Saturday, 15 August 2015



Is following Jesus about wearing lace albs, consulting "Mama" about how to wash your new pallium , redesigning your coat of arms and waiting for the call from Rome to come and collect your new red hat?

The prophet Jeremiah in the Bible complained: "Both priest and prophet ply their trade through the land and have no knowledge".

One of the reasons that Roman Catholicism is such a state of decline in Ireland and further afield is that there are very few decent priests in the Church and even fewer prophets.

The Roman Catholic episcopate is packed full of "yes" men and men with very little moral fibre and courage.

I have never met Eamon Martin - and indeed I have no desire to meet him - but I think he must be the weakest and least inspiring "leaders" of Irish Roman Catholicism for generations.

The last incumbent of Armagh that I liked was Tomas O'Fiaich. He and I knew each other well and we had several long conversations - generally over a tray of sandwiches and tea and a couples of Irish whiskeys.

Tomas O'Fiaich

Although I was greatly disappointed with O'Fiaich for his handling of the Father Gerard McGinnity case. Father McGinnity was the dean of Maynooth Seminary who reported the seminary rector Monsignor Michael Ledwith for his homosexual activities with his young students.

Michael Ledwith
The Irish Bishops "solved" the Ledwith scandal in their typically cowardly way. They sent Ledwith to the USA with a bag full of money and they sacked poor Father McGinnity as dean of Maynooth. In other words they killed the poor messenger.

Father McGinnity - victim
 Tomas O'Fiaich was part of the shafting of Father McGinnity. 

I thought that Sean Brady was a very poor leader of the Irish Roman Catholics - that is until Eamonn Martin appeared.

If Eamonn Martin is the best they have - then, as the old Irish people used to say: "God help us all"!


  1. There is a lot of theatrics in the church for better or worse and some of this leads to what I believe is a fantasy world where people can hide their insecurities and play at being kings and queens. The Carpenters sang about all of life being a circle and the church has had more than one revolution. As with the seasons its time for the church to experience a new spring

    1. I think there are more queens than kings in our church :-)

    2. ... and most evil queens, unfortunately.

  2. Dear Pat,
    I think you make a pertinent observation about Archbishop Martin.
    Sadly I see little evidence of him being a prophet. He strikes me as a company "middle management" type, who will without question follow the directions from HQ.(Rome)
    Cardinal Brady was a very poor leader and I fear that one very average cleric has been replaced in Armagh by a similar copy. Perhaps that is what Rome wants in Ireland as
    it probably has given up on us at this stage !

    Ulster Cleric.

    1. Thank you Ulster Cleric.

      Rome wants weak, subservient "yes" men all over the world. Sad!

      I'm reminded of the words of Jesus - "Would that you were hot or cold. But are lukewarm. I will spit you out of my mouth"!

      Lukewarmness and mediocrity is the Roman way.

    2. I Said more than once I knew Sean Brady for 7 years. He was a loyal footsoldier and yes man. He was intelligent and nobodies fool. However he was blindly loyal to Mother Church and the Pont Max rep on earth

  3. I report from Spain tonight. From the Costa del Sol. It is a holiday here today and the Feria ( Carnival) has started I'm Malaga. It reminded me that last year during one bright evening all the locals and visitors were dancing in the streets of the city when I happened to spay an affectionate couple dancing,embracing and kissing each other very passionately. Nothing wrong with that you might think. Nothing at all except he was and still is a serving priest in D&C. Not Eamon Martins problem. He can concentrate on the washing!!

    1. Father was obviously celebrating the virgin's assumption.

  4. Like to tell us who Father was? Specify whether for or not for publication.

  5. You might have got that wrong.Could it have been his twin brother? Many of them have altar egos you know. (ooops, sorry. I mean "alter egos" of course!)

  6. Was Father kissing a Fella or a Lass (out of interest) Fathers need away time due to a repressive day job. The issue is hypocracy

    1. I think on this occasion it was a female. Most of the others prefer to snog a bloke.

  7. What did you expect with the appointment to Armagh ? If you expect Rome to appoint an extrovert or a free thinker you can forget about it. Anyone who might fall into the " tall poppy" department will be weeded out before even getting on to the terna list. However if you're bright( usually earmarked from seminary days), don't blot your copybook, are a "yes man", have no known skeletons in the cupboard ( or the closet!) and not liable to rock the boat then you may well get a shot at a pointy hat and purple socks. An added bonus to keep all the oil Catholic biddies onside is if there any photos which show that " he's awful good to his mother!" Dalriada Dick