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Fr Patrick Devlin broke the speed limit in March this year
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A clergyman who was caught doing 100mph in an Audi A4 on the M2 motorway has been banned from driving for a month.

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Fr Patrick Devlin, 52, who is a chaplain responsible for the deaf community in the Down & Connor Diocese and is also the parish priest of the St Vincent de Paul Parish in the Ligoneil area of North Belfast, broke the 70mph speed limit on Sunday March 12 this year.

He was caught while on his way to open up a community centre to hold a service for the deaf.
The priest, from Ligoniel Road, already had nine penalty points on his licence and was banned for a month.
He was accompanied by another clergyman at Antrim Magistrates Court on Tuesday.
Fr Devlin pleaded guilty to a charge of excess speed and a defence solicitor said his client had previously worked for Marks & Spencer before becoming a priest.
The solicitor added that as well as being a parish priest, the defendant is also a chaplain for the deaf and a chaplain to the Mater Hospital.
The lawyer said Fr Devlin wished to apologise and realised he has to "confine himself" to lower speeds.
The court heard the priest had previously been disqualified from driving for 14 days at Newtownards Court.
District Judge Peter King said getting fixed penalties was "almost an annual event" for the priest.
He added "You are sailing very close to the wind in terms of speed and holding onto your licence."
The judge banned the priest from the road for a month along with a £75 fine.

Fr Devlin made no comment to the press when he left court.


I do not particularly like Paddy Devlin or indeed his brother PP Tony.

I have listened to a lot of people in their various parishes who did not like them either.

We have found them arrogant and bossy - particularly when it comes to the school teachers and principals in their parishes.

The only personal connection I had with Paddy Devlin was when he published right wing Catholic material on his parish website asking young men with masturbation problems to seek his help.

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He was promoting the Theology of the Body of Pope John Pole.

"Is masturbation a sin"?

Woody Allen: "Only when it's not done properly" :-)


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Many of us have been guilty of speeding. I was stopped on one occasion for doing 40 in a 30 zone.

My "punishment" was to attend a speeding course.

I thought that the course was going to be tedious but I was wrong. It was highly informative and challenging.

It brought home to me the severe consequences an extra 10 mph could have on other road users and pedestrians.

I have been much more careful since.

However Father Devlin's 100 mph - even on a motorway - is serious.

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And he seems to do speeding a lot - according to the judge.

Hopefully he has learned his lesson this time.


My most recent "involvement" with Paddy Devlin was on the occasion he was publishing right wing Catholic stuff about sex.

He was peddling John Pole's Theology of the Body on his website.

He was also inviting young men with MASTURBATION problems to visit him to talk about their masturbation !!!


I have never been banned from driving.

But I was caught speeding on one occasion. I was doing 40 in a 30 zone.

My punishment on that occasion was to attend a speeding course.

I thought that the speeding course would be tedious. But I was wrong. It was very informative and it really brought home to me the dangers of speeding - especially for other road users and pedestrians.

Since that course I have really tried to change my whole attitude to speed.



Derry diocese Catholics - and especially the parishioners of Long Tower Parish - are still asking - ONE YEAR LATER - about the sudden disappearance of their curate Father Brendan Collins - a native of Omagh.

One night they went to bed and Brendan was their priest.

The next morning when they woke up he was GONE!

Of course rumours are rife. Without clarification rumours do abound.

What happened?

1. Why did he disappear?

2. Where did he go?

3. Will he be back?

Parishioners have asked DONAL MC KEOWN the bishop for clarity. He has refused to answer any questions. 

They don't even know if he is still living?

What are we to do?

Have the PSNI searched any unused septic tanks on Derry church properties?


  1. Unless in an emergency speeding is dangerous and inconsiderate towards the safety and well-being of other road users. This priest is an incorrigible persistent offender. Why is he still permitted to put our lives in danger then?
    It seems like immature teenage behaviour!

  2. I'll read this latest instalment of filth tomorrow.

  3. The court in Antrim town was told when the PSNI pulled Devlin over he said, "Do you realise I'm a Catholic Priest". Now that's arrogance for you. I think the Judge would have been a bit more lenient until he heard that.

    1. He should have said I'm not just a priest I'm a M&S priest

  4. Pope Francis is willing in the small hours of this morning to grant a Vatican Passport to the sick baby to travel from the UK to a Vatican Hospital for treatment. It's a worthy case but how about granting Vatican Passports to Priests who work at the coal face day and daily. We work for ourselves technically, Francis has opened a whole new can of worms. You can have a Vatican Passport and access to free Vatican health insurance, drive a car with Vatican plates making you immune from the Italian authorities, it makes me sick. Diplomatic immunity is a wonderful thing. How did the Vatican get that immunity - Mussolini, enough said.

    1. hmmm, you missed a lot of your history lessons if you think Mussolini was the origins of a Vatican State.

  5. A month and 75 £ is getting off soft. How does working for M&S have a bearing on anything. He may have to surrender his license and pay to get it back. This shouldn't be a problem I imagine

  6. MourneManMichael7 July 2017 at 09:32

    This latest offence when added to the fact that he has previously been banned for speeding and has nine points on his licence suggests an arrogant disregard for others and the law: almost as if it shouldn't apply to one of his importance.
    The penalties imposed this time are pathetically weak and innapropriate.

    1. MMM, Just be thankful you are not a parishioner of his - or worse still - a teacher in one of the schools he is involved in!

  7. Regarding Brenden ‘Brenda’ Collins.

    Last year, on 4 September 2016, blog said:

    ‘I have made the decision not to publish the story I was sent on here until such time as I can have it confirmed.’

    Was it ever confirmed and published? I wonder.

    1. I'll take that as a No then.

    2. Apparently, he was dead set against same-sex marriage, so we can safely assume the untold story of his disappearance has a strong wiff of lavender about it. You can read this hypocrites like a book.

    3. Brendan was liked by many parishioners - and adored by one.

    4. Adored by one? Doubtless male. Reeks!

    5. Apparently someone is living and working in London with his boyfriend

  8. Another, utterly useless, self-regarding Roman Catholic priest.

    A perfect waste of human space.

    1. Yes, Magna Carta, another one. Thank God they are mostly decent men though, in my experience. Devlin sounds like a right eejit. He needs some form of re-training.

  9. So this blog is consistent in clergy hate... keep it up slurry face buckley... and the commentators are pathetic beyond measure!

    1. If there was no SLURRY there in the first place I would not have to HIGHLIGHT it and CLEAN IT UP !!!

      Address you angry to the shit creators!

  10. I see the angry gobshite from last night is back on at 11.19. Do you realise how pathetic you sound? Sort out your issues and go troll elsewhere. Picking on a Grandmother on here last night, very noble and commendable behaviour indeed. Sad little person you are.

    1. not me 11.43... but your facetious remarks reflect well on you!

  11. I had a mass offered for a special intention, thanking God for the gift of Cathal Daly and the great decision he made if F*****G you out on your ear!

    1. I thank God for his action too.

      It removed me from the most corrupt institution going :-)

      And gave me the Freedom of a son of God :-)

    2. @11.45. When Pope Francis says the Vatican is corrupt and Pope Benedict says there is so much filth in the church, who are we to argue? The church is the !most unethical place that I have worked in. It has become arrogant and lax. It likes to think it is above the law. It has acted like a medieval monarchy with all the corruption that entails. Louis the fourteenth would feel very much at home.

    3. @11:45 You are a disgrace to Priesthood if you are offering Holy Mass with that sort of intention.

    4. @ 12.39 who said I was a priest? read it again imbecile !

    5. The fact that you would use the Mass in such a manner speaks more about you than anything else you heretic scum.

    6. What happened to the new rule, Pat, about not allowing personal abuse on your blog? - We had one civilised half day (yesterday morning) and now we're back to the childish tit for tat remarks. Very depressing to say the least...

    7. Re 11.45. We live in a strange world. If Pat as you say had not been fd out on his ear as you put it he would not be who he is today. The world is full of stories of negatives being turned to positives.

  12. I already read this in Irish news,I think
    Can't believe he made that comment.
    No the paper didn't publish the comment.
    I would be ashamed to say anything remotely connected to my profession if I was speeding such an extent .
    where do men like him originate from?????????
    What he said to the cop was as bad as the speed.

  13. This man, Devlin, shows very high degrees of stupidity and arrogance.

    A serial abuser of the roads, risking the innocent lives of other road users - whatever about his own sorry life!

    The sense of entitlement that made him say 'do you realise I am a Catholic priest?', simply raises the question - 'what planet is this guy on?'

    His bishop should send him for a period of reflection. He needs to reflect deeply on his life and his understanding of what it means to be a priest.

    We can all speed from time to time but he has exhibited a complete disregard for the law and for the safety of others. That is unacceptable in a Christian minister.

    He needs to take a good, long, hard look at himself.

  14. Re Pell. Have doctors passed him fit for travel yet? I wonder.

  15. Pat I am truly astounded that this priest (or any priest - or bishop, for that matter) should be driving a top of the range luxury car. This is quite simply a disgrace. How can he afford this? Let alone the counter witness of a priest who is supposed to be a SERVANT of his people swanning about in an Audi? I know of know priest, or bishop, in our diocese who has such a car - including the Cardinal. Think too of Pope Francis is a Ford Focus. To be sure, priests need cars, but as my old PP used to say, make sure it is not a flashy one that you would be ashamed of owning when the Good Lord asks you to account for yourself one day. Westminster Priest.

    1. Do you not think a priest should be able to spend his earned salary how he wishes - excepting immorality of course?

  16. I wonder what is Fr Devlin's big secret in helping people to stop masturbating? Maybe by looking at him is one way of achieving it.

  17. And masturbation is good for physical and mental health?

    1. An article in the Metro last year said: 'Masturbating a lot can significantly improve your health.'

      I note the priest's offer of counselling seems to be restricted to "young men".

      There is no need to say more; all is understood.

    2. It's in the Metro? That settles it, burn your catechism/bibles we have a new source of Truth. I expect that you personally are very healthy aren't you with all that 'exercise' except when you are not busy finding excuses to take it.

  18. The Brendan Collins question... clear evidence that 1.Maynooth are screwing up and 2. That if they ordain the wrong men that the right men are those ejected and often damaged by Maynooth.

    Maynooth; a seminary incapable of helping young men appropriately discern and form.

  19. He must be so up his own ...e
    In thinking about masturbation only pertains to men
    Would he dare lecture women
    Exactly what studies did he do to give talks on sexual matters ???
    Anyone know?

  20. Maybe he's that counsellor who was pontificating to Pat last week.

  21. Maybe he masturbates at the same rate he drives at
    The mind boggles

  22. Will the rumour mill be in full swing over the weekend? I wonder.

  23. Re Brendan Collins - previous post of 12.40 = i can concur with what you have said I have heard the same rumour. He is gone as far as I know and will be confirmed when annual diocesan changes for Derry are published at the end of August / beginning of September as he will be absent from the list and not be reassigned a new appointment as was stated in last year's changes

  24. Cardinal Muller speaks out against Pope Francis today in the German press. He did not agree with him in being asked to step down. He claimed, "I do not accept his style of doing things". He also said the Vatican needed to treat its employees according to the Church's social teaching. Meooow

  25. U must be joking Pat....earned salary...that's a laugh
    He was prob given the car by a dealer, then the dealer wd think he was getting into heaven whilst fleecing the jo public.
    My husband was a very wealthy man but he wd never display wealth like that, it's so uncouth .
    Pat, you just playing the devils advocate above, I do that a lot too.

  26. I'm Thinking that if he drove like a lunatic, he satisfied himself likewise.all over in a second

  27. Sending him for a period of reflection wd be like giving him a holiday.
    People like him should be sent to the missions, a very remote mission which wd involve a lot of walking.

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