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MONSIGNOR COLM MC CAUGHAN dies and was buried a few days before Christmas.

DOWN & CONNOR gathered in his home town of Ballycastle in County Antrim to praise him.

They said that his LIFE's LEGACY was the promotion of CATHOLIC EDUCATION in Northern Ireland.


Has it now come to a pass that a man who was devoted to SECTARIAN EDUCATION in Northern Ireland has left us a great legacy ???

Are we not to reflect on the fact that DENOMINATIONAL / SECTARIAN EDUCATION has played it part in:




Down and Connor praised Colm McCaughan for a life time promoting keeping Catholics and Protestants apart from the age of 4 - 18.

I wonder will God praise him for it too?


Father James Donaghy - the former PP of Bangor is just out of prison after serving a sentence for the SEXUAL ABUSE of at least three young boys and men.

THE JAMES DONAGHY CASE was managed by Monsignor Mc Caughan - and his boss - Bishop Paddy Walsh in a way that protected Donaghy for at least 10 years and increased the sufferings of his victims for a further 10 years.

VICTIM A was one of Donaghy's victims. Donaghy had taken him to live with him in a Down and Connor PP's presbytery from the age of 14 and abused him there.

To facilitate his abuse Donaghy broke up the marriage of Victim A's parents - as the mother was in awe of Donaghy but the father saw through him.

Donaghy abused Victim A from the age of 14 - 19.

Victim A will never be the same.

When Victim A's father tried to bring an end to Donaghy's abuse and communicated with Bishop Walsh - Walsh refused to meet them but put COLM MC CAUGHAN on the case.

McCaughan gave the family the run around for years - while Donaghy was still abusing Victim A.

Eventually Victim A's family came to see me and I got in touch with Walsh - and REFUSED to deal with McCaughan.

I went to meet Walsh with Victim A's family.

Walsh gave us tea and empty words - and allowed Donaghy to continue as a PP.

Then I got the police involved. Victim A's family met the police for the first time here at The Oratory.

Then the PUSH was on.

All the time Donaghy said that Walsh would do nothing to him because: " I HAVE SOMETHING ON WALSH".

Walsh denies this is true.

Eventually the police got the case to court and justice was done.

BUT - WALSH and MC CAUGHAN protected Donaghy for 10 YEARS !!!


Nonetheless the COMPANY gave Mc Caughan a big send off. That's what the company does for the "men" who watch out for it.

Walsh will get an even bigger send off when his time comes?

To people like Walsh and Mc Caughan I say the words of the Good Thief:



AL THEY ALL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER..........................................................

I certainly hope that there is JUSTICE in the here after.

Because when it come to the RC Church there is so seldom JUSTICE in the here and now. 


  1. RIP = Saint Thats the way I remember it from hearing many a funeral sermon. Also the number of priests that concelebrated at a funeral was a measure of popularity and allegedly got the deceased more brownie points in heaven. In college they told us to concentrate on the saving and redemptive power of Christ. CoE land there is no concelebration to my knowledge. Funerals to not normally include Eucharist. The funeral service does remember the deceased-a celebration of the life of...One challenge is if the person was not a Church goer..The challenge is always to include a word of evangelism or mission and leave the rest to God. As for sectarian education it was part of how we were brought up. More pronounced in N Ireland to be sure. A new century, a new way forward? Lets see whats out there with the Grace of God

  2. McCaughan and Walsh's culpability for Donaghy aside - your comments on so-called "sectarian" education are a load of West Brit/Alliance Party/Upper-Middle-Class-Ladies-Who-Lunch Codswallop!

    1. You are entitled to your views and I to mine.

      But I hear on a daily basis about the abuse of power in Catholic schools by the priest managers and Little Hitler principals and vice principals.

      Its time all these Little Hitler's were shown to the bunker!

  3. In relation to McCaughan, I'm glad you have rightly pointed out the legacy of separate systems of education based on religion in Northern Ireland. It is totally unnacceptable!

    The Belfast Telegraph polls of June 2013 found that :
    39% agreed that segregated education should be ended;
    29% strongly agreed "" "" ""
    9% disagreed "" "" ""
    5% strongly disagreed "" "" ""
    18% either didn't know or care.

    Around the same time, June 2013, the N I business community through the assistant director of the CBI pointed out that segregated education here was estimated to cost up to a billion pound extra per year.

    As a freethinking humanist I don't want to argue with religious closed minds about their wish to preserve the values of their faith through education.

    I simply ask, in the face of decimation of public services to the elderly and ill, for justification of these huge extra costs to the public purse, even in the face of increasing evidence that the public wishes an end to such segregation.
    Is it solely driven and continued by the vested interests of the RC church and it's dinosaur like thinking hierarchy like McCaughan?

  4. It's interesting, the language you use to describe the big company send-off for the company man. Rather than any business the image that comes to mind is of one of those huge gangland funerals in the East End.
    The Boston Globe Spotlight reporters commented on how similar dealing with the church and with mafia bosses was.

    1. A very wise comparison.

      The RC Church is a mafia - and indeed has laundered its monies for them !

  5. Pat, what do you think Donaghy had on Walsh ?

    1. Did Walsh have a woman friend ?

    2. I think he was friendly with the lady judge who was forced to remove herself from Donaghy's trial.

      But I am quite sure that this was a platonic friendship.

      If Donaghy "has something" on Walsh it is more likely to be something from Walsh's St Malachy's days - where Walsh was a sadistic principle.

      When I went to Walsh with Victim A's family we asked him if Donaghy had something on him.

      He dropped his eyes to the floor and said NO>


    3. The only "woman friends" PW ever had were those who would cook his meals and wash his clothes. Whatever Donaghy claimed to have on Walsh, you can bet your bottom dollar it didn't involve anything illicit with a woman!

  6. My family attend Catholic schools which has provide outstanding education with strong emphasis on faith, that's what we have chosen, is that not our right?

    Why try and stigmatise the many thousands of children just for your go at the Church!

    Show respect for others if their wishes differs from yours Pat!

    1. I do respect your opinion and wishes.

      But I disagree with you profoundly.

    2. At least in the UK (and I suspect NI) the academic results at sectarian schools (RC, C of E, and Jewish) are way superior to the non-sectarian schools, on average. We need to know why this is before changing anything.

    3. There must be objective scientific reasons for that difference?

      We should strive that ALL SCHOOLS have the highest and best results.

    4. Anon @ 15:17 raises an issue which in parallel has been exhaustively researched in relation to the superior results of grammar schools over state comprehensives.
      There is no single "answer ", but to put it simply, much of the 'superior' results are attributable to selective entrance criteria, demographic features and parental preferences and supportive encouragement.
      This is my summarised recollection of reading research over the years. I'm sure much of it is available online for those interested.

  7. My catholic parents sent me to a protestant grammar school in 1974. My sister had moved a year earlier from St Dominics on the Falls Road when she finished her O levels there. It was in the early days of the move toward integrated education in NI and a very brave thing of them to do. I had been brainwashed at catholic primary school that only catholics went to heaven and going to that school made me realise that we are all human beings, whatever God we worship.

    I and my cohorts (six of us Catholics started that year) were made welcome at the school and never had any problems there about being Catholic. Back at the ranch in Somerton Road, however, all hell was breaking loose. Philbin refused an invite to the school, embarrassing all our parents, and instuted an 'Education Sunday' at mass, where the nasty little PP extolled the virtues of our great catholic education and vilified those who were trying to destroy it. I sat at the back of the church and watched my aunt and some other adults walk out in protest. Said PP, who had never visited us prior to this, starting coming round to our house and insisting on speaking to us kids, trying to catch us out by asking us if we had boyfriends, what went on in RE classes etc etc. It was a complete joke and to my teenaged mind an absolute hypocrisy. They didn't even have any grounds for this nonsense as we all still went to mass and the parents employed a catholic RE teacher to take us for an hour every Saturday morning till we were sixteen. We probably had a better catholic foundation than the kids at the catholic schools.

    One of my protestant friends from that school was very involved in the formation of the integrated primary schools that now exist. He married a catholic, as did a lot of them back then. And yes, my parents voted Alliance and we were middle class. So what? NI has changed for the better because of it.

  8. You can read about Walsh's friend, the "lady" judge's recusing herself from Donaghy's trial -at this link:


  9. Christine, in any debate, I seldom take any individual's personal experience as firm evidence or proof. I am more impressed with a broader form of proof, if indeed objective proof can be demonstrated.
    But your comment is indeed valuable. It shows up the narrow self serving attitude of the RC church. Thank you for sharing it.
    One of my sisters, non academic by nature, had her confidence much shaken by attendance at a prominent RC secondary school. My parents, thinking only of her welfare and interests, moved her to a local "state" school not under RC control. Similar to your experience, various RC clergy, including relatives pestered my parents to withdraw her, even though the state school employed a qualified RC part time teacher to provide RC religious instruction to the small number of RC pupils attending. She was eventually withdrawn but then obliged to travel 10 miles each day to another RC controlled school.
    At no stage did the clergy, in seeking her withdrawal from the state school, make any query or reference to what might be in her best interests academically. So much for "catholic education".
    As for Anon @ 14:10 above: if your idea of education has as its central element that nebulous concept of "faith", is that fundamental requirement a rationally considered necessity after weighing up all available evidence, or is it what some refer to as "blind" faith?

    1. Thank you Mourne Man Michael. I hope your sister thrived despite her experiences :)

  10. So can you provide concrete evidence that mccaughan covered up abuse or is it just your opinion...Pat ?

    1. I travelled the road with Victim A's family for 10 years.

      McCaughan messed them about again and again on Walsh's behalf - with letters, unanswered telephone calls, lies etc.

      I do not claim he did this of his own accord.

      He was following Walsh's instructions.

      But he was still guilty.

      Obeying evil orders is evil.

      I will get Victim A's father to write a Bloh here soon.

      He will tell you all about Mc Caughan and Walsh.

  11. Pat,
    Segregated education of the catholic variety is all about control. Get them young, feed them the Catholic diet and keep them in the fold. Keep the numbers up. That's it in a nutshell.
    I went through the Catholic system all the way. Good grounding no doubt. Too much of the religion bit ( Fr Colm McCaughan used to come to examine us in our RE !).
    Like everyone I was born innocent. The opinions and learned behaviours came from parents, teachers, priests and Catholic community in which I grew up. I knew nothing different. Had the usual hallmark signs, guilt about sex etc etc.
    Moved to London at 19. Boy oh boy did I then realise how narrow minded and thought restrictive I was. Out in the real world now. People of every culture, colour, religion, sexual orientation and race. Everybody mixed, worked together, socialised. Big melting pot. It's diversity enriched my life. People accepted each other unconditionally. Nobody was interested in which foot somebody kicked with or what school they went to. We were too busy enjoying being part of the rich tapestry of multi cultural living.
    Then I went to live in New York to work and live for 7 years. Same again. Nobody gave two dollars about folks backgrounds except, believe it or not those of the Irish Catholic diaspora!! Ain't that strange!
    Then to Rotterdam for 3 years. Once again religious and racial tolerance is the norm.
    Last year I came back on vacation to the county town I was brought up in and guess what. Same shit, different year. Root cause- segregation in education.
    Most folk who like me have travelled widely and returned share my experience.

    1. An excellent description of a different kind of 'education '. By that I refer to the experiences that inform us and from which we make deductions using rational thinking processes.
      Travelling is one of the best kinds of education and a corollary may well be that those whose education or living experience is very limited (either geographically or academically) may have a corresponding limited education.
      Obviously education has to be thought of in the broadest sense and not just purely academic knowledge

  12. Thank you , Pat, that should be interesting.
    Looking fwd to reading it as I never knew about Donaghy before now

  13. Well said 27/12 , 18:00

    My experience exactly. I have travelled and lived in many places in my life. Every time I came home I realised family and friends, good people all, were still in an attitude zone which was based on religious prejudice.
    The worth or otherwise of an individual was assessed on the basis of their religion. Sad but true.
    And yes I blame segregated education systems as a principal contributory factor. There are, I am sure other community or geographical reasons but schools is way up there.

    1. The alliance party blue rinse propaganda machine is very busy on this blog today. Not fooled.

    2. Anon @ 21:48 you are well entitled to your opinion, regardless of whether it has any evidential basis, or is simply based on your own prejudice.
      As a member of no political party or religious affiliation I can assure you my 70+ year old hairs are well grey and white!
      It's interesting you provide no evidence or info to support your contention. Indeed such an assertion is typical of the projected scorn and negative inferences of those unable to rationally present a viewpoint, so resort to a personalised comment.

  14. Any sightings or soundings of the Great Dane these days?

    Has he been spotted out for walkies along the North Antrim Coast clad in his Great Coat?

    Is he frolicking in the North Atlantic waves with young pups he's invited for along for a swim?

    Have there been sightings of what looks like a bearded walrus basking on the rocks of Portstewart Strand?

    Is he terribly missed at More House by Tarquin, Reginald, Geraint, Joffrey, Florian-Thierry and Franz-Albrecht?

    Has Cardinal Nichols calmed down yet?