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The Roman Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor (Belfast) NOEL TREANOR has decided to throw his mitre into the ring with the more fundamentalist wing of the DUP to further discrimination against the Gay Community.

Treanor and Paisleyite Paul Girvan 
Treanor, a former pen pusher and "interferer" for the Roman Church at the European parliament shocked many priests and laity of his diocese when he recently refurbished his palace on Belfast's Somerton Road at a cost of somewhere between one and four million pounds - with door handles costing £350 a throw and wallpaper costing £100 a roll!

He is now supporting a Paisleyite fundamentalist politician - Paul Girvan MLA - who is trying to introduce a private member's bill into the Belfast Parliament allowing businesses and organisations to discriminate against gay people.

Girvan's campaign follows the refusal by a Belfast Bakery bakery boss - another "Christian" fundamentalist - to bake a cake for a gay couple.

Ashers Bakery said it was against their "Christian principles" to bake a cake for an occasion that they thought offended their so called "Christian" sensibilities.

At the time of Christ many people thought that a sickness or a disability was  a result of an evil spirit or a curse from God. Does that mean that Ashers Bakery should be allowed to refuse to bake a cake for a disabled person or couple because Ashers "Christian" boss feels that they are in the wheelchair as a result of a curse from God or that they are possessed by an evil spirit?


Treanor is is no position to try and help bring in anti gay legislation because many of his own diocesan priests are actively gay and are to be found on gay cruising websites and indeed in the gay saunas of Belfast, Dublin, London and Ibiza.


Treanor and his fellow bishops and clerics want to be able to discriminate against gay people in schools and orphanages run by the Roman Church.

They want to be able to discriminate at interviews and refuse jobs and promotions to gay teachers.

They want to be able to sack any teacher who is found to be living with a same sex partner.

They want to be able to see to it that no orphan from a Catholic orphanage is placed in a "gay" household.

What a lot of hypocrisy and nonsense.

When are these neanderthal clerics going to realise that we are living in the 21 st century and that we are living in a secular, pluralistic and democratic Europe where it is rightly ILLEGAL to discriminate against any person because of their colour, creed, disability, gender, sexual orientation etc?

Secondly the "gayest" institutions you will find at the moment are Roman Catholic seminaries.

Up to a few years Treanor's own seminary at The Wing in Saint Malachy's College, Belfast was a gay nest.

Father Jim Donaghy who was dismissed this week from the priesthood used to go into the seminary in broad daylight and lock himself into a room with a young seminarian for several hours and sexually abuse him. He had already being abusing the same boy in parochial houses for years beforehand.

Father Donaghy PP VF

The seminary spiritual director, Father Paul Symons, who is currently undergoing a church trial in Dublin for abuse left the seminary under a cloud having had an inappropriate relationship with a seminarian.

Father Symons

The seminary rector - Father John McManus - whom Treanor made chancellor - second in command has disappeared off the face of the earth amid gay rumours.

Father McManus

So what is Treanor telling us?

Is he telling us that its ok to be a gay cardinal (Cardinal Keith O'Brien) but its not ok to be a gay teacher or adopter.

Gay Cardinal

Is he telling us that its ok to be a sexually active gay parish priest / school manager - who will not appoint gay teachers and sack teachers he discovers are gay?

Is he telling us that its ok to be a sexually active gay priest in charge of young men training to be a priest - in other words its ok for foxes to be in charge of the Chicken Run?

Is he telling us that its ok to be a sexually active gay trainee priest - having sex with fellow seminarians and others - but its not ok to be a gay Catholic teacher.

Will Bishop Treanor banish lesbian dinner ladies from schools in case they feed the children lesbian sausages or gay spotted dick?

Will school bus drivers be banned from driving school buses in a feminine way?

Will lollipop men and women have to take a gender based DNA test?

Will school janitors have to be screened in case they put a male bolt into a male nut?

Treanor came to Down and Connor 7 years ago. I decided then to give him a chance to prove himself. As time went by I have been more and more shocked by his arrogance, aloofness and soullessness.

To me this is the final straw. He now wants anti gay discrimination enshrined in Northern Ireland law!

Its probably only a matter of time before he starts handing out Pink Triangles.


(Stephen Glenn - Twitter - @stephenpglen)




  1. Has Treanor finally took the soup! Iano would turn in his grave if he were alive alivo!

  2. God bless Bishop Treanor. :)

    1. And God save the queens

  3. A FOX in charge of the "chicken coup"!! How very apt! ;-)

  4. This conscience clause to Equality legislation is simply seeking the right to be able to discriminate against LGBT persons.

    As a gay man, the greatest obstacle I have personally had to overcome was my own internalised homophobia caused solely by Roman Catholic Indoctrination.

    I don't think right winged Christian people fully understand how crucifying this experience was and the lengths I needed to go to in order to free myself from the shame I felt about myself in coming to accept that I simply was born with a same sex attraction.

    When I look across the world, persecution of LGBT people is primarily led by religious organisations. Christians who strap tyres to gay men in Nigeria and set them on fire. Fundamental Islamists who throw gay men from mosque minarets or stone them in public squares. Religious hatred of homosexuality (let's not get bogged down in the debate of nature and acting out on that nature) is triggered by misinformed, uneducated and ignorant understanding of belief. What starts as simple discrimination can lead to horrific acts of violence. We don't need to look too far into the past to see how simple law, which discriminates can form a mindset that can lead to horrific consequences; October 15, 1936 the Reich Ministry of Education banned Jewish teachers from public schools...

    1) Equality is essentially an all or nothing concept. There can be no Orwellian style ‘we are equal but’ limitations placed on equality lest the entire concept upon which it is built becomes redundant. The ‘conscience clause’ seeks to allow for a limitation determined by someone’s – no doubt sincerely held – religious views to be placed on NI equality legislation in a way that would drastically set it apart from anti-discrimination protection currently enshrined in The Universal Declaration of human rights article 1.

    2) Many Christians support equality for Gay and Lesbian people.

    3) To support a so called conscience law is to say, we want protection so we can continue to discriminate against Gay and Lesbian.

    I would defend the rights of anyone; especially the right to religious belief. Yet, I cannot accept that certain believes should be used to discriminate against minorities. But I also have to fight for my rights as a gay man, not only for myself but for future generations, in the Same way Rosa Parks definitely refused to get up from seat in Montgomery. Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head by the Taliban so she could receive an education. Aung San Suu Kyi who suffered years of house arrest to have the freedom of the democratic vote. John Howard who made a social outcast in Victorian Britain because he believed in the dignity of prisoners and sought prison reform.

    So, I would do I want. I want the right to marry the person that I love to ensure that our union not only has the same rights as heterosexual marriage but that it is viewed no differently. I want to holiday with my partner without a B&B door being shut in our faces. I want my own children to love and raise with wonder and awe with them protected and not let feeling that their family unit is inferior to that of their friends. I want to know that no one can fire me because I am Gay. And, I want to walk into any shop and to seek the services that everyone takes for Granted.

    All men are created equal, it's only men themselves who place themselves above Equality.


    1. Well said Gerry. Eminently sensible considered thinking intellectually, morally, and backed up by personal knowledge and experience. Thanks.

    2. Gerry, I found this the most telling of your comments: "As a gay man, the greatest obstacle I have personally had to overcome was my own internalised homophobia caused solely by Roman Catholic Indoctrination."

      Sometimes - like now - I'm ashamed of being a Catholic. What are we as
      Church doing to young LGBT Catholics? We teach them self-loathing because of a sexuality they did not choose, but were born with.

      As far as I know the incidence of suicide among LGBT teenagers in
      America is higher than the national average. And I bet it's no different in Ireland and the UK.

      The Catechism of the Catholic Church has nothing positive to say about
      same-sex relationships, preferring instead to define them in terms of
      homosexual acts (a euphemism for sex acts).

      I am not gay (I'm a recovering homophobe), but I'm sure there's much more
      to loving, same-sex relationships than sex - just as there is with mixed-sex
      relationships. Yet the Magisterium of the Catholic Church will not acknowledge these positives. LGBT people are made to feel, then, that they
      can be faithful Catholics only if they lead unattached (and lonely ) lives.

      Wasn't it Mother Theresa who said that loneliness was the greatest disease
      of the twentieth century? No wonder, then, so many of our LGBT people
      (young and older) see suicide as the preferred option. Either that or living the unhappy lie that they're straight and then entering (doomed?) mixed-sex relationships just to conform to secular and religious values and to be accepted by other Christians, Catholic or otherwise?

    3. ReplyDelete

      Anonymous2 March 2015 at 18:03
      Thank you for your comments MMM and anonymous. Faith is something important to me. When I came to terms with my sexuality I turned my back on God, and tried to accept atheism as a way of life. After all, my experience of faith was toxic for my well being. Yet, deep in my very being, I knew that with the same truth I could not deny my sexuality so I could not deny that there was a higher power that created and loved me. Now, I don't subscribe to an organised religious practice but I do follow the Christian faith. I'm Gay and a Christian and I've stopped apologising long ago for being either.
      You are right to highlight indoctrination leading to internalised homophobia. As I was coming out to my family, their struggle in accepting my revelation wasn't political, lack of compassion or homophobia, they struggled to accept my sexuality with their intrinsic belief that "The Church says...." Or "The bible says". It only took a little common sense and personal study to realise two things

      1) Roman Doctrine on the issue is outdated, and stands alone in the face of modern psychology which realises that to call homosexuality and same sex love as "gravely disordered" or "intrinsically evil" causes crucifying damage to the mental well being of those who identify themselves as LGBT.

      2) No where in the bible is samesex relations condemned - in fact some biblical scholars believe there is evidence to show that Jesus encountered such relationships - The Centurion and his servant. Plus, we have evolved to believe that slavery, oppression of woman, religious laws of Deuteronomy etc... Are not teachings we need to follow in modern world and especially under the freedom of the Spirit over the law. The bible isn't literal - it's contradictory and needs to be interpreted with life experience and common sense.

      I wasn't born into this world to be condemned. I was born to love and to be loved. It's time we allowed one another to do the same.

    4. My heart goes out to you. I can't imagine the pain you must have endured in coming to terms with your sexuality against such odds, theological and

      I hope you find someone to love and who loves you back. I hope you find
      that pure love which unites two persons through loyalty and self-sacrifice. Where that kind of love is present, God himself is present.

      Don't allow anyone to make you feel ashamed of such love; it MAY speak it's name boldly. And if you are priviliged enough to find it, rejoice in it and
      in each other, for you will have been blessed as few others have been.

      My very best wishes to you for the present and for the future.

  5. Is this new coalition between the RCs and the DUP part of the newly emerging Gospel according tO Timothy?

    I wonder which way he hangs?

    1. the guy who went with him to that party in dublin should know.

  6. I was a seminarian in 'The Wing' several decades ago. I certainly wasn't aware of homosexual activity in the place. Are you sure your information is reliable?

    1. What years were you there? Maybe you were there pre the years spoken of?

    2. Did you have your head under your "Wing", by any chance?

    3. I was there from 1978 to 1981.

    4. Thank you for clarifying that. I have not heard of similiar things happening in those years.

      The problem was very rife during later during the McManus and Symonds era when James Donaghy was free to enter the wing unchallenged and sexually abuse a seminarian in a locked room.

      I have spoken to several ex seminarians who witnessed all this and felt powerless :-(

    5. You spoke to ex-seminarians who 'felt powerless to act'. Of course they weren't powerless to act! We have not received from Christ 'a spirit of timidity'.

      If your claim about 'The Wing' is true, then these men were moral cowards who CHOSE to do nothing.

      And wasn't the seminarian (s) you state was abused an adult as well? Couldn't he or they simply have said 'no'?

    6. Ha, ha, One can just imagine the prim and priggish little fairy who wrote the above! "I say, Donaghy, you cad! You've got my gander up! Desist you bounder!"

    7. Rapists don't ask permission of their victims. Neither do they take "no" for an answer.

    8. These ex seminarians were there training for the priesthood and the seminary authorities had TOTAL CONTROL over them 24 hours a day.

      Had they accused a priest of anything they would have been immediately expelled.

      The "victim" you spoke of was abused by Father Donaghy from the age of 13. Donaghy had totally groomed him and had him under his control. The abuse in the seminary was when the 13 year old was 18.

      Within months of this he did get the courage to speak out.

      You obviously have no idea of the power abusers have over their victims.

    9. I didn't know that seminarian had been abused by the priest in question since the age of thirteen; I apologise for my poorly informed comment on the matter. However, I disagree strongly with you that those others were powerless to act: they could and should have blown the whistle on that priest - even at the risk of being expelled. Those seminary authorities did not have total control over their students. The students in question clearly valued their futures more than the welfare of another human being. As I said, they were moral cowards.

    10. Thank you for your clarification.

      I still think you are a little harsh expecting 18 year olds to stand up against the might of the church.

      Maybe moral immaturity rather than moral cowardice?


    11. Pat, if just one of those seminarians had had the moral gumption to stand up to what you called ' the might of the Church', he would have had the might of Christ behind him - not to mention his eternal gratitude.

      When I was at Maynooth, I reported a fellow seminarian for his sexual fantasies about young boys. He hadn't committed any crime, so I couldn't substantiate my report about him. I did not find this an easy thing to do, but I did it all the same. And I wasn't much older than those seminarians in ' The Wing'.

    12. The more you say the more I appreciate your point of view.

      I would love you to meet one of the ex seminarians who I have listened to.

      Congratulations to you for your courage.

      Did you suffer as a result of your courage?

    13. I was sick with fear and uncertainty, made worse by the fact that I was on my own. However, I was believed, and the person I'd reported was monitored.

      Nothing more could be done with him: remember he had merely expressed his fantasies to me on a number of occasions; he hadn't acted on them.

      Thank you for offering me the opportunity to meet one of those ex-seminarians, but in truth I'd rather not accept your offer: that whole affair at Maynooth nauseated me, and just recalling it today still makes me feel physically sick.

    14. I can understand how you feel.

      A number of the ex seminarians I have spoken to are still suffering emotionally and psychologically from what they endured in the Belfast seminary - after 15 years!

    15. He was "monitored"? Not expelled? If you were believed. why didn't they expel him? I hope they didn't ORDAIN him??? To have such fantasies and express them to someone, in my view, would debar him from priesthood.

      In the Wing, at the time you peak of, when Dirty Donaghy was on the prowl, there was truly nothing we could have done. He was so obviously 'well in' with Bishop Walsh and Fr McManus. You would have been out on your ear.

      The place was screwed up. I eventually left. As far as I now know, Fr Paddy McCafferty did his best to alert authorities to the danger, based on his own past experiences and his fears for the young guy in question. But to no avail. It seems he too was ignored.

      The judge, when passing sentence on Dirty Donaghy, described him as a "ruthless sexual predator". I don't think it is very fair of you to describe us, back then, as "moral cowards". It never dawned on us that there was the slightest thing we could do to change things.

      Disorder was deeply ingrained into the system of St Malachy's Seminary under "Phyliss" McManus, Paul Symonds and co. I hope the place has changed for the better!

    16. I'm sorry to hear that about those ex-seminarians.

      I have found the Novena of Surrender to be especially helpful in times of trouble; it's on the internet. Just type 'Novena of Surrender' and then click on 'Novena of Surrender to the will of God. Catholic Doors Ministry.

      Edmund Burke may have said those words about evil triumphing when 'good men do nothing'. Unfortunately, what he didn't say is that there is always a price to pay when good people act in the face of evil. And the greater the evil, the greater the price to pay.

      All the best.

    17. To Annonymous who replied to my comment on 28 February at 13.08.

      A person cannot be expelled without proof. I could not offer proof, only allegation. Would you be happy to be condemned on the unsubstantiated word of another person?

      You are mistaken: Fr James Donaghy was not around when I was in 'The Wing'.

      I stand by my claim, that you and your fellow seminarians were 'moral cowards'; in fact, you all disgust me.

    18. Oh well, there ya go!

      I never said you were in the Wing when Dirty Donaghy was on the go. You are quite happy to condemn us though - even though you weren't in that system as it existed at that time.

      We "disgust" you, do we? The feeling is mutual, you self-righteous prat! Your post though is very suspect.

      You weren't accusing your fellow seminarian of skipping over the wall in Maynooth to sneak down to the Roost now were you??? You were accusing him of what P, Benedict called 'the most egregious crime'!!! And they "monitored" him - whatever that means!

      You are a smug git - whoever you are - high up there above us all, looking down from the lofty heights of your "moral high ground".

      You betray yourself in your initial comments - jumping to conclusions about the victims of a man who was a brutal rapist! "Just say no?? It wasn't bloody Grange Hill.

      I repeat - you were up against the power of a sick system. Dicky McKeown has his head up his backside. John Murray inhabited another planet. Phyliss McManus was salivating over the boys he fancied and trying to get into their trunks. Paul Symonds was ejaculating over lads' feet! Dirty Donaghy was Walsh's right hand man.

      If you think you could have done better brave Anonymous Crusader - good luck to ya! See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya!

      For all your talk on here - for all we know - the guy you reported is 'out there' - untreated - and a danger to young boys! So much for your "reporting to the authorities". Disgusted, are ya? Yeah right. Ditto!

    19. To Anonymous who posted on 1 March at 10.21

      If you re-visit my post of 28 February at 23.19, you'll see that there is a gap in it; that gap contained a statement along the following lines: I've made checks on the person I reported, and as far as I know, he was not ordained. So please God my reporting of him bore fruit after all.

      I don't know why this part of my post didn't appear, but it was sent.

      All my postings are genuine, and apart from the one error I made (and for which I apologised), truthful.

      I'm sorry for upsetting you. I shouldn't have said 'you all disgust me'; that was uncharitable and unchristian. I ask for your forgiveness.

    20. No problem. I am sorry too. Fair dues to ya. You seem a decent lad.

    21. Thanks.

      May God grant you healing and peace.

      Look after yourself.

  7. As a DUP official I find this blog offensive and I will be bringing it to the attention of my local MLA Mr. Wilson and to our MLA team. We are entitled to our point of view and so is this most enlightened Bishop. He was a very well informed man.

    Unionist and Christian

    1. I would be surprised if Sammy Wilson would be supporting any bill to enshrine discrimination into law. I have met him and have found him to be openminded and living in the 21st century.

      Yes you are entitled to your point of view but you are not entitled to try and enshrine 16th century Biblical literalism in laws that affect others. And you are not entitled to use public funds to push your views in schools, hospitals and other institutions paid for by the tax payer.

    2. Please view our party conference last year! He is no friend of the bakery fairy cakes.

    3. He is rather partial to romping through fields naked in France though.

    4. I had need of Mr Wilsons help in the past year and found his response and assistance second to none and will always be greatly indebted to him.

      My experience of him is that he is a democrat and a good public servant.

      In my opinion he is one of the most enlightened politicians in the DUP.

      The item mentioned above was found by a court of law to be a grave invasion of privacy.

      We should always speak of people as we find them.


    5. Sammy must have "seen the light", or something similar! I say that for after having read ex Lord Mayor Mairtin O Muilleoir's account of Sammy's infantile sectarian behaviour during Belfast City council meetings in his book, "Dome of Delights", I'd formed a completely different impression. So maybe I ought not to have taken everything O Muilleoir said at face value.
      Still, as you say, judge as you find them.
      Or if Sammy has changed, maybe there's hope for ????????? Peter, Gregory, Ian....????

    6. We should be very wary of anything that involves: (a) Tim Bartlett; and (b) the DUP.

    7. Really, but you have things to do with Buckley? Really friend!

  8. Has +Noel had botox? His eyes look funny.