Thursday, 16 March 2017


I have tired today of all the 'don't judge Bishop Casey by his human frailty' shite. 

The Catholic Church in Ireland was constructed on calling out human frailty

Indeed, not just calling it out, but pointing it out. 

Preaching it from the pulpit. 

Foghorning it.

There was a man on the Late Late Show last Friday who told of his unmarried, pregnant mother. 

A priest called to her house at midnight, told her father she had brought scandal on the village, said she had to be removed, and then gave her a crossbar on his pushbike for 20 miles, when she was seven months pregnant, to a Mother and Baby home. 

Imagine that journey. Imagine her physical discomfort, for starters, but then imagine her sense of abandonment by those supposed to love her unconditionally. 

Imagine her terror, a woman in her late teens. 

Just fucking imagine it. 

It turns my stomach to think of that loneliness. 

Then imagine how, having given birth, her son was taken from her without her consent.

The family acquiesced to avoid the shame that would have been rained down on them - by the very same priest and his judgmental, unforgiving, anti-Christian Church, and neighbours who looked from behind twitching, nicotine-stained net curtains, sucking up their own smugness with their forty Woodbines a day. 

Thank God it wasn’t our Margaret…

Today, we were asked to forgive a man who succumbed to his sexuality. 

Sure he was only human, and wasn’t he great fun, and didn’t he do a lot for emigrants, and the marginalised in Africa, and the poor in South America?

Perhaps, but good works start at home, in my book. So, let’s look back. 

After a difficult divorce, Annie Murphy was entrusted to the care of Bishop Casey, a man 21 years older than her, by her father. 

I'm not going to speak for her - in her book, Forbidden Fruit, she said the sexual chemistry was instant - but if he truly believed what he signed up for, he would have maintained his vow of celibacy. 

 When he didn't, couldn't (and I don’t judge him for that much, at least, because celibacy is a big and unnecessary ask), he hadn't got the balls to account for his own actions, even as his own Church brutally punished women who, by choice or violence, ended up pregnant. 

“Have the baby adopted”, he commanded - the main option available to all women in the same situation. 

Not because he was thinking of her, but because he was thinking of himself. Protecting himself. 

Thankfully, she ignored him. 

Back then, men got a pass (still do, to be honest). 

The women who embraced and explored their sexuality and who, like the men they were with, wanted to experience the physical expression of love, were perpetrators. 

They were sirens, seductresses, the rock on which good Catholic men were destined to perish. 

So the women were imprisoned and turned into slaves if they became pregnant. 

And the men? Did any priest ever call to Seán or Micheál's father at midnight to say “your son has brought scandal on the village”? 

Of course not. Sure Seán and Micheál had a hurling match on Sunday and the fucking pride of the parish was at stake. 

Mary could make it to the county home but Seán, well, Seán was such a great hurler, he could make county.

As for the poor women who were raped - by boyfriends, strangers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and, yes, priests – well, that was their own fault, wasn’t it? 

So here we are today. 

Adopted children looking for parents and stonewalled. Mothers looking for sons and daughters and stonewalled. 

“The records were destroyed in a fire…” Yeah – the records of how much money the nuns got for every baby sold to the United States. 

Eamonn Casey and Father Michael Cleary stood on an altar in Galway in 1979, the jokers, the hipsters, the warm-up men for Pope John Paul II, and exhorted the young people of Ireland to be good Catholics. 

God knows they knew a lot about young people, because between them, they fathered three of them. 

Fucking hypocrites, the pair of them.

On Thursday, Eamonn Casey will be interred in the crypt in Galway Cathedral. The Church that banished him – on a 747 to South America, and not on a priest’s crossbar to Loughrea – will welcome him home. 

Thirty-four kilometres away, in Tuam, babies who died of malnutrition, or of perfectly curable diseases, ended up in a crypt of sorts too, if you call a sewage tank a crypt.

Eamonn Casey will be sent to wherever he’s going with a concelebrated Mass, and hymns, and incense. 

 The faithful will turn out in their droves and forgive him, in a way their parents and grandparents never could forgive a woman, a teenage woman, who brought shame on the village.

There are many things I love about Ireland, but many things also that make me want to vomit.


  1. Security has been organised for the funeral in Galway. It's sad that you Buckley won't get inside the Cathedral let alone gain access to Holy Communion. They have learnt the lesson from Phonsie in Tramore, your nothing but a tramp Buckley, a cancerous sore and a wound on the body of Christ.

    1. Why would I spend time and money to watch a crowd of hypocrites eulogising another one?

      And why would the Diocese of Galway pay security men to stop ANYONE entering the House of God (or the Devil if you like)

    2. Excuse me!

      Pat is not the bishop who impregnated Annie Murphy.

      He is not the bishop who stole church money to pay for a cover up.

      He is not the bishop who denied his own son.

      He is not the bishop who was an expert in pleasuring women.

      Irish Catholics are a right shower of hypocrites!

    3. Here we go again!.. Someone writing "your" when it should have been "you're" as the shortened form of "you are" What is so difficult about that?

    4. 12.34 Go and get a life instead of commenting on people's grammar on this blog. You must be such a sad individual with little else to do with your time other than watching out for people's grammar mistakes. Jesus catch yourself on.

    5. Oo-! The "you're" poster obviously hit a nerve! But fair play to him for trying to keep standards up and let's be honest, he doesn't have far to search--

    6. 13.34 Standards, what standards? I think it's up to the author of this blog to decide on people's standards not the sad pathetic gobshite that you sound. How's that for your standards.

    7. With the use of language like that, you don't sound so elegant yourself at the moment!

  2. Brilliant blog Pat. I could'nt have said it better myself.!

    1. Yes, a brilliant post, Bishop P. .

      I note the TWO arch-hypocrites in the photo above: Casey AND JP11.

      JP carried on an affair of sorts, for over thirty years, with a married Polish philosopher IN THE FULL KNOWLEDGE THAT SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH HIM AND HE WITH HER. Though the pair may not have transgressed sexually, they certainly did emotionally.

      When Thomas Merton realised that he was in love with a nurse, he broke off his friendship with her, knowing the danger to his celibacy vow.

      JP never displayed this kind of integrity and honour, yet, like Casey, he came down hard on priests in similar situations.

      I'm revolted by the pair of them.

    2. I am in love with Thomas Merton. I read him when the church does my head in. He is a very sensible read. We just don't seem to have that caliber of thinkers any more.

  3. 11.50 Jazs that says it all. Security. The cowflies protect their prize shite. The writer above speaks with passion and trust. Allot of the harm is due to historical thinking. But the present is a time to apologise for the past and prove it in the present with good actions

  4. I thought someone on here yesterday saw Pat walking around Salthill lol. Maybe you have a double Pat. They must have hired in some heavies when they heard you were in the vicinity.

  5. I heard there was a scene caused in Galway Cathedral earlier at Eamon Casey's funeral. Was it you turning up for Communion again Pat I wonder? Just thought it might have been you.

    1. Not guilty.

      I was in Armagh at 2 pm ordaining two deacons.

    2. 11 bishops and over 100 priests at his funeral. The hypocrisy of it when they would not allow him to say a public Mass when he returned to Ireland having ministered in Equador and England.They make me sick.

    3. Where will these deacons minister.All the best to them

  6. Do they swear obedience to you and take vows of celibacy?

  7. So what happened at the funeral
    Do tell

  8. Paddy Walsh was there today, even Nichols in Westminster sent an Auxiliary. Killala, Elphin and Cloyne also there plus Clifford (The bollox from across the road). Phonsie didn't show nor did Amy as she was giving a lecture today in Armagh, Amy did go and visit the family in the last few days. The hypocrisy of it all would make you puke.



      We need rid of the whole lot.

  9. Surely Pat you mean they need rid of the whole lot,if they go or ousted out would you welcome them into the free Catholics at the oratory? Do you now have a couple of deacons in your band?..

  10. Pat, do you know if there is any truth to the story circulating within Dublin circles today. It seems that young Byrne may be Ordained a Priest in Rome soon but not by D Martin or any other Irish Prelate. The telephone wires are busy and hot today in Dublin Presbyteries. Just wondered if you had heard anything.

  11. More intelligent comment from Magna Carta [sic] NOT. When are we ever going to be spared the vitriol that pours forth from this person, Bishop Pat? I will say one thing Mr or Mrs (whoever you are) you are not fit to tie the shoe laces of Saint John Paul II, nor the late Bishop Casey, for that matter. Enough of your poison. Begone.

    1. My goodness, 21:10! Your hatred of me is palpable. Childish, but palpable. Which is strange, given that you would just love to dismiss me as an intellectual lightweight. If I am, then why do I needle you so much? Why not just ignore me? The fact that you don't says more about you than it does about me. In fact, it says, very loudly, that you regard me (whatever you might say publicly to the contrary) as someone of formidable intellect and erudition (which, I humbly admit, is true).

      Sadly for you (but amusing to the rest of us), you don't possess such a mind...which is why your posts lack intellectually critical insight. Er, just like your unqualified admiration for those rogues, Wojtyla (protector of notorious serial paedophile, Fr Marcial Maciel) and Casey (well, we all know what he was).

      By the by, I shall continue posting on this site for as long as Bishop P. gives me leave. It would be an unpardonable sin if such tiny minds as yours were to express themselves unchallenged.

  12. Pompous ass is how my neighbour describes MC.!

  13. MourneManMichael17 March 2017 at 10:15

    The blog's righteous indignation sentiment at rank hypocrisy is well justified, but could be just as forceably expressed without foul language. (fu****g X3)
    While in direct speech similar usage in emphatic indignation is understandable, in written form, it can serve to undermine reliable objective crediblity.

  14. Some considerable time ago I wondered if Magna Carta could possibly be God - he did not deny it!
    He does, therefore, have a rather large head.
    He is certainly his own greatest admirer - by a very long shot!

    1. 'Some considerable time ago...'? Actually, it was within the past sixteen months. You do have a gift for hyperbole. (You don't know what the word means, do you?)

      As for your claim that I am my 'own greatest admirer', what else did you expect? No one else is up to the task.

    2. I think the rest of us, mere mortals are inclined to agree with the "pompous ass" theory of the perceptive neighbour mentioned above! Ha ha!

    3. 'Mere mortals'? At least you're honest.

  15. Your hater on here, Magna, might be an old bf/gf

    1. I'd reply, but your garbled comment makes no sense whatever.

  16. Ask Sean? What a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!