Sunday, 12 February 2017


MAYNOOTH SEMINARY - and other seminaries - are in reality - FACTORIES producing WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!

In one sense this has always been the case.

ALL the priests who have been exposed over the past 20 years as the sexual abusers of innocent little children were ALL trained in seminaries run by their dioceses or religious orders. Their names are recorded - Father Brendan Smyth, Father Ivan Payne, Father Sean Fortune, Father James Donmaghy and Fathers X, Y and Z.................................

These men were not only trained in seminaries but were found "FIT FOR ORDINATION" by their SEMINARY FORMATION TEAMS and by their CARDINALS, ARCHBISHOPS and BISHOPS!

And when their ABSOLUTE UN-FITNESS as priests emerged they were protected, sheltered and emboldened by those same cardinals, archbishops and bishops. 


The UN-FITNESS FOR ORDINATION of many seminaries today is KNOWN BEFOREHAND  by seminary formation teams and cardinals, archbishops and bishops BUT....BUT... in spite of that these cardinals, archbishops and bishops are DETERMINED to ordain them KNOWING THEIR UN-FITNESS !!!

WHY IS THAT?  There are a number of reasons:

FIRST: These unfit candidates for ordination have the DIRT on priests in formation teams, on cardinals, archbishops and bishops and those in authority are afraid that if they do not ordain them - the UNFIT ones will reveal the DIRT!

SECOND: The UNFIT ones are involved in various way with those who can decide to ordain / not ordain them and people are seriously compromised.

THREE: The UNFIT ones have vast information on a large number of priests in the dioceses and not ordaining them would bring the house of cards down.

FOUR: With the fall in vocations the numbers applying for seminaries has dropped off the cliff. While there was an effort in the past to take the best candidates that has now collapsed into almost taking anyone. This means that seminaries are being populated by spiritual, intellectual and moral midgets.

FIVE: Those going into seminary today have been sexually active / promiscuous and see no need to change that after joining up. When I was in seminary - 1970 - 1976 only a tiny minority had been or were sexually active / promiscuous. 

When a bishop ordains such an unfit candidate he is sending him out into a diocese to be truly a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

That unfit candidate will think nothing of having promiscuous sex on the very eve of his ordination.

He will have promiscuous sex on the evening of his ordination.

He will identify and target people in every parish he goes to take into his bed.

He will have several sex partners on the go at the same time.

He will be on internet / mobile phone sex apps every day of his ministry.

He will be a regular visitor to the saunas.

He will do as little work as possible.

He will be a priest while wearing his collar and a Jack the Lad while not wearing it.

He will have little faith and spend zero time in prayer.

He will see increasingly older parishioners as sugar daddies and sugar mammies.

He will eventually become a parish priest, a canon, a monsignor and occasionally a bishop.

And all the while - knowingly and unknowingly he will be causing scandal and destroying the faith and trust of the ever diminishing congregation.

The Institutional Church will not be destroyed by the forces of secularism, atheism, agnosticism or materialism.


It will be destroyed by its own inner cancer.

I wonder who are the UNFIT that will be ordained this year - 2017?

I wonder who are the archbishops / bishops that will ordain them and unleash them on the unsuspecting sheep?


 "Abuse is thus sowed in the future and this is devastating. If priests or religious are involved it is clear that the devil is at work, who ruins the work of Jesus through those who should proclaim him. But let’s be clear: this is a disease. If we are not convinced that this is a disease, we cannot solve the problem. So pay attention when receiving candidates for the religious life and ensure that they are sufficiently emotionally mature. For example: never accept in a religious community or diocese a candidate that has been rejected by another seminar or another institute without asking for very clear and detailed information on the reasons for their rejection".


  1. I believe the attitude to sex has changed in society and in the eye of the average (clerical) student since my day. Is this good or bad.....Its evolution. This does not mean one has a license to be promiscuous. When in Sligo I avoided the collar as much as possible because it created an internal struggle it took me half a lifetime to understand. This does not mean I was a bad Priest. Now if I need to"suit up" for church this tension no longer exists. Blaming this on celibacy is not the full story. As you say candidates need to be deemed worthy of ordination. If there are personality issues with the candidate they will surface ordained or not

  2. I agree, Sean. Gay guys come in all shades but even celibate ones are well aware of the permissive gay culture all around them. The dynamic of gay culture, or of real life if you like, is something every gay guy will navigate acording to his own conscience. People should be mroe moture and understanding and less judgmental about this, and of course less homophobic.

  3. But Pat you have had a sexual life, or so it is understood, for many years now, much more than most of the ordinary joe soaps manning the miserable Irish diocesan church. You preach water to others while enjoying the wine yourself/

    1. You do not know what my sexual life has been / is like. You might be surprised.

      Anyway, the Romans banished me 31 years ago.

      I am not bound by their rules.

      Nor do I pretend to observe them.

      I an a FREE Catholic :-)

    2. no one banished you. you banished yourself. no one held a gun to your head. no one forced you be ordained a priest. no one forced to you become an illicit bishop. and after all that the Church gave you a home for life and what do you do? continue to find all her faults.

      for a blog that says the memory of jesus is sacred I have to say poor Jesus hasn't had a look-in on this blog. its all about highlighting the faults of human beings.

      Pat your like the ex-wife who divorced the husband but cant leave his new family alone. Do what every ex does and just move on and be happy with your own life. It appears to me that your eat with jealousy or perhaps regret. Just a thought

    3. Cahal Daly banished me.

      I took the decision to become a bishop.

      It also says:


      How could I be jealous that I am not part of ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION?

    4. Well then move on with your new life, and let the Papists among us deal with our own issues. Maybe dedicate your blog musing to issues that affect Free Catholics. Sounds otherwise as if you are pining for what you voluntarily lost. As for your sex life, no one cares, but since you have investigated so thoroughly the sex lives of others, your sex life is legitimately a matter of public interest.

    5. I am only interested in those who use their "sex lives" to hurt and target others.

  4. The energy spent in the cover up, should be used for his work. Lying is very hard work

  5. +Pat a question how much time do you devote to being a +Bishop We can all agree your not bound to Rome and you are a Free Catholic. But what does that statement truly mean?

    1. I spend 7 days a week being a pastor.

      I am busy with pastoral work everyday. I don't just minister to my own Larne congregation. I minister to anyone from anywhere who wants me to.

      This coming week I have 2 weddings, am representing someone from Lisburn at a Health Tribunal, am assisting someone from Meath, will visit hospitals and nursing homes etc.

      Being a free catholic means I am free from the Pharisaic Canon Law to put the Gospel into practice.

  6. It's good for us to know that this is not the all and be all of your day. Please don't feel that I have been asking for all the wrong reasons.

    1. That ok :-)

      I am available to ANYONE 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year.

      As well as being a priest I often find myself being a para legal, a para medic, a taxi man, a tea maker, a domestic carer, a counsellor etc.

      A priest needs to be there to answer all needs and anything he cannot handle himself to find someone who can.

      I am even involved this week in the exhumation and reburial of two deceased members of a family.

  7. Pat, I would be interested to know what is your sexual history, how did you find your sexual partners, where and when did this take place?

    1. Of course you would be interested - maybe for good reasons and maybe for strange reasons?

      I have actually written a book about it which is available on AMAZON:


      Have a read.

    2. 14:09, mind your own bloody business!

    3. It is our business as Pat can ofter come across as pontificating about other peoples sex lives, and has sometimes appeared to be hell bent on exposing and naming and shaming those who alleged to be living double lives in the seminary or priesthood. So Magna Carta be quiet yourself. I do believe Pat you should come clean? I understand you have a life partner and that you have been sexually active for many years, and during your time as a priest in the Down and Connor diocese before Bishop Daly asked you to leave. If only to avoid any taint of hypocrisy, or condemning others for what you have done, and are doing yourself, I think you should answer the questions posed at 14:09.

    4. As I said above I have written a whole book about the topic.

    5. 16.16 It seems the promiscuous Seminarian cat bitches are out today with their claws sharpened. Your diversion tactics are plain for all to see. Let's detract away from our sleazy dirty filthy sex activity and pick on Pat Buckleys sex life. We know you are in the Gorgeous, Puck, Barry Matthews, Horny Andy, Marshall, Gannon, Stephanie, Coyle, McCann fan club so shut your noise because we know you girls have nothing better to do in the Seminary on a Sunday.

    6. WELL DONE 16:16 for having bloody good sense to call out Bishop Buckley on this!
      Patrick you say you have written a whole book on the topic. This is the first I have heard of it. Please tell us more! Where can we buy it? Or download it?

    7. A SEXUAL LIFE - A SPIRITUAL LIFE buy or download on Amazon.

    8. 16:16, Magna Carta not be quiet. Magna Carta speak.

  8. 11.41 What's the story? How come you seem obsessed with Pat's sex life?

  9. I read the article from yesterday of Pope Francis from that link. It seems that it could be very useful for the good seminarians left in Maynooth, regarding how to live amidst corruption. His tips include praying the rosary, the breviary, getting a good night's sleep, reading the Bible and so on. Hopefully they'll survive it there

    It looks like his extra advice for bishops is not being followed in Dublin, Armagh, or Kerry etc.

  10. Good on you Pat doing theses replys without bitterness, don't think I could
    I do hope your partner is ok, as u say u are a domestic carer.
    You always make my day and that says something.

  11. The seminarians coming in are emotional midgets - covert narcissists, in fact - being assessed by formation teams, bishops etc. who are the same - emotional midgets and narcissists from decades earlier. No way for any of this to improve. But fascinating - like watching a train wreck.

  12. Are we to expect any Ordination invitations to be issued soon in the Archdiocese of Dublin and the Diocese of Kerry? Surely preparations must be underway? Has anyone been invited yet?

  13. One Ordination in the Archdiocese of Dublin will be taking place outside of Ireland during the Summer. It's all very hush hush for obvious reasons and I'll be able to tell more when invitations are officially released next month. This will enable people to organise flights and hotels in advance. Watch this space!!

    1. I doubt that is true. Bill O'Shaughnessy is the only one who will be ordained for Dublin this year and that will be in Dublin. The other 'candidate' will not be ordained i.e. Gorgeous Byrne.

    2. Well show us the proof then. That's if you are so sure? Tell us otherwise.

  14. Dominic Conway rip saw it as a great honour to be ordained by the Pope. Why else would one want to be ordained outside of home parish. I always thought a healthy vocation needed a healthy link to home parish