Sunday, 14 September 2014



Noel Treanor has now completed moving his priests around for the Autumn of 2014.

1. Canon Sean Rogan (Downpatrick) is moving to live in Kilcoo. God bless Kilcoo. I had a very bad experience of Rogan when he was in Larne - a topic for another Blog.
Sean Rogan

2. James O'Kane is moving from being "Priest in Residence" in Kilcoo to being a pastor emeritus and will live in Cushendun. I always found James to be a nice man who has not had an easy life. I wish him well.

3. John Murray (Da Sex - from his days in St Malachy's) is moving from Belfast to Downpatrick. A kind of promotion I suppose? Will he be a canon or has Noel done away with canonship? He is a real radical and revolutionary :-)
Da Sex

4. David Delargey - the hunky singing priest - is moving from Hannahstown to St. Michael's Belfast. He will be busier there - which might not suit. 
David Delargy with his cousin

5. Kevin McGuckien is moving from St Patrick's / Mater Hospital to Hannahstown as will be diocesan vocations director. He is a good priest. Knowing all he knows about D&C will he, in good conscience, be able to encourage young men to be priests in the diocese? Dilema!

6. Dominic McGrattan - newly ordained - to be in St Patrick's and the Mater. I do not know him. Will he be a good priest or eventually a cynical member of the Clerical Club? We will have to wait and see.
Dominic Mc Grattan - wait and see

7. Laurence Mc Elhill is leaving Aghagallon after many years. A good priest by all reports.

8. COLIN CROSSEY is leaving the Royal Victoria Hospital and going to Newcastle. He will be happy at that, I think.
Colin Crossey

9. ROBERT SLOAN is going to the RVH.
Robert Sloan

10. Peter Forde is retiring from being PP in Carnlough and will live in Belfast. I think Peter is a good man, if somewhat inflexible.
Peter Forde

11. Dermoy Mc Kay pp of Glenarm is now also becoming pp of Carnlough - leaving him to serve 4 churches singlehandedly. The life of the party is Dermot.

12. Maurice Henry is leaving Crossgar and will live in Dundrum. An early retirement. Another real radical and party goer.

13. Eugene O Neill takes on Crossgar as well as Killyleagh.

14. Paddy Mc Cafferty is going as curate to Killyleagh / Crossgar. Paddy is a good man who has suffered greatly at the hands of D&C in the past. I'm sure his sufferings have made him compassionate. I wish him well.

15. Michael Murray - pp of Kilkeel is retiring and will be available to help here and there - and still take an interest in golf and football.
Michael Murray

16. Sean Dilion leaves the parisgioners of Gleneavy broken hearted at his departure. I was in Kilkeel on Tuesday and I have told them that Sean will service all their motorbikes and sports cars.

17. Colm Mc Bride is off to Gleneavy.

18. Rory Sheehan leaves the sand dunes of Portrush for Our Lady's Parish Belfast. As all his hobbies are in the Belfast area he should be happy. He is a devout practioner of John Paul 11's Theology of the Body.
Rory Seehan

19. Peter O'Kane leaves Holywood for Strangford.

20. Stephen Mc Brearty leaves East Belfast for Holywood. The old town of Holywood should encourage his interest in property.
Stephen Mc Brearty

21. Henry Mc Cann leaves Portglenone for East Belfast.
Henry Mc Cann

22. Tony Curran will take his sense of humour with him from Carrickfergus to Portglenone.
Tony Curran

23. Peter Owens goes to Carrickfergus which will leave him and his friends much nearer his holiday home in Glenarm.

24. Hugh Kennedy the cathedral and its scandals behind him for further studies at Heythrop College in London - otherwise known as The Clerical Parking Lot. Apparently he will complete another doctorate looking at the relationship between the art of swimming and priestly celibacy.
Father Hugh Kennedy (left) with his cousin

25. Joseph Rooney is leaving pastoral ministry to become a judge.

26. Timothy Bartlett who was Cardinal Sean Brady's very successful public relations officer is to become a Vicar (education and social affairs). Some people though that in becoming a vicar he was becoming a Protestant - but I reasured them. His only problem is that he has nowhere to live as Noel sold his house for £500,000 last week.
Tieve Timbo SOLD!

27. Michael Spence is becoming a vicar too - the Vical for the Clergy. His job is to keep as many priests as possible away from Lisbreen where Noel will be living in isolated splendour.
Michael Spence (right) without his cousin

However having all this extra work might mean that Michael's cousin from Dublin will not be able to visit every weekend?

28. Paul Morely is a priest from India and he has two jobs - 1. To cook Indian Food at Lisbreen to that +Noel will not have to travel to Lolita on Stranmillis Road for his Indian - and 2. he will be a curate at Holy Family in Belfast - which will mean he will not have to travel too far to get to the Lisbreen kitchen.

29. Chris McGuinness a Kiltegan father is going to Gleneavy as curate.

Bishop Treanor has also raised the salares of priests:

Handle H 46 for curates

and       H 52 for parish priests.

+Pat Buckley
Feast of Resurrection of Lisbreen Outside (and inside) the Walls


  1. Thank God for large Catholic families.

    Where would we be without our cousins?

    PP D&C

  2. “Cousins are like Bras… close to the heart and always there for support.”

    A Priest's Cousin

  3. My cousin is gay. The first time he went to London he was devastated to discover that Big Ben was a clock

  4. Clerical changes was something that always scared the S*ite out of me. My young logic said I should give all to my parish-which I did. The thought of change made me feel like being forced into a divorce. At the time that was another reason for the bottle. Sean

    1. What I wish to know is why the Down and Connor diocesan changes are appearing on this crazy blog and not on the official diocesan website? Does Pat Buckley have inside knowledge of the inner counsels of the bishop? Is someone leaking this highly sensitive information to the renegade cleric? Is there a mole at the heart of Bishop Noel's administration? I think we need to know. There needs to be a very thorough investigation to source and deal with the leaks. Canon Lawyer.

    2. Dear Canon Lawyer,

      I have been in D&C for 36 years now. I have a number of well placed sources - whose identity I cannot reveal - as they would suffer and then they would no longer be well placed sources.

      There are people in D&C whose only "outlet" I have been over the years.


    3. Canon Lawyer. Leaked information! Pat beware the ides of Buckleygate. Tell the Canon Lawyer his laws do not apply outside his little circle. If Church of Ireland got off their ass and former priests had a bit of courage C o I could grow their congregations and good "former" priests would be given an opportunity to validly provide christian ministry. Sean

  5. My Lord Bishop,

    Let us keep things accurate.

    The latin for cousin is consobrinus

    NOT to be misunderstood with concubinus.

    Very Senior Cleric - D&C

  6. Dear canon Lawyer, the name of the mole is THE IRISH NEWS!

    1. From my reading and watching Buckley knew at least some of the changes before The Irish News!

      Canon Lawyer

  7. At least with "cousins" it is keeping things within the family.

    A More Senior Cleric - D&C

  8. My point still remains.

    Why have the D&C clerical changes (2014) being on this Blog - in part or in whole for a week now - and are STILL NOT on the official D&C web site?

    Is the D&C website administrator on a mission in Paris or Brussels? Has he / she no deputy?

    The only place that non Irish News readers (there are only 40,000 of them) can read and study the changes are on Buckley's Blog!!!

    Canon Lawyer

  9. And - the "Buckley Changes" - unlike The Irish News - are illustrated !

    An Extremely Senior Cleric - D&C

  10. Could someone please tell me - In Moral Theology / Canon Law - does The Church make any distinction between "cousins" and "kissing cousins"?

    Theologically Confused

  11. Is Noel Treanor-Handle anything to George Frideric Handle.

    1. Noel Treanor-Handle is a distant descendant of George Frideric Handle.

      George's side of the family were all of the musical bent and moved from Germany to Britain.

      The Treanor-Handel connection moved to Ireland and settled in the Monaghan area where they were highly regardes as brassers - artists in brass. In the 18th century they opened the famous "Shillelagh" foundry in Monaghan. At the beginning of the 19th century a Mr Nob and a Mr Nocker joined the firm which then becamebecame: Treanor, Handles, Nob and Nocker.

      Monaghan Antiquarian

    2. Im sure they both knew how to open doors. Sean

  12. The reality is -NO ONE CARES!

    Apart from the clerical club which has been drip feeding the news to one another, and maybe a few diocesan lay-licks, these changes will be of little significance to most people. Living Church continues to remain on life support.

    I've been disillusioned for many years but in recent weeks have continued to stop attending mass. My reason - The Hypocrisy of the spending up in Lisbreen, and to think of the money i have placed in the collection plate over the years - yet i bet my parish priest won't even realised that i've stopped attending for he is a man of indifference. If this is how i'm feeling, no wonder priests are turning to this blog or going to visit Pat in person, if they have a problem they now have to negotiate several 'Vicars' before they'll ever get a meeting with the millionaire bishop.

    And, for the record... I have the greatest of respect for Pat Buckley, at least with him a spade is a spade and he won't make you feel like a feckin eejit sitting in the pew wondering WTF is going on.

    Falls Man Frankie.

  13. Lucky Fr Kennedy. From Divis to Kensignton Square.

  14. For goodness sake it is HANDEL not Handle. You really are pig ignorant.

  15. I understand. But many people change their names and the spelling of their names.

    Bishop Treanor-Handle did this.

  16. Dear Pat,

    I think "Falls Man Frankie" has hit very firmly the 'nail on the head'.
    The church system is not fit for purpose, and sending a few clergy here and there just gives the illusion that something important is happening.
    The poor leadership of +Patrick Walsh & the ever more distant +Noel Treanor's lack of interest in Diocesan matters, has contributed to a serious lack of morale and direction within the clergy.

    Priest of D&C.

  17. There has to be a law against this misuse of public information and despicable twisting and turning to destroy or at least put doubt in the minds of the reader about good men that you focus on! What is your intention with your constant character attacks? Whatever it is it appears very dark.

    Stop attacking people.


  18. This is honestly the first I've heard of this as haven't been at Mass in the parish or spent much time chatting with other parishioners for a while for various reasons so I'm very sad to see that Fr Tony is leaving us, he's a lovely man and a great priest. The people of Portglenone will be lucky to have him. Please God Fr Peter Owens (I've never heard of the man, let alone met him) is a good, compassionate and prayerful priest and not a hypocrite, a cynic or an ultra-conservative. Also, I must add that Kilkeel is extremely fortunate to get Fr Sean, another great man.

    Carrick Catholic

  19. Has Hugh Kennedy been booted out of St Peters then, and if so who replaces him, or is he on Sabbatical?

    1. No. In welcoming back the schola yesterday at the end of mass in St Peters, he announced that he has been invited by Heythrop college to pursue academic research. He then let out quite a gay little giggle. It was nauseating,

  20. Oh dear, all of this is depressing. I mean both the apparent state of D& C (I thought there was a gynaecological operation called that too !), and the out of touch renovations at Lisbreen.

    How is it, in this day and age, that clergy are moved around the chess board with such impunity, with no reference to the various parishes or the laity ? Even if it is done after consultation between Bishop and priest, the most important party in the affair, namely the parishioners in the pew, just have foisted on them someone from afar and from above with no say and no consultation. It epitomises the distain and contempt that the Church has for those who pay and pray. It's the same with the appointment of Bishops. A Diocese simply gets someone whom + Brown in Dublin and some prissy monsignori in Rome like the look and sound of, and hey presto he becomes a Bishop in a Diocese that has had no say at all. This is not sustainable, and the people increasingly will not allow such a top down imposition to continue.

    As for the clergy who have been moved, some will be happy, others will just have been told you are going. It probably depends on how 'in' they are with the establishment of the Diocese. The 'nice' people will have been given comfortable places.

    And, as for Lisbreen....well, I despair. It may need some renovation, but surely that should be done modestly and discreetly ? It is an insult to and abuse of the people who pay for these things, the laity, to be creating somewhere that is far beyond the circumstances in which most of the faithful live. And even if there have been substantial benefactors of the project, the money should still be spend soberly and simply. Again, the faithful will catch on and they will resist one day.

    + Noel appears out of touch, aloof, and just incapable of being a Bishop with the smell of the sheep on him. He is a product of the effete training of the Vatican diplomatic service, used to the gravy train of Brussels and international gatherings. How you can expect a man with that background to know how to pastor ordinary people in the simple ways of faith, I do not know. He was appointed because he came from outside and had kept his nose clean. No thought will have been given as to how good a Bishop and pastor he was going to be.

    I doubt if +Noel would ever be able to contemplate giving a room for the night to a vomiting druggie. The very thought of it ! That's the difference between + Pat (awkward and rebellious bugger that he is) and + Noel. Pat would invite the man in, look after him, follow him up and have the smell of the sheep on him. + Noel would be smelling of some designer perfume he picked up in some boutique on the Rue de Rivoli or Bond Street ( or whatever the equivalent is in Belfast).

    + Noel is not the only one, either. Too may Bishops think of themselves as having 'arrived' with an entitled expectation to be able to enjoy the 'kingdom' they have inherited. Many priests too, as they move in to their lovely parishes, and have uncontrolled access to the funds that the faithful have given. How many perfectly acceptable bathrooms and kitchens will be ripped out and replaced over the next few months as clergy re-do the house they have moved in to because they can't live with their predecessors interior designs ? If only the faithful knew the truth of it.... ! I know, because I did it myself years go, and I look back and am ashamed.

  21. What did Fr Rogan do to you in Larne? Cheers.

  22. Priests should be allowed to openly have partners without all this skulking in the dark - it's inhuman to condemn them to a life of fear