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Father Donaghy is just out of prison having served ha;f of a 12 year term for sexually abusing a  number of young men including BALLYMURPHY PARISH PRIEST - FATHER PATRICK MC CAFFERTY.

The £300,000 house in Lady Wallace Drive was bought by Father Donaghy from a house and fortune left to James Donaghy by two spinsters who were teachers and midwives respectively.

Apparently the doted on Donaghy who was from a very working class background in Lisburn.

The sale of the current house follows AN ATTACK ON THE HOUSE by unknown elements who did not want a sex offender living near them.

Apart from the house being a very impressive property it is furnished to the highest standards.

Even as a priest Father Donaghy had expensive tastes and used to take the young men who were his victims shopping in designer clothing shops in Dublin and London.

On at least one occasion Donaghy brought one young man to Glasgow and had himself and the young man kitted out in a full kilt costume costing thousands of pounds. 

I have said before that Donaghy was very foolish to think that he could return to Lisburn and live there as if nothing had happened.

I think he would have been far wiser to move to London, change his name, register with the police there and try and find a job and build a future.

Of course people should not be taking the law into their own hands and James Donaghy has paid the price to society that the courts demanded of him.

But people - especially parents - and understandably so - are very irrational when it comes to having a sex offender living among them - even if there is a low risk of him re-offending.

Of course no one has told us whether James Donaghy is low, medium or high risk?

But there are some rumours among the clergy about Donaghy and the sale of this house.

1. There is talk that he has signed the house over to Bishop Noel Treanor of Down and Connor but that he is to get his day in the house ???

2. There is talk that Bishop Treanor made this deal with him in return for paying all his legal fees ???

3. There is talk that James Donaghy owns another property in Newcastle in County Down and may decide to live there ???

4. There is also talk that Donaghy intends to return to India where he lived before going to prison ???

Perhaps some of our more knowledgeable readers might bring us up to date on these matters ??? 


Catholic Bishop Buckley buries Peggy (107), 'a shining example of tolerance'

A 107-year-old Presbyterian who requested to be buried by an independent Catholic clergyman sets a shining example to the rest of Northern Ireland, mourners at her funeral heard.

Bishop Pat Buckley said Peggy Dunbar from Ballyclare was an ordinary woman who embodied an extraordinary spirit of tolerance and reconciliation.
The dying wish of the Protestant, who was believed to be Northern Ireland's oldest woman, was that Bishop Buckley bury her. She had taken a shine to the rebel priest when he officiated at the marriage of her eldest daughter over 25 years ago.
Before the service Bishop Buckley stood at the gates of the Oratory to shake hands with mourners and welcome them to his church.
He told them: "Peggy Dunbar was a remarkable woman who defied the expectations society had of her.
"We think that when little old ladies turn on the TV they watch Mary Berry baking, The Antiques Roadshow, or Coronation Street and Emmerdale.
"Peggy watched Formula 1, football, rugby and (horse) racing."
The cleric said he was honoured to have been asked to officiate at Mrs Dunbar's funeral.
"Peggy had a native lack of prejudice which led her to relate to people on a one-to-one basis, regardless of religion or politics," he said.
"She is a shining example of the Northern Ireland we are still striving to create. This simple lady, who lived life far out of the headlines, has helped lay the foundations on which a better future can be built."
Mrs Dunbar, who would have celebrated her 108th birthday today, died of pneumonia last week.

Among the mourners were her two daughters Judith and Joan, and her son-in-law Seamus Tansey from Sligo, one of Ireland's best known flute players. It was at Mr Tansey's wedding to Joan that Mrs Dunbar first met Bishop Buckley. "I recognised then that she was a lady who enjoyed life to the full, who squeezed every last drop out of it," he told mourners.
"But she was nobody's fool and she was a stickler for table manners. She didn't hesitate to scold her son-in-law for adopting the more relaxed Sligo etiquette at the dinner table."
Bishop Buckley told the congregation that they had gathered together "not as members of one denomination or another, but as human beings and as Christians" to say goodbye to Mrs Dunbar.
He added: "Peggy lived for 39,215 days.
"Last Tuesday brought an end to her Earthly life but, as Christians, we believe she has entered a new dawn which will continue forever."
Local singer Loretta McNally sang the centenarian's favourite psalm, The Lord Is My Shepherd. Mourners, however, were then surprised when Bishop Buckley played a recording of one of Mrs Dunbar's favourite songs, When It's Springtime In The Rockies.

She was buried in Victoria Cemetery in Carrickfergus, where her late husband John was laid to rest in 1959 after dying tragically following a fall from a ladder.


  1. Pat who do you suggest voting for on March 2nd? Who will you vote for? Which party is best?
    All the best

  2. That's a choice you need to make yourself because it's unfair to ask someone else to make that decision for you. Just do what you think is sensible.

  3. Donaghy needs to be in a place where he will be appropriately supported and a danger to nobody. I wonder what involvement Noel Treanor has if allegedly the $ signs are flashing. I would imagine the church has some duty of care as they had some input in maintaining him as the man that he was

    1. He is no longer a priest. Can't think of any other 'employer' who would accept the slightest respnsibility for a criminal who lost his job through his own fault and with such reputational damage to the 'company'.

      Can't imagine he's much troubled in conscience about accepting that house from those sweet old dears who must have considered him a cut above the other priests of their acquaintance. We do know of course that D & C is open to secret deals about property :-) but it would raise the scandal to a new level altogether if it were to emerge that they have done anything at all to facilitate this defrocked cleric.

      What we would still really like to know is why the victims, particularly the priest victim, were not believed when they made their initial complaints to the diocese all those years ago.

    2. The church is an employer but also is charged with care of souls. By refusing to engage with Donaghy even on a parishioner level they could be creating a block to the grace of God-providing of course he wants and needs appropriate help and that the church is capable of providing it. The church may have some culpability in permitting his activities through alleged inaction before he was brought to book

  4. Don't you think that the rc church actually Causes paedophillia by the very nature of its unnatural celebacy regulations.

    1. The majority of pedophiles are from the married male population. They are to be found in every strata of society. So no - "rc" celibacy does not "cause" pedophilia.

    2. What causes paedophilia in the 99% of abusers who aren't clergy?

    3. The reasons for paedophilia are many and complex and lots of studies and research has been carried out.. One common factor which frequently appears in many - - but of course, not all cases - - is that the abuser himself suffered traumatic dysfunctional childhood experiences including sexual abuse. He remembers vividly his feelings of extreme helplessness and retains a lot of anger especially towards the adults failed in their duty of care towards him. These feelings, however,may be below the surface and he may be in denial of them as a defence mechanism. His normal mental and emotional development is distorted as a result. Then as an adult, he is a sense, returns to the abuse scenario with some child who will now be in the vulnerable role, while he finally gets to experience being the one who is the power and mastery role. (All adults tend to repeat the behaviour of the significant carers from their past and that's why children from good homes mostly grow up into well-adjusted adults themselves. They had good models. I haven't space here to explain how/why there'll he exceptions eg with same family members) With female paedophile especially , we often find close links to alcohol and drug misuse. It is rarer though than male paedophilia. I have tried to answer your question, but too complex as I said - - -

    4. The abusers often lie about having been abused as children. This is a ploy to gain sympathy and, when convicted, shorter sentences. The matter is indeed complex. The only answer is strict child protection and the monitoring and corralling of known offenders.

    5. @19.12
      Absolute and utter nonsense. While paper never refuses ink, or a screen a keypad, that type of drivel should not be allowed to go unchallenged.

      While it may be true that some abusers were abused themselves, it does not at all follow that all people who were abused, or even a significant number of them will go on to be abusers themselves. Such a dangerous insinuation does nothing but add to the grief of people who may have been abused and may make it harder for such people to go public about what they have suffered.

      What shameful drivel!

    6. Well said! I suspect 19:12 is a paedophile.

    7. I think that earlier poster at 19.12 did take the trouble to point out that it was SOME and I quote "but not all" . You are very very far of the mark in your suspicion that he is a paedophile. Quite the reverse and a person whose only way of coming to terms with his situation has been to meet the older family members of an abuser. I am not in a position to help you with further details or discussion on this. Please think in future before you rush to judgement as you have caused someone distress today - -.

  5. (I have sent this comment twice on my iPad but they just disappeared into the ether. Don't know if you received them or not. Maybe 3rd time lucky on phone )

    Lovely story about Peggy RIP. By the way I see that Monsignor Shine has died in Tramore RIP. Aged 91. Would he have been in St John's when you were there Pat?

  6. Pat
    Slight change of subject. What is the iminent beraking news from armagh?

    1. Dean Colum Curry is stepping down as P.P. in Dungannon for 6 month Sabbatical. He will return and be appointed to a new Parish, probably as a Curate.

      Fr Kevin Donaghy (former principal of St Patrick's in Armagh) is replacing him as P.P. and is covering Vicar General role in his absence.

      Canon Michael Toner (P.P. of Portadown and Chancellor of the Archdiocese) is also becoming Judicial Vicar of the Archdiocese.

      By the way, Canon Toner's parish is a complete mess.

  7. Pat, Donaghy has been dismissed from the clerical state so maybe less of the "Father"?

    Maybe you should investigate Judge Gemma Loughran's role in the whole affair? Not even Chris Moore had the balls to follow through on that sordid business.

  8. Maybe Even though Donaghy is No longer a Priest . Bishop Noel Treanor is making Donaghy Sell the House & pay the Money as Compensation to his Victims.