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I have written in this Blog about my failed attempts to get talking to Cardinal Vincent Nichols about a sex scandal in his diocesan seminary of Allen / Alice Hall in London.

It seems that VINNIE does not want to know the information I have for him? Strange!

On foot of my piece about Vinnie one of our Westminster priest readers got in touch with me to ask me if I had ever seen the picture of Vinnie in his speedos? And of course I have not. Vinnie does not strike me as a speedo man at all. 

Apparently this priest, who shall remain nameless to prevent reprisals, once visited the presbytery at Our Lady of Victories Church in Kensington, London and was shown a picture of Vinnie in speedos by a lay person present in the presbytery.

Apparently Vinnie was very good friends with the PP of Kensington - Canon Adrian Arrowsmith and they used to holiday together.

The speedo picture apparenty shows Vinnie and Adrian in speedos when Vinnie was younger - and probably pre-episcopal.

When Adrian retired he accompanied Vinnie on his pastoral tours of Birmingham when Vinnie was archbishop there and when Vinnie got Westminster Adrian followed him around Westminster in a fashion resembling Mary and her little lamb.


I'm sure that the readers would like to see this speedo picture of Vinnie - who after all could be a future pope.

Anyone out there got that pic?



YESTERDAY we asked ourselves if there ever had been / were sexually active Irish Catholic bishops - and I said that I believed there were.

There are stories of sexually active gay Irish bishops and those stories will have to wait until the gentlemen involved are dead - or until one of their lovers / conquests come forward publicly.

But Irish Catholic Bishops have already been named for having relationships with women.

The most famous case is that of EAMON CASEY who beded ANNIE MURPHY when he was the Bishop of Kerry and their affair produced a son called PETER.

CASEY was moved as bishop to Galway before the scandal broke in 1992 and he took £70,000 of Galway Diocese money to tray and pay Annie and Peter off in a lawyers office in the USA.

When the scandal broke in 1992 the Vatican put Casey on a midnight flight to the USA and from there to a remote part of South America.

After some years he was allowed to return quietly to England and a nit after that was retired to a remote cottage in the West of Ireland. 

Currently he is elderly and ill and I am sure the Catholic Church is dreading his death and his funeral.

Will they give his a proper bishop's funeral or will they give him what my Dad used to call a SPIES FUNERAL - a low key send off.

One thing is sure - the Irish Catholic Bishops will be glad to bury him - and forever this time!


Within two years of Eamon Casey's scandal the Vatican - unknowingly I imagine - appointed another sexually active Irish bishop - Michael Dallat - auxiliary in Down and Connor.

Dallat was a gruff and dour North Antrim man and the last man you would have expected to have a secret woman in his life. But he did.

When he died in 2000 the Irish Church did it's very best to keep her away from his death bed - and indeed from being prominent at his funeral.

Down and Connor priests speak of a stand up row that occurred on a hospital corridor between the good lady and then then bishop - Paddy Walsh.


I think it is generally accepted that the good lady was well able to stand up for herself and Paddy Walsh had to back down. 

Mind you the Dallat fondness for the ladies did not die out with His Lordship. His priest nephew - Ciaran Dallat - went on to make one of his Belfast parishioners pregnant.


There always have been and there are both priests and bishops who will be sexually active. 

We know that from Irish surnames:

McEntaggart - the son of the priest.

McAnespie - the son of the bishop

McNabb - the son of the abbot.

Its hardly any wonder then that there will be sexually active seminarians in Maynooth - although these days most of them seem to be gay.

The up side to that I suppose is that there will be fewer priests and bishops children in the land?



Marriage may often be a stormy lake, but celibacy is almost always a muddy horse pond. 

(Thomas Love Peacock)


I see His Blood upon the Rose
By Joseph Mary Plunkett  (1887–1916)
I SEE his blood upon the rose
And in the stars the glory of his eyes,
His body gleams amid eternal snows,
His tears fall from the skies.
I see his face in every flower;        5
The thunder and the singing of the birds
Are but his voice—and carven by his power
Rocks are his written words.
All pathways by his feet are worn,
His strong heart stirs the ever-beating sea,       10
His crown of thorns is twined with every thorn,
His cross is every tree.


  1. God made human nature the way it is for a purpose. Here's a quote God made man in His image Ever since Man has been trying to make God in his image.

  2. Ah Pat, you've just ruined my breakfast now that I have that image of Vinnie in this speedos in my mind! Have mercy!

  3. There's just something about Nichols I don't like.

  4. I'm sure Cardinal Nicholls is trembling in his boots at the thought of your exposing him Pat. NOT. Its so sad that you set yourself up as Jury, Judge and Executioner of a man you have never met, let alone spoken too.

    1. Exposing him for wearing speedos ??????

      Its hardly a crime or a fault.

  5. It's called investigative journalism
    Get over yourself

  6. Bishop Pat feels your sadness... Not
    Get over yourself

  7. The suggestive comments about Vinnie are not worthy of you, Pat. You sometimes lose perspective, which spoils the good, serious work done by your writing.

    1. If you were the cardinal archbishop of Westminster and I had I had important information about your seminary would you refuse to listen?

      And if you did would I not be entitled to worry about that

  8. There seem to be many commenters on this blog whose sensibilities might be better served by restricting themselves to the People's Front of Judea / Judean People's Front charade offered by the ACP site. The provocative, rough and tumble nature of this blog allied to its serious intent is what I come to read. History shows us that authoritarian regimes can easily handle anger and dissent but once they are subject to laughter and mockery the end is nigh. More power to you Pat. Keep up the good work!


  9. If, I were the cardinal Archbishop of Westminster I'd give you a wide berth.

  10. Maybe Vinny had done a cover pun intended

  11. Is that the best you can do......Cardinal wearing Speedoes........youre getting worse Buckley.

  12. Of course there is nothing intrinsically wrong with anyone wearing a socially acceptable costume to go swimming. The difference with King Puck is that his jock strap showed his bum and the picture was posted on an app whose intention is finding dates and sex.
    The really sad thing about his eminence is that there is no news. If the most human thing he has done in his clerical career is go swimming that is frankly pathetic.
    Just one thing, Pat, please please if you get hold of that picture, don't post it, I beg you.

    1. Same anon
      And I just thought it would be even sadder if he stopped going swimming because it was below the episcopal dignity to be seen in swimwear.
      Just no, please don't :-))

    2. You will not publish a photograph of Vincent Nicholls in his swimwear, on this site, or anywhere else for that matter, because no such picture has ever existed. It was all an initial humorous remark that got out of hand. The picture that Adrian Arrowsmith had in his sitting room was of a young Vincent Nicholls when he was at the English College as part of the VEC football team, in football kit. There were the other team mates in it as well. Honestly Pat you need to do better than this. For a man of your age you are surprisingly gullible, or perhaps its just you accept anything at face value that you perceive as being of use to you never ending crusade against the Church? I don't know what it is. Recently your posts have really caused me deep concern. Do you ever take time to look at yourself in the mirror? A long hard client look, that is? Are you comfortable with the man who is looking back at you? Content with the man who on a daily basis publishes innuendo, falsehoods, allegations, gossip (even about the dead)? I don't know how you sleep at night. I really pity you.

    3. The photograph the English priest says he saw was of both Vincent Nichols and Adrian Arrowsmith in speedos.

      Was Adrian Arrowsmith on the same team :-)

  13. I've lost all respect for bishops all dressed up and what's with that canon posing in a white gansie
    We just need a commitie to run our parish both sexes and those of none
    I still want to know if clerical students are getting their penis's checked by a doctor
    What is going on?
    No wonder students develop an unhealthy obsession with sex

    1. That pervert of a doctor examine the seminarians in Thurles should have been stopped. But he was allowed to run amok by the staff. If the sick old bastard is still alive he too should be reported to the Garda. Unbelievable what these filthy pigs were allowed to get away with. The abuser of Michael Deegan and the pervert doctor should be dealt with!

  14. My aunt often said "The nearer the altar the bigger thr rascal". True !! And as the layers of so called respectability are being peeled away from the holy Irish Catholic Church and all the kinky, perverted and sexually repressed abusing bastards are being exposed and shown up then my aunts expression is proved ever more true.
    Fondling doctors, abusing priests, bonking bishops and wounded healers all add to this great mix. And to think we actually believed this shower and practically venerated them.

  15. As a follow on from 23.01 I have to admit that every time now that I see a catholic priest I think "Ummmmm ?? I wonder!" And that's sad really because I know there are many decent hard working honest priests out there. But as I have discovered recently a few priests that I have known have been exposed as being hypocrites or frauds and consequently it has marred my view of that profession as a whole. Sad but true.

  16. As a seminarian in the 80's, we sometimes had occasion to visit other seminaries for events - sporting, debating and such. I remember visiting Thurles once. There was something very very creepy about that place. Some of the students were bizarrely odd and weird. I was always glad to get back home to Maynooth (in those days it wasn't Gaynooth). Nowadays, my Alma Mater has become a place of corruption. So sad.

  17. I have just seen the statement from Bishop Treanor about the problems in carryduff parish. He did not go far enough to give enough answers about why Fr kelly sacked the finance committee before their term was up or why the bank acc. was suspended,and why there still is no collection amount printed in the weekly bulletin. I think there are a lot more questions to be answered,i dont think fr kelly will have the full support of all the parishioners even after this statement from Bishop Treanor