Wednesday, 4 January 2017



A Blog reader sent me the picture above and the text below:

Bishop Pat sometimes when I'm bored I entertain myself by flicking through Google images (yes I know very sad) This one especially amused me. I was reminded that Hilary Clinton referred to Trump's supporters as "deplorables". I think you would agree that Mary Mac is here surrounded by four deplorables Irish style! I find it difficult to decide which of them disgusts me the most. Thank God Pat we have our faith in the Lord to sustain us because if we were depending on this lot we would despair.

I agree with the reader - except that I think the picture shows FIVE deplorables and not just FOUR.


Deplorable one is Cardinal Desmond Connell of Dublin who covered up the sexual abuse of children by priests.

And when the Dublin courts were dealing with the cases of the abuse victims CONNELL refused to release his files to the courts - and in so doing became a "co-abuser".

When he retired and his place was taken by DIARMUID MARTIN - those files were handed over to the courts and the police and the victims got some justice. 

Connell is still with us and he is truly a deplorable.


Deplorable 2 id Cardinal Cahal Daly. He too covered up the abuse of Father Brendan Smyth and in fact used the Irish College in Rome for meeting about Smyth as it was far enough away not to attract attention.

We have also seen in recent days how he interfered in politics - North and South and even tried to tell the Church of Ireland who to have as their archbishop primate.

He was also an informer and a British Government hack and criticised politicians behind their backs. 


Cardinal Sean Brady is Deplorable 3. He interviewed little boys about their abuse by Brendan Smyth and even asked them if they "enjoyed" their abuse and if they had "lost any seed".

He locked the boys parents outside of a room and made the boys sign a confidentiality agreement not to tell anyone about their abuse.

In his actions he became a "co-abuser" of those boys. 

He refused to do the right thing and resign.

To this day he goes around playing the "victim" and sees himself as a "Wounded Healer".


Cardinal Keith O'Brien is Deplorable 4. He spent his life as a churchman condemning homosexuality and gay marriage.

And all the time he was using his power to sexually seduce seminarians and young priests - even in the confessional.

He continues to be a cardinal and is kept in the style he is accustomed to by the people of Edinburgh who have to finance his fine retirement home in the Northern Borders of England.


To my mind the former president of Ireland is Deplorable 5.

Of late she has studied canon law in Rome and makes the odd "academic liberal" statement.

But she has spent her life kissing the asses of bishops and priests.

When Daly - Deplorable 4 - reached his 90th birthday in 2007 McAleese as president of Ireland was the first one to ring his retirement home:


The person who answered the phone told her he was not Daly but went and got Daly for him.

I have never met McAleese and I have no desire to. I have heard about her from a number of people who know her well.

She is a Catholic, clergy ass licker - the type of establishment type that has allowed these deploarbles to get away with all they have got away with.

The five of them belong together. 

Just looking at the pic gives me the creeps!


  1. Pat, the gatherings of ecclesiastical deplorables just go on and on. Several popes with the monstrous Robert Mugabe, for example, with never a word of condemnation of his actually starving his own people.
    What underlies the picture you show is the unholy combination of Church and State. You are right when you talk about the church as the Roman Empire, whose trappings it took on after the battle of the Milvian Bridge.

  2. The church establishment raises up leaders who can be sociopathic, devious, ruthless, conniving, highly ambitious, worldly, self serving,even corrupt. They are a match for any politician, lawyer or businessman in the secular sphere. No wonder young and not so young idealistic people walk away in disgust. McAleese was from a working class background but she is now the epitomy of the establishment just like poor boys who became bishops in later life. Challenging the status quo is vocational suicide as Jesus himself knew. It's easy for McAleese to issue the odd liberal statement in an extremely secular society where she will be applauded for her virtue signalling. She has nothing to lose. Likewise none of the bishops got to where they are today by challenging hypocrisy, dishonesty,injustice or even criminality in the church. All these people are self serving and got to where they are through their craftiness and cunning. They have zero impact on my faith and might even be a hindrance to the faith of others. The real saints and heroes, the real Christians among us are those who quietly care for others, raise families, try to live Gospel values, do their best, often at great personal cost and for little recognition or remuneration. Bishops and politicians are just modern versions of the scribes and pharisees who love to be obsequiously greeted and made a fuss of and are highly rewarded in terms of power, status, prestige and financial gain. And they honestly believe they are signs of the Kingdom?

  3. Anonymous at 12:30 said: "The church establishment raises up leaders who can be sociopathic, devious, ruthless, conniving, highly ambitious, worldly, self serving,even corrupt. They are a match for any politician, lawyer or businessman in the secular sphere".

    Well said and dead right! Look at the wannabe bishops of now and examine them against the above check list.

    How many boxes, for example, does Timothy Bartlett tick?

    Maybe someday they will break the mold of suave, self-seeking politicians and start appointing true shepherds of God's flock who will serve God and the people - not their selves.

  4. You seem to be wildly misinformed about Mary McAleese. Her "gay" credentials are impeccable.

    1. I am not interested in her GAY CREDENTIALS.

      I am interested in her OVERALL INTEGRITY CREDENTIALS.

      Why do gay people just worry about gay credentials???

    2. 'Her gay credentials are impeccable.' Surprise, surprise as she is photographed standing alongside 4 old 'bachelor' men in satin and black dresses.

  5. Some of these dressed up folk live in a land of their own

  6. Gay credits aren't the be and end all

  7. Always thought Mary McAleese looked an idiot and a fool by mouthing out the word, "Wow", when the Queen spoke in Irish in Dublin. It's as if she thought the Queen was a buffoon who couldn't speak another language. How the hell did people feel compelled to vote her into Office?

  8. Why is the Church providing for these old women Co Abusers? It's our money that we put in the envelopes or the direct debits that's letting them live in comfort. Why are people letting these parasites off the hook. I note many of the younger clergy belonging to the gay church mafia are keeping very quiet at the moment and keeping their heads down. The gay apps must have taken a nosedive.

  9. Competition Time.

    Attach the correct description to each of the people in the photograph.
    The Enforcer, The Silencer, The Obfuscator, The Predator,
    Then make up a suitable title for the one left over!

  10. It is generally, if not totally accepted in the diocese of Armagh that Cardinal Brady did not ask the crude and coarse questions mentioned above.

    1. It's accepted that Brady, Co Abuser, made them sign a letter to silence them and keep their mouths shut. Brady even signed his own name to it. Have you not seen a copy yet? Case closed. Stop making excuses for this waste of space because you are sounding pathetic.

  11. What's an obfuscator? Is it contagious

  12. The Ginger Grindr was spotted out in Armagh eating out with his good friend. Laughing and giggling away and not a care in the world. No shame whatsoever, no humility and definitely no remorse. Arrogance through and through.

  13. Its clear as day that they abuse the Gospel message to live comfortable lives and oppress people just to reinforce their positions of made up power. Some day someone will go too far to stop them.

    I'll just continue to ignore them and do my best to be a good Christian.

    I still think Bishop Pat is the best bishop in Ireland. Thank you.

    1. That's setting the bar very low!

  14. One of the many side effects of the Irish Catholic Church and the Catholic Church in Scotland being led by characters like those in your picture is the empty pews in many churches. Younger people and many not so young are fed up with the hypocracy and abuse issues.
    Can I share my recent experiences.
    During 2016 my husband and I attended 4 weddings. Six of the eight spouses were baptised and raised in the Catholic Church. All four weddings took place in hotels or registry offices.
    Also my two daughters each attended a wedding. One in the chapel the other a civil ceremony in Cyprus.
    That statistic is from one average family.
    Enough said.

  15. 8.45 You are right The R C Church has lost contact with God and the people. It lives to support its own in Allices Wonderland. People need to stop paying on the plates etc. Im sure there are many good priests doing their best. I feel sorry for them

  16. Once again the question of how to stop this arises, and the answer is simple.
    Don't feed the rot. Don't give money to the organisation via collection or direct debit. The church is a fabulously wealthy institution but not really in a ready cash way and starvation is a no-fail tactic.
    Also be wary of giving money to a particular priest or work: money has a habit of moving round very quickly.
    If you want to support a particular priest or work give sensible gifts or your time.
    Yes, the sheeple will keep giving, but with the groundswell of dissatisfaction it would be at the least a good hard slap.

  17. You are full of hate, she is full of love!