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Pope Francis on homosexual seminarians: This bridge is closed!

At Vatican Insider I spotted something interesting.  Each Spring the Italian bishops have a plenary meeting at the Vatican’s Paul VI hall, in the smaller hall where the Synod usually meets.  The Pope attends at least part of the meeting.  This year was no exception.

This year the Pope told them… my fast translation from the Italian original:
“If there’s a doubt about homosexuality, it’s better not to have them enter the seminary.”
The words of the Pope in the closed door session with the Italian bishops: “Discernment is needed”. Reaffirmed what was in the Vatican documents of 2005 and 2016
With the pastors of the CEI (Italian bishops conference) – Vatican insider learned – Francis, speaking about the downturn in vocations, one of his “three worries” for the Italian church, he was, instead, more straightforward and, inviting the bishops to oversee more the quality of future priests, then the quantity, explicitly mentioned cases of homosexual persons who desire, for various motives, to enter into the seminary.

Then he invited the bishops to a “careful discernment”, adding: “if you have also the slightest doubt it’s better not to let them enter”.

One indication, from the Pope, that expresses his deep concern: these tendencies, which are “deeply rooted”, and the practice of “homosexual acts”, can compromise the life of the seminary beyond that of the young man himself and an eventual future priesthood. They can generate those “scandals” of which the Pope had spoken in his discourse at the opening of the assembly of the Italian bishops in the new hall of the Synod, that disfigure the face of the Church.
Between the lines one can read what was already put in black and white by Pope Francis in a letter of meditation given brevi manu [directly] to the Chile in bishops during their meeting in the Vatican. In a note added to the text. The Pontiff denounced verified problems in seminaries where – as he wrote – bishops and religious superiors have entrusted control to “priests suspected of practicing homosexuality”.

There’s more, but it mainly reviews what previous documents say about homosexual candidates or seminarians.  I suspect someone will translate the whole thing soon… for the sake of general Jesuit reading.

To the bishops: “If you think that the guy is homosexual, don’t put him in the seminary.”
The Pontiff – the Pontifex… “Bridge Builder” – says that “This bridge is closed!

I wonder what that means for those who are already ordained.


If Pope Francis' teachings were followed at least 80% - if not more - seminarians would have to be dismissed from RC seminaries.

And the 20 in Maynooth would then drop to 3 or 4.

And then what do you do with the church's 4AA50,000 priests - the majority of whom are gay?

The RC Church has two options:

1. Drop the requirement of celibacy and allow priests - straight and gay - to date and have wives, husbands, and partners.

2. Kep the celibacy law in place and:

a. Refuse to accept seminarians who do not keep celibacy.

b. Sack any priest that breaks his celibacy promises.

At the moment many priests are having their cake and eating it.

They have the safety, status and benefits of the priesthood and they are having sex on the side with women and men - mainly men.

I also think that many seminarians and priests are being dishonest and are lying and living a double life.

On the one hand, they teach RC teachings from the pulpit and 5 minutes later they are in bed with their beau.

All of this hypocrisy and double living is absolutely destructive of a spirituality.

Its one of the big reasons why Catholic churches are emptying and the whole thing is going down the tubes.



A visitor to Oscott writes:

"Candidates for the Permanent Diaconate in Oscott Seminary are known as ‘permos’ and they refer to the seminarians as ‘pink palace’.

Many of the seminarians can’t deal with married men coming into the seminary, they won’t speak with them or join them at the table to eat, also it is interesting to see the dislike like they have towards women it makes them feel very uncomfortable when they are around in the seminary.

I am surprised you don’t know about the condom scandal that happened some time ago ……… The Archbishop is just ignoring the problem.

Pat I would encourage you to Dig Dig Dig – Father David Marsden who was at Maynooth went to Oscott and is no longer there…………….. why??????? The homosexuality is very big in Oscott and they could not deal with a priest who was trying to help seminarians understand who they are!!

He has just been removed the ‘pink palace’ is doing very well under the Rector and there is (an interesting story if it is true the seminarians dressed up like cats for a wine party) Pat……. One can only guess why…………."

Thursday, 24 May 2018



Concerns raised over diocese's handling of allegation against Canon Francis Brown
It was announced last weekend that an allegation had been made against Canon Francis Brown

CONCERNS have been raised over how the Catholic diocese of Dromore has handled an allegation made against the administrator of Newry Cathedral.
It was revealed last weekend that Canon Francis Brown had stepped aside from public ministry while the allegation against him was investigated.
However, it was claimed today that the priest remained in ministry in the diocese for six weeks after being made aware of the accusation.
The Nolan Show on BBC Radio Ulster reported Canon Brown was told about the allegation by a member of the public at the beginning of March 2018 and again a number of weeks later.
It was reported he refused to make his diocese aware of the allegation and said it was not his responsibility to refer himself to Church authorities.
However, diocesan guidelines state when someone makes a complaint they should be provided with contact details of the designated liaison person as the disclosing person may wish to ask questions later.
While the nature of the allegation had been previously unclear, the Nolan Show claimed it had spoken to the alleged victim who said it was a "sexual abuse allegation" and relates to a period when the priest was in St Colman's College, Newry.
In a statemen the Dromore diocese said it was aware of the "suggestions and comments" made on the radio show.
"The diocese also wishes to clarify that Canon Brown was advised of an allegation and agreed to step aside from all ministry within the diocese and associated bodies," it said.
"While he may currently be named on some school websites as a member of the safeguarding team he has voluntarily stepped aside from all ministry and such publications are under revision.
"This status will remain while the police investigation is ongoing."
It was also reported the priest continues to be listed as a contact for safeguarding issues for schools in the parish.
But a CCMS spokesman said Canon Brown had "stepped aside from his roles as a school governor in St Clare’s Abbey Primary School, Newry and St Joseph’s High School, Newry" pending the outcome of the police investigation.
"Arrangements are being made to replace him and all school literature is being updated to reflect the new governance structures at both schools."
A solicitor for Canon Brown said he "categorically asserts that he has never at any time behaved inappropriately to any child or adult".

"Police have not asked to meet with Canon Brown and, if they do make such a request, he will co-operate fully with them in any investigation which they undertake," they added.

Claims of 'illegal' adoption at former Marianvale home
By Ben Robinson & Michael Buchanan

A BBC investigation has uncovered allegations of 'illegal' cross-border adoptions at a home run by Catholic nuns in Northern Ireland.
Evidence suggests some children may have been moved out of the UK without their mothers' consent from Marianvale mother and baby home in Newry.
One woman was issued with three birth certificates in three countries.
The Catholic Good Shepherd Sisters said adoptions were "conducted strictly in accordance with the legislation".
One of the three birth certificates issued as part of Karen Trimnell's adoption to the USA contained many false details.
The Marianvale mother and baby home in County Down operated between 1955 and 1984.
It was one of a network of institutions in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which offered women the voluntary option for those who were unmarried to give birth in private and give their babies up for adoption.
However, BBC radio programme File on 4 has heard claims that some adoptions were not voluntary and uncovered evidence that laws may have been broken.
These include falsified details on official documents. Campaigners claim this may have been to facilitate the illegal movement of babies across state borders. Karen, 49, an English teacher in New York, was born in 1968.

Her mother travelled to Marianvale and gave birth at a nearby hospital. Karen believes she was moved illegally from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland - where she was cared for by another Catholic order - before being adopted by a couple from Texas in the USA.
Three certificates
Karen's concerns are based on a stash of documents charting her early life which she passed to File on 4.
They revealed that she had been issued with a birth certificate in Northern Ireland which correctly recorded all the details of her birth.
But two days earlier, another birth certificate had been generated for her in the Republic of Ireland containing false information, including changing her date and place of birth as well as listing her future adopted parents as her natural parents.
It is not clear who was responsible for submitting this false information to the register.
adopted by an older couple who died when she was just a teenager
Karen's birth was then registered for a third time when she arrived in the USA and she is concerned that laws were broken to facilitate an adoption for a couple who were becoming too old to adopt in America.
"They died when I was a teenager and that was going to have an effect on anybody's life," she said.
"And the fact that their health and age was overlooked because of the desire of the people who ran the orphanage, I don't think is justifiable or acceptable."
The BBC has also seen the adoption consent form signed by Karen's birth mother which agreed she could be taken into the care of a Catholic adoption organisation in the Republic of Ireland.
This document appears to have been signed after the falsified birth certificate in the Republic of Ireland had been created.
At the time a baby could only be moved from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland following a court order or with the express consent of the mother.
Toni Maguire, an archaeologist and anthropologist, believes Karen may have been taken illegally to the Republic of Ireland before her mother had consented to it.
"If you are taking a baby from one country basically to another country, I would call it trafficking," she said.
"If you then are giving that child or allowing that child to be adopted, how do we deal with that? Is that illegal?"
The BBC has discovered that Karen is one of scores of babies who were born at Marianvale and taken out of Northern Ireland for adoption.
File on 4 accessed the home's baptism book, which revealed extensive movement of babies and women across state borders.
The ledger contained details of more than 800 babies born to Marianvale women.
The BBC has established at least 25 babies left Northern Ireland, mostly going to families in the Republic of Ireland, but at least two went to the USA.
Meanwhile, at least 120 women came from outside Northern Ireland to Marianvale, from as far afield as Fife, London, Plymouth and Manchester.
Patrick Corrigan, of Amnesty International, said: "This now cries out for a thorough, independent investigation and I think what will certainly need to happen is that there is a strong cross-border cross-jurisdictional dimension to any investigation into what happened in Northern Ireland."
In response, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd said: "We utterly reject any suggestion that illegal adoptions were conducted from Marianvale.
"All adoptions were conducted strictly in accordance with the legislation which then applied.

"Some women did not proceed with adoption, as was originally planned, and with the support of families, took their babies home."


There has been one disaster after another in Dromore diocese in recent months.

- Tales of sexual and physical abuse at St. Colman's College.

- Bishop McAreavey celebrates the funeral of the paedophile priest -Father Finnegan.

- Mc Areavey has to resign.

- Retired BishopBoyce - who covered up sexual abuse in Donegal sent to look after Dromore.

- Cathedral administrator resigns over sexual abuse allegation.

- Dromore nuns outed for engaging in over the border, illegal adoptions.

- Dromore diocese continues to make a mess of handling reports and allegations.

Dromore diocese is now totally disgraced.

It should be dissolved as a small diocese and made part of a bigger diocese.

The whole thing shows that the Roman Catholic Church is still covering and mishandling abuse cases.

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22nd May 2018.

Archbishop Eamon Martin.

Dear Eamon,

Last night I attended a meeting in Magherafelt with concerned parishioners of the parish.

A range of issues was discussed, and I promised the group that I would write to you to highlight their concerns.

Sadly, most of the concerns involve Father John Gates and his treatment of the parishioners and parish groups.

1.   The first concern was of how Father Gates speaks to people – especially elderly people. He has shouted at and sent several older ladies home from church crying!

2.   When these ladies went home and told their families of the incidents some family members like sons, went to Father Gates house to complain. Father Gates spoke angrily to these people and on some occasions called the PSNI to take the complainants away!

3.   Father Gates has the habit of sending for the PSNI for people he conflicts with – a habit that the PSNI have expressed concerns about.

4.   Father Gates shouts at people regularly over the issue of parking on church property in places he does not approve of. The only person in the parish who seems to be allowed to park anywhere is his bingo caller colleague named “McEniff”.

5.   Father Gates has reduced people to tears by refusing to sign Mass cards when he is approached to do so in the sacristy – even at times of death.

6.   As you know he recently refused Conree Muldoon his First Holy Communion – causing widespread scandal in the parish. In the end Conree got his Holy Communion.

7.   Father Gates openly has “favourites” in the parish causing widespread tension.

8.   Parishioners claim that Father Gates has bullied Monsignor O’Byrne, Father Brannigan and other clergy.

9.   Father Gates has sacked the original groundsman and appointed his own person.

10.               Parishioners have heard that Father Gates had to reach a settlement with a man he had accused of assaulting him?

11.               Parishioners have heard that Father Gates has rowed with an undertaker.


Father Gates has presided over situations of bullying of staff in the parish schools.

1.   One lady became very ill over bullying and even though she attempted to have her problems resolved never got a resolution.

2.   Another lady also became very ill and is seeking a resolution presently.

3.   One lady took Father Gates to the Labour Relations Agency where Father Gates was told he could not discipline her; was told that his school’s human resources training and processes were inadequate; and he was reprimanded by the Agency for accessing a confidential safeguarding report.


The local Irish School in Magherafelt has had major problems with Father Gates from its beginning.

1.   Father Gates, although an Irish speaker, has refused to celebrate First Holy Communion in Irish for the children of the school. As a result, the children and parents have had to go from parish to parish looking the Sacrament for their children.

2.   Currently they receive First Holy Communion in Cookstown parish.

3.   Father Gates cancelled a fundraising event for the Irish School in the parish centre at the last minute in spite of the fact that the event had been planned for months.

4.   When parents telephone Father Gates about the school he hangs up the telephone abruptly on them!
5.   Father Gates has accused the school parents of lies!

We now have a situation in Magherafelt where everyone, Catholic and Protestant alike are talking daily about the state of the parish.

Father Gates has been missing for some time and there is talk about him returning to the parish on June 10th.

People are aware that you are coming for Confirmations on June 3rd.

Surprisingly, many people. Especially the people in the Irish School, have told me that they have written to you about these matters and you have not even acknowledged their letters!

There are 130 pupils in the Irish School – with 260 parents.

That is 400 parishioners and members of the diocese that are not being treated with respect!

I am now appealing to you to resolve the matter by:

1.   Appointing a new, kind and dynamic PP to Magherafelt who will:

A.  Bring the healing of all the hurt that has been done.

B.  Go into the parish to sort out all the bullying that is taking place – especially within the schools.

Eamon, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech you to exercise your role as Pastor and Father Bishop and restore peace, unity, and love to the great Parish of Magherafelt – with all its loyal and faithful parishioners.

Sincerely yours,


(Bishop) Pat Buckley


Monday, 21 May 2018



The Filipino news media is saying that Father Ventura was shot because he had had affairs with eight women.
Some of these women are reputed to be the wives of local policemen, soldiers, and influential people.
In places like the Philippines, they are slow to use legal remedies to sort out their problems.
They are inclined to pat local policemen, soldiers, and hired guns to resolve their issues.



"Priest shot dead after Mass in Northern Philippines
Father Mark Anthony Yuaga Ventura was the second Filipino priest to be killed in four months

A Catholic priest was shot and killed after saying Mass in the northern Philippine town of Gattaran in Cagayan province on April 29.
Police said Father Mark Anthony Yuaga Ventura, 37, was shot twice by a lone gunman.
The priest was blessing children who attended the Mass while talking to members of the choir when a man in motorcycle helmet approached him.
Father Ventura sustained gunshot wounds to the head and chest and died at the scene, according to the police.
The assailant walked out of the gymnasium, where the Mass was held, and fled on a motorcycle with an accomplice.
Minutes after the shooting, pictures uploaded on social media showed the lifeless body of the priest on the ground near the altar.
Father Ventura, known for being an anti-mining advocate and for his work with tribal people in the province of Cagayan, was ordained a priest in 2011.
He was director of San Isidro Labrador Mission Station based in the nearby village of Mabuno. He used to be rector of the St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary in the town of Aparri.

Bishops, activists condemn 'evil act'
The country's Catholic bishops deplored the killing of Father Ventura, saying that they were "totally shocked and in utter disbelief to hear about the brutal killing."
"We condemn this evil act," read a statement signed by Archbishop Romulo Valles of Davao, president of the bishops' conference.
The prelates appealed to authorities "to act swiftly in going after the perpetrators … and to bring them to justice."
The priest's killing "set a new high to the epidemic of impunity and barbarity that has been set upon the country," read a statement from activist group Makabayan.
The opposition Liberal Party also condemned the killing and called on authorities to "capture and prosecute" the killers and not treat the priest's death as "just another death under investigation."
"We hope that Father Ventura's death is not a reflection of our nation's character in light of the recent actions of the government against Sister Patricia Fox," read the party's statement.
Sister Fox, an Australian missionary who has been working in poor communities in the Philippines in the past 27, was ordered to leave the country last week for joining protest rallies.
The youth group Anakbayan blamed President Rodrigo Duterte's administration for the priest's killing because of what the group described was its "fascistic, tyrannical, and mafia-style rule."
"Its fascist campaign has rendered people from the religious sector as legitimate targets of killings, intimidation, and harassment for speaking up not only against the madman's bloody war on drugs but also against the social and political injustices perpetrated by the regime," read the group's statement.
The Philippine National Police has already ordered the creation of a special investigation task group to look into the killing of Father Ventura".

Police confirm Fr. Ventura's supposed illicit affairs part of probe
Published May 21, 2018 11:46am 
Police on Monday confirmed that the supposed illicit affairs of Father Mark Anthony Ventura are only among the angles being looked into in the priest's killing last month.
Chief Superintendent Jose Mario Espino, director of Cagayan Valley Police Regional Office, told Dobol B sa News TV that the supposed illicit affairs of the priest with at least eight women are based on information gathered by the Special Investigation Task Group (SITG) formed by the Philippine National Police to investigate the priest's death.
President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday presented a matrix titled Possible Motive (Love Triangle) in his speech during the fiesta celebration of Tabongon town in Cebu.
Duterte said that the matrix shows that a priest named "Fr. Mark Anthony" could have been killed because of the suspected illicit affairs.
The matrix showed that the priest had illicit affairs with at least eight women.
Duterte said among the women in the matrix are married to a vice mayor, a policeman, a soldier, and a businessman.
Ventura was killed late April after officiating a Mass at the town gymnasium of Gattaran in Cagayan province.
"'Yan pong mga ganyan, part po ng imbestigasyon. 'Yan din po ang nakukuha naming information sa baba, so may ganon pong anggulo na 'yun po ang tinitingnan natin," Espino said, referring to the supposed illicit affairs of the slain priest.

He explained that investigating teams usually come up with matrices to zero in on possible angles and suspects, particularly in slay cases.
Espino said the angle of personal grudge in the priest's killing may fall under the love angle.


The first meeting of CONCERNED MAGHERAFELT PARISHIONERS took place last night.

I traveled to Magherafelt to be part of the meeting and to listen to the views of those who attended.

Tomorrow's Blog (Wednesday) will give a full account of the meeting and the views of those involved.