Thursday, 11 August 2016



Since the MAYNOOTH GAY SCANDAL broke the Maynooth authorities and most of the Irish Bishops have been in their "war room" planning the TACTICS OF DENIAL, COVER UP AND COUNTER INFORMATION.

At first the Maynooth President - Hugh "Cowboy" Connolly took to the air waves with is message that ALL WAS ROSIE IN THE MAYNOOTH GARDEN.


Sadly for you HUGH - no one believes you. You would have been better staying silent. NOW you have ZERO CREDIBILITY !!!

Then the Irish Bishops )with the exception of Diarmuid Martin express full confidence in Maynooth and promise to send all their current and future seminarians to Maynooth - LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER !!!

This begs the question - why would bishops send seminarians to be abused? And that other question - are some of the bishops compromised and are the others sheltering them?

And now - in today's Irish Times - we have an unnamed seminarian singing Cowboy Connolly's song 

Here is what he has to say / sing

Seminarian rejects ‘malicious’ claims
Man currently studying at Maynooth says he has ‘never felt any culture of fear’ ‘If there is a gay culture, it must be among a very small number of men,’ says trainee

·       PATSY McGARRY Religious Affairs Correspondent
A seminarian attending St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, has dismissed recent reports of “strange goings on”, saying they are in complete contrast to his own experience.
The man contacted The Irish Times to say he has been “blown away” by some of the things said. He had nothing but praise for the formation staff there, “who have done everything to foster my vocation”.
He had “never felt any culture of fear, never felt any at all. And as for this talk of keeping your head down, I’ve been totally open”.
In terms of staff behaviour, he said he had never “experienced anything inappropriate at all, or even a suggestion of anything inappropriate”.
When it came to the human formation part of training, he said “guys are asked about their sexuality, which is completely understandable”.
Commenting on some of the things said about the seminary, he remarked that “there is nothing more vengeful, malicious even, than a seminarian who feels wronged”.
‘A lot of cliques’
The man was not aware of any gay subculture at Maynooth – “and I know everyone. I mean everyone. There are a lot of cliques, but there are not even whispers about guys practising”, he said.
He might have surmised that some colleagues were gay, but that was as far as it went.
“I didn’t even know what Grindr was before this,” he said, referring to the gay dating app used by some seminarians at Maynooth, it has been claimed.
“If there is a gay culture, it must be among a very small number of men because the rest of us had no idea about it.It wasn’t an open secret, which is the way the press is covering it. If the seminarians didn’t know about it, then there’s no way the staff could have.”
Neither had he ever heard about confidentiality documents, or of people being asked to comply with them. “But if it was a big deal, there would be talk about it,” he said.
In his view, “there is no secrecy agreement. If it was anything controversial, it would be discussed among the students, but I’ve never heard it mentioned. I’ve never felt that there is a culture of secrecy in the seminary.”
Encouraged us
He said: “We were told about the external panel in [college president Msgr Hugh Connolly’s] opening year address, and he genuinely encouraged us to use it if we felt the need.”
Relations between seminarians and other students at Maynooth are also much freer and easier than portrayed recently.
He cited a Strictly Come Dancing event at the seminary recently. “There’s no question of secrecy,” he said. “It doesn’t come into it.”
Seminarians who were dismissed generally deserved it, he said. “People are dismissed for a good reason. I have met some guys who were dismissed, and rightly so.”
He believes Msgr Connolly has been handling matters since the crisis broke “with great respect for all. The Monsignor could have said that to the media, but instead took the high road, which is what I and the majority of the other seminarians would expect.”

‘‘ I didn’t even know what Grindr was before this

The GRINDR story is not true! Is ARCHBISHOP DIARMUID MARTIN a liar !!!

Was the reporter on Channel 4 News talking to a seminarian on Grindr making it all up ????

No CULTURE OF FEAR - are those who lived in that culture also LIARS !!!

There is nothing slightly inappropriate ? Has he ever met this sailor?

Has he ever met this fine specimen walking the corridors on a dark night?

The staff are perfect !!! Why are the GARDA investigating one of them ???????

The seminarians who complain are bad people - scorned seminarians ? REALLY! ALL OF THEM !

Mind you he DOES ADMIT that Maynooth had a STRICTLY COME DANCING NIGHT! Is this what it was like???


I doubt it.


But we all know - from our experience of the CHILD ABUSE SCANDAL that the Catholic Church and Catholic Bishops Conferences are FACTORIES of LIES, COVER UPS, MENTAL RESERVATIONS, PROPAGANDA etc etc etc

Expect more of this as the the cornered rats squeal !!! 


  1. Is this fellow a holy innocent or just a bare faced liar? Hard to know. Obviously one of Fanny's pets.

    1. A future bishop too modest to give his name.

  2. Pat you say "please expect more maynooth propaganda in the coming days" are you saying another big story is due?

    1. This is a story that keeps on growing.

      Yes, there is more to come out.

      And the more revelations - the more denials.

    2. The interview with that seminarian in the IT is laughable - I mean - really - LOL!

      Maynooth is a small seminary community and this "innocent" would have us believe that "if there is a gay culture it must be among a small group of men". Ah c'mere......

      Indeed, this student is defo one of the "pets" of the "gay-friendly" (very friendly) Gulag adm. He could be Fanny's bag-carrier, or even King Puck himself for all we know!

      These people must really think Irish Catholics are STOOOOPID!!! Yes, even still, after the abuse scandals - after their years of lies, cover-up, bungling incompetence, callous indifference to victims' sufferings, their denial and scandalous ineptitude, they still think they can wind up and wheel out, some prissy little stooge with a wee story they have taught him, no doubt with the promise of preferment now and in the future.

      This seminarian is trotting out a pro-Maynooth party-line? Why doesn't he identify himself? After all, he has nothing to fear, unlike the seminarians who are reporting that there are big problems.

      Hugh Connolly, are you for real? Do you think we were all born yesterday? You have all been caught - you, Fanny, Paulie and Micky, with your bloomers round your ankles.

      You are a disgrace. Get out. You have no credibility and this latest tactic only shows how pathetic, stupid and desperate you all are.

      Archbishop Charles Brown, I hope you are doing your job and consulting with the CDF, et alia., about this latest scandal to befall Catholic Ireland.

      Remember Archbishop Brown, that Pope Benedict XVI said that the scandals of sexual abuse in Ireland did far more to harm the Church in Ireland than centuries of persecution! Well, here is MORE OF THE SAME, Archbishop Brown!

      And disobedience to the Pope to boot - for Maynooth was the subject of an Apostolic Visitation and it's findings were SUPPRESSED - DISREGARDED - by Maynooth and the Irish bishops!!??

      Dear bishops - how many of you are on Grindr? Have some of you been slipping in between the sheets too, with some of the "pretty boys"? Is that why you are so desperate? Is that why, as usual, when faced with a debilitating and destructive crisis, you respond with paralysis, lies and obfuscation?

      Rest assured, "your sin will find you out" (Numbers 32:23) and "even now, the axe is laid to the roots of the tree" (Matt 3:10).

      Do you not know, that by failing to urgently address this scandal and crisis, you are defiling the Church of Jesus Christ? I say, defiling - not destroying - because you cannot destroy it. YOU WILL BE DESTROYED - THE CHURCH WON'T!

      The more they try these risible tactics, like wheeling out some priggish nancy boy to make a phone call to Patsy McGarry that all is "rosy" in Maynooth, the more they expose themselves for what they are.

      The only thing "rosy" in Maynooth is the hue of some of the students and staff!!

  3. The empire strikes back!!!!
    Use the force Pat

    1. Don't worry. Missiles primed and locked on targets!

    2. Don't worry. Missiles primed and locked on targets!

  4. The mind boggles. I suppose in theory a student could be excluded from the inner circle but if this agreement was a group exercise this seems strange. All the more shame for the big guys if they are lining up some poor young ejit to talk shite on their behalf

  5. The ejit you refer to will be a future bishop the way things are headed.....

    1. Hilarious blog today!! Imagine the poor seminarian being slapped around by the cowboy: "you idiot, it was going so well, why did you have to mention the ****ing strictly come dancing night!"

    2. And the only seminarian they could find to defend the place is anonymous .... but, no, there's no culture of fear there!!

  6. The idiot of a seminarian (that is if wasn't Fanny, or Cowboy, or one of the other goon ringing anonymously) has only confirmed that Maynooth is in BIG BIG TROUBLE.

    1. Don't papers have to have real name on file in case of reprisal

  7. Funny he mentioned the strictly come dancing....Rory competed in the Armagh version...all those sequins.....

  8. News just in: Connolly is due to attend a fund raiser in NYC on Sept 26th. I am told there is big money to be made at the US fund raisers $100,000 plus!

  9. Wouldn't you think, if everything (along with the aura of some staff and students) in the Maynooth garden is "rosy", that the students would be coming forward TOGETHER, to challenge what has now developed into a very grave situation, for the College??

    Instead, you have an anonymous "seminarian" spouting this incredible nonsense.

    There are about sixty seminarians in Maynooth. If there is a gay sub-culture, it must be among a very small group of men, says Anon Sem.

    LOL! Do you think we floated down the Liffey in a bubble, son?

    "I never heard of Grindr until this" - yeah right. Ah c'mere son, yer Aunt Fanny is lookin' ye!

    Everything in the garden is rosy indeed. In fact, there are some pretty exotic specimens, growing and thriving, in Gaynooth's fertile soil.

    The "roses" are well-fed, carefully pruned and gently tended by the rose-fanciers.

    Watch out for the avenging plague of green fly, boys. It's on its way and pesticide-resistant.

  10. Dermot Martin came clucking out into Gaynooth's gardens last week, like a bespectacled Mother Hen, seeking to gather his three chicks under his wing and transport them to safety in another exotic garden in Rome.

    Turns out that one of his "chicks" is one of the big culprits in the scandal.

    Sailor boy told +Dermot he was gay but not practising. Is DM naive? The student is hardly going to tell his bishop that he is a Grindr star!!!

    And DM, according to a source, was told about the Adm of his Pro-Cathedral lavishing expensive gifts on Sailor boy and has done nothing! If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck......

    This is a mess and Gaynooth's Admins are making it worse by the day.

  11. I wonder did the seminarian call the Irish Times from an apartment in Barcelona!

  12. anyone who starts deleting facebook photos and setting facebook to private has something to hide. hes been well informed by the powers that be to deny any involvement with Georgeous. hard to do when students are aware of their close 'friendship'. both no doubt are checking in here via their smart phones. bring me back a stick of rock lads!

  13. Sailor Boy and co. deleting facebook photos, closing down twitter, instagram, etc., is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Yizzer too late lads. #notalegtostandon

  14. What happens if accounts are closed. Can Gardai still get the info of needed

  15. Why would the gardai need info from someones facebook account? what crime has been committed?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Depends what evidence might be needed if any

    1. The deletions have nothing to do with anything legal or criminal in this case.

      They are being done in a futile attempt to remove evidence of associations , avoid embarrassment and so on.

      But its futile - an entirely pointless exercise. EVERYBODY KNOWS....

  18. I reckon the clergy have a rpid response team of IT consultants who decend at a minutesnotice to erase/ clean up social media accounts.....bit like Winston Wolfe....


  19. Sean Page and Rasputin, catch yourselves on you complete twats!!! Fr. Paul etc will be in full force. Pfft, imagine if wankers like you people stopped them!! Go and keyboard somewhere else!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

    1. You sound like a despicable recently or soon to be ordained Gaynooth denizen. Full force indeed...

    2. Anonymous at 18:34 - what a sweet sweet boy!

      I'm sure Fr Pryor rests easier in his bed knowing such a stout-hearted young stalwart has his back.

      Are you a seminarian? Your vocabulary is amazing.

      Maynooth has nothing to fear with defenders of your calibre and intelligence.

  20. Sean we have hit a nerve... Popeye the sailors crew are breaking radio scilence. Ha ha let battle commence!


  21. As a frequent watcher of this blog can I ask Sean and Rasputin to keep your emotions in check. You both do make very valid points often but sometimes either by trivial remarks or language you undermine your points.
    This blog has done very well and has been very much in the driving seat and setting the agenda re Gaynooth. The press watch and learn much from this blog. Please don't turn them off by being too silly. Don't get too emotive. State your points, which are often good and hard hitting, and let the natural flow of the blog do the rest.
    Please take this constructive criticism in good faith.

    1. Points validity made and taken. Most people on here live in the real world. Humour used is on my part light hearted and not set to demean anyone. I'm sure the discerning can read with wise judgement

  22. I'm shiverrin n me boots ducky

  23. Anon 18:30 has gone off-air....Winston has pulled the plug on his IT.
    Irest my case ..... :)


  24. good faith? Sounds like we have just bin savaged by a dog-collar.LOL:)

  25. Pat your blog has done well in highlighting the untoward goings on in Maynooth It is indeed,strange that what amounts to essentially a vote of no confidence in Maynooth by the Primate of Ireland who cannot in his own conscience send seminarians to the national seminary is a view that is not shared by the other bishops including the nominal head of our church in Ireland, the Archbishop of Armagh..

    It's obvious that the management of Maynooth by current personal in charge has many questions to answer and with no obvious change seemingly forthcoming.

    With Rome having no direct jurisdiction over Maynooth, the time may have now come that its status as a "Pontifical University" is withdrawn by the Holy See.

    On another note,while this blog has highlighted things appropriatley, there is also commentary that appears unbefitting. Individuals deserve the right to natural justice but with innuendo and assumptions arife it is clear that at times that has gone by the wayside.

    Hopefully, the trustees at Maynooth will see reason and implement change rather than holding out on settling scores with Diarmuid Martin whom has shown leadership and courage, and being isolated for following his conscience.

    1. MourneManMichael12 August 2016 at 09:52

      A sound and balanced comment Anon @ 02:24, and in endorsing your penultimate paragraph, I'd add that while I enjoy a bit of humour, at times the 'poking fun' element of levity (as in today's blog about the Bishops' Ball), undermines and detracts from the quite serious matters debated.