Thursday, 7 July 2016



The RC Archbishop of Philadelphia has banned sexually active gay people from received Holy Communion. The ban will also apply to divorcees and couples ‘living in sin’.
Gay Catholics with active sex lives can no longer receive Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput has issued a new set of pastoral guidelines that also rules out communion for Catholics who are divorced, remarried or unmarried couples who live together.
The archbishop says the move is his way of “hard teaching” those he feels promote “moral confusion” with the Catholic community.
Furthermore, LGBT people – along with divorcees and couples “living in sin” – will be banned from serving on parish councils, instructing the faithful and dispensing Communion.
Attempting to justify his decision, Chaput claimed that allowing anybody in an “irregular relationships” to have positions of responsibility in the church would “offer a serious counter-witness to Catholic belief, which can only produce moral confusion in the community.”
Chaput – who helps spread the Pope’s teachings across the US – issued the document detailing the ban following last year’s synod on family, results of which were issued in April.
The long-awaited report affirmed existing church teachings opposing gay equality and same-sex marriage.
In the document, the Pope says that gay people should receive “assistance” to bring them back to normality, and affirms there are “absolutely no grounds” for considering recognition of “homosexual unions”.
The document also claimed that sex education “promotes narcissism” and should instead be focused on “modesty”. It also continues the church’s long-held stance of opposing condom use.

However, just a month later – despite consistently failing to recognise homosexuality as anything other than sin and arguably encouraging stigma towards the LGBT community – the pontiff said that the church should also apologise to “any gay person it has offended.”


People like Chaput are totally out of contact with ordinary people - and even ordinary Catholics - on such questions as homosexuality.

The vast majority of Catholics now accept homosexuality as being humanly and morally NORMAL.

It is also strange that a Church in which the majority of bishops and priests are GAY - and many ACTIVELY GAY continues to make pronouncements like this. Is it a form of self hatred and INTERNALISED HOMOPHOBIA?

What is Chaput going to do about all the actively gay bishops and priests? Will he stop THEM saying Mass and receiving Communion?

What is Chaput going to do about the majority of his seminarians who are GAY and many actively so?

The Catholic Hierarchy are obsessed with sexuality. 


In order to be in sin I must do something that I consider sinful and do it deliberately.

They only thing that people like Chaput will do is empty churches.

In that sense people like him are doing us a favour. THEY ARE DESTROYING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH FROM WITHIN!


  1. They can't refuse at the altar under canon law. I went to funeral the other day Priest said only R C's can receive. I was only non R C in the building. Took me blessing and smiled. Life is too short

  2. In my 40 years as a priest I have never, thank God, refused ANYONE Holy Communion. How could I, as a sinner myself, refuse a brother or sister the Body of Christ?

  3. Oh dear, does ++ Chaput not realise that the majority, by far, of his priests who are administering Holy Communion are themselves in all likelihood in some state of substantial sin by virtue of their own predilections, abuses, excesses, relationships, pornography, authoritarianism, bullying, dysfunction, dishonesty, thieving, purloining....etc. etc.. etc....

    And yet, he does not ban them from saying Mass, or administering the Sacraments.

    I guess he still believes in 'ex opera operato'. So that's alright, then ?

    Charity - and truth - begins at home.

    Sort our your own priests, first, ++ Chaput, before setting out to disrespect the people who do their best to be faithful, and who recognise that they are struggling to follow Christ irrespective of their human failings.

    The f******g arrogance of the man ! How dare he !

  4. Sorry - 'ex opere operato'. Typo !

  5. I couldn't believe this when I read it first......then I thought, of course it's true, Chaput is just another arrogant bishop who is obsessed with sex and sexual morality! As a priest myself, I would never preach a homily on sexual morality because we lost all authority as soon as the first minor was abused by a priest. We have absolutely no right to tell others how to live their lives. The vast majority of our people who still support us (and it's an ever dwindling number) are doing their best to live good lives. I'm a sinner as much as the next and I would never refuse the eucharist to anyone - how could I receive it myself were I to do that?
    The sad thing about this is that there are actually priests here in Ireland who will applaud Chaput for this and follow him to the letter of the law. As a church we are finished. I stay a priest because I love what I do and I see the joy and comfort which people bring to me in my ministry as much as what I bring to them.

    1. I deleted my previous comment because of a factual error. It should have read:

      I agree with Anonymous at 00:16. But he should take consolation from the fact that Chaput's guidelines, like similar guidelines from the Archbishop of Newark (John Myers), will likely be ignored by most of his priests.

      True there will be the odd snitch who will report some of these priests to Chaput's office. But Chaput's strategy, like Chaput himself, kaput.

  6. 8 July 00.16 I'm sure there is a get out of jail clause somewhere in canon law for the celebrant. Sin is not measured by canon law but a well informed moral conscience and a just God