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While all this stuff about rabbits is funny and causing much laughter it does not and cannot detract from the inescapable fact that the diocese of Down and Connor,once proud and rich in history, is descending into a complete mess! 

Priests,who should be living lives enriched by the sanctity of grace at ordination are now engaging in sexual relationships,sometimes quite openly. 

Live in lovers,both male and female,are being flaunted in some parishes to the disgust of parishioners who have to listen ( or not as is becoming apparent in some parishes) to these hypocrites proclaim the Gospel. 

Their behaviour is scandalising those of us who work hard at being faithful to our sacredotal vows and promises. But perhaps the greatest scandal of all is that nobody in authority seems to care any more. It is as if an edict from on high has instructed our bishop (and others) to " turn a blind eye" to these sickening behaviours.

When I think of the many fine and good priests who have served in this presbyterate with great diligence,charity and humility over the years and compare their devotion to priesthood and the people they served with what is going on in many parishes now my stomach turns

Bishop Treanor is a good man with many fine qualities I have no doubt but I honestly feel that he is out of his depth in this diocese and unable ( or maybe unwilling) to sort out the immoral morass that D&C is becoming. In Gods name will someone,somewhere take the bull by the horns sort this out.

I know this blog is read closely by the clergy. If you feel as hurt and offended as I do then make your feelings known through here. It may save you from being victimised if you speak openly at a clergy gathering.

De Profundis



  1. My Brother, The only priests who will disagree with what you have written are those who are in illicit / sinful relationships with women and men and want to continue in them.

    Personally I have found celibacy both a crucifixion and a source of grace. With God's help - and his alone - I have never been involved sexually with anyone.

    I feel very cheated and belittled by the fact that my sacrifices are made to appear silly by those who want to have their cake and eat it.

    I cannot understand why Bishop Noel allows it all to continue.

    Your Fellow Priest.

    1. I am a gay man from the "Protestant" side of the house in Belfast and I have been "used" by one of the priests you are talking about. There was no criminal offence committed. We are both adults. But I feel in love with this priest and he promised that he and I would have a future together. He told me that he would get a move to a parish in England and I could come with him and that over there we could be life partners. He used me for months - emotionally, financially and sexually and then discarded me like an empty packed of cigarettes. Now occasionally I must watch and see him with other men. I cannot understand how the Roman Catholic Church allows men like this to live their carefree and using lifestyle. I wish I had the courage to go to the newspapers but I know how much that would hurt my family and plus I would be a laughing stock among my friends and co-workers.So I must live with my hurt and try and put it behind me. If I did believe in God before this experience I certainly do not now.

    2. Thank you for your comment. I am sorry for what you have / are suffering.

      Sadly you are one of many.

      You can speak to a journalist and have your identity completely hidden. But this is your decision.

      If I can help in any way please get in touch.


    3. I really hope the man writing about being used by a "priest" gets in touch with you, Pat, or the papers. Of course, there are ways his identity can be protected.

      We need to be rid of these men who are making a mockery of God and the priesthood. I wish the whole thing would explode and be done with - so that those of us who are sincerely doing our best to serve God and His people (none of us are perfect), can get on with that essential task for which we gladly offered our whole lives on the day of ordination.

      I am personally very fond of Bishop Noel but I cannot understand the lethargy that allows these scandalous situations to continue unchallenged and not addressed. It is only going to build up towards massive hurt and fallout for good priests and faithful Catholic people.

      The "jack the lad" gays and straights are sniggering away at everyone, thinking they are untouchable. It cries out to Heaven to be addressed - sooner rather than later.

      So what, if we lose the services of these self-serving, selfish men. We will be better off in the long-term and we will manage, in the meantime, with God's help.

    4. Thank you.

      For me the big mystery is not that these priests carry on - but the fact that Bishop Treanor knowing about these situations does NOTHING !!!

      I know Walsh failed to act in some cases - like James Donaghy.

      But somehow I expected more of Treanor.

      There has to be a reason he does not act. Maybe his inaction needs investigated ?

  2. Dear brother Priests,
    I understand only too well your sense of disappointment and anger at the continuing flagrant violation of the law of Celibacy in Down & Connor Diocese.
    I left ministry in the Diocese some years ago, and one of the factors involved in my decision, was the hypocritical way that successive Bishops failed to grasp the situation.
    I struggled with celibacy, but I was faithful when living as a Priest.
    Had I been willing to live a double life (like some brother Priests) I could still be an active Priest of this Diocese.
    I made what I believe was the honourable decision,(at enormous emotional and financial cost) to leave ministry in order to take a wife.
    It grieves me greatly to look at the events unfolding in this Diocese, but as other contributors have previously commented " Celibacy is now effectively optional within D& C Diocese"
    The Church in D&C & beyond is so often trying to 'run with the Fox and hunt with the hounds'- this CANNOT BE DONE !

    Former Priest of Down & Connor Diocese.

    1. Very good comment. Of course while you may be a "former cleric" you are not a "former priest". The Sacrament you received will never leave you.

      You did a very honourable thing. You are to be lauded.

      The sad thing is that in so many cases truly good priests leave and some of those left behind could not hold a candle to your morality and integrity.

      Life is short. God wanted you to be a priest - and as they say "Its not all over till the fat lady sings".

      I wish you every possible happiness.

  3. As a D&C priest who has not received the grace of celibacy from God and who is is a loving and committed relationship with another adult I do not regard my life as being the business of Pat Buckley, this blog, other priests or people or indeed Noel Treanor.

    The Roman Catholic SYSTEM and not THE CHURCH or indeed JESUS HIMSELF has imposed this bad law upon me and my conscience. We are not bound to obey bad or ungodly laws!

    I am in clear conscience and have ONE loving and committed adult in my life. What we do in private is our own business. I do not believe my lifestyle to be sinful. Non canonical, yes. Sinful, no!

    My intimate relationship makes me a better man, a better Christian and even a better priest.

    I do not care who knows or whispers about me!

    Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!

    1. I think it is pretty clear that no one is condemning anyone who is in a mutually respectful, non-abusive relationship.

      It is those who are exploiting, hurting and abusing others, men and women, with whom there is a big problem.

      However, that being said, you do sound like a very arrogant individual.

    2. D&C priest at 18:18,

      Are you serious?!! No, it doesnt sound like there is anything wrong with the relationship you have with this "loving" and "committed" adult - EXCEPT OF COURSE the MINOR detail that you are IN FACT a PRIEST!!! You've signed up specifically not to engage in these type of relationships! Think of the people that look up to you as a representative of the church that they turn to in their time of need, who they trust - and here you are living a lie whilst preaching to them that they shouldnt be doing the same thing. Believe me I am happy for anyone who is in a happy and loving relationship but stop living a lie. Why are you really hiding it? are you ashamed of this love? are you afraid you'll loose your support and livelihood from the church? Scared of how people might react? Just be true to who you are - you might just be causing more hurt than you might think - and I dont mean to yourself - to those around you to (to your brother priests in D&C, family, friends, parishioners).
      Parishioner of Co.Antrim

  4. Father, That is certainly a clear position that you hold. In one sense I cannot argue with you.

    However I do think then that you must be willing to respect and act on the conscientious positions of others - even and especially those you minister to.

    Does that not mean that you must be willing to celebrate the marriages of divorced people who do not have church annulments and even celebrate the marriages of same sex couples.

    If you believe in the primacy of conscience, as you appear to, then you will realise that you are out of step with official Church teaching and canon law.

    I am not challenging you. I am simply stating the logical outcome of your position?

  5. As a woman living in another Northern Ireland diocese I can tell you that this issue is not confined to your diocese. I had a relationship with my former pp for three years and while there were enjoyable moments it caused me nothing but grief in the end. We were reported and he was moved and I know that he has a new woman in his new parish. I also have heard that I was far from being his first conquest. I think the whole priesthood and celibacy thing is one big laugh and one bit pit of corruption and hypocrisy. I deeply regret my involvement in this whole charade.

    1. My Friend, In the past 30 years I have met hundreds of women like yourself and I have only heard from them after the relationships ended and often ended badly. I am sure you have a long story to tell about hopes and disappointments, truths and lies, kept and broken promises, secret meetings, secret holidays and mini breaks, etc.

      If it would help you to have a heart to heart with another woman who came through what you have contact me and I will give you details. Many women in this position have been helped by talking to others like them.

  6. I think Bishop Treanor is 'playing the numbers game'- ie he thinks if he ignores the Clerical shenanigans, then he does not have to remove a cleric from active ministry, and therefore keeps a Parish covered, but at what cost ? This strategy is immoral, cowardly, and has bad consequences, including ;

    Loss of morale amongst a section of clergy,
    Loss of faith and trust of church by lay men/ women.( The calamitous situation played out in St Peter's provides a very recent example of this)
    Hypocrisy becomes the modus operandi, rather than truth & transparency.
    Men & women involved with Priests are at risk of emotional/ financial abuse,
    Etc etc.
    Why does the Nuncio, Archbishop Brown ignore this situation ? Is his role in Ireland, simply to dress up as a clerical mannequin for photo opportunities ?


    1. Well said Lux.

      Bishop Treanor does not want to have bad reports given to him at all as then he does not have to bother himself with the issue.

      His first step is to believe a priest, take the priests word for it and leave him put.

      If the scandal becomes bigger and breaks big locally or in the papers he will love the priest. But the moved priest will start all over again, have old "friends" visit his new parish and engage new "friends" in the new parish.

      Maybe the only option really open to concerned people is to write to the cardinal in charge of bishops in Rome:

      Cardinal Marc Oullett
      Congregation for Bishops.
      Palazzo della Congregazioni.
      Piazza Pio X11
      ROMA. 00193.

    2. Should read Piazza Pio X11, 10

  7. Dear D&C Priest @ 18.18,
    I think you are deluding yourself, and living a double life, pretending to the public you are living a celibate life, and in so doing putting off the day that Mandatory Celibacy is abolished.
    You may not realise it, but you are actually part of the problem.
    Would it not be more honest to leave ministry, and live in an open relationship with this woman ? I know this would present great challenges, and I can speak with some authority because I did this some years ago.
    You are living a life in the shadows. Come out into the light.

    Former D&C Cleric.

    1. With all due respects we are all different.

      And there is the other question of age........

      Priest of 18:18

  8. Dear Fr,(18:18),

    Yes, we are all different, but I am talking about living an authentic life and that is something worth seeking, regardless of age or circumstances.
    I fear I have some bad news for you ; you think you are beyond the reaches of Noel Treanor, and the ruling hierarchy; you are not ! You are part of a church system, which you signed up to, and though you may wish to declare your independence of the system, your belief is null and void, because you are dependent on it, like it or not.
    Just because Noel Treanor has not yet challenged your behaviour, and that of other clergy in similar situations, does not mean that he will not in the future, and as your Ordinary he has every right to do so.
    If I were you, I would think long and hard about my present situation. Don't sleep too easily at night, for you do not know what tomorrow will bring.

    Former Cleric, of D&C.

  9. The sad reality is that the church is an ostrich and the Faithful is are left to fend for themselves Nero Fiddles & Rome burns

    1. so called priest at 18:18
      asshole you are living a lie and you are part of the problem. People think you are living a life of celibacy because that is what you signed up for - like all walks of life, even religion itself, you can not pick out only the bits can adhere to - oh how easy life would be. It is when faithful laypeople find out that you have been living a deceitful life, while preaching from the altar, that damages and disillusions them regarding the church. Go be with your true love - that's called the vocation of marriage - not ordination. I am sure you are not so precious or special that the Church can do without you. Asshole

    2. MourneManMichael6 February 2016 at 01:08

      Good analogy Sean.
      Perhaps another one is to acknowledge the reality that the RC church is simply another dinosaur like institution which will eventually outlive its usefullness and dissipate with the passage of time. It will be consigned to just another one of the many belief systems we humanoids have clung to for security, solidarity,and explanation for the uncertainties sought by our evolved intelligence.
      It's interesting that dinosaur and diocese come remarkably close together in the alphabetical dictionary. One has already gone, and I wonder how long it will be before the other is redundant and extinct.

    3. Always interested in your comments MMM :-)

      Can I ask you a question?

      Do you think that there is a place in a human life for a SPIRITUALITY?

      Do you think that someone can have a CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY based on the person and teachings of the historical Jesus?

    4. MourneManMichael6 February 2016 at 16:23

      Indeed my pocket Oxford defines the noun 'spirit' as a person's animating principle or intelligence. Leaving aside other parallel definitions, and taking spiritual as being concerned with the spirit, i understand spirituality as an evolved inherent human characteristic genetically developed and over time socially evolved to be concerned for the promotion of values beneficial to general wellbeing of humankind.
      I acknowledge other genetical dispositions evolved relating to dominance, aggression, survival of the species/fittest etc and that the spiritual core values of decency are not always prevalent.
      Spirituality, that concern for the wellbeing of fellow journeymakers of life, is certainly a welcome companion on the way.
      But to take spirituality as solely derived from the teachings of Christ falls short of the reality. If no other guidelines existed other than Christ's at Matthew 7:12, and Luke 6:13, and people based their treatment of others accordingly, then that Christian spiritual message would be highly commendable.
      That message, "Do as you would be done by", however is very much older and more widespread than the Christian tradition. It is, in fact, the Golden Rule and ethic of reciprocity found worldwide in religions, traditions and writings long predating Christianity. Even within the Abrahamic tradition it is found at Leviticus 19:18. [For anyone interested look up 'The Golden Rule' in Wikipedia]

      In reading these blogs and comments I clearly see that many, certainly the majority, are honestly following their conscience and adhering to the golden rule. I equally see many who are struggling with all the man made unnecessary and artificial trappings of formalised religion.
      The RC church has always laid a heavy burden of repressive guilt on people searching for meaning to life's uncertainties.

    5. A very excellent response.

      Would you concede the possibility of a "Higher Power" or Divine and Universal Personality with whom it is possible to communicate?

    6. MourneManMichael6 February 2016 at 18:57

      I'm obliged to regard it as an exceptionally remote possibility simply on the basis that 'anything' may be possible.
      But where's the proof?
      I see no proof for the existence of any higher power/universal personality or however one describes god. On the contrary the evidence points to an absence.
      Others vastly more able, intelligent and learned than I write and argue the case for and against the existence of god, and I leave it to them to further the debate, and for anyone interested to research the evidence they put forward.
      For purposes of this contribution to the blog I must say that if the remote possibility is true, and there is a god, then what a capricious, evil and sadistic being that god must inevitably be. I join in asking the same questions Stephen Fry asked on the Gay Byrne "Meaning of Life" RTE1 show just one year ago......Why malaria, ziko, earthquakes, tsunami, cancer, malnutrition of innocent children etc etc...? {And please spare me that idiotic Adam & Eve original sin and fall from grace fairy tale!}

      And apart from all these afflictions, I have to ask him, if he exists, .....what kind of games are you playing with us by giving us this intelligence, and then asking us to believe in you and guess your wishes by cherry picking through myriad religions, belief systems and ancient writings, the nature and contents over which there is so little universal belief but much strife and dissension! Indeed it's a crazy way for a supposedly benevolent caring all powerful god to behave, ......for our good, ...or your amusement?

      "God, and religion is a man-made wish, a cause of dangerous sexual repression, and a distortion of our origins in the cosmos" (Christopher Hitchens in "God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything")

    7. A good answer. Thank you for not speaking infallibly and ex cathedra :-)

    8. MourneManMichael7 February 2016 at 01:47

      Pat, those that speak 'ex cathedra', or with absolute conviction of their infallible vision, are invariably devoid of an understnding of the subjective nature of their knowledge, and its transient and ever changing relevance over the course of the eternal aeons of time.

  10. Of course there is! Many of my work colleagues are Muslim. We share commonality. God is the God of Abraham Isaac Jacob the Prophet Muhammad and the Prophet Jesus

  11. The lovely mixed bag of clergy in D&C consists of those who believe in God, some who don't believe in God and others who believe they are God ! True
    Long time cleric

    1. Extremely well said in few words. But sadly I do not agree that they can ALL be described as "lovely". I'm afraid there are a few "nasties" in the bag.

  12. A "few" nasty's?

  13. My brother is a priest serving in D&C. Over the years I have come to know many of his brother priests. I can honestly say that out of the ones I have met or known less than 10 of them were really nice genuine man. The rest are a mixture of mammy's boys, repressed gays, prima donnas,conceited arrogant egotists and most of them "oul gossipy wimmin" jealous of parish appointments and full of their own self importance. And sadly,that includes my brother!

    1. Thank you for your honesty. Sad - is it not?