Sunday, 11 January 2015



Last weekend the parish priest of St Nicholas of Myra parish in Dublin city told his congregation that he was gay - and also that he was celibate.

Father Martin Dolan had been preaching a sermon about the beginning of the New Year and was talking about all the changes that would be happening - including the referendum to make Gay Marriage legal in the Republic of Ireland.

He asked his parishioners to vote in favour of Gay Marriage.

As part of his sermon he admitted that he himself was gay but celibate.

I think that Father Martin and I were seminarians together in Holy Cross Seminary in Dublin in the 1970's.

I have heard from many people over the years about his compassion and kindness as a priest.

He is very much loved in his current parish where he has been for 15 years.

I think that his "coming out" last week was very courageous and honest. His integrity in the eyes of many will be greatly lauded.

I hope the people of Ireland listen to his call and vote for gay marriage.

Civil Marriage (not church marriage) is a civil and human right.

Its introduction will be another step in the gradual emergence of Ireland as a modern democracy - and another nail in the coffin for fundamentalist and fascist Roman Catholicism.

+Pat Buckley


  1. This is great news. This man has not only the courage to come out and risk the wrath of the hierarchy ( although they will probably go about getting him back in their usual tawdry way) but he his also living his truth ( something alien to many of our presbyterate and bishops) and is saying this is who I am. Fashioned in God's image and likeness. I hope he will feel more comfortable now in his own skin although he may be well advised to watch his back. I know many gay people in various forms of service from priesthood through to waiters in restaurants. They are usually great at their jobs,attentive,funny but most of all they are good at caring in a real and meaningful way. Many of our priests are like that. So chaps this man has blazed the trail. Go for it !!!

  2. I believe it is important for Southern Ireland understand the difference between civil and church marriage. From my experience both have been interpreted as one and the thing in the past. This has been brought about because southern Ireland in the past was a mono religious society and good old President Develera strongly supported the catholic ethos of the "free state". However what is good and human should also be "rubber stamped" by Gods so called representatives on earth. Sean

  3. Newspaper reports state that his parishoners stood up and applauded Fr Dolan.
    I like your reference Pat to 'nail in the coffin of fundamentalist and fascist R. Catholicism'
    Just wish there were a few extra nails for our N. Ireland fundamentalist politicians and preachers

  4. Open Minded Parishioner12 January 2015 at 20:47

    I hope his parishioners did stand up and applaud him. I would have done. What great courage. How sad that it should be this way but as Sean said "this man has blazed the trail". I hope more come forward as a result.

  5. Yes, I too hope more " come forward". But that, hopefully, will be but an intermediate step in public acceptance that a persons sexuality is as significant and relevant as whether or not they wear glasses, and there becomes no need to come forward.

    1. Open Minded Parishioner13 January 2015 at 15:40

      Yes MMM you are absolutely right which is why I think it is sad that it has to be this way. I only mean to come forward in terms of showing the Catholic hierarchy that their clergy are made up of "real" people and that they have their parishioners support, which I believe they do, and end all this hypocrisy that exists.

    2. Media Love shock and have a short memory. I hope Fr Dolans courage is matched by positive action. Sean (Fundamentalism surfaces in many forms)