Friday, 15 January 2016


Down and Connor Clerical Appointments
15th January 2016
In response to the pastoral needs of the people of the Diocese of Down and Connor, Bishop Noel
Treanor has made the following clerical appointments which take effect on Thursday 28th January

Fr Hugh Kennedy to be Chaplain to the Congregation of Our Lady, More House,

Archdiocese of Westminster, London.

Some of Hugh's new parishioners

Fr Martin Graham to be Administrator of St Peter’s Cathedral, Belfast.

Fr John McManus to be PP Strangford and Kilclief.

Fr Eugene O’Hagan to be Diocesan Chancellor.

Fr Gregory Cormican resignation on grounds of ill health as PP of Coleraine has been

Fr Brendan Mulhall CSsR to be Administrator of Coleraine.

Fr Peter O’Kane to be PP Christ the Redeemer, Lagmore.

Fr Brendan Hickland on sabbatical leave from St Teresa’s

Fr Don Kettle on loan from the Archdiocese of Perth, Australia, to be Administrator of
St Teresa’s, Belfast.

Fr Peter Carlin to be priest in residence in St Peter’s Cathedral, Belfast.

Fr Gary Toman to be priest in residence in Glenarm (appointment of Chaplain to
Queen’s University Belfast to follow).

Fr Michael Dempsey CSsR to be Assistant Chaplain in the Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH).

Fr Joseph Rooney in addition to Judicial Vicar of the Diocese appointed Judicial Vicar for
the Armagh Regional Marriage Tribunal.

Fr Gerard Fox in addition to his ongoing position as Director of Formation in St
Malachy’s Seminary to assist and supply within the West Belfast
Pastoral Community.

Fr Paul Morely in addition to CC Holy Family, at the request of Cardinal George
Alencherry, Archbishop of Ernakulam-Angamaly, appointed assistant
priest to the Syro-Malabar community in Down and Connor.

Fr Vincent Cushnahan appointed to the Down and Connor Office of the Armagh Regional
Marriage Tribunal at the Good Shepherd Centre, Belfast and to be priest
in residence in the Parish of the Nativity, Belfast.

Fr Andrew Black recently ordained to be Catholic Chaplain in Belfast City Hospital
(BCH) residing in St Paul’s, Belfast.

Fr Conor McCarthy recently ordained to be CC Larne



  1. Why is the bishop using monks as administrators ? Could he not use the so called dissappeared priests and bring them back into parish work . These administrator guys are all well n good but they Havnt a clue about parish life they just bang out a few masses and that's it they cnt deal with people on a 1 to 1 basis

  2. Great to see some pastoral help being supplied for West Belfast - Fr Brankin will be fit to get back to Turkey for some sunshine and fun with "the twins"! The man's bound to be due a break from being a priest - hard act to keep up!

  3. Pat, I note from the changes that Fr Eugene O'Hagan is no longer Chancellor pro tem but Chancellor now in his own right. Does he remain PP in Ballyclare and Ballygowan.

  4. If I had a suspicious mind I would have thought that the appointment of Fr John McManus to Strangford and kilclief was a wee sweetener to lure the former Chancellor back into active ministry after his recent enforced leave. After all "home" is just a little 10 minute ferry ride away in Portaferry and I'm sure if he wasn't rushed off his feet with the heavy demands of such a bustling loughside parish he could pop over and help out on the farm. Thankfully I don't have a suspicious mind.
    Ballyphilip Brian

    1. Well, I do. The ferry ride is no more than five minutes. (My suspicion has just soared!)

  5. The baritones and basses of the Skoola Cumfideldiyorum are throwing a going away "Do" for the Big Dean, in the Kremlin Bar, last Friday of January. All applications will be considered. Please send a selfie to Baroness Nigelica von Klimptook.

  6. Dean Kennedys new posting is but a stone's throw away from the famous London Oratory where the 11 Mass on Sunday attracts many well known "faces" and a large gathering of the city's "pink prayers" all enthralled by the bells and smells and Latin chanting of the Oratory choir. Perhaps a few Sunday's visiting there may well persuade the former cathedral Dean from Belfast that taking up with the Oratorians ( a complete bunch of strange oddballs) might well serve his needs better.
    John Henry Oldman

  7. How could anyone dare suggest that Fr McManus would have the time to be away from Strangford Parish. Apart from morning mass he will have 2 schools to visit every couple of weeks,sick communions,20 roughly a month and then provide a very demanding chaplaincy service to the patrons of the Cuan and he will need to be on hand to offer spiritual guidance to the visitors to the Lobster Pot. When it's open! Along with that he will be the local representative of the apostleship of the sea as he acts as an honorary port Chaplin to the bustling maratine activities at Strangford slip.Apart from that there may well be 10 funerals a year. How could anybody in their right mind suggest that the over burdened cleric would find time to sail over to the family homestead .