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THE MAYNOOTH SEMINARY GAY SCANDAL is attracting unprecedented numbers of daily viewers to this Blog.

The reason for this is because an increasing number of people - lay people, seminarians, ex seminarians and priests are genuinely concerned at what has been and is happening at the national Catholic seminary.

The only Irish Catholic bishop that has expressed real concern about this situation is the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin. 

Archbishop Martin has been taking some action in recent times by withdrawing Dublin seminarians from Maynooth and this week he made it clear that by next years he will have NO seminarians at Maynooth.

Surely that fact that the Archbishop of Dublin is withdrawing all his seminarians from the seminary is a clear sign that he has NO CONFIDENCE in the seminary and its formation?

If it were up to him I imagine that Maynooth would be at least temporarily closed for a total revamp.

The problem is that Maynooth is the NATIONAL seminary and the body of Irish Bishops - all 28 of them - do not seem to care about the situation or fully understand the gravity of the situation there.


Over the past week we have received information that has convinced us that there is a sizeable "gay cabal" among Maynooth seminarians that crosses all 6/7 formation years. This cabal are sexually active with each other, sexually active with priests and others outside the seminary and are targeting young seminarians entering Maynooth.

We have been given the names of both seminarians and priests who were or still are part of this Maynooth scandal.

Some priests who were part of the problem in Maynooth are still part of the problem are are still inviting seminarians out for meals and drinks and sending money on them and inviting them to questionable "parties". 

We believe that some seminarians have or have had Grindr accounts and a number of these people have panicked and closed their Grindr accounts in recent times.

Our attention has been drawn to one individual, a former seminarian, but who still works in the wider Catholic religious sector who had been very active on Grindr and has closed his account. 

The number of Irish Catholic priests on Grindr is in the HUNDREDS.

A small number of priests who have been sexually active or who have been on Grindr have approached us and offered us the names and details of other priests on Grindr in return for us promising to keep them completely out of the equation. They have told us that they are determined to change their lifestyles from now on. 

While the media in general have not yet gone to press with this scandal we understand that one or two journalists have a lot of knowledge about this situation and are ready to strike when the firing pistol has been activated by someone else. 

Archbishop Martin has been made aware of a small number of individuals in his diocese - seminarians and priests - who cause concern.

All of this, of course, is, at this stage, an information and evidence gathering project. 

We definitely need to highlight and expose the individuals who are problematic. 

But we also need to be careful not to accuse innocent people.

Furthermore we are conscious that some people, in order to deflect attention from themselves, are trying to hang others out to dry and in some cases giving inaccurate or untruthful information - designed to put those looking into this on the wrong trail.

This will not work. In recent days we have been fortunate enough to receive offers of help from professionals in this area and that will help us, hopefully, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This is NOT a witch hunt.

This is about reforming Maynooth.

Anyone who contacts us will have the assurance of confidentiality.

We will also be very sensitive to those who through immaturity or inexperience have been drawn into the Maynooth cabal and who genuinely wants to get out of its clutches. Such people have absolutely nothing to fear.

We are all human. We have all made mistakes. We have all been led astray by more cynical people.

This is about exposing and eradicating the puppet masters - and not those unfortunate to have found themselves being puppets.

As a Christian and a priest of 40 years standing I promise that no sincere person will be hurt by this project.



My source in Armagh has just informed me ARCHBISHOP EAMON MARTIN has TODAY sent Father Rory Coyle to a PRIVATE SEX ADDICTION CLINIC in the USA.

Archbishop Martin is hoping for a "cure" so that he can reuse him in Armagh.

As we speak Rory is en route to the clinic.

We will bring you updates as we receive them

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  1. Pat, fair play to you for initiating this process which will be painstaking and laborious. I agree with you wholeheartedly that there are many young, naive and immature young men who have been manipulated and groomed by unscrupulous and unconscionable older seminarians/priests. These older perverts have ruthlessly used these poor young men to gratify their sick sexual desires.

    I applaud those priests who have provided you with information and who intend to reform their lives. God will not withhold His mercy from anyone - provided that we are humble, honest and contrite.

    1. Thank you. I have spoken to two young men who found themselves unwittingly drawn into situations they never in their wildest dreams envisaged.

      I see the these lads as victims.

      They will receive not only total confidentiality but full support.


    2. PS: As my Dad, God rest him used to say: "It's the butcher we want - not the block".

  2. As an ex-Catholic I'm happy sitting back chuckling at this. I think it's particularly funny that priests who've deleted their own grindr account are trying to dob others in, in exchange for their own grindr activity being kept quiet. Idiots.
    Does this mean there is about to be a flurry of priests' intimate pictures released publicly? I do hope so, although I'm a bit disappointed not to have found Rory Coyle's photos, he's hot.
    If nothing else this post reveals the true calibre of the men accepted for priesthood: happy to 'get away with' whatever they can until the shit hits the fan, when they start back stabbing others for doing the exact same thing they have done themselves!

    1. Father Rory Coyle's "intimate" pics are in the files of the Belfast IRISH NEWS.

      Most priests on Grindr are wise enough to show only their "privates" but not their faces.

      Rory appears to have shown both?

    2. PS: But Archbishop Eamon Martin still has him listed on the Armagh website as a full curate at Armagh Cathedral.

      One wonders what you have to do these days to lose a curacy.

      Cahal Daly took mine away for being critical of the Church and for talking to the Press.

    3. Of course there is the old story about Parson's Pleasure, the male nude bathing area in Oxford. A Don was bathing there with a bishop when a boat of women came past to spy on the naked men. The don put his hands over his genitals, but the bishop covered up his face, explaining later that he liked to think it was his face that was recognised in Oxford.
      Obviously for some clergy it's the other way round.

    4. Obviously another case of misplaced priorities. And of course this situation can only get worse: history shows over and over that when there is perceived to be a recruitment problem and entry standards slip, it just gets worse until the institution collapses. This seems to me to apply both in clerical or religious life and in civvy street.

    5. There are people being ordained now and in recent years that would never have been ordained before.

      It seems that with the huge shortage of priests literally anyone will get through.

      In fact the good candidates are being thrown out and the worst kept !

  3. Can we spare a thought too for the great number of priests - both those more recently ordained and in decades past - who are working very hard, are Gospel focused and are truly living their ordination vows? We have to be careful of comments making sweeping statements about the Church. There is still enormous good being done in it, and as much as each generation has its challenges, the Holy Spirit continues to nourish lives through the witness and work of so many members.

  4. Pat, in your opinion is there any hope for those good former seminarians who have been forced out by lily livered bishops, can you envision them seeing justice and being taken back to priestly formation (if that is their wish)somewhere else? Bishop's here (Irl) will not oppose another's decision, no matter how suitable the candidate. Maybe you could ask Archbishop Diarmuid Martin for his opinion on this.

    1. I will ask DM for his thoughts on this. I imagine he would try and act to see a wrong corrected. I will let people know.

  5. Be very wary of those willing to shop others to save their own necks.

    This whole business, from start to finish, is absolutely vile.

    It is deeply disturbing and very depressing that fellow priests are involved in such loathsome and sinful behaviours.

    How on earth has it come to this? These men must have no faith in God, no love, no fear of Him.

    I cannot comprehend this at all.


  6. All this is so sad. Have these actively gay seminarians any consciences. They have ripped the who seminary apart by their actions and lies in failing to admit what they did.

  7. "Cure" or not - I cannot see RC's future being in the priesthood. Tragic - but these "priests" who go to meat shops like Grindr - must be absolutely out of their trees insane; or so arrogant they think they won't be caught? It's beyond me.

  8. Pat is their a possibility that both this deacon and two priests that have been caught on grinder are all mentally I'll individuals? Is this possible??

    1. Of course Jones, Coyle and Derwin are mentally ill - along with the Seminary Council in Maynooth and many Bishops.

  9. Theses priests and deacons took vows, which they had no intention of keeping, and tried to lead double lives and a spin a web of deceit which has now been pitifully exposed for all to see.

    If they were not mentally ill before they entered formation for the Catholic Priesthood, it would appear that they now are. Any human being will suffer mental health consequences living with such cognitive dissonance in their lives.

    The Irish Formation Process has sorely failed these poor, pathetic individuals. How many more are to come?

  10. I think that Archbishop Eamon Martin is the really ill one sending this poor Fr Coyle for a "cure". My God, these Bishops just don't seem to be prepared to unflinchingly look at why men entering formation in Ireland cannot be their real selves, admit their orientation, and then be guided to see whether or not they can adhere to celibacy. If it is clear that they have deep-seated hetero- or homosexual tendencies - they should be told that lifelong celibacy is not for them. The long suffering laity and good priests in this country would then be spared of anymore humiliations.

    1. God be with the days when "a cure" was a G&T before breakfast :-)

    2. I reckon Pat the SC in "Gaynooth" are swigging way too many G&T's!! Lol!

    3. Anon 16:49 - The reason why celibacy is taboo in Maynooth is because practically all the faculty members are "at it" with men and women behind the Bishops backs!!

    4. God be with the days when "a cure" was a G&T before breakfast :-)

  11. If EM believes that you can be "cured" from or of homosexuality then I suggest he gets in touch with Mrs Iris Robinson and some of her fellow travelers !!

    1. If Iris was unleashed on "Gaynooth" there wouldn't be a sinner left in the place!!

    2. In fairness, it is not to "cure" his homosexuality but rather address his unhealthy sexual compulsiveness.

      That being said - there is a lot to be said for good old SELF-CONTROL (one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit).

      Many of these men allow themselves to be driven and ruled by lust.

      Prudence, sound judgement, decency and proper boundaries are casualties, when lust is given reign.

      I also wonder if these men "say their prayers"? Is being a priest, for them, like putting on a flashy coat and then hanging it back up in the closet when they are done "priesting" for the day?

      A true priest never takes a "break" or holiday from the priesthood. When you go on holiday, you go AS A PRIEST.

      Your breviary and what you need to celebrate daily Mass should be the first things you pack!

  12. Follow VAMA on Twitter @vamaunited

    1. Dont blame Fr Rory....he is just a curate. He is not the only gay in Armagh.

  13. No cure exists; otherwise they would have sent Keith O’Brien to the US years ago.

  14. It is good, Bishop Pat, that you are concerned for vulnerable young men who may have been entrapped by older seminarians and priests.

    They are truly victims who must be supported and helped - not further traumatised.

    Fr Tom Doyle OP has written a lot about "religious duress" experienced by victims of clerical sex predators.

    Seminarians in their late teens and early 20' fit the bill of vulnerable young adults, who are susceptible to this religious duress exercised, in both subtle and blatant - even brutal - ways.

    The majority of sex offenders in the Catholic priesthood are shown by research to be ephebophiles - sexually interested in
    teenage boys and young men - what are often called, in gay slang, "twinks".

    A "twink" is a baby-faced, handsome youngster, who is
    often NOT under the legal age (no longer a minor in law). Homosexuals themselves refer to those attracted to "twinks" as "chicken hawks".

    Can I just say, that what you are now facing in the culture and organisation of Maynooth Seminary, has been experienced in the USA seminaries, for many years: both faculty and students acting out in a promiscuous homosexual fashion; and often predatorily targeting the vulnerable and unwilling.

    Every success to VAMA and God bless you.

    Texas Chad.

  15. If cardinal Dolan really did publish a damning indictment of maynoth after his visitation on the orders of the pOPE, WHY that was ignored by the irish bishops, why does he not make that reporT public, given this latest scandal? surely he has a duty to the young lads who are suffering?

  16. 23.07 is correct. Being gay is not restricted to curates,especially in Armagh diocese.

    1. In Armagh being gay goes all the way up!

    2. Can you - 9.52 - enlarge on this - or are you one of those peculiar citizens who like to muck-rake???
      As an Armagh parishioner I have heard nothing to substantiate any belief tha - other than the unfortunate Fr. Coyle -,anyone for miles around is mixed up in these activities!

  17. I think cure is the wrong word to use for Fr Rory. He should take responsibility for his actions as a starting point. The future is a other question. Priests coming clean??? Is there going to be a Willie Amnesty. Sounds a bit sad