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He has moved back into his house in Lady Wallace Drive, Lisburn which was left to him by two spinster school teachers who doted over him.

But neighbours are up in arms to have James Donaghy near to their children, local schools and a local park where children play.

He also lives near to a very loyalist Lisburn estate and there is a lot of talk about him among the parents there.

A local Ulster Unionist MLA is receiving calls from concerned people.

On the one hand we must remember that James Donaghy has served the sentence imposed on him by the courts. He has therefore "paid his debt to society" and should be left alone.

And of course there is massive hysteria among people about freed sex abusers - even when they are no further danger to children.

I think the people and community leaders in Lisburn need to maintain a rational approach to Donaghy's move back.

They need to work alondside the police and social services to accertain if James Donaghy is a risk - and whether that risk is hugh, medium, low or non existent.

Apart from having a house in Lisburn James Donaghy is from Lisburn and has many family members living there.

Personally I do not know if it ever wise for a released sex offender to go back into places where he is so well known.

Would it not be better - and safer - for him - and others if he started a new life somewhere where nobody knows him and where he can discreetly register with the police.

That would seem to me to give someone like that the best chance of a future.

It a very highly charged emotional topic.

I wonder what my Blog readers think that people like James Donagy  should do?





THE OBSERVER Catherine Deveney

A British man who travelled to Verona in an attempt to forgive the Catholic missionary who sexually abused him at Mirfield seminary in Yorkshire almost 50 years ago is being prosecuted in the Italian courts on three counts of “trespassing, stalking and interference in private life”.

Mark Murray, 60, who filmed his encounter with Father Romano Nardo at the Verona headquarters of the Comboni missionaries in April last year, said he was “appalled and disgusted” when a letter summoning him for criminal proceedings in Verona on 14 September arrived at his home in Wales last week.

“The Combonis know these ‘crimes’ are not true. They are trying to intimidate me. It’s all about power and control. They are trying to send out a message to say, ‘Don’t dare take us on’.”

In 2014, the Observer reported exclusively onwidespread abuse at Mirfield in the 1960s and 70s after a group of 11 British men settled out of court with the missionary order, receiving sums of between £7,000 and £30,000.

Murray, who has suffered lifelong psychological problems as a result of his experiences, received the maximum sum after revealing a horrifying litany of sexual and emotional abuse that included having a cross carved in his chest with a finger nail. “This has all had a massive effect on my emotional well being,” he said.
The film of his visit, posted on the internet, shows him entering the Verona Mother House unimpeded, asking for Nardo, then waiting quietly in the order’s chapel. During a brief conversation, Murray tells Nardo of the devastating effect his actions have had on his life. Nardo sinks to his knees and replies: “If it is my fault that you bear a heavy cross, I believe I should ask the Lord for forgiveness for having erred. I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. If what happened in your life was caused by me, and if what you are saying is true, I am truly sorry and ask for forgiveness.”
What the Combonis are doing now is re-victimising me and compounding the abuse I experienced as a child

Murray, who became a brother of the missionary order for two years in Uganda after leaving Mirfield, said his journey was always about catharsis. “When I was sitting in that church, I was in control. I was no longer a child. For the first time in my life, I had total control and it was so powerful that I was able to forgive him.”
His anger now focuses on the order’s response rather than his abuser.

 “‘Interference in private life’ is a disgusting thing to say to someone who has been abused. What about the interference in my childhood and adulthood? And stalking has awful connotations. As for trespassing, I walked through an open door and spoke to a receptionist.

“What the Combonis are doing now is re-victimising me and compounding the abuse I experienced as a child. It’s the opposite of what Pope Francis has said about treating abuse victims with understanding and compassion. Why are they doing this to me and my family?”

A lawyer has been automatically assigned to Murray by the Italian courts and he faces significant legal fees. During his visit to Verona, he sought the assistance of one of Italy’s most renowned newspapers, La Repubblica, to film his encounter with Nardo. Journalist Marco Ansaldo has now also been contacted by police and told to log his address with the courts, usually a precursor to legal proceedings in Italy. “The police told me it was with regard to my article,” Ansaldo told the Observer, “but I don’t have any official papers yet.”

Murray’s case was thoroughly investigated, said Ansaldo – as was the Observer’s original report. “I did my job. I checked my sources. We had three journalists working on the case. What can the Combonis say? I think their principal objective is to pull down Mark Murray and because he was listened to by La Repubblica, they would like to bring us down too. It will be a battle – and we will see what the outcome is.”

A spokesperson for the Comboni Missionaries in the UK said: “The Comboni Missionaries in the UK are not pursuing any legal action against either Mark Murray or Marco Ansaldo and cannot comment on cases which we understand may be being pursued in Italy.”


  1. Donaghy is out. I'm sure the prison service had done appropriate risk assessment. Where to from here. He can never run away from his memories. Without being soppy or unrealistic I wonder what God would say this Christmastime. I know of a man who did time for downloading iffy images of children. Those who I know have not spoken to him since he came out.

    1. Sadly no. The man in question was close to my wife's family and I only ever spoke to him once or twice

  2. +Pat, Would Jim Donaghy not be much better away from the area he is known in. Could I suggest that perhaps his friend and former boss Paddy Walsh could give him a room in that big house he has in Waterloo Park, just off the Antrim Road. Much too big for one man. Donaghy could be Walsh's live in carer and when Paddy has a wee snooze in the afternoon Jim could pop along the few hundred yards to Lisbreen and help Timmo out organising the great Family Day in Dublin.
    See, dead simple. Three birds killed with one stone !!
    Fortwilliam Freddie

    1. Those who protected him hardest do not want to know him now.

  3. Has he been laicised?

    1. Where to place Jim Donaghy on his release would have been a tricky one when his risk assessments were being discussed and settled - - - There are pros and cons. Place him in a new area where he would be unrecognised would mean parents there would not be aware that they should be on the alert and thus it increases the temptation perhaps for him to re-offend. In Lisburn,people will know who to watch out for and will be vigilant and what's more, he will know that himself. There is also some evidence that offenders with support of close family nearby are a lot less likely to re-offend as they are less likely to be loners searching for potential victim families in the area. That said, I feel that the wishes and worries of his Lisburn neighbours are most certainly the top concern and not to be easily dismissed.

    2. I agree.

      And if they are not addressed by professional and rational people they may be addressed by "others".

      I hope someone is working on it.

    3. The link below is to a BBC article of 2015 announcing the dismissal of James Donaghy from the priesthood.


  5. I'm sure Donaghy might well have a story to tell..........

  6. On a festive note pat your massive big friend fr timothy bartlett has a Christmas message to the people of the irish republic in the Sunday independent. It's the usual mixture of pious platitudes,quotes from bishops/popes, hand wringing and pomposity. Golden prose it isn't.
    Wishing you peace for Christmas!

    1. Only comment on Bartle to I've seen in past four years here describe him as an ar$e licking self serving creep solely concerned with self advancement.
      Can they all be wrong?
      Are there any redeeming qualities?
      Comments invited, but please play fair for the Hiearchy might just be paying attention.

  7. What position does this Timothy occupy, that the newspaper publishes his writing
    Is he an archbishop or a political figure?

  8. Bartlett is everything Pope Francis denounces as unworthy and unsuitable in someone who GENUINELY seeks to serve God and the Church.

    He is a crafty, conniving, smarmy, "charming", mischievous, sneaky, unctuous, ass-kissing, sycophantic, self-serving, fawning, ecclesiastical "politician", totally on the make and look out for himself and the furtherance of his own interests and "career".

    Men like him, who, unfortunately, have the "knack" for advancing their causes with undiscerning and easily flattered "worthies", often succeed in getting what they want in the Church.

    It is the exact opposite of a true priestly vocation. It is crass and cynical careerism and the current Pope is highlighting and condemning it as something from which the Church needs purification and reform.

    Bartlett, however, to the amazement of many, continues his "stellar" rise. His yearning for a mitre and a throne is a hunger since his student days.

    To that end, he has spent much time and energy in ingratiating himself with various bishops and other personages he considers "useful" to his needs.

    He really hit the jackpot with Sean Brady who made him his "special advisor" (SPAD). Bartlett is credited with the obscene "wounded healer" insult to victims of Brendan Smyth.

    This offensive "title" invented for Brady, underlines how very little Brady's SPAD is connected to the reality of pastoral life and experience, in Ireland, in the wake of the clerical abuse scandals.

    To coin such a grotesque and offensive epithet, solely in the interests of saving Brady's ass, was profoundly insulting to Smyth's hundreds of victims. Brady was never "wounded" and he certainly brought no "healing", after the exposure of his role in the Smyth scandal earlier in his "career".

    Any nuncio worth his salt would surely be wary of a cleric seeking his attention - given the nuncio's role in recommending bishops. If Bartlett is being "considered" for "promotion", Archbishop Brown should consult widely among the clergy of Down and Connor and Armagh for their views as to Bartlett's suitability.

    Ireland - and the wider Church - has suffered enough from the promotion of suave and self-serving politicians, instead of genuine pastors, who have a true heart for the people.

    Observer (ex-cleric),

  9. Wow! Those are strong words.
    My request if anyone could comment on Bartlett's redeeming qualities elicited no response, from which I concluded nobody had anything good to say. Your comments certainly seems to confirm this.
    Without compromising your own position, are you able to say if your opinion is formed from personal observation or experience, and if you believe that to be a common opinion of other local clergy?
    What about the rest of you? Do you think Anon's opinion at 13:47 above is fair comment?

    1. My own opinion informed by personal observations from a distance and the experiences of those I know, "closer up".

      Bartlett has been frantically wooing nuncio Brown since he arrived in Ireland in the hope of his "advancement" towards his goal of the episcopate.

      His appointment as General Secretary to the World Meeting of Familes is quite a coup on his part and is a clear harbinger of the mitre soon to follow.

      He has managed to "charm" someone or someones pretty high up "the ladder". Nevertheless, the higher the monkey climbs the more you can see his .... lol

  10. I wonder will Donaghy get his job back in civi Street as he worked for Easy Jet at Belfast International?

    BTW Bishop, your man Sean Page is a bit creepy. I'd dump him, he says some odd things.

    Keep er lit sir ��