Tuesday, 25 July 2017


This is a very interesting sound broadcast by Father Richard Geoghegan aka Father Shirley Bassey of Waterford and Lismore.

In all honesty, I am impressed by much of this interview.

Richard's honesty, his compassionate ideas, his empathy for women who cannot have babies etc.

However all of this compassion and sensitivity does not take away from the fact that Father Geoghegan is causing a major crisis for Waterford diocese, its priests and people and its Opus Dei bishop Phonsie Cullinan.

In this modern day and age many of us are quite comfortable with men expressing themselves as drag artists, transvestites, transsexuals, intersex etc.

But that is not the issue here.

The issues here are:

1. Is being a drag artist compatible with being a parish priest?

2. Is it ok for a parish priest to perform in drag at parish functions?

3. Is it ok for a priest to perform drag acts on pilgrimages to Lourdes?

4. Is it ok for a priest to do drag on national television at prime time on a Sunday evening?

5. Is it ok for a bishop to do nothing about these matters?

6. Is Father Richard's drag act just a harmless hobby or an indication of a more serious issue?

7. If there is a more serious issue does Phonsie Cullinan not have a grave duty of care?

8, Has Phonsie Cullinan exercised this duty of care - and if not - why not?

9. If ignored will this situation end in tears?

10. If it ends in tears who will be to blame?

In my book the buck stops with Phonsie Cullinan.


  1. I have to be honest and say this priest seems to be a very decent and good guy . His dress sence and hairdo might be a bit odd and his drag act is maybe a bit strange for a priest but sure if he's happy and he's not hurting anyone let him get on with it . I'd have no problem with him being my p.p

  2. Isn't being a priest/preacher basically "putting on a show".....?
    I have had the privilege to meet Fr Geoghegan, he is what's needed, he is first and foremost a CHRISTIAN, not a hypocrite like so many others... he is a man with a gift, many wouldn't have returned to mass/religion only for him....
    Why are people so damn nasty...

  3. He has been removed from ministry by his bishop.

  4. How do you know this? Can you give us any more information about this?

  5. Look at Waterford website. This listed as PP ???

  6. I have been told by a clerical source that the bishop has removed him. Wether it is merely time out in the sin bin or somthing more permanent remains to be seen.