and all you need.
      3. Good salary and benefits for little or no work.
      4. A place on a pedestal.
      5. As the modern priest is not very bright it means he does not have to work as a shelf packer in Asda.
      6. Have as many days a week off as you wish.
      7. Plenty of free time to go to saunas and Ibiza.
      8. Fine dining and fine wines.
      9. Have power over schools, teachers, parents and children.

      Not bad?

  3. Oh how true this all is Pat, and as you say if it werent so tragic it would be comic. The misery these hidden gays live and cause is the untold price that is paid by this toxic self hatred. How many gay cardinals, bishops (include in that archbishops) and priests I know who preach the toxic self hating agenda against gay marriage and gay human rights. I would make one slight criticism of your blog though and that is comparing the marvellous entertainer and superb pianist Liberace to that old queen Mother Burke. Liberace was a fantanstic showman who gave great value for money to his millions of adoring fans (mostly ladies of a certain age to be sure). He was value for money, not like these hateful old crocks parading about in fine robes and lording it over the gullible. To end on a lighter note, Liberace used to start his shows with a line from Mae West, when showing off his latest fabulous completely over-the-top clothing, when she said" "Too much of a good thing is...wonderful!"

  4. Thank you for your comment.

    I liked Liberace. From my memory though he never really accepted himself and was a bit cruel to some of his "boys"?

    I think one of the boys he had been cruel to stayed loyal to him in spite of rejection and was there for him in the end.

    One of the big challenges gay people have is to truly love and accept themselves - nd not to use others.


  5. You spoke of Terry Brady in some depth on different blogs. I wonder if his undies realy were robbed from the Irish College washroom.I know the room well and on many occasion I opened up the then one solitary industrial washer to try and spirit it back to life. I had on occasion been treated to a meal out by some senior clergy. I can relate that there was never any underhand motive sexual or otherwise. I left the irish college with the same amount of longjohns as i went in with except perhaps the odd one or two that died of natural causes. Sean

  6. Luckily we have brave conservative Cardinals such as Raymond Burke who remained fiercely lodged in the closet, wrapped in lace and silk, issuing pronouncements against the feminization of the Church.