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The following 25 men are wanted for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY - sending vulnerable and immature young men to an institution in County Kildare - Ireland - MAYNOOTH GULAG - where they are experimented on and turned into sex addicts. 

VAMA has published this list of its MOST WANTED.

VAMA would also point out that these men are dangerous and are armed with doctrinal weapons of mass destruction and should not be approached if spotted.

If you see any of these men contact your local Religious Sect Marshall or call Freephone - 1800 777 777 In N. Ireland call 0800 777 777 

Eamon "The Blouse" Martin 
Last spotted in Krakow, Poland
Eamon "The Blouse" Martin in disguise

Michael "Black Beauty" Neary
Last seen in a car heading for Knock in Co Mayo.

Kieran "Sma" O'Reilly
Reported to be in hiding in Co. Tipperary

Phil "Gussie" Boyce
Last reported to be in Donegal

Dennis "Culchie" Brennan
No sightings

Ray "Jonesy" Browne
Known to frequent the Kerry area

John "The Gypsey" Buckley
Has business interests in Cork

Willie "Gold Rings" Crean
With connections in North Cork

Martin "Not Guilty" Drennan
Originally from Dublin. Whereabouts unknown

Kevin "Homosapien" Doran
Last spotted in Roscommon area

Francis "The Ghost" Duffy
Suspected to be lying low in Midlands

Raymond "The Soldier" Field
Spotted in Dublin's Phoenix Park

John "The Roman" Flemming
Thought to be in Mayo

Seamus "The Disappeared" Freeman
Last seen in a cafe in Kilkenny

Brendan "Skinny" Kelly
Whereabouts unknown

John "Athenry" Kirby
Believed to be in the Galway area

Brendan "Limerick" Leahy
Last spotted in a car on the M4 motorway.

Liam "Eyebrows" McDaid
Has properties on both sides of the N. Ireland border

John "Black Bush" McAreavy
Believed to be in the Newry area

Donal "The Bike" McKeown
Has connections in the Inishowen area of Donegal

Denis "The Confirmer" Nulty
Seen this week in the Carlow area

Leo "Belturbet" O'Reilly
No recent sightings

Michael "Silent" Smith
Last spotted in the Navan area

Noel "Brussels Sprout" Treanor
Believed to be on the contiment

Eamon "Brigid" Walsh
Last seen inthe Wicklow Mountains

Two other men are in VAMA custody and are in a place for safety. They are:

Diarmuid "The Prophet" Martin

Alphonsus "Phonsie" Cullinan

These men are no longer part of the Maynooth Mafia and will form a significant part of the prosecution of the gang. 

They have also placed their seminarians in protective custody thereby safeguarding them from harm. 

Sightings and any activity of these gang members can also be reported to the VAMA headquarters on and on 083 831 3151.

VAMA can also be contacted on Twitter - @vamaunited


Martin Drennan the Catholic Bishop of Galway retires on "health grounds"

This great campaigner for truth and justice in the Irish Church will be sorely missed :-)


The Archbishop of Tuam's priest secretary, Fr Fintan Monahan becomes the new Bishop of Kilaloe

This real RADICAL will shake up the Irish Church :-)

A well place source in the Irish Church spoke of Monahan this morning:

"Monahan was Neary's "Bag Man". It seems that the bag men get the hats".

Another Marxist for the Irish Church.

Bishop Freeman retiring too!

They are dropping like flies. Is it Maynooth Syndrome or Grindr Fatigue?




One of our sources in Rome has seen Father Tim "The Tart" Bartlett - PR adviser to Sean "The Wounded Healer" Brady has been spotted in Gamarelli's Clerical Outfitters in Rome with an Irish Bishop's Conference credit card !!!

Is he buying for himself or for some other lucky bag carrier who has been promised PURPLE ?



    I don't think that when Rory Coyle was in Maynooth things were quite as (they appear to be) now. I was there too for some of that time. It's true, of course, that people experience a place and its people differently but it would surprise me were he to have experienced such pressures. Perhaps back then, with greater numbers, there was greater diversity than we are led to believe is the case now.

    One question, Pat: is it really fair to characterise Rory as having a sex 'addiction'? Seeking out sex when one is supposed to be living a celibate lifestyle is, to me, quite different to having an addiction. But which of us really knows his motivations? Perhaps he himself doesn't fully understand them yet.

    By the way, I think it would be rather a good thing were he to be allowed back into ministry eventually, hard as that would be for him.

    1. I take your points.

      But a man in Rory's position to be so driven as to seek sex on Grindr does suggest a powerful compulsion.

      Its as if he could not help himself?

    2. A conceited nutcase - to think he could go on Grindr - as a priest - and post naked pictures of himself - and not be recognised! Some peoples reckless arrogance knows no bounds!

    3. Actually I think anonymous at 10.55 is right - 'addiction' is a very specific condition and we have no evidence to suggest that is the case. Just because he acted in such a way does not mean he was addicted, even though he felt attracted to it. A sorry lapse in judgement and constancy which I'm sure will weigh on his conscience until his last days. God help him.

    4. Do people get sent to sex clinics for "one lapse in judgement"?

    5. He could certainly have been put into a programme that would address his inclination to act in such a way, yes. This does not connote addiction though.

    6. His inclination is HOMOSEXUAL. That cannot be cured.

      His risky activities suggest lack of control.

      Addicts are those who lack control over sex, alcohol, drugs etc.

    7. I agree with Anon at 13.38. He clearly lacked self-control and judgement. We all do some times. We don't know, however, that it amounted to addiction - we just don't have the evidence for such a claim.

      Doctor, Belfast

    8. I agree with Bishop Pat. The fact that Fr Coyle is attending (or going to attend) an addiction clinc should be self-explanatory. He clearly isn't there for demonstrating an eyebrow-raising lack of prudence and judgement, but for a clinically serious lack of self-control.

      Pray for him, and for those he has hurt.

  2. Fr Fintan Monahan is a good and holy priest, highly-regarded by the people. We need more bishops like him.

    1. Apparently the Papal Nuncio is now asking prospective bishops one extra question - "Are you on Grindr"? Dublin. PP

    2. The conversation goes more like this,
      - Your Excellency, there's something I have to tell you.
      - You needn't. We already know.

    3. Fr Rory Coyle is a holey priest too.

  3. In his defence, Fr Fintan is an excellent appointment - I was so delighted to hear the news. An amiable, prayerful and encouraging man with his eyes fixed on Christian mission and what we can do for others. Speaks well to all generations too. I really hope he gets a fair hearing here and in his new diocese, because he deserves it.

    1. Like myself he is a Tullamore man.

      I do not expect much from him. He is an establishment man.

      Lets see if he does anything about the Maynooth Gay Scandal.

  4. Hilarious blog! This is the kind of satire the Irish Church badly needs. Good for their lordships to get some piss taken.

  5. With all this sh*t going on my one question still is: Why is the celibacy promise still included in the Ordination ceremony. It is an affront to God and common sense. If everything here is to be taken at face value. Most people dont give a toss about celibacy anyway.

    1. A lot of celibates are Tossers anyway.

      Grindr Greg

    2. I think celibacy still has an important role in the Church for those who are called to such a life. They may be few, but it is a real charism, rooted in the manner of living of so many prophets, saints and of Christ himself and in the scriptures. It can actually be a way of praising God by giving yourself wholly to Him in that particular manner (though of course marriage does in another manner), and so is the opposite of an affront to God if it is authentically and joyfully lived.

      We could say that most people don't give a toss about many of the more distinctive Christian values; that doesn't mean we should expunge them altogether.

    3. Not talking about exchanging values. Celibacy has a role for those who choose it. It's about being honest. Humanity has evolved beyond body bad soul good

    4. Celibacy does not imply holiness or confer holiness. Too many sad, lonely, cynical and alcoholic priests can vouch for that. Old curmudgeons who are dead inside and who couldn't care less about parishioners. That's not to demean celibacy- some excellent priests are well served by the charism of celibacy and in turn serve the community well.

  6. It is perhaps worth noting that in the PR "frenzy" today surrounding the retirement of the two bishops and the appointment of Bishop Monahan, ( including statements of thanks and good wishes two archbishops, thanks from Freeman and a big Hallo everybody from Bishop Elect Monahan) there has been not one word from Drennan !
    Why is that- any suggestions.

    Spin Doctor

    1. They've wanted Drennan's scalp for years - over the Dublin abuse report.

  7. 'His Holiness Pope Francis has accepted the retirement of Most Reverend Martin Drennan, Bishop of Galway and Kilmacduagh... on grounds of ill health and medical advice.'
    Good news, bad news??
    'In his last year as shepherd to the people of the diocese, Bishop Drennan had the joy of ordaining three young men to the priesthood.' Lovely flowery language from Catholic Communications Office, or from Bishops' Conference website.
    BUT . . ..
    Was Bishop Drennan actually a shepherd to ALL his seminarians, and priests? Or could it be that he was at times a wolf in shepherd's clothing??
    As you said Pat, about another retired bishop ...' let's hope he doesn't do a Pontius Pilot on Maynooth.'
    While I can genuinely sympathise with people who suffer ill health Bishop Martin Drennan should not be allowed to do a Pontius Pilate, to wash his hands of unjust decisions he made during his tenure as Bishop of Galway.
    He should still be held accountable for this. He will have more time now to relax, to examine his conscience more fully, and reflect on his part in the current Maynooth crisis, to consider the times when he wasn't a shepherd, to consider the lives he has affected adversely.
    to be continued ...

  8. continued .....Let's hope he [ B. Martin Drennan ] has a road to Damascus conversion - it's NEVER too late to do the decent thing. 'First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.'
    It's not that I'm expecting perfection of M. D., but I would [ naively?] hope that it's not too late for accountability, honesty, justice, integrity. So, before the bishop's health deteriorates any further I firmly believe that his most recent decisions should be scrutinised on the grounds that maybe he wasn't best placed to be making big decisions in the last number of years. In my opinion he should have retired - resigned long ago.
    Mind you, I expect he had some moments of clarity before his retirement was announced, during which he or others on his behalf made sure that his footsteps would be well covered for any part he played [ by commission or omission ] in the Maynooth crisis.
    And let's remember the 'rot' in Maynooth Seminary is about much more than whether there is a homosexual subculture. It's about whether Maynooth is actually run as a CATHOLIC seminary, and many other wider issues.
    Interesting Pat, that you refer to the bishop / ex-bishop as 'Martin 'Not Guilty' Drennan'. 'The great campaigner for truth and justice.' I DO recognise that part as irony!
    I am fully aware that I only know part of M. Drennan's history, religious-life story, but I have enough life experience to recognise how people can be bullied. [ e.g. those who have a 'vow' of obedience to their bishop, or are beholden in some way to others in authority over them.]

    1. Indeed anon I agree wholeheartedly with you. Everyone is NOT GUILTY of something, but Drennan has to be held accountable, and as you rightly say some of his advisors also for their wrongs;his lack of leadership and unwillingness to listen to the facts about Maynooth and it's un- Catholic formation. You don't get much challenge from 'YES men! Not a lot of laity have anything good to say about him as a church leader.

  9. He will not be the first bishop to retire on health grounds and ipso facto have no accountability for his part in scandal. Poor Bishop Seamus Heggarty of Derry and formerly Raphoe just happened to retire the day before a critical and damning report was issued into horrid and perverse sex abuse during his watch. However, such was the nature of his illness,( terms carefully crafted and phrased to give the impression he had an amnesia type brain disease) that he could claim he couldn't remember.
    God will remember!!


    This Blog viewed 201 times today from Krakow.

  11. Is that Rapper Martin I see before me?

  12. The new Bishop-elect doesnt smack me of having 'the smell of the sheep' about him - stuck in the Diocesan Office for so many years.
    Where there no good decent PPs in Kilallow with the smell of the sheep about them that they could mavbe got the purple hat?

  13. I don't know about the diocesan office bit, but fr fintan was our school chaplain in st jarlath's for years and absolutely fantastic. if ever anyone had a problem or someone died in the family, he was always there to help. great man. lucky to have him.

  14. Just checking if this might be third time lucky, as you pride yourself on putting up all posts!!?? Pat, I hope you’re part of a d drama group, otherwise you’re wasted! You tendency towards exaggeration and stereotyping is monumental. If the effect you were hoping to produce was shock and awe then it is lost. It only inspires ridicule. Not all men who go to the seminary were or are vulnerable and/or immature. And experimenting on them and turning them into sex addicts! LOL. You’re back to trivialising the issues yet again by putting silly names on the clergy. But then you seem to ridicule your allies as well.

    1. Dear MBF, This is the first time this comment arrived on the blog.

      I am not part of a "drama group" any more. Up until 1986 I was part of a comedy group called "Catholic Charade" but the chief clown - a man called Daly put me out of it.

      If you are not shocked by seminarians and priests on Grindr then you are either one of them yourself or you have a strange sense of right and wrong.

      Maynooth seminarians are being experimented with by very sick people. But maybe you approve of that too?

      Silly names ob clergy? I don't think so. If you did not laugh at them you would have to cry.

      I hope you are not cruel to animals as well as people.

    2. Very LOL Pat! However, there is a difference between recognising the inappropriateness of seminarians or clergy having accounts on Grindr or engaging in homosexual acts, and making sweeping statements which portray ALL seminarians as vulnerable, immature, sex-addicts. Where in my blog did I refer to Grindr? And as being one of them… well that has given me another laugh, so thanks for that! You’d laugh too if you knew just far out your deductive reasoning is. You do a grand job Pat when you don’t engage in exaggeration and stereotyping.

    3. MourneManMichael29 July 2016 at 21:17

      Much as I agree with the overall thrust of your reforming efforts, and your obvious concern for the vulnerable, I have to say Pat that there's some truth in MBF's comments, and I do agree with his last sentence @ 20:00 above.

    4. I have more information than has been published so far - and future developments may explain.

    5. MourneManMichael30 July 2016 at 09:34

      That may well be so Pat, and while regular followers of your blog will acknowledge your integrity, I think there will be others, perhaps suspicious/critical of you and your intentions who will only see exaggeration and stereotyping as a vehicle to discredit you. We can only judge/interpret what we actually see, and not with other information you may have, as yet unknown to us.

  15. Is there no backbone in the clergy in any diocese where they can go with one voice and say to the nuncio that they don't want some stranger from another diocese parachuted in to be their boss. Please don't give me the old magisterium nonsense. It's so sad to see grown men bow down in craven obedience to some plonker who has little or no pastoral experience just because he serves the company's needs.

    1. Yeah, God forbid that some virtuous priest/bishop upholding the Catholic faith might come in and upset the apple cart, and maybe even give guidance so badly needed. Many dioceses like that of MD are old boys clubs, rubbing each others proverbial backs, and therefore having a cushier life in their parish than some curates and priests have in their multiple parishes.

    2. Re: "Sightings and any activity of these gang members can also be reported to the VAMA headquarters on vamaunited2016". Do you not see how hypocritical this is? It's like tabloid thrash. Many older blogs slated, and rightly so, the sly lapdog antics of some seminarians in Maynooth who spied on other seminarians who e.g. had attended the Latin Mass, and ran back to tell the formation team. But you are actively encouraging such behaviour. If that's what VAMA is about I'm out!

    3. Are / were you a VAMA member?

  16. Bartlett is one of the biggest jokes in a completely ridiculous Irish Church. PP

    1. One of the biggest? He is THE biggest!

  17. Whatabout yiz! A haven't bin talkin' til yiz in ages. A wuz on ma hallidays in Bundoran, wuz luvly so it wuz.

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    1. Big lily I don't think there's anything for you on grindr you wouldn't be their type . Try adult friend finder or fab swingers lol

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  18. Maybe Bartlett was in Gammarellis buying new nappies and bandages for the Wounded Healer from their select satin range, especially designed for cardinals' big fat arses and hurt prides - respectively?

    In that picture above, he is "praying" - pleeeeeeze pleeeeeeeezzz pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezeee let me become a bishop soon. I promise to give up Pringles.

  19. That picture of bartlett pretending to pray sums him up. He is the biggest fraud imaginable. He seems to be on an unstoppable march to the episcopate - his heart's desire for a mitre. let's all pray fervently that he is thwarted in his ambitious and calculating schemes. As Brady's spin doctor, he epitomises the absolute worst type of unworthy and unsuitable careerist clergyman, driven by all-consuming ambition. We need men of God - not men like him.

    Armagh Andy.

    1. I agree totally. Bartlett is a disgrace. He must be stopped in his tracks. He is 'more of the same'. Enough!!!