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  • George Bariţ – son of an Eastern-rite Catholic priest who once trained for the priesthood.

  • George Coşbuc – Romanian poet, 14 generations of his family were Eastern-rite priests including his father 

Peter Murphy - Bishop Casey's son

Ross Hamilton - Father Michael Cleary's son


There always have been popes, bishops and priests who fathered children - and there always will be.

That's because celibacy is only suited to the few and not the many.

Celibacy is a "gift" to the few and a massive burden to the many.

It is not necessary to priesthood.

It needs to be made OPTIONAL.



Former priest who made waves on local radio

Billy McCarthy: moved from the pulpit to the airwaves.

He had an ability to think on his feet and get to the nub of the issue under discussion
Billy McCarthy, who has died at the age of 62 following an aneurysm, was a remarkably successful broadcaster on Waterford local radio.
A former priest, his early morning programme, Deise AM on WLR FM, dominated the airwaves of the southeast for the past 27 years.
As a priest of the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore, he served as curate in Killea parish before going to Boston College in Massachusetts, to complete an MA in religious education. On his return, he became director of catechetics and curate in Stradbally.
In 1989 he left the priesthood and began a career as a professional broadcaster. In a sense, the move from the pulpit to the airwaves was a natural progression.
Born in Waterford, he was educated at Naomh Lorcán primary school and Mount Sion secondary school before going to UCD to study for a BA degree in English and philosophy.
After a year, however, he transferred to Maynooth seminary, completing his degree and studying for the priesthood.
As a schoolboy, McCarthy cut his teeth disc jockeying at St Patrick’s Hospital, in Waterford, performing his own version of the popular hospital requests show.
As an indication of things to come, the story goes that the patients far preferred his performance. Later, as a clerical student in Rome he became involved in the Vatican radio service.
As a young priest, he was again drawn to the medium of radio, presenting The Good News Programme on Saturday mornings from 1983 to 1988 when WLR (Waterford Local Radio) was a “pirate” station. On leaving the priesthood, he became programme director, a post he held until 2014.
Highly intelligent, he had an ability to think on his feet and get to the nub of the issue under discussion. And, like all good broadcasters, he had the common touch but did not suffer fools gladly.
In a tribute, his former schoolmate, life-long friend and newspaper arts critic, Pat McEvoy, described McCarthy as clever, bubbly, thoughtful and a “consummate professional in everything he did . . . always prepared and patient with his interviewees”, including “some really difficult interviews with people on the edge”.
No nonsense
While he grilled politicians in a no-nonsense, constantly probing manner, he adopted a gentler approach during his everyday conversations with the people of Waterford, especially those who had suffered the trauma of losing a job or the tragedy of losing a loved one.
Des Whelan, managing director at the WLR FM station, described him as “a brilliant broadcaster with a great ability to connect with people” , and he won a national PPI radio award for best current affairs programme in 2003.
He had a long-term relationship with his partner, Des O’Keeffe, whom he often referred to as “My Des”. Billy McCarthy had a fine singing voice, and took part in Waterford musical events.
He also compered the city’s biggest annual charity fundraiser, the Lions Club Christmas appeal for the St Vincent de Paul, which packed the cathedral every year.
Billy McCarthy is survived by his partner Des O’Keeffe, his mother Kay, sister Celine, brothers Declan and Ronan.


Sorry to hear of Billy's sudden death at a relatively young age.

I knew him in Waterford where I was in seminary and was ordained.

He often interviewed me on radio

He was a good man


  1. Most of the royal families in Europe are decendants of lucrezia borgia including the brittish royal family

  2. Isn't it cheating a little to include Eastern rite Catholics? ;o)
    Incidentally, there is a flip side to married clergy: it's a nightmare for the children. The public expectations are very heavy and I can't think of one child of the vicarage/manse I have met, who hasn't gone off the rails somehow. On the other hand an all-gay clergy wouldn't leave any screwed-up children around.

  3. I thought the Borgias were more infamous than famous. Humanity is a garden of thorns and roses through which the grace and salvation of God shines. How many good vocations have been murdered by a hypocritical system many of whose members can't keep their p's in their pants and condemn others for being "normal"

  4. There are plenty catholic ordinariate priests in England who have children.

  5. Dear Bishop,
    Look up St. Matthew - 13-48
    'They sorted out the good fish and placed them in baskets but threw the bad ones away'
    Almost on a daily basis you have trawled - as I said before - not the open sea of Christianity - but the very sewers of creation.
    How about throwing away the "bad fish" and concentrating on the good fish for a change.
    What alarms me most of all is hearing Catholics stating - in your blogs -that they no longer go to Mass - have given up the practice of their faith .
    Do you not have qualms of conscience about such matters.
    I would.
    Sam - again

    1. Armagh Sam, I get fed up with you pontificating, make your mind up because one day you agree with Pat and another day you slate him. Can you please make up your mind. From what I recall the farmer's family from Co. Armagh and his Son have been put off going to Mass because of the antics and carry on of the young Armagh Priests at World Youth Day in Krakow. I cant recall Pat Buckley being in Krakow at that time. So please do us all a favour and get your facts correct and go find another blog. If you don't like what you read on here then go elsewhere, some of us on here are sick of you. You only claim to read the blog because other people talk about it which means your a nosey gasbag who likes to stand around talking like maids at the market. Are you short of work or duties at Armagh Cathedral because they seem to know you there.

    2. I would think that my experiences over the past 40 years - especially my 30 in the "wilderness" would give me a better excuse than most for giving up Mass, God and praying.

      But I still love Mass, prayer and God as much as I always have and would not miss it for anything.

      I have learned to distinguish between God and the Church.

      I have learned to separate the essentials and the accidentals.

      If anything my faith is stronger than ever DG.

    3. Do you believe in the real presence?

    4. Do you believe in 'Forgivness' Pat?

    5. ABSOLUTELY - you mean that thing that follows TRUE REMORSE?

    6. 14.30
      There are many examples of people stopping going to Mass - eg no later than yesterday at 9.43.
      There are at least five such in the past month.
      Is it so terrible to be concerned about people giving up their faith because of what they read in this blog.
      Although I have signed myself as Armagh Sam I have not lived there for 38 years. North Derry now.
      I have never met a cardinal, archbishop or priest from Armagh city. The last time I had contact with any bishop was at my confirmation in 1944(?) I think that migh have been Cardinal McRory - I don't remember any conversation with him.
      Do no jump to conclusions.
      Sam - only from now on

    7. So Armagh Sam you are now North Derry Sam, Ok, right! If you don't like what you read on here, why read it? I shouldn't worry your wee head about people not going to Mass. Just worry about what the Priests are getting up to in Armagh, or sorry, I forgot, North Derry

    8. I am a native of Cloghogue Parish - on the Newry/Dundalk border.
      I am a monthly visitor now - at my age!
      I am old enough to be concerned at the condition of catholicusm in Armagh Diocese and the whole island.
      Did you look up yesterday at 9.43 - there are several others over the past month.
      I fail to see t
      Why you cannot comprehend that I can agree with Bushop Buckley on some things but not on everything.
      I have some admiration for Fidel for what he has done in Cuba - but not about the way he has gone about it.
      Do you have a comprehension problem ... Help - evening your condition is hopefully but not probably possible!

    9. Some sore heads, Sam, leave a characteristic trail, language , manner of criticism etc.
      Sounds to me like you have Wonky Willy or Magna Carta on track'
      Ignore them

  6. Had to endure the Wounded Healer at Mass this morning. Seems to always turn up like a bad smell. Gave us some claptrap about a Holy Land Holiday he was on 3 weeks ago. Surprised he isn't out in Zimbabwe at the minute with the 4 other Irish Bishops enjoying a freebie paid for by Trocaire.

    1. I hate to say to but going to Mass is not doing you any good at all. You are filled with hatred, - Im appalled by your rant on this the First Sunday of Advent. I think its time you fessed up and accept that you fit for Eucharist. Time for you to go away.

    2. Why is Brady still being inflicted on Sunday congregations?

      Mind you the people of the parish of Midleton refused to have him confirm their children this year.

      Well done Midleton.

    3. 14.00 Great S B can call on the holy Land for examples when he preaches. My experience is of the folk round about me who haven't 2 pennies to rub together

    4. Pat, I would like to ask the same question. He turned up to conduct Confirmation in Rostrevor which is not even in Armagh Diocese. Some people were furious and up in arms when he appeared and some wanted to walk out but couldn't for the sake of their child. They were basically forced into it and why this pathetic excuse of a Bishop is inflicted on congregations I do not know. Hang your head in shame Brady because there are many people who don't have selected minds and choose to ignore what you did to cover up Brendan Smyth.

    5. I hear Archbishop Martin is coming to the Seamus Heaney Centre in Bellaghy to talk about the future of the Irish Church lol. It pains me to buy a ticket but I shall be there to ask if the future of the church means people like Fr. Rory and Dallat. The people in Bellaghy are not fools or idiots and wont let the wool be pulled over their eyes. He could get a nice welcoming committee. Bellaghy Republican.

    6. I agree.

      You see SEAN BRADY has either totally forgiven himself - or still thinks he did nothing wrong !!!

      FACT: He was part of covering up for Brendan Smyth.

      He should be glad that he being allowed a comfortable retirement -

      - instead of strutting around Rome and The |Holy Land - dressed in red and people kissing his ring !

    7. Fact: He's loved by many and hated by a few Pat.
      Can you not except that Pat!

      15:05... Your still living in the dark from the past, genuine Republicans don't live in the world of threats or take threats.
      Shame on you to call yourself a 'Republican!'

    8. One lone individual objected to Cardinal Brady for Confirmation in Middletown, FACT.
      Your information is factually incorrect again.
      Middletown Parent of Confirmation child.

    9. Fact: 15.28 you are deluded and living in fantasy world. Sean Brady reduces a grown man to tears after recalling the intimate questions Brady asked him as a boy. Brady said he was merely only a "notary" but managed to ask Brendan Boland if he had spilled any seed or had anyone else spilled any. Making the boy sign a statement not to tell anyone else, not even his own Father. Brady can ask questions of a little boy about semen but he wont ask his Priests (Fr Rory) what semen they have been spilling. Brady covered up abuse and that is the FACT in this matter.

      Regarding Republican, what is a genuine Republican. Do enlighten me? Are the genuine Republicans sitting in Stormont I wonder? Anyhow, no threat was issued as I only intended to ask genuine questions of Archbishop Martin. I resent having to pay £5 to hear him but that's besides the point. Do come and say hello next Saturday as you will know who I am when I ask the Archbishop some questions people really want to know about.

    10. 14.00 You should have got up and left Armagh Cathedral when the wounded healer appeared. I did the same the last time, he feels secure in the Cathedral as the idiots there stand on his every word and whisper sweet nothings to him.

    11. The Bellaghy people and Seamus Heaney will be proud of you I suspect.
      You seem to be a mixed up Republican not knowing what a true Republican is.
      Rather than pay £5 which you resent, i suggest you spend the money on a lecture in Irish history, that may help you come to terms with what is or isn't a genuine Republican. I know my own credentials.

    12. Anyone willing to bet a few bob that Amy will cry off the Bellaghy gig now?? An unexpected attack of the vapors or an unforeseen clash of commitments?? LOL

    13. I am buying a few tickets now to see this showdown.

    14. I shall be there to ask about the Fr. Rory scandal. John

    15. I have just been on line at the Heaney Centre to book my ticket for Amy's talk. Hope to see Blog there next Saturday at 4 pm.

      I will certainly tackle him - BISHOP TO BISHOP - about Rory and Maynooth.

    16. Bishop Pat, there are four of us going and hopefully we can sit together. Would be good for a catch up. Your friends Paul and Theresa from your Kilkeel days.

    17. Pat they might deny you entry to the event or maybe even throw you out do you think?

    18. Will the Heaney centre be like the ok corral when Amy shows up Who is playing Wyatt Earp

  7. 14:00... I'd the privilege of attending 11am Mass this morning and totally dismayed by your comments. Here we have a man 70 years plus still giving of his time to God and the Church.
    Would you not feel the need to show Mercy and consideration towards the elderly in the community.
    I know when I attend Mass and ask for forgiveness I don't walk out the door and condemn the celebrant or persons attending.
    Hypocrisy comes to mind!

  8. Rather strongly getting 14:00 bad smell! Interesting and surprised but opinion respected.

    1. 14:00 sounds like a really ill person, he/she/it goes to a catholic service and then spews venom on a blog. Mental Health issues I suggest.

    2. No - Just disgust at what they were subjected to ???

    3. Subjected to The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! What's there to be disgusted with Pat?
      24:00 Slightly disturbed mixed up individual.

  9. Sorry - but going back to yesterdays post and the whole Rory Coyle saga.

    This is as grave as grave can be and the implications of the scandal are growing - not receding.

    RC was a high profile member of the younger Armagh clergy. His sin wasn't a moment of weakness in a public toilets, with a nod and a wink and a quick fumble in a cubicle.

    Rory pursued - ACTIVELY PURSUED AND PESTERED - a young Catholic gay man who happened to recognise him. RC wrote very explicit texts, pestering this young man to have sex with him, wanting to go to the young man's home when his mother was out, to have sex without a condom - and desiring other forms of extreme sexually deviant activities.

    He boasted to the young man of orgies in Dublin, Portugal and elsewhere (London?). He did all this as a prominent priest in Armagh city THINKING HE COULD GET AWAY WITH IT. What levels of crazy are we dealing with in RC?

    His so-called "apology" is a joke, referring to him completing his post-graduate studies, as if anyone gives a damn - a pathetic attempt to give some veneer of "respectability" to the reason for him being absent/suspended from his ministry as a priest.

    Furthermore, it is alleged that he proposed, to the young man who was the object of his desires, that a third person join in the fun.

    Now, apparently, the young man (CC), who exposed RC has himself written on this blog and has said that it wouldn't take a genius to work out the identity of the "third person".

    Do people see where this going? This is scandal of the highest and most damaging degree. I strongly suspect this scandal involving RC and whoever is the "third person" and any other persons up to similar activity, is a symptom of the very grave sickness that has been diagnosed as Gaynooth: a ring of promiscuous homosexual priests and seminarians who are rampant and, in some cases, aggressive, in pursuit of their desires and the satisfaction of their lusts.

    As many have said before, this is not about homosexual men in the seminary or priesthood. Well-adjusted and properly integrated homosexual men make excellent priests. Indeed, dysfunctional heterosexual priests wreak every bit as much havoc as this current "gay mafia".

    What we have at present is an appalling vista. There is the added horrific possibility of compromised and/or complicit prelates who are allowing this ring of gay clerics to run amok. RC had the "misfortune" to pursue and pester the wrong guy and it ended up with Bishop Pat and the Irish News.

    There is something deeply pathological and sociopathic in this entire scenario and the BIG QUESTIONS are: How far does run? How deep does this go? How high does it reach?

    Surely Rome is monitoring this matter closely? There is need for a swift and very extensive "purge" among the clergy of Armagh and, very likely, a number of other dioceses too.

    Sagart, Maigh Eo.

    1. If the 'young man' was that bothered, why didn't he use the 'block' feature offered by Grindr? They must have exchanged quite a few messages to get all that info out of Rory so let's face it, the 'young man' led him on with the intention of then exposing him. So I have ZERO sympathy for the 'young man'. And none for Rory either.

    2. It makes not one button of difference whether he "led him on" or not. It is utterly unacceptable that any priest be anywhere near such perverse activities. Rory was up to his neck in it! I will be interested to hear what way you think he can make a "come back", Bishop Pat. I really can't see any future role for him as a priest. A life of quiet penance as a layman. He must have been completely out of his tree and his "apology" doesn't cut any ice. Do we want a felcher/snowballer near our sons and grandsons? NO!!!

    3. Sounds like a case of "come into my web said the spider to the fly". It's clear Rory was led on and he foolishly fell for it by letting his lust get the better of him. I have no sympathy for either individuals. There is quite a few young gay lads out there who see it as a kind of trophy to expose someone for being married or a Priest and they have no conscience about it whatsoever. I'd just say, be careful who you meet. Too many people are scared to report it to the police because it all comes out in the wash if there are prosecutions.

    4. @17:57, you are right that it makes no difference whether he was led on or not. The only difference is that some commentators need to stop talking in hushed reverential tones about the 'young man' as if he were some sort of innocent victim. Rory doesn't deserve our sympathy but the 'young man' doesn't deserve our respect either. Though I do wonder if technology advanced to the extent that our private thoughts could be read by a computer, whether all of the morally outraged commentators on here would be quite as outraged knowing some of the things they've lusted after?

    5. Let's be clear, this young man is NOT a "victim". He is no dozer the same boy. But neither is Rory Coyle a "victim" either. Coyle brought this all on himself.

    6. Excellent analysis 17.04, Rory should not be returned to ministry. Get a job, lead a quiet life and move away. However, he will always carry the phrase grindr priest for the rest of his days. When Channel 4 were filming in Maynooth they went on grindr at the Seminary and a student sent them a chat request - this grindr and gay circle is wider that just Rory Coyle.

    7. Person at 18:22, indeed this young man CC is no innocent abroad and deserves no sympathy. Rory, however, as a priest, is at a whole different level of wrong on account of his obeying his lustful loins.

      And that's the difference. The mind is a funny old thing. You could end up having the thought come into your head about having sex with a loaf of bread or a double-decker bus. It doesn't mean that you act out on it. Most of our weird thoughts we brush aside. Not Rory boy though. Oh no. Rory had put himself at the service of his baser desires, some of which were pretty base indeed - bestial in fact.

  10. A Athair Maigh Eo, Thank you for your very analytic comment.

    A THOROUGH bottom to top investigation of the Irish Catholic Church and clergy by Rome is vital.

    Can Rory Coyle make a come back?

    On tomorrow's blog I will be suggesting how he might


  11. If Rory was engaged in unprotected sex and taken part in orgies were no one asks what your HIV status is then I do hope for his sake he has got tested. Those who have a duty of care for him in Armagh should insist on it.

  12. Hiya +Pat, I'm sitting up here on my big comfy chair this cold night and I've been following the comments on the blog about the Rory Coyle business. Can I just sum the whole thing up in a few sentences. Firstly, I'm fed up with these apologists blaming "the young man". It doesn't matter two pence whether he led Coyle on, entrapped him, wound him up or whatever. The fact at the heart of this matter is this. No Catholic priest, whether hero or gay should be on a site looking for sex !! End of !
    As for all this felching and snowballing I don't think that the folk in Ballycastle would have much time for that sort of stuff. Those activities will probably get the length of Ballymoney and no further.
    Anyway +Pat, time for another wee Black Bush.
    Dalriada Dick

  13. Mention was made the other day about some of these younger clerics being involved in "shadow formation" of seminarians currently in Maynooth.

    Now, I would like to ask, what exactly is that all about?

    Let me tell you this, as a priest with other 30 years experience - this so-called "shadow formation" bodes no good.

    In fact, I would bet my last dollar it has a lot in common with the "Greek Love" societies so popular in Oxford and Cambridge in Victorian times.

    These young priests involved in "shadow formation" with young seminarians, should be hauled in by their bishops and told to stay well away from Maynooth and get on with their pastoral duties.

    Obviously they don't have enough to keep them busy. Which brings me to my own thoughts on all of this:

    1. Many of these younger clerics have NO INTEREST in pastoral work anyhow. They did not get ordained to do pastoral work.

    They are more suited to the "theatrical" side of the priesthood. They love the "dressing up". They don't want to risk getting their pretty starched shirts grubby from standing in poor aul Maggie's wee kitchen listening to her tales of woe; or visiting old Johnny who hasn't had a bath since the day before he got married 60 years ago.

    They would rather be whizzing up and down the road to Maynooth, to sit like clocking hens in seminarians rooms, discussing the latest cut of cassock and engaging in God knows what!

    Which brings me to point 2: the presence of these "shadow formation" clerics is evidence that those charged with that responsibility of formation, in Maynooth, on behalf of the Pobal Dé, have lost the plot and are a huge part of the problem.

    This "shadow formation" is definitely UNHEALTHY to put it mildly. You mark my words - no good will come of any priest interested in "shadowing" seminarians. A recipe for disaster and the sign of a man whose interests are less than wholesome.

    I wonder was Rory Coyle - or any of his friends - involved in the "ministry" of "shadow formation" to any Maynooth seminarians? The operative word here being, definitely, SHADOW.

    Priest, Midlands.

    1. Well said Midlands priest.

      You have hit the nail on the head.

  14. In relation to pastoral work. I got a great pastoral work reviews - that was what I was interested. One day Donal O'Neill admitted this to me. I thanked him for the feedback. He went berzerk, saying the praise was for the collar, not for me, the praise was never for me and would never be.

    It was clear that the pastoral formation was nil and assumed that pastoral work would follow the collar as a natural occurance. It was dodgy formation.