Friday, 26 August 2016



In the coming days the following advertisement will be placed in the national newspapers by the Irish Catholic Bishops:



Director of Fornication

As part of it's ongoing reorganisation of the national seminary the trustees of St Patrick's College, Maynooth (The Irish Episcopal Conference) are seeking to appoint a Director of Fornication. This person will be responsible for the daily supervision of the sexual and psycho-sexual lives of prospective Catholic priests.  Their primary responsibility will be to keep the colleges two hundred year old Register Vitae Sexualis - (Register of Sexual Activity). They will keep this register up to date by regularly interviewing the seminarians about impure thoughts, impure actions with themselves, impure actions with others and also record the regularity of seminarians nocturnal emissions and erections. They will also conduct unannounced raids on seminarians rooms for the purposes of detecting irregular activities and will also confiscate seminarians bed sheets which they will have tested in the Department of Nocturnal Medicine at Trinity College Dublin.

The person appointed will ideally be a person of low intelligence, little commonsense and have no academic qualifications. They will have read one book on psychology and will be acquainted with the current edition of Psychology for Dummies. They should have a track record of causing havoc in previous places of employment. Ideally they should have major psychological and sexual problems of their own and should be capable of visiting their own neurosis / psychosis on others with no such problems. They should be unable to tell the difference between truths and untruths and should have a proven ability to ingratiate themselves into the confidence of those who exercise authority. In an ideal world they should have experience of moral blackmail and a proven track record of sending normal people over the edge. Sadistic tendencies and a personality disorder will be added bonuses. Membership of the Association of Compromised Priests will also be viewed positively. Remuneration will be at Level 7 of the St John of God Agreement (2013)   

Application Forms can be downloaded from Closing date for applications will be December 2nd 2016 - the anniversary of the death of Blessed Donatien Alphonse Francois Marquis de Sade.

The Irish Catholic Church is proud to be an unequal opportunity employer.



In the wake of the Maynooth Gay Scandal becoming public and the admission by the Church that some seminarians are using the Gay Dating App GRINDR a small number of the seminarians are getting around the problem by setting up fake accounts on Grindr.

They are setting up new accounts using fake names and publishing profile pictures that are not their own.

They are doing this to get around danger of the seminary authorities discovering them - but also to continue to avail themselves of meetings with other men for gay sex.

One seminarians in particular is using his fake Grindr account in order to find other seminarians on Grindr and make them afraid of him and beholding to him. 

This shows that there are a small number of Maynooth seminarians who are cynical and manipulative in the extreme. 

We can all sympathise with a young gay man seeking sexual intimacy and dates. But when you have someone actually using the app to track fellow seminarians to have power over them and perhaps report them to seminary authorities - for his own advancement - you are are dealing with someone who, in my opinion, has no place in the seminary or priesthood. Such a person has serious neurosis and if ordained would become a dangerous priest doing a great deal of harm. 


A Dublin observer has sent the Blog some information and pictures that suggest that a Dublin priest is taking a keen interest in the picture and fitness of a handsome young man.

It looks like Father ******** has set his sights on a new FRIEND.  He is publicly commenting on Facebook on a guy looking fit.   Looks like Mr *********** is in line for attention and gifts if plays his cards right!

Strict new regime for seminarians in Maynooth after gay dating app scandal

Stricter regime over ‘gay culture’

A CLOSER eye will be kept on how trainee priests in Maynooth spend their time from now on in the wake of the ‘gay culture’ revelations at the seminary.
A stricter regime is being introduced in the wake of the ‘Grindr’ gay dating app scandal at the college.
All trainee priests will now be required to eat evening meals in the college rather than being allowed to dine wherever they choose, the Irish Independent has learned. The seminarians will also be required to attend evening rosary at 9pm, which has not been obligatory until now.
The seminary council of senior staff will now eat both breakfast and dinner with the seminarians in the historic Pugin Hall, rather than in the Professors’ Refectory. The tighter controls are part of a suite of measures announced on Wednesday by the trustees of Maynooth, which included a review of “appropriate use of the internet and social media” by the 50 or so trainee priests and their staff.
Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin withdrew his seminarians from Maynooth following allegations that students were using the gay dating app. Now the country’s most senior bishops have admitted concerns about an “unhealthy atmosphere” there.
A CLOSER eye will be kept on how Maynooth’s seminarians spend their time from now on as part of a stricter regime being introduced in the wake of the gay dating app scandal.
The Irish Independent has learned that all trainee priests will now be required to eat their evening meal in the college rather than being allowed to dine wherever they choose. They will also be required to attend evening rosary at 9pm, which hasn’t been obligatory until now.
The seminary council will now eat both breakfast and dinner with the seminarians in the historic Pugin Hall rather than in the Professors’ Refectory.
The tighter controls are part of a suite of measures announced on Wednesday by the trustees of Maynooth which included a review of “appropriate use of the internet and social media” by the 50 or so trainee priests and their staff.
Earlier this month, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin withdrew his seminarians from Maynooth following allegations that students were using gay dating app Grindr.
However, the measures announced by the trustees in Maynooth have cut little ice with a former seminarian who has been documenting the current crisis on his blog.
Controversial cleric Bishop Pat Buckley told the Irish Independent that in the context of what had been going on in Maynooth, the trustees should have gone further and announced a ban on social media and mobile phones.
“At least initially, they should have put a ban on mobile phones because that would have sent a very clear message to the seminarians and to the Irish population that people, whether they are straight or gay, on mobile phones looking for promiscuous sex is not allowed,” the Larne-based prelate said.
He was less than impressed with the restrictions imposed on seminarians’ dining arrangements and the new directive on attending the evening rosary, saying it would do little more than delay the hour some seminarians hit the pubs in Maynooth. Bishop Buckley said that while the four seminarians who were most prominently on Grindr have now shut down their accounts, he was hearing through sources that some intended to set up new accounts under fake names.
Maynooth’s trustees have been urged to reinstate a young seminarian who was dismissed last May after he allegedly caught two other seminarians in bed together. “I think he should get a second chance,” said Bishop Buckley. “He saw two seminarians in bed together and he then came under a lot of pressure and so said he might have misunderstood what he saw.
“His bishop won’t let him have a second chance. It seems to me, what has happened is that the whistleblower has been punished and the midnight cowboys were rewarded.”
Bishop Buckley, who is gay and in a civil partnership, said the “problem in Maynooth at the moment is that there is a vicious gay sub culture there”.
He accused the catholic church of having a schizophrenic attitude to homosexuality.


The Maynooth problem will NOT be solved by attendance at The Rosary or by having dinner with staff members - especially if those staff members have proven to be unfit for purpose.

Maynooth may need to be CLOSED - at least temporarily and some time spent - with the help of experts - creating a whole new Maynooth Seminary.

Some Maynooth seminarians are back for the new academic year and the others will follow soon.

They will all bring their absolutely up to date mobile telephones with them. Some will use those mobiles for Grindr and for other straight and gay dating sites and apps.

A small number of hard core gay and straight sexually active seminarians will be back. They will continue their activities and will involve others - even new ones - with them. 

Why not - for now at least - ban mobiles? After all when you go into an institution for training - the Garda, the army, the seminary - you accept that limits will be applied to your life and activities.

When I entered seminary in 1970 we were only allowed out two afternoons a week. We had to be in our rooms - alone - at a certain time at night. We had to observe a Grand Silence and a lights out policy. We accepted those things as part of the price we had to pay to get to where we wanted to be - ordination.

Aspirants to a vocation or "profession" do not get to set the rules. The "profession" sets them.

Is the problem in the Catholic Church - with the acute shortage of priests -that they will accept ANYONE - regardless of that person's intelligence, principles, morality, commonsense etc.

In the current climate a ban on mobiles would have three effects:

1. It would demonstrate to seminarians that they cannot just do as they please.

2. It would show faithful Catholics and the Irish public that the bishops are willing to do something practical to stop the Grindr rot.

3. It would test the seminarian's commitment, vocation and self discipline. 

If Maynooth is an asylum it seems to be that the lunatics - both priestly and seminarian - are running it !!!

THE ANSWER: Close the asylum or let the "sane" take back control !!!





  1. Pat, your profile of a Director of Fornication is accurate to a tee.

    It could almost be a real person!

    1. Indeed anon 10:45, indeed he could...

  2. Does one have to be a priest to apply for the Director of Fornication position?

    I am a Catholic layman from Cavan and am in fact a relative of one of Ireland's most famous 20th century Catholic priests - Father Brendan Smyth who was a member of the Premenstrual-tension order of priests and brothers and I have inherited much of his DNA and jeans.

    Unlike my esteemed relative I am only attracted to males and also prefer them to be 18+

    I feel that I could contribute a lot to a reformed Maynooth as I could teach the seminarians a lot of things that Father Brendan passed on to me.

    Also Cavan men have a great reputation in the field of priestly formation.

    Is mise,

    Breandan Og Mac an Ghabhain.


    These goons are DAMAGING OUR CHURCH: The grinning jokers, with their Grindr accounts, stupid "selfies" and promiscuous antics, who have infiltrated seminaries; The "gay-friendly" "seminary council" of Gaynoot...... the ... of oys arses, with their fascination with penises, wet dreams, sexual orientation and masturbatory habits, of seminarians; Hugh, the-dog-ate-me-homework, Connolly, lying... Michael-the-Dentist, "ve haf vays of making you talk", Collins - the EXTRACTOR of the deeply personal and painful - the "Weiss Angel" of Gaynooth - the man who needs to know if you're gay - and you had better tell him, it's for your own good, so he can "help" you come to terms; "Sr" Breege - the "nun" who has NO connection with the Church; The limp-wristed excuses for "bishops" who - some of them - may be personally compromised themselves. YOU ARE DAMAGING THE CHURCH. GET OUT

    1. Forgive the bit of editing. I can feel your anger. But we need some restraint ???

  4. How about if all the formators and Seminarian of gaynooth were put on trial and each individual Bishop of every Diocede in Ireland and let a jury question each individually and then decide their fate.

    1. The problem HH is that most of them would lie and perjure themselves!

    2. One would have to put a CIA trained agent with lie detectors on the lying formators and Grindr loving seminarians in order to catch out their endless deceptions and machinations.

    3. And even then they would pervert the electricity and the equipment.

      You are dealing with people dreamed up in the bowels of hell!

    4. You are right Pat. These guys are pawns of Satan. They are arch-liars like their father.

  5. You don't tinker with a tumour.

    You excise it and apply radical therapy to eradicate the cancerous cells.

    Maynooth needs extensive intervention.

    There are students there who must be expelled.

    The staff are a laughing stock and their positions are untenable.

    Maynooth needs a clearing out of unsuitable staff members.

    Some of them may need a spell in a therapeutic setting to help them with their own "issues".

    One of them could end up in the dock of a court of law.

    The whole situation is absolutely ridiculous, risible.

    The question is forming in peoples' minds - are some bishops compromised?

    Pastores dabo vobis iuxta cor meum.

  6. That young lad Conal hasn't a hope of getting justice from the lily-livered Donal McKeown. Right under McKeown's nose, convicted sex-offender and jailbird, Donaghy, was able to, freely, go in and out of "the Wing" and sexually abuse a student. Such is the calibre of the men who are made bishops in the Irish Church.

    1. Donal McKeown is the worst. I have watched him go from being s half decent priest (1978) to being an irrelevant, wishy washy, sound bite moron.

      Poor Conan McGonagle is dealing with the scrapings of the incense boat.

      Conan, in your own time - get in touch. You will find that I am NOT that Big Bad Wolf :-)

      I will free you of Donal.

  7. "Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are." - St Augustine

    I tell you Pat, I and many other Irish people are most angry at the mockery and lies that is the order of the day in Maynooth. I thank God that people like you have the courage to take on that clique of Pharisees ensconced in St Patrick's.

    It is so wearying that it has taken years of stories and media coverage to finally make the bishops do something about Maynooth. And yet, the action they are taking is far from enough. The men in charge of this never ending fiasco need to be summarily sacked before they wreak more havoc on the Irish Church, young seminarians and good priests.

    "Gaynooth" is splashed all over the front of the Irish Independent again today.


    1. Yes Anon 12:24, and "Gaynooth" was all over the front page of yesterday's Irish Independent as well. Talk about death by a thousand cuts...!I firmly believe that the majority of Irish bishops suffer from a serious neurological deficit disorder. They are dense men - period. It is quite scary that such inept, blundering fools hold the highest clerical office in the land. Although, they do have precedents... These guys couldn't make a decisive decision if their lives depended on it!

    2. Yes, they do suffer from a severe "disability" that has caused their brains to melt, their backbones to shatter, their guts to liquidise etc. They are both Clowns and Clones and have as much interest in The Lord as a worm cut in two by a spade!

      "There is neither priest or prophet to ply his trade in the land".

      Legalise euthanasia - at least for Maynooth.

    3. I wish the Irish bishops would at least try to act a little like Jesus, who said: "But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one". (Matt 5:37)

      Please bishops, stop all the dithering and show a little courage by swinging the axe in "Gaynooth". The superficial changes effected after the Visitation have proved useless. The time for cosmetics and window dressing are over! Be men! Be direct! Be strong!

  8. Remember folks, todays Grindrs are tomorrow's priests and bishops.

  9. I hear Grindr is developing a version of its app specially targeted to Maynooth seminarians and priests. It's called "Gaynoothr". LOL! :)

  10. I really do believe at this stage that "Gaynooth" is being protected by the Evil One. I don't say that lightly. How is the current Seminary Council still in place with not a question asked from the bishops re their competence? The bishops seem intent to blame the lack of doors, communal Rosaries, supervised meal times, "social media and internet policy" - in a word, ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE FORMATION TEAM!



    1. I will tell you what is going on Anon 13:33 - the Irish bishops, apart from Diarmuid Martin, suffer from that congenital Irish disease, Group-think. They haven't got the capacity for independent, critical thinking. They believe with complete credulity all the lies being spun by the horde of lying Maynooth minions and staff. Either that, or some are seriously compromised themselves with skeletons aplenty.

      They are fools, though, because the game is up for "Gaynooth". And the gross inaction of the bishops is only going to delay the inevitable implosion of that sorry excuse for a seminary.

      We will see how long the "compulsory Rosary" will last. I can tell you now that the majority of priests and seminarians used to sneer at this compendium of the Gospel when I was in Maynooth.

      Do they really think that just by applying changes such as the above along with "supervised" meals etc. is going to radically change the very unhealthy "dynamic" in Maynooth? Yeah right! Get with reality lads!

      The bishops and staff in Maynooth must possess more acute and perspicacious powers of observation than the rest of us mere mortals, as they can see that those guys in the pictures were not Jones or Byrne. The guys in those pictures were actually ingenious, evil, "malicious" impersonators who bear a grudge against those "poor", "innocent" guys!

      Fr Ted - eat your heart out!

  11. Good to see that someone removed the inane, insane and puerile attempt at a Limerick! Total nutter!

  12. For some of the lads in the pointy hats .........the clock is ticking !!!

  13. Using prayer as a control mechanism is disgraceful. I think a pre seminary year might be a good idea. Having done one myself. It would need to be done properly and not run by idiots. Extremism would need to be curtailed. C o E have a bishops advisory panel where candidates attend a sort of 3 day selection and assessment panel. Church needs to look beyond its own walls

  14. Do the bishops not realize that when you are in a hole you need to stop digging? It seems that they will not be happy till they reach Australia! Cmon lads, show a little backbone and courage for once.

    1. But did the bishops put the hole in the fabric or take the hole out of the fabric Its a holy show

  15. Anon 17:35 - unfortunatly the lads in the pointy hats will never learn. They will simply hunker down in the time honoured fashion on the assumption that
    it will eventuslly blow over. Such is their insular (selfish?) view of the world.


  16. It is an abysmal state of affairs that young men, training for the Catholic priesthood, cannot be trusted to make appropriate use of mobile phones and the internet. Surely the answer is to screen out those who lack the rudiments of Christian virtue?

    The standards in Maynooth have gone down the tubes. Vocations directors now seem desperate to accept any Tom, Dick or Harry. Those charged with discipline and formation in the seminary have lost the plot altogether.

    As regards the current staff: it is absolutely shocking, given the nature of the complaints, the extent of the concerns, as well the damage already inflicted on the National Seminary's reputation, that no action is being taken by the Trustees on that front.

    Maynooth is now a national laughing stock and a public disgrace. The seminary staff have ZERO credibility.

    Consider the scenario in a secular place of employment: young staff members quizzed and pursued, about private sexual matters, by senior management. HEADS WOULD ROLL! There would be lawsuits and, perhaps, prosecutions. There would be sackings.

    But not in the surreal world of the Trustees of St Patrick's College, Maynooth, where its business as usual lads.

    We'll say the Rosary every night for world peace and for purity and you'll have all your meals now with the dysfunctional staff. They need to know that you are eating all your greens! Yes. Problem solved! Simple!

    Staff members, it is alleged with credibility, have transgressed the boundaries that pertain to those concerned with the external and internal fora. This is expressly forbidden by Canon Law.

    Men who have NO EXPERTISE, QUALIFICATION OR TRAINING, are pruriently involving themselves in matters about seminarians that are NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!


    The plain truth is this: God will not bless Maynooth. They should erect a great big sign above the gates of a once noble institution - a sign that reads "ICHABOD" - "the Glory of God has departed from Israel, for the Ark of God has been captured" (I Samuel 4:21-22).

    Maynooth College has been hijacked. The Glory of God has departed from Maynooth. The lunatics, indeed, are running the asylum. It is no longer fit for purpose as a Catholic seminary.

    The stubborn, stupid and arrogant trustees are only inviting further scorn and contempt. They are grievously harming the entire Church in Ireland and its mission.

    Angry PP.

  17. So what skeletons do the pointy hats have in their cupboards? I look forward to Pats revelations.


  18. 18.19 Paparazzi. Ask the dogs on the street and plenty of priests.

  19. I think the way this is panning out would suggest that a number of bishops are now compromised and are like rabbits caught in the headlights. Unable to move. I don't doubt the Nuncio knows who they are. There are many priests who know and who will have told him.
    There will be a full scale damage limitation exercise ongoing. Ab Brown will be under instructions from Rome to make sure the fall out damage from upcoming revelations concerning members of the episcopate causes as little damage as possible.
    Time worn phrases like "error of judgement" and "momentary lapse of thought" and " fall from grace" will be at the ready. We will be told we are a church of the walking wounded and all that claptrap.
    Can't wait.

    1. Pathological, inveterate liars after a while start to believe even their own lies. Their whole life is based on deception which is even supported by the reconfiguring of neural pathways in their brains.

      Many Bishops, Maynooth staff and Grindr seminarians are so detached from reality that they can't see that they are now the laughing stock of Ireland.

      These sick men need to stand down and start living lives based on truth.

  20. If it is the case - and it is by no means unprecedented - that some Irish bishops are sexually compromised, then we are facing a calamity for the Church in Ireland that no amount of spin-doctoring and PR will alleviate.

    The fallout will be massive.

    It has happened elsewhere in the world that Catholic bishops were exposed having gay sexual relations.

    The only good that may come about, as a result of such a further scandal, is that it will be a catalyst for reform, renewal and purification.

    But it will be very, very painful, for already beleaguered faithful Catholics, to endure. Lord, help us.

  21. Begorra ur back so you are to be sure. Praise the Angels and Saints

  22. Dear Pat. Can you please recommend some resources for children who were spiritually abused by priests who are now adults and are floundering in depression and alcohol.