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They have been invited to celebrate by Bishop Pat and the congregation that meets at The Oratory every Sunday.

They will stay at The Oratory on Saturday and Sunday nights and will be availing of the opportunity to visit The Giants Causeway on Sunday afternoon.

During the ceremony the women priests will talk to the congregation about their vocations and their movement in the USA and worldwide.


The address:

The Oratory
Prince's Gardens,
Larne. Co. Antrim. BT401RQ


Liturgy: Celebrating New Life as Midwives of Grace

Presider:  In the name of God, Midwife of Grace, and of Jesus our brother, and of the Holy Spirit, our Liberator.  ALL:  Amen

Presider:  My sisters and brothers, God loves us infinitely and is with us always.  ALL:  and also with you.

Presider:  Let us pause now for reflection.  Place your hand over your heart and breathe in God’s passionate love for you…breathe out God’s, extravagant love for everyone….
Open yourself to Spirit energy empowering you…

Now let us praise God by singing Glory to God…

Song of Praise: Glory to God, glory. O praise Glory alleluia. 
Glory to God, glory. O praise the name of our God. (x2)
Presider: God of Love, Midwife of grace, we experience your grace drawing us to new life in the depths of our mystical souls and in our prophetic call. We rejoice with our brother Jesus, through the power of your Spirit.  ALL: Amen. 

First Reading Isaiah : 56:1, 6.
Responsorial Psalm 22:9-10
Second Reading Galatians 3:28
Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia
Gospel: Matthew 15:21-28
Reader:  The good news of Jesus, the Christ!

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Isaiah 56: 1, 6-7

A Reading from the Book of Isaiah:
Thus says the Holy One:
Observe what is right, do what is just;
for my salvation is about to come,
my justice, about to be revealed.
The foreigners who join themselves to God, ministering and loving the name of the Holy One,
and becoming God’s  servants—
all who keep the Sabbath
and hold to my covenant-
I will bring to my holy mountain
and they will be joyful in my house of prayer…
for my house shall be called
a house of prayer for all peoples.
These are the inspired words from the prophet Isaiah

Responsorial Psalm: “Spirit of the Living God, Fall Afresh on Me” Sung from recorded music
Reading 2: Psalm 22:9-10
“Yet, You drew me out of the womb, you nestled me to my mother’s bosom; you cradled me in your lap from my birth; from my mother’s womb, you have been my God.” These are the inspired words from the author of the Psalms.

Alleluia: Celtic Alleluia Sung

Gospel MT 15:21-28

At that time, Jesus withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon.
And behold, a Canaanite woman of that district came and called out,
"Have pity on me, Son of David!
My daughter is tormented by a demon."
But Jesus did not say a word in answer to her.
Jesus' disciples came and asked him,
"Send her away, for she keeps calling out after us."
He said in reply,
"I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
But the woman came and did Jesus homage, saying,  “Rabbi, help me."
He said in reply,
"It is not right to take the food of the children
and throw it to the dogs."
She said, "Please, Rabbi, for even the dogs eat the scraps
that fall from the table of their masters."
Then Jesus said to her in reply,
"O woman, great is your faith!
Let it be done for you as you wish."
And the woman's daughter was healed from that hour.

ALL:  Glory and praise to you, Jesus the Christ!


Profession of Faith:  ALL:  We believe in God who is compassion in our world. We believe in Jesus, whose death and resurrection reveals God’s infinite love. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the breath of Wisdom Sophia, who energizes and guides us to live Christ’s presence. We believe in the communion of saints, our heavenly friends, who inspire us to live holy lives. We believe in the church as the people of God, living in faith, hope and love.

Presider:  That we may bring new life into our world, we pray
Response: God of all, love through us
Presider:  That we may foster healing of our Earth, we pray.  R.  
Presider:  That the sick may be healed, we pray.  R.   
Presider:  That we may be forever one with our beloved dead in the communion of saints we pray. R.   (Other Intentions)

Presider:  Blessed are you, God of all life, through your goodness we have bread, wine, all creation, and our own lives to offer.  Through this sacred meal may we become your new creation.  (hold up bread and wine)
ALL:  Blessed be God forever.
(All come around the table to pray the Eucharistic Prayer, background music may be played) 

Presider:  God is with you, abounding in love
ALL:  and also with you. 
Presider:  Lift up your hearts in Christ who lives and loves , heals and empowers through you.
ALL:  We lift them up to God. 
Presider:  Let us give thanks to our God.
ALL:  It is right to give God thanks and praise.

Voice One:  Life-giving Love, You call all persons to be friends of God. United with You, we are one with all beings in the community of creation as we celebrate the new life occurring in our expanding cosmos. We join the angels and saints as we sing:

ALL: Sung “We are holy, holy, holy, you are holy, holy, holy, I am holy, holy, holy” chant by Karen Drucker

Voice Two:  Gracious God, you set the banquet table and invite all to the feast that celebrates your dazzling love in the universe.  As midwives of grace we are Your hands, lifting up those who suffer, the vulnerable and neglected in our world today

Voice Three: We especially thank you, Holy One, for Jesus, the Compassion of God, who came to show us a new vision of community where every person is loved and all relate with mutual respect.

Voice Four:
Jesus threatened the religious and political leaders of his time and so they put him to death.  As God raised Jesus to new life, we trust that your promise of faithful love will be with us in our suffering and raise us up to fullness of life. 

All: (please all extend hands as we recite the consecration together)
Let your Spirit come upon these gifts as we pray:
On the night before he died, Jesus took bread into his hands and said:
This is my body, he said. Take and eat .
 Do this in in memory of me.


At the end of the meal Jesus took a cup of wine, raised it in thanksgiving to you, and said:
Take and drink of the covenant made new again through my life in you. Do this in memory of me.

Presider:  Now then, let us proclaim the mystery of the Christ Presence made new again through you:  

ALLIn every creature that has ever breathed, Christ has lived; in every living being that has passed on before us, Christ has died;  in everything yet to be, Christ will come again! 

Voice Five:  .  We thank you for ordinary people in our lives who show us how to love tenderly and have revealed the heart of our God, especially  (pause to remember and name some of these holy women and men). 

Voice Six: And so, liberating God, Midwife of Grace, we hold our religious ministers and political leaders in the light of Christ Sophia, Holy Wisdom.  We pray for our pope and bishops, the young and the elders, and all God’s holy people.

Voice Seven:  We remember those who are sick and suffering.  May they be healed and comforted.  We remember Mary, mother of Jesus, Mary Magdala, Peter, Paul,  Junia, our patron saints.  We remember our loved ones and all those who have died, that they may experience the fullness of life in the embrace of our gracious God.

ALL:  Through Christ, with Christ, in Christ, all praise and glory are yours, Holy God, through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

ALL:  Our Father and Mother . . .

and forever.  Amen.

Presider:  Let us pray for the peace of Christ in our world as we sing and hold hands in a community prayer for peace (Peace is flowing or other appropriate hymn)

ALL:  Loving God, You call us to speak truth to power, we will do so. Loving God, You call us to live the Gospel of peace and justice, we will do so. Loving God, You call us to live as Your presence in the world.  We will do so.

Presider:  Behold the Body of Christ.  All are invited to partake of this sacred banquet of love. 

ALL:  Jesus we are worthy to receive you and become you for others.  We are the Body of Christ. 

Presider:  Let us share the Body of Christ with the Body of Christ!  ALL:  Amen.

Presider:  Life-giving God, You come to birth each day in our universe through suffering death and new life. Your Spirit is moving in us as we love passionately, and extravagantly to bring  your shalom to everyone equally especially the marginalized.
ALL:  Amen

Presider:  Our God is with you.
ALL:  and also with you. 

(everyone please extend your hands in mutual blessing)
ALL:  Holy One, Midwife of Grace, we bless one another as we serve others with loving kindness .

Presider:   Go, bring forth life as midwives of grace in our world.  Let the service begin!  ALL:   Thanks be to God.


God, A Midwife: Psalm 22:9-10 “Yet You drew me out of the womb, you nestled me to my mother’s bosom; you cradled me in your lap from my birth; from my mother’s womb, you have been my God.”
                              Bridget Mary Meehan
Association of Roman Catholic Woman Priests


I am delighted to welcome Mary Bridget and her two colleagues to The Oratory next Sunday.

I have been a supporter of Catholic Women's Ordination for over 20 years.

As I have said before I ordained Mother Frances Meigh a priest in 1998 and she still ministers as a hermit priest at Forkhill in County Armagh. 

I welcome all those interested next Sunday.


  1. Pat, we know you are lying about Fr X going to confession to you. You've added that onto the story. It wasn't in the original tale. You are changing the goal posts. Do you think we are stupid? The fact that you won't publish this and other comments is hilarious but it doesn't alter the fact that you are caught out in hypocrisy and double standards. For some strange reason, you are protecting this Fr X.

  2. This is what happens when lunatics get loose.

  3. 00:17, would you please give it a rest? You sound obsessive.

    1. Give it a rest yourself Carta. We are subjected often enough to your obsessive multiple hatreds. I see you were up late again last night.

  4. brian redmond japan18 August 2017 at 04:18

    Never mind Fr. X. Long live Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan!

  5. Holy Moses: What s mish mssh of sentimental, confusing and empty phraseology. All to suut one man and one woman. I desire, pray for and hope that women will stand beside priests equally in priesthood. But setting them apart, referring to them as midwives of grace is as much as saying they are already a clerical caste!! Playing with and using fancy poetic prayers won"t make any substantial difference. As Pat proves - he hasn't lit new fires of burning faith or vibrant communities all over the country!!! So, what is the legacy of hid supposed messianic and prophetic vision? Still part of the "midwives tales!!!!!"

    1. 07:53 As I understand it, God is the midwife of grace and through us, with us and in us, the mystical body of Christ, is bringing to birth the new creation. We are all called to be midwifes at this eschatological event.

    2. Pat I have never read such makey up Theology that has such emphasis in the human person rather than in the God whom Jesus revealed. These women, invalidy consecrated, focus on themselves as women. God is just in second place. I have no difficulty with women as deacons/priests but the flowery, poetic language hides our centuries old faith and prayer.Who the hell wrote that creed? I find all this very confusing and totally misleading. These women and men who are presently condemning the Church in its clericalism and hierarchical nature, are actually creating something similar. Just look at the clerical garb both they and Pat wear!! Seems like their visit to Larne is akin to Pope Francis coming to Ireland!! Better go to Newry before Sunday for my shopping!!

  6. Sunday sounds amazing. Every good wish and blessing

    1. Well said Sean! I would like to echo that!

  7. What can be wro g with:

    Welcoming these ladies?

    Listening to them?

    Entering into dialogue?

    Experiencing what they offer?

    Personally I find the term Midwives of Grace very thought provoking. Was Mary, assistig her cousin Elizabeth during the pregnancy and birth of John the Baptist, not a midwife of Grace.

    Of course this will mean nothing to faithless, prayerless, cynical members of the Clerical Club.

  8. Yes, 'Midwife of Grace', in relation to God, is an intriguing phrase. But what does it mean? It suggests, to me, that God is not grace (an unorthodox understanding), but simply facilitates its provision. If this is so, then what is grace (if not God himself)?

  9. I think the phrase means that just as midwives facilitate the coming into the world of a new person God's "actions" in the world are a channel of both himself and his Grace.

    Of course the reality of God defies all language but language is all we have to discuss the reality.

    I think our role as midwives of Grace is also a precious thought.

  10. Well I definitely think welcoming them and listening to them is a good thing. But having them celebrate the Eucharist? I'm not so sure.

    -"In the Name of God, Midwife of Grace". Then we find that not only God is a midwife of grace, but that we are all midwives of grace (Voice 2 of the Eucharistic prayer) - so basically we are gods? When we read on, we find a strange pantheism going on - look at the Sanctus - typically thought of as a praise of God, but what is happening here? They are praising themselves.

    Just one example of this bizarre liturgy. There are many more. Sorry Pat, but this is not Catholic, Roman or otherwise.

    Things got off to a bad start right at the beginning: "My sisters and brothers, God loves us infinitely and is with us always. ALL: and also with you." - how is "and also with you" The response isn't related to the statement which preceded it.

    Then we had "speak truth to power". I thought I was on the ACP website when that gem came up.

    I think I'll give the opportunity to abolish the ministerial priesthood (since the congregation appear to co-consecrate) and indulge in a bit of pantheism a miss.


    1. Psalm 8:5-7

      5 You made him little less than Gods
      and crowned him with glory and honor.
      6 You made him lord over the works of Your hands;
      You put everything under his feet
      7 all the sheep and oxen,
      as well as the animals in the wild,

      Do you not think it is all an effort at renewing the Church?

    2. Pat, come on; please be more considerate - you don't want to irritate the womenpriests:

      You, God the Midwife of Grace, have made her and him little less than Gods
      and crowned her and him with glory and honour.

      You made her and him (but mostly her) lord over the works of your hands;

      You put everything under her and his feet,
      all the sheep and oxen,
      as well as the animals in the wild.

      You think this is going to renew the Church!? This is a new "Church" - renewal is neither their aim nor their desire. The order of their liturgy is very clear that their "God" and their "Church" is created in their image and likeness.

    3. No, I don't think this will renew the Church.

      But it is part of a great cry for renewal.

      In particular we have to do something about bringing women in from the periphery. 

      We are on a road - hopefully a road to Emmaus - to a better future - a future in the direction of the "mystical" and away from the dogmatic and legalistic. 

      These women represent a "cry of the poor".

    4. How was this lady appointed as Bishop!
      Not in the normal fashion - per Nuncio and approved by the Vatican?
      Or did she wake up one dismal morning and decide that she was a Bishop by Divine Intervention - consecrated perhaps by Gabriel in a manner similar to Mary being told that she was to become the Mother of God?
      Or by some form of public acclaim - Santo Subito - Vescovo Subito?
      Who was the consecrating - ordaining Bishop?
      Perhaps I have missed something in yesterday's not very enlightening verbiage?
      Enlighten me please.

    5. Where is "papal nuncio" mentioned by Christ?

      Many churches have bishops - Old Catholic, Episcopalian, Us Methodists etc.

      The bishop is the overseeing elder of a Christian community.

    6. Not to mention the "Sanctus" - we are holy, you are holy, I am holy. This is NOT what the angels in heaven are singing - they are singing to God who is thrice holy.

      And since we're all so holy (apparently) the service is merely a meal, a slushy one at that, and not the same sacrifice offered by our Lord on Calvary. As you say, 09.35, there is nothing Catholic or Roman about this service.

      Pat, you said a couple of days ago that you love the sacraments and the centrality of the Eucharistic in Catholicism. I am baffled as to how you can allow this service to take place in your oratory, a service which removes the centrality of Christ and the Eucharist and replaces it with a way over the top feminist agenda.

    7. I am losing respect for you Pat and your blog regarding this issue. By all means bring women in from the periphery as you say but does that have to mean Ordination? Mary Meehan was not content with being ordained a Priest she had to go one better and become a Bishop. Why? I agree with you on many things Pat but not on this one. One day you advocate women becoming Deacons which is fine because it has been a tradition in Church history, but advocating ordaining them Priests and Bishops is entirely a different matter. I have big reservations over you allowing them to celebrate the Eucharist with the congregation concelebrating which of course will be invalid anyway. I'm with you Pat as I say on a lot of things but on this issue, I must say, I'm very disillusioned with you.
      Disappointed Priest.

    8. "Bringing women in from the periphery", Pat?

      Take a look at her eucharistic service. She has certainly brought herself in from the periphery and placed herself right at the centre of the liturgy, to the exclusion of Our Lord. The focus is completely on the "assembly". This liturgy is a celebration of the people who have become gods in her made-up church. If that's what you call renewal and bringing women out of the periphery, you can count me out. It's not renewal, but sacrilege.

    9. Even Pope Francis has set up a commission to study the female diaconate?

    10. So? What has that to do with their made up liturgy wherein (even though they can themselves Roman Catholic) they don't even pray for Pope Francis?!

    11. What do you think of their made up, self-centred Sanctus, Pat?

    12. I am well aware that Jesus did not have nuncios.
      However, the question still remains.
      Who appointed her or nominated her?
      Who ordained her or consecrated her?
      You are not stupid, Pat, nor am I.
      You waffle around things. Please answer th above two questions if you can. Your reply above indicates of that you can't

    13. @09.35
      You'd fail First Logic because of your logical fallacies.

  11. The Mystic Charles Wesley I believe is helpful here:

    Christ, from whom all blessings flow,
    Perfecting the saints below,
    Hear us, who Thy nature share,
    Who Thy mystic body are.

    Join us, in one spirit join,
    Let us still receive of Thine;
    Still for more on Thee we call,
    Thou who fillest all in all.

    Closer knit to Thee, our head,
    Nourish us, O Christ, and feed;
    Let us daily growth receive,
    More and more in Jesus live.

    Jesu! We Thy members are,
    Cherish us with kindest care,
    Of Thy flesh, and of Thy bone:
    Love, forever love thine own.

    Move and actuate and guide,
    Diverse gifts to each divide;
    Placed according to Thy will,
    Let us all our work fulfill.

    Never from our office move,
    Needful to the others prove,
    Use the grace on each bestowed,
    Tempered by the art of God.

    Sweetly now we all agree,
    Touched with softest sympathy,
    Kindly for each other care:
    Every member feel its share.

    Wounded by the grief of one,
    All the suffering members groan;
    Honored if one member is
    All partake the common bliss.

    Many are we now, and one,
    We who Jesus have put on:
    There is neither bond nor free,
    Male nor female, Lord, in Thee.

    Love, like death, hath all destroyed,
    Rendered all distinctions void:
    Names, and sects, and parties fall;
    Thou, O Christ, art all in all!

    1. And Charles Wesley was a Catholic, Yes? Well, actually no! Thought so! The arguments to justify this get even more bizarre!!!

    2. Charles Wesley was a catholic.

    3. Charles Wesley's words on his death bed to the church rector:

      "Whatever the world may say of me, I have lived, and I die, a member of the Church of England."

      That's right, Pat - whatever you say, Wesley did not consider himself a catholic, but an Anglican.

    4. A lot of people regard the Methodists as a lost charism of the Catholic church. Charles Wesley was a mystic and used rosary beads. I have a lot of respect for the Methodists. Their hymns are very inspiring.

    5. Muslims use prayer beads 15.16 but that doesn't make them Catholic anymore than Charles Wesley being a Catholic for using beads.

  12. Charles Wesley was a Methodist and not a Catholic

    1. The Methodists recite the Apostles Creed and profess belief in the one, holy catholic church!

    2. The Methodists throw out the bread left over after occasional Communion for the birds to eat on the grass. I suppose as Catholics like them (as you argue) we should do the same.

    3. Funny, these "women priests" don't recite the Apostles' Creed!

      I suppose the fact that it refers to God the Father and Christ the Son is a sore point for them.

    4. Regarding throwing "pretend communion" out for the birds to eat. What do you expect from "Holy Hens" more clucking ?

    5. @14:27 Your repulsive mysoginy reminded me of an excellent lecture by Mary Beard:

    6. 14.27 The only one who seems to be clucking is you.

    7. 11.26 Some people see what they want to see no matter what anyone says. The Wesleys championed the conversion experience.

  13. Reminder! - The word 'catholic' - - with a small letter 'c' - - simply means 'worldwide, universal'
    So in that sense you could say that certain religions and certain languages eg English are 'catholic'. That's it really.

    1. Yes, I think we can all work out Catholic means universal.

    2. Well said, 11:43 - a timely reminder indeed. You go to any town and ask 'where is the Catholic Church?' You won't be directed to the Methodist Church - not even by a Methodist.

      So the circus is coming to Larne Oratory on Sunday. Nothing new in that. It's a free country and I hope the audience enjoys the performance. I will be at Mass.

  14. I'd encourage people to attend - purely for the entertainment!. Its all just one big show. and the fact shes appearing with Pat Buckley will diminish her even further. I've sent her an email that I hope she sees before Sunday.

  15. Whatever you are, Pat Buckley, you are a validly ordained Catholic priest. How you can invite this travelling coven of white witches to perform their voodoo in your Oratory - usurping the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with strange rites - is beyond me. This is "strange fire" (Leviticus 10:1), Pat. This is not true worship of the Triune God but a mishmash of paganism, pantheism, feminism and self-adoration.

  16. Our Lord did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, according to Scripture. Not so for these midwives of grace - God is a midwife of grace (introductory prayer) and they are midwives of grace (final blessing) - not for them Psalm 8:5 with its "little less than gods" nonsense.

    Some of the other pearls:

    "Presider: Let us pause now for reflection. Place your hand over your heart and breathe in God’s passionate love for you…breathe out God’s, extravagant love for everyone….Open yourself to Spirit energy empowering you…". Pat goes on a lot about the homosexualisation of the clergy. Does he really think any straight man (or woman) will go for this guff? Frankly, only the more extremely feminised gay men would be bothered. Not really going to attract more straight men to the seminary is it? Probably a greater turn off than a bullying gay cabal.

    "We believe in the Holy Spirit, the breath of Wisdom Sophia, who energizes and guides us to live Christ’s presence. " So leaving aside the pointless insertion of the Greek word for wisdom in a play on the female name, the Holy Spirit is reduced to "energizing" us. Great.

    They are scientists too and there's an exciting hint of extra-terrestrial life:

    "Voice One: Life-giving Love, You call all persons to be friends of God. United with You, we are one with all beings in the community of creation as we celebrate the new life occurring in our expanding cosmos." I think they might actually mean the universe rather than the cosmos but hey ho.

    But not to worry because we are ALL WORTHY:

    "Jesus we are worthy to receive you and become you for others. We are the Body of Christ. "

    I suppose this is why, given that we are worthy (and are not sinner and have no need of redemption) and that we are basically God, that we can praise ourselves in the Sanctus.

    Pat, if this is a cry for renewal, let it remain just that - a cry. I'm crying reading this amateurish liturgy. Anyone attending this parody of the Eucharist will be crying at its simpering sentimentality and skewed misappropriation of random New Age and other ideological rubbish.

  17. These performing women are neither bishops nor priests. At best - they are white witches offering incantations to their "goddess". This is not Christian worship in the true sense. It is glorified narcissism and deluded, self indulgent clap trap.

  18. Once people stray, the tendency is to stray further still. They keep going and the journey back becomes longer and longer and eventually, less likely.
    Sometimes,however sad the rest of us are, all we can do is wave goodbye.
    I don't honestly know if you have reached that moment this weekend..

    1. Maybe Roman Catholics need to "stray" back to Jesus?

    2. Maybe they do but how is permitting this circus into your Oratory going to help anyone "stray" back to Jesus? Dialogue is one thing but this farce means that the Independent Catholic thing you've been talking about is just a free for all with no parameters whatsoever - the celebration of the Eucharist shouldn't be handed out willy nilly with no basic investigation or consideration as the appropriateness of the celebrants. Even their thinking on the Trinity looks shaky - looks unitarian to me.

      I cannot imagine some of the good Anglican women bishops like Bishop Pat Storey of Meath going in for this claptrap.

    3. An inane and ridiculous comment, Pat. We certainly won't be straying towards the fiasco and buffoonery on your premises this Sunday - or anytime soon.

    4. Yes, Pat, we're all called to daily conversion.

      Perhaps you will remind "bishop" Mary Bridget of the necessity of "straying" back to Jesus. This Jesus who taught us to pray "Our Father..." not "Our Father and Mother..." and Jesus who is the Son of God.

      You talk so much about how the Roman Catholic Church has gone off the rails and yet you invite this crowd into your oratory who will not even acknowledge God as Father or Christ as Son!

    5. I think Pat should listen to the voice of wisdom here and call off this heretical "Mass" which is no doubt going to get him lots of publicity but at the cost of giving even more scandal to the Church. Two wrongs never made a right.

    6. Maybe this "had" to happen....had to happen in order to finally bring people back to their senses.. As folk in Ireland used to say in days long since past "The Lord in His loving watch, draws straight and crooked lines.."

    7. 17:01, God is neither male nor female, and yet encompasses both, since he created both.

    8. I do not deny that, MC. I was referring to how Jesus taught his disciples to pray, and, indeed, how he prayed himself.

  19. Google some of the pictures of Bishop Mary - some real howlers. My personal favourites are the one of her in the blue dress in her living room and the laying on of hands (which I mistook for a picture from a hairdressing salon).

  20. Pat your not seriously taking them to the Giants Causeway? They will never be back�� the rest of the blog should be on where you take them.

  21. I hope you are having your own mass ,pat, and notconcelebrating with them
    Your mass is at 12 and some of us are looking fwd to it
    Make sure those women perform at a different time to the normal oratory 12 o clock mass

  22. Pat, you continue to confuse and mislead so many about the true teachings of the CATHOLIC FAITH. Even you Pat, seem all over the place, unable to disentangle yourself from your own confusions and make-it-up as you-go-along theology. What's being offered at Larne on Sunday is a pot pourri of pantheism, paganism, atheism. IT IS NOT CATHOLIC. I also think the debate re: women deacons/priests deserves more respect than this wagon load of wannabee bishops! They put themselves at the centre of their Liturgy: THE TRIUNE GOD JUST ABOUT GETS A MENTION. True Liturgy raises our minds and hearts to the God of Jesus. These women may as well dance around a maypole! They do a complete disservice to genuine dialogue, renewal and reflection abiut necessary changes in the Roman Catholic Church. ( Wasn't Mary Meeghan consecrated a bishop in a floating boat somewhere in Canada! Says it all.) Why is Pope Francis exclyded from their "prayer"?

  23. Why would any person want to visit the Giants Causeway? You get to the bottom and go,I have just wasted two hours of my life. Take them to
    Craigavon and introduce them to buckfast. Its a northern thing

  24. For God's sake brothers and sisters. We are merely Breaking Bread with three sisters from the USA.

    Hardly a nuclear option!

    1. You starting to get the picture Pat about how men and women, no matter their views on failings in the Church, really cherish the norms. They won't go for this nonsense no matter how you feel. People pray for intercession from saints who lived moral lives and we're obedient to God and His church. How are meant to be a reflection of Christ? Can people see Christ in you?

    2. 17.45 Pat it just shows where people's heads are at.

  25. Well then break the bread around your kitchen table Pat
    You are making a mockery of your own mass with these silly women
    They make me ashamed to be a woman

  26. Pat, I really do think that by allowing this charade and allowing these women to celebrate their own liturgy and Eucharist on Sunday will seriously harm whatever reputation that you have remaining. I know you don't give a hang but you seriously risk alienating people who have offered you support in the past and were sympathetic to your situation. By all means welcome these ladies, show them hospitality and have dialogue with them. However, allowing them to celebrate liturgy and a Eucharist at your Oratory will prove a step way too far for others and I who will feel no longer able to afford you any future support.

    1. I do not think allowing someone celebrate a Eucharist Service according to their own sincere religious beliefs is a charade.

    2. Sorry you have taken that attitude Pat.

    3. Sincere! Come on, Pat... Have you read through the "order of service"?! It is all about their own agenda and very little about Our Lord. I do not agree with your views on the Roman Catholic Church, but at least I can acknowledge that you are a validly ordained priest and that you offer Mass using the Roman Missal, not some DIY "missal". How can you put their "eucharist service" on a par with yours? How can you subject your congregation to this instead of their Sunday Mass? I can only agree with 18:02 - this is a charade; only it is much more than a charade because we are dealing with a mockery of the true, Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

  27. It is wrong to condone and encourage people to mislead others by carrying out this caricature of Holy Mass. That is what it is - a caricature.

  28. Well it is especially as they doing their stuff at a time of the day and week that you hold your weekly mass
    Ridiculous...get it sorted

  29. Midwife of grace. !!!!!!!!!!!!
    My god....... !!!!!!!!!!

  30. It's not so long since we're were calling Mary Mediatrix of ALL graces and Co Redemptrix ?

    1. So?

      There is a history of Mariology from the earliest days of the Church.

      However, "Midwife of Grace" is a title these women have conferred on the first person of the Blessed Trinity - God the Father! Then they go and give us all the title of "Midwives of Grace". It is completely different to us calling Our Blessed Lady "Mediatrix of all graces" or "Co-redemptrix".

      Wake up, Pat...this group and this eucharistic service is NOT Catholic - in any sense of the word.

    2. When exactly were those dogmatically defined? Specific dates would be helpful to aid discussion.

    3. To whom are you referring, 20:10?

    4. To Pat @19:41. The point being that the titles in question do not form part of Catholic dogma and no Catholic is obliged to accept the titles or certain of the beliefs associated with them.

    5. Thanks, 20:35 - I was not sure if you were referring to Pat or to my comment at 19:51. The point I was making, of course, is that while certain elements of the faith may not be dogmatically defined, they nonetheless have the weight of dogma on account of scripture, Apostolic Tradition, and the consistent teaching of the Church. That is why calling Mary "Mediatrix of All Graces" etc. is on a completely different level to inventing the title "Midwife of Grace" for God the Father. The basis for the latter, I would suggest, is the refusal of these women priests to refer to God as Father or Christ as Son.

  31. Pat, I think you should have a re-think on this. It is a huge Rubicon of a mistake..

  32. Pat, do you not realise that clerics with mickeys are anaethama to this coven? lock your door if theyre stsying with you! you could be deballed.

  33. grew up with six sisters :-)

    I am welcoming 3 Catholic Christian sisters and will Break Bread with them.

    If they are strong feminists we will have a good discussion.

    In 33 years I have welcomed EVERYONE to The Oratory.

    I'm not going to start turning people away at this stage.

    1. Moral relativity! Scourge and downfall of society and pervading the weak clergy.

    2. Moral relativity? Look to Rome: it set the precedent for moral relativity.

    3. But doesn't Pat continually claim that he won't be dictated to by Rome or anywhere else?

  34. Pat, I doubt you will rethink this one because you are stubborn and proud. I really do think you are seriously underestimating people's feelings on this one.

  35. Another post about feminist theology and your theological viewpoint might be helpful and aid with clarification, Pat.

    There are a lot of serious/considerate issues being raised on today's blog.

  36. Pat, I remember being at Mass years ago in The Oratory and you had 20 Hari Krishna people sitting on the floor and their leader explain their beliefs to us. I was so impressed with your openness to other spiritualities and I have never forgotten it. You are 30/50 years ahead of your time. Please don't listen to the Catholic bigots above. John. New York.

    1. I remember it well and have photographs of the occasion.

      Another Sunday we had 5 members of the Parsee faith from Delhi.

    2. @20:25 and 20:29, I doubt anyone is saying they have a problem with that. But were the Hare Krishna's celebrating Mass? Were the Parsees celebrating Mass? That's when it becomes intolerable if so.

    3. It would be so sad and so unfair to be described (by the poster 20.25)as a bigot because we cherish and want to maintain the integrity of our central act of Catholic worship which is the Mass.

    4. Well said, poster 21.19
      You have tried... But there's no telling some people once their mind is made up.

  37. Pat if thou want to break bread buy a Vienna roll and go tho the kitchen. If it's Eucharist you desire don't imagine you can make it up as you go along.

    1. Jesus "said Mass" with everyday bread and wine in a room.

      The early Christians broke Bread in their simple homes.

      Let's not forgot our roots.

    2. I am seriously considering that the poster at 19.25 read the situation correctly... It has certainly made me think..

  38. That's right Bishop Pat. And what about the thousands of "Station Masses" celebrated in humble farmyard kitchens all over Ireland? Not to mention the Mass Rocks. Pat I think the promiscuous priests are buzzing you today. Ignore them.

    1. How many invalidly ordained women Bishops celebrated Masses all over Ireland at Mass Rocks in years gone by? Please don't make a mockery of Our ancestors who were true to their faith.

    2. +Pat your episcopal motto is Tolerance - Love - Diversity? You will be putting that into practice on Sunday. F*** the begrudgers.

    3. To be honest, I don't think it it's promiscuous priests who are buzzing.
      I will be honest, I was the person who put up the comment about hearing Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan on RTE yesterday.
      I thought she was a breath of fresh air.
      I was shocked when I saw today's post. I'm not too sure but for some reason I feel uneasy about the proposed Mass on Sunday. It came out of the blue. Pat, didn't mention that he was thinking about doing it. Not that he has to of course. It's just that is was so sudden.
      What I think people are surprised at it is the liturgy that was put up. It doesn't bear much resemblance to the Mass we hear in our local Chapels on a Sunday. We all remember the fuss there was when the Vatican changed the text of he Mass a few years ago. People, maybe, like me are a bit disappointed that it's so different.

      That might be what people are angry about???

      I'm open for feedback and I think Pat might be as well.

    4. I agree. Mess with the Liturgy and you are taking on the hornet's nest. It showed it in today's blog.

      What's line that you can negotiate with a terrorist?

    5. Pat has had loads of feedback today on the blog which he has chosen to totally ignore.

    6. I intend asking Bridget why she does not use the Missal like I do.

  39. Those Station Masses were celebrated by genuine priests. That is the difference.

    1. Some of whom were child abusers!

    2. What about the two gay priests who annointed a third in a gay saunas in Dublin? Was it ok to celebrate a sacraments there?

    3. Absolutely not!

    4. Bridget Meehan never celebrated a Sacrament in a gay saunas!

    5. What is it they say About comparisons, oh yes, "They are odious".

    6. 21:02 - Nor could she even if she wanted to since she is not validly ordained no matter how deeply she believes that she is.

      The one exception, of course, would be baptism, which a layperson can confer in case of necessity.

    7. Genuine priests, 20:49? There is only (and can only be, one: Jesus.

      Those you allude to are simply nominal priests: priests in name only.

    8. Yes, genuine priests was what I said and what I meant.

  40. I have posted an honest and sincere opinion by grace of God today. I am certainly not a promiscuous priest. I am a lay person.

  41. Two wrongs don't make a right, as a wise poster said earlier.

  42. Would readers prefer Bridget used the Roman Missal?

    1. I think it is a bit late for that Pat. It is clear that Bridget does not share a theology that is recognisable as Catholic or catholic and this concelebration should not happen at all. She might well be a good woman and all that, but just as we wouldn't concelebrate Mass with Hare Krishnas (good people though they might be) so we cannot entertain the idea of a catholic bishop celebrating Mass together with such a group.

    2. Where did I say I was concelebrating?

    3. Are you saying you are refusing to concelebrate with a woman priest/bishop?

    4. Apologies, I misunderstood - were you forbidden to concelebrate?

      I trust then that you will celebrate Mass as usual at the Oratory on Sunday in accordance with the Roman Missal.

      Regardless, promoting this farce as a valid Mass is not acceptable. If you want to make your facilities available to them, by all means do so. But let's not pretend this is either catholic or a Eucharist.

    5. No. I'm saying that I did not say either way.

    6. Was that to keep your options open after you had the opportunity to determine which way the wind was blowing?

    7. Where did I use the words "valid Mass?

      I have been using the term Breaking Bread.

    8. 21:24 I don't do winds or currents :-)

    9. Just the odd bit of hot air...

    10. No. She is not celebrating Mass, since she is not validly ordained. To use the missal would turn the whole event from charade to a complete mockery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Her made-up missal fits her delusion that she is actually ordained.

      Out of interest, however, I do wonder how she would react if you asked her to use the missal, without any alteration of the language therein, using Eucharistic Prayer I (the Roman Canon), and perhaps in Latin.

      But really, Pat, I think you need to have the courage to call this whole thing off.

    11. Bridget should use the rite that lifts her heart to The Lord. Filled with God's grace she will lead God's people gathered, in celebrating The Eucharist. Bridget isn't alone in feeling called to devise a Eucharistic Prayer that better conveys theology as she understands it. Fr Sean O'Laoire devised The Eucharistic Prayer Of The Cosmos and I have been incredibly moved by Teilhard De Chardin's Eucharistic Prayer Over An awakening World and very much want to devise a Eucharistic Prayer around that.

  43. I think that would be very sensible.

    1. Sorry, I wrote that post and it was meant for Pat @20.32- still finding my way around a computer.....
      I would like to hear more about the theology behind this... committed lay person.

    2. I'm looking forward to meeting, listening and questioning Bridget.

      Is that not how we learn?

    3. Certainly is. So cancel her "Eucharist" and let her give a talk.

    4. When our 3 sisters arrive at The Oratory tomorrow they will receive the very generous The Oratory always offers.

      There will be a long discussion.

      Jesus is always present whenever two or three gather in his name.

      I will bring all the comments on today's Blog to Bridget 's attention.

      I will certainly give everyone full feedback.

    5. 21:33, how can she 'cancel' the Eucharist, since Christ instructed his followers to re-present it in his memory?

    6. Good point MC.

      I have a question.

      If one man and two women were are stranded on a desert island and broke Bread in Christ's memory would Christ be present?

    7. Magna Carta, I was encouraging Bishop Pat to cancel her Eucharist scheduled for 12 noon on Sunday.


      In this use of the word "Eucharist", "Eucharists" get cancelled all the time - a priest is running late and such like.

      So let's not spiritualise a shorthand form of words.

      As to the question Pat raise, those people would do as the Hidden Catholics in Japan did. Or do you think Pat that there is no distinction between common priesthood and ministerial priesthood? That the ministerial priest is not there to re-present, in an unbloody way, the sacrifice of Calvary and that the same can be re-presented by any common priest?

    8. I believe there is a difference between common priesthood and ministerial priesthood.

    9. So then is it not clear that on a desert island, in the absence of a validly ordained priest, the believers would simply do what the Hidden Catholics of Japan did for centuries? In other words, there would be no "breaking bread". There would be no transubstantiation. They simply wouldn't be doing it. They would pray, read scripture if they have it, remember the Lord in other ways, but they would not parody the Eucharist in the absence of a validly ordained (ministerial) priest.

    10. It would be good that they prayed together and I am certain God would be with them. But it would not be a celebration of Holy Mass.

    11. But would their gathering in memory of Christ make Christ present?

    12. "I believe there is a difference between common priesthood and ministerial priesthood."

      Well, then, does that not answer your own question at 21:48?

    13. @22:20, no, it would not "make" Christ present though Christ would indeed be present.

      But you are touching on a topic close to the heart of the liberal establishment in Maynooth which persistently taught that there is no difference in the various modes of Christ's Presence in the world - priest, people, Word and Eucharist - all are the same. Clearly as a Catholic I reject that. As did the ousted seminarians over the years.

      So while Christ would indeed be Present in a general sense, He would not be Present as He would be in the Eucharist - body, blood, soul and divinity.

    14. Christ of course would be spiritually present as He has promised; but it would not be His Eucharistic Presence.

    15. And how do you know this? Christ did not stipulate, at the Last Supper, that only ordained priests should commemorate in this way.

  44. Pat, from what I'm hearing on the ground, you might not be able to accommodate the crowd turning up on Sunday.

    There's talk of buses being organised in Dungannon, Keady, Armagh, Killorglin, to name but a few places.

    Rumour has it that Magna Carta will at last unveil his identity. He will be the shy, monosyllabic, middle aged man wearing a mimosa in his sari (there is more interest in who he is than in the content of the 3rd secret of Fatima).

    Big Lily is up to her oxters in flour baking sodas and scones for the after-birth part-ay.

    A wee word of warning - Down and Connor priests have told me over the years that Timo often hid in the bushes outside Lisbreen when Paddy Walsh was doing his diocesan changes, so as to see who was on the move. He could be spying in your undergrowth.

    Get some of your parishioners to give the hedges around the Oratory a good poke. If they hear a yelp ......

    Be sure and take plenty of pictures to post on Monday. Make sure Magna Carta is in some of them! Best of luck.

    1. Thank God for a bit of humour :-)

    2. I think the humour began with the picture you posted at the top of your blog today, Pat!

  45. Larne isn't a desert island. I think your scraping the barrel now trying to justify this.

    1. @21.57 "Larne isn't a desert island"??
      Ach I suppose you're right from the hours of sunshine point of view.. I was puzzled by your post until I remembered about the sunshine..

  46. I was a hopeless alcoholic on the streets of LARNE twenty years ago and Father Pat as he was then saved my life. He visited me every day in Shaftsbury Square hospital for four months and kept me in fags and pocket money. When I got out I stayed in the oratory for months until I got on my feet. I have been sober ever since. The people on here do not know Pat. I don't ever go to Mass but when I was down God sent Pat. Sean.

    1. Sean, you gave me more - the opportunity to practice my faith and priesthood.

    2. That is good, Sean and very well done indeed on maintaining your sobriety. That cannot have been easy.
      But Pat presents himself and his blogs and opinions on here every day. We read those opinions and we have to take them, however bitterly he opposes the Church for example, as genuine. Then from those continual opinions and remarks and responses we have to build up a picture of the man, of the person that is Pat. I think that should answer your post...

  47. Goodness, I'm surprised by today's blog: I had no idea there were any of these 'spirit of Vatican II ' types still alive!

  48. Pay togetherwith those problem
    But please celebrate your usual 12 o clock mass without their assistance
    That's all I ask

  49. I was listening to a psychiatrist giving an explanation of the fact that Feminists and Islamists (who abuse and subjugate women) are generally in alliance. He said that they had emasculated western men to such an extent that they subconsciously yearned for domination and thus the alliance - they admired Muslim men who regarded male domination of females as natural. Similarly, I think that the feminisation of the Church (by homosexual priests) might have caused some of the sisters to decide to 'do it for themselves' as a subconscious protest.