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Pope Francis Needs His Gay Priests


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To the shock of many of us LGBT people of faith is the Vatican’s recent decision in the document “The Gift of Priestly Vocation,” to ban gays to the priesthood; thus, reaffirming its 2005 stance.
Those of us who have “deep-seated homosexual tendencies” or who “support the so-called ‘gay culture’” are categorically denied to serve one of the church’s most revered and respected posts. And to know that Pope Francis, our LGBT pope- friendly pontiff, approved the document have many of us in disbelief.
We all recall Pope Francis’s remarks when flying home after a week long visit to Brazil in 2013 (which set off global shock waves) where the pontiff was queried about the much talked about “gay lobby” in the Vatican.
“When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have good will, who am I to judge them?”
This public statement is the most LGBT affirmative remarks the world has ever heard from the Catholic Church. In 2013 “The Advocate,” a nationally renowned and respected LGBT ‘zine, named Pope Francis their “Person of the Year.”
Pope Frances’ more liberal-leaning pronouncements, however, don’t match his actions. But, in looking at gay priests within the historical context of the Catholic Church the Pontiff knows that gay priests have always been in the Vatican.
As a matter-of-fact, the homosocial and homosexual milieu of gay priests have always been part and parcel of the life and operations of the Vatican as well as the Catholic Church for centuries. Their strength to come-out now as a formidable force within the hallowed walls of the Vatican is laudable on the one hand, and a liability on the other hand—especially in terms of casting a gay suspicion on all priests as well as the potential to expose those priests who want to remain in the closet.
The Catholic Church needs its gay priests
The Rev. Donald B. Cozens, author of “The Changing Face of the Priesthood,” wrote that with more than half the priests and seminarians being gay, the priesthood is becoming a gay profession. Many who know the interior of the Catholic Church would argue that the priesthood has for centuries been a gay profession, and not to ordain gay priests or to defrock them would drastically alter the spiritual life and daily livelihood of the church.
“If they were to eliminate all those who were homosexually oriented, the number would be so staggering that it would be like an atomic bomb; it would do damage to the church’s operation,” says A.W. Richard Sipe, a former priest and psychotherapist who has been studying the sexuality of priests for decades. Sipe also points out that to do away with gay priests “would mean the resignation of at least a third of the bishops of the world. And it’s very much against the tradition of the church; many saints have gay orientation and many popes had gay orientations.”
The reality here is that as quietly as the Church has tried to keep it, the Catholic Church is a gay institution. And that is not a bad thing!
The problem in the Catholic Church is not its gay priests, and its solution to the problem is not the removal of them. The problem in the Catholic Church is its transgressions against them. And I ask: Who will remove the church from itself?
Years of homophobic church doctrine have made the church unsafe for us all- young and old, straight and LGBT, adult and child.
Eugene Kennedy, a specialist on sexuality and the priesthood and a former priest, wrote in his book, “The Unhealed Wound: The Church and Human Sexuality, that the Catholic Church ” . . .had always had gay priests, and they have often been models of what priests should be. To say that these men should be kept from the priesthood is in itself a challenge to the grace of God and an insult to them and the people they serve.”
Supporters and activists of the “gay lobby” in the Curia emphatically state that this brave and visible group is essential to the running of the Vatican as well as protecting themselves from the church’s hypocrisy in scapegoating them for many of the social ills of the church.
Pope Francis knows this which is one of the reasons he has commented disapprovingly about the political and activist clout the powerful “gay lobby” has in the Curia, the Vatican’s secretive administration.
“The problem is not having this orientation. The problem is lobbying by this orientation…Being gay is a tendency. The problem is the lobby,” the Italian news agency ANSA quoted Pope Frances saying a press conference during his trip to Brazil in July.
Right now, the Catholic Church stands in the need of prayer and the Pontiff knows it. Francis aptly stated in his a December 2013 interview with 16 Jesuit magazines that “the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards” should the Catholic Church, in this 21st Century, continue on it anti-modernity trek like his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.
Sadly, this pope is like the previous one when it comes to upholding church doctrine, but with a more friendlier and pastoral facade.
Shame on the church’s continued opposition to gay priests in light of its history, reality, and of the gifts they have given and continue to give to the Catholic Church.


Is this article from the Gay Priests Blog accurate - Does the Pope / Church need gay priests?

It is true that 50 % ++++  of priests are gay.

It is true that 33 % ++++ of bishops are gay.

Can the pope and Church do WITHOUT over half its priests and over a third of its bishops?

I will let Blog readers address those questions in the COMMENTS BOXES:


The Archbishop of Santiago ordained two homosexuals to the priesthood whom he knew to be a couple
Julián Barrio has committed a grave offense by conferring the priesthood on two men, knowing their status as active homosexuals who live together as a couple.
That morning in Santiago de Compostela would not leave the clergy and faithful of the Galician capital indifferent. The rain falling on the glass of the episcopal palace would not be able to wash away the grave offense that the bishop was deliberately going to commit against his own church.
At noon, in one of the most spectacular and most visited cathedrals in the world, six men were to be ordained priests forever by Archbishop Julián Barrio.
The ordinance [forbidding the ordination of homosexuals] is not new and Archbishop Barrio was not unaware of it, but he preferred to ignore the doctrine, many times expressed and gleaned by the tradition of the Church, when he ordained as presbyters, as priests of the Catholic Church, two men who had publicly manifested themselves as homosexuals and also presented themselves to parishioners as a couple.
Not only did Don Julián [Abp. Julián Barrio] know about this, one of his vicars dined at the house of the couple, who are artists, a few days before the ordination. The ordination of these priests, whose identities we will not make public for obvious reasons, created unrest in the clergy of Compostela, who cannot understand how their archbishop can “impose heavy burdens on others” that he himself avoids.
The Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela, Julian Barrio, is walking a tight rope
The matter, amply known to the diocesan curia, has reached the ears of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy, which is now studying the matter. This may mean an unexpected resignation by Barrio from the Compostela Archdiocese, something that already happened in a similar case involving his fellow bishop Manuel Ureña, who was removed as Archbishop of Zaragoza after a scandal with a deacon.
This is not the first scandal involving Archbishop Barrio. Two years ago InfoVaticana revealed the existence of several notebooks in which the [cathedral] electrician, who was [also] the perpetrator of the Codex Calixtinus heist, related the sexual encounters of some members of the cathedral chapter house with seminarians and pilgrims.
The Doctrine of Various Popes
This episode, which has been ignored by the Galician ecclesiastical authorities, is especially grave in light of Francis’ recently published document in which he reiterates that “homosexual persons may not be admitted to sacred orders.”
It is the Congregation for the Clergy, with the express approval of Francis, that has published the document The Gift of the Priestly Vocation — Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis, on the formation of priests.
“It would be gravely imprudent to admit to the sacrament of Orders a seminarian who does not enjoy free and serene affective maturity. He must be faithful to celibate chastity through the exercise of human and priestly virtues, understood as openness to the action of grace, rather than the mere achievement of continence by will power alone”, the document says.


  1. I do not believe Priesthood is homosexual hetrosexual male or female in nature. By default it seems to have attracted gay people at present. However I do not believe being gay is intrinsic to the role.

  2. The Church needs HOLY priests - their sexual orientation is irrelevant.

    The Church does NOT need FALSE priests whose energies are consumed in "pursuing" men and women to satisfy their sinful, disordered, selfish and perverted lusts.

    This current situation involving the PP of ********* and his young lover is ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING. This PP is an abomination and he needs to be dismissed from the priesthood as soon as possible.

    Archbishop Eamon Martin, we all know full well that you read this blog. You KNOW who this priest is. In fact, if you google this priest's name, a nice picture of you and him together will be found.

    You KNOW that this priest is behaving in a manner that is going to bring the gravest harm to the priesthood, to the Church and to the faith of good people.

    Why is it, Archbishop, that you are unable to carry out the rudiments of your pastoral obligations before God? Are you too busy posing for photographs that range from self-glorification to downright inanity?

    This is happening ON YOUR WATCH, Archbishop. Rory Coyle and now this other priest who is claiming to have a DUP/Orange Order sexual partner.

    On this blog, it is being alleged that this "Fr X" was seen being 'wined and dined', at Stormont, by this young man who looks to be barely out of his teens!

    Archbishop, when are you going to tell this so-called priest, who has been notorious since his seminary days (the dogs on the street know it), to pack his bags and get out of the Parochial House in *********?

    Archbishop Brown and persons in the Vatican - we know that you too are reading this blog. The Archbishop of Armagh, Most Rev Eamon Martin is unfit for office.

    He is unable to shepherd the priests and people of the Armagh Church and he is a disastrous successor of St Patrick and St Malachy. In fact, St Malachy is revered for his purification of unworthy and scandalous priests from the Church.

    We currently have an archbishop who dishonours the memory and legacy of his saintly predecessors. We have an archbishop who is inept, incompetent and incapable, who is ignoring an explosively dangerous and pastorally calamitous situation.

    Please remove Archbishop Martin from the See of Armagh and find another job for him - maybe Chaplain to a Convent where the old nuns can fawn over him - or tea maker in some dicastery - well out of harms way.

    For by ignoring the shocking behaviour of "Fr X" and other sexually promiscuous priests and seminarians in Armagh archdiocese, the current archbishop is inflicting grievous and devastating wounds on the Church.

    Weary priest,

    1. Most definitely, the Church needs good and holy priests.

      The Church does not need Deacon "Gorgeous", King Puck, Rory Coyle and his "friend(s)", these young students in Maynooth, Fr X etc. etc. etc.

      This is absolutely shocking - this latest business by Fr X and what he gets up to. God help us.

      Deeply Shocked Irish Catholic, Dublin.

    2. Ah, sure where's the harm in it?

      Not-Shocked-At-All Northern Irish Catholic

    3. I'm sure if Eamon Martin or Charles Brown reads this blog they would get some laugh!

      It either turns my tummy with the filthy stuff or leaves me laughing with the b.....t that's posted.

      I'm beginning to think that the majority of those contributing or posting are nuts and me included.

    4. Weary priest, Malachy was a head-the-ball. Have you read the eejit's so-called prophecies? He'd be sectioned today?

  3. This young blood, true blue stalwart, sexual partner of Fr X, was one of those throwing shapes and losing the run of themselves, at the end of the recent DUP Party Conference, when they were all singing "Arlene's on fire".

    He also proudly proclaims, on social meejah, his involvement with Dee Stitt's "Charter NI" Coy.

    PS. I sincerely hope Arlene's "fire" wasn't fuelled by RHI.

    You couldn't make this stuff up! LMFAO

    Dundonald Duck

    1. Norn Iron, in the words of the First Minister, is "a great wee country".

      Remember the episode of Ross Kemp's series Extreme World that was set in Belfast during the Ardoyne/Twaddell riots in 2014?

      During that episode, Ross is walking along Twaddell Avenue pursued by a very agitated and irate Loyalist (yes - a LOYALIST - not a Republican) bawling and shouting about "super-injunctions": "It's all about super-injunctions, Ross! Ask them about the super-injunctions, Ross".

      The high-as-a-kite protester then proceeded to name some very well known political figures in the DUP in relation to gay porn in a hotel room and the procurement of rent boys. He also referred to a senior Sinn Feiner as, shall we say, "sleeping with the enemy".

      The names were shouted loud and clear for all the world to hear. It used to be on Youtube as well - the footage from this episode with the naming of the well known names and their alleged proclivities.

      Aye, indeed - Norn Iron - a great wee kuntery. Sure where would you get the like of it?

      Shovel another shedload of dosh into the furnace there, Arlene, its fuckin' freezin'. Sure there's plenty more where that came from - right luv?

    2. Oh yes, I saw that episode. It's been removed from YouTube and subsequent showings of the episode of Extreme World have had that sequence edited out.

      However, you can't edit out what the ears of millions have already heard and, anyhow, the wee angry loyalist protester shouting at Ross was only announcing what many have known about for ages.

      Apparently there are super injunctions to stop us, for example, finding out about a politician, who is also a man of the cloth, cavorting with rent boys - among other things.

      But too bad - we will never find out who he is because of the super injunctions. C'est la vie in our wee pravince.

    3. Flaming ridiculous that a hardworking MP, who works his socks off to keep Ulster British and provide for his wee wife and family, can't relax in his hotel room in the evening, after a long hard day, by watching, purely out of curiosity, a wee episode or two of homosexual pornography.

      We are living in a Nanny State!

      Next thing you know ALL Orange marches will be banned by the Parades Commission and it will be crime to be a Pradasin.

      The Pradasin people of Norn Iron get nathin. The other sort get everything.

    4. 18:29, a man of the cloth cavorting with rent boys?

      Never. Never! NEVER!

  4. I bet Fr X is one sorry boy that he wrote about his sexual habits and antics on this website. Not half as sorry as he is going to be - I predict.

    1. I thought that as I read it, too. People who get used to the adrenaline of risk end up sailing closer to the wind and taking greater risks. Publishing that piece can only end in exposure.
      On the other hand perhaps X doesn't really want to be a priest on some level, or even realises the impossible position he is in but has to end it somehow?

  5. I wonder, and often, if people who sign their names as D&C PP and 'weary Armagh priest' are really what they say they are.
    E.G. The fact that I sign my name this time - as below - does not mean that I am -
    Donald Duck

  6. Fr X's young lover is 18/19. To this day he is on the internet. His favourite hunting ground is Craigslist Personals. Thats where he met Fr X.

    I have sent Bishop Buckley his name, details and picture. Armagh PP.

    1. The Leader shouldn't have the worry of this little scamp in her current difficulties, as she frantically stamps her dainty little foot, trying to put out fires that are raging their way through 100s of millions of pounds, of taxpayers money.

      I know what to do: SEND FOR THE DEAN!

      The Dean has a way with such youths. A series of good talkings to - on morals, etiquette and deportment befitting a young gentleman of the Realm - backed up and undergirded with - several sessions across the Dean's knee, under his firm and chastening hand, should sort that young rapscallion out in no time.

      Yes, a good loyal man such as the Great Dean of Belfast, should knock the silly notions out of the pretty little head of this wayward young courtier, delivering him from the corruptions of Popish priests and setting him back on the straight stalwart stretch.

      The Revd Lord Horace Horatio Humphrey Wigglesworth.
      Duke of Dundela,
      Hon Chaplain, Grande Olde Orange Lodge of Ulster.

  7. Pat, you should persuade this friend of yours, Fr X, that he needs to resign from the priesthood quickly.

    Given the nature of what he has been up to - the dream story of many a tabloid journalist - he is unlikely to escape public exposure.

    They are probably acting strategically given the amount of "heat" Arlene and friends are currently experiencing over the squandering almost 500 million pounds of tax payers money.

    But this "juicy story" of a Catholic priest and a DUP junior activist will only gather momentum. It will, ahem, "snowball", Pat, as it were.

    Your friend mustn't be right in the head anyhow: To write on your Blog, about his promiscuous gay sex lifestyle, as a serving Catholic priest; to narrow it down to a Northern Irish diocese; to boast of having a DUP/Orange Order young man as his lover; to announce that he is going to the Funeral of an Armagh auxiliary bishop - AND, to expect, in a small place like the North of Ireland, that no one out there is smart enough to do the maths????

    He really must be unhinged. Anyway, he is f***ed now and he needs to go.

    If this was any other priest - and you had his name and details of what he has done - you would be leading the charge to have him removed.

    This Fr X gives the Rory story a good run for its money.

    Minnie Mouse,
    Under Carson's Big Statue,

  8. Any reports from Bishop Clifford's Funeral? I couldn't go as I had an appointment at the beauticians.

    Dearbhla, Dundalk

  9. Dearbhla, you will find Sean Brady's funeral homily on the Irish bishops website.
    Iggy o Donovan

  10. Could we have a few examples of these 'models of what a priest should be' from the ranks of the homosexual priests?

  11. Who is Fr X? - enough is enough name him!
    Did he go to Gerry Glifford's funeral like he said he would?
    Was it the wounded healer or Amy that said Mass?

  12. My name is Lily Black. Don't mix me up with thon other dirty aul fenian hoor - Big Lily - from the Falls Rd.

    I'm a God-fearin, loyal Pradasint woman from the Braniel Estate - the best wee place in our lovely wee Ulster.

    I am beside myself with worry about that innocent wee Pradasint chile caught in the clutches of that filthy Roman beast priest.

    I can't get his fair wee face out of my mind as I think of how his innocent wee Pradasint young manhood must shudder at the touch of that wicked Roman animal pawing and mauling his beautiful and unsullied wee Pradasint body.

    I am up in arms so I am and ready to march to save this poor wee chile. We done it before and we can do it again, We marched on Clontibret and threw breeks at the fenian chapel. We can march down till this dirty popish dog's house and rescue that simple and honest wee Pradasint lad and bring him home til his mammy.

    Soon no wee Pradasint boy will be safe to walk the streets without them Roman priests abducting them til have their way with them. Enough is enough.

    It is time for til take a stand for God and the innocent youth of Ulster. Protest rally on Saturday outside Dundalk Town Hall. Come in your thousands.

    1. God bless you Wee Lily Black. An arnt I sore glad to see a dacint pradasint here so I kin ask yez a question aboot this here 'fire in the hole' bizness.
      Can yez ask yer pradasint god whose tellin the truth. Is it Bell or oor Arlene? Bell seemed very jenuin te big Stevie an said he wis tellin the truth befor his god. But oor Arleen has the same god and sez shes tellin the truth too. So can youse put a good word in to yer pradasint god to come clean with the truth?
      I'm a feard of burnin any more of them wood pullets in ma wee hoose, and hev hadda cloose all ma windays to keep the heat in since this firestorm bizness broke out.
      Maggie May up Malone.

  13. If it is who I think it is- it's only a guess on my part- I didn't see him. Amy was the presider and the WH preached.

    1. I was there!

    2. Obviously he chickened out of going lol

  14. Yes he bottled it and there was quite a bit of talk about Fr X and his DUP boyfriend yesterday at the funeral and after it. Someone was saying they both stay and dine in the Merchant Hotel in Belfast and that is not cheap. Apparently Fr X has loads of cash and spends it all on his Orange boy. It's clear that Amy has done f**k all about it. Armagh CC

  15. In relation to the story of Fr X and his young sex partner in Storming. They wined and dined in the Members Dining Room. I know for a fact that you can only gain access in there at the invitation of an MLA and not by a party worker or indeed a party activist. Who was the MLA who is a well known DUP member who invited his DUP youth activist to wine and dine his boyfriend Fr X at the tax payers expense in the subsidised dining room. Is Fr X a DUP cash donor. There is more to come.

  16. So much talk about Fr X Who he is or is not. In the end it makes no difference. Sometimes the chat on here gets like Home and Away or Neighbours. The underlying problem as I see it is that the Irish Bishops do not have a ball between them. They need to come out in the open and tell it like it is. Fresh air is the only way to clear the underlying rot.

  17. Confused Catholic16 December 2016 at 14:42

    Why is Fr X being protected here? We have seen so many names dragged through this blog with no real evidence against any of them, but that priest gets total anonymity here. I have not seen or heard of anyone who was accused on this blog admitting to anything and no evidence except vague statements by others. In future I will only believe things I read here when or if there is any real irrefutable evidence.

  18. Confused Catholic16 December 2016 at 14:54

    I have gormlessly believed nearly everything I have read here about people. Now I think it was all a load of bs. When I really think about it, nearly all the photos of people here have been lifted from their public social media accounts and all the stories have been hearsay. But this sick priest tells all here and gets full anonymity. What an utter disgrace.

  19. There is a simple solution to the above. If you don't believe what you read then don't read it. Why choose to read it.

    1. Am I supposed to believe in Goldilocks?
      Snow White and thevSeven Dwarfs?
      Rip Van Winkle?
      If you believed everything you read I think you would be - to put it mildly - Lost In Space.

  20. Everyone share their experience here and this is really nice to read different kind of theories related to same topic. Everyone placing their different opinion and it shows diversity. Appreciate this platform.