Thursday, 2 April 2015



What can be more evil...
Than Evil pretending to be Good ?
Than Satan pretending to be God ?
Than Idolatry pretending to be Worship ?
Than Abuse pretending to be Service ?
Than Pride pretending to be Humility ?
Than Masters pretending to be Servants ?
Than Cynicism pretending to be Faith ?
Than Darkness pretending to be Hope ?
Than Venom pretending to be Love ?
Than Pharisees pretending to be Priests ?
Than Jailors Pretending to be Liberators ?
Than Religion pretending to be Spirituality ?
Than Rich Men pretending to be Poor ?
Than Takers pretending to be Givers ?
Than Predators pretending to be Protectors ?


  1. Pat,
    I take it you are referring to the goings on at the Cathedral this morning. Does Bishop Treanor realise he's now in schism with Rome, having declared Down & Connor as a Diocese NOT requiring celibacy to be observed by its clergy ?

    Clerical Observer.

  2. Gentlemen, this is Holy Thursday -- Now, can we please place our stones on the ground and walk away?

  3. Was there no mention of the elephant in the room? I heard the poor Redemptorists were made Canons today-at least they were sitting up among the Canons. A quare cry from when they were regarded by the Cathedral and St Paul's as a bloody nuisance.

  4. Dear blogger at 14.:18,
    You asked us to put down our stones, and I understand your sentiment, but I as a Priest of this Diocese for decades, felt unable to attend the Chrism Mass,
    because of the rank hypocrisy on display around that altar this morning.
    The Kennedy/Dallat scandal, and other ongoing situations that will probably 'grace' the front pages soon, have left me very disillusioned about the governance of our Diocese. It seems that the moral character and behaviour of his Priests is of little interest to our Bishop. Does he not realise the immense harm that these scandals are doing to ecclesial life in Down & Connor ?
    Leadership demands in certain circumstances, tough decisions, but it appears that Bishop Treanor thinks that these decisions can be avoided. I'm afraid on this occasion I beg to differ.

    Priest of D&C Diocese.

  5. Bishop Trainor pretending to be honest.
    "Father" Dallatt pretending everything will be hunky dory after the retreat.

  6. If a Priest is living an immoral life, how effective & credible as a teacher of Christian morality will he be ?


  7. Under this Treanor "dispensation regime", surely all ex D&C clergy now married, should be invited to consider returning to active ministry in the Diocese ?

    Laissez faire.

  8. I think Bishop Treanor is to be commended for dispensing with mandatory celibacy for his diocesan clergy. This is a very courageous step, but I worry Rome will attempt to stamp out this initiative.


  9. A unilateral decision by Bishop Treanor to dispense with mandatory celibacy is courageous, but also perhaps somewhat foolhardy, given the fact that Rome continues to insist on it. The clergy in Down & Connor must feel blessed to have such an understanding Bishop.

    Catholic scribe.

  10. What DID +Noel say about celibacy this morning Clerical Observer?
    Or am I picking up that he "white elephanted" current scandals by ignoring them and said nothing, as a result of which everybody assumes he's content with his current laissez faire anaemic Horatio Nelson like approach, and it's now a case of "anything goes"?
    "I see no ships!"

    1. Noel never mentioned celibacy.

    2. MMM talks some shite.. :(

    3. Indeed I'm sure that in some opinions I do! But maybe this blogsite needs that occasional catalytic effect.
      Compare it to a compost heap. All points of view are well mixed up, courtesy of Pat, and just like a good compost heap's organic mix, the odd bit of manure adds to the mix of wise and wacky, sane and stupid comments.
      So if my bit of shite, as you call it, acts as a catalyst in the compost heap of this site, perhaps as in gardening (or the New Testament's vineyard), that's simply nature's way of evolving overall improvement.
      And I'm sure that even your own caustic comment has its place somewhere, so thanks.

  11. Dear Michael, (MMM)
    He said nothing about celibacy, but his actions over the last 3 weeks speak louder than any words.
    He is it appears content to allow Priests to carry on relationships with women or men, (even 'predatory priests') and concurrent with this to continue with their ministry. I therefore have concluded that de facto, Bishop Treanor has accepted that Mandatory Celibacy is unworkable and that he will not 'enforce' it within his own Diocese.
    The message to D&C clergy is clear; having a sexual relationship (even one that becomes publicly known) will be no barrier to continued ministry in the Diocese.

    Clerical Observer.

  12. If any D&C Clergy feel that my interpretation of recent events is incorrect, please feel free to post your counter opinion on this blog.

    Clerical Observer.

  13. Dear Clerical Observer,
    I'm deeply shocked by your conclusions. Are Priests not suppose to remain celibate as a sign of their total devotion to God ?

    Belfast Catholic.

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