Thursday, 14 November 2013


The (1) piece below is a comment from a sincere and human priest in the Diocese of Down and Connor struggling with the human condition:

(1) Thank you for your answer Pat. You honesty and truthfulness in matters not so easy to discuss is refreshing and life changing.

As you can see from the responses above - this is the 'life situation' many of us in D&C face. There is NO Christian understanding, love or desire to show pastoral care to clergy who attempt to follow their conscience. We are firmly told to get back into our boxes, crawl back under our rocks and 'function' away!!

As for BUCKLEY, I am not giving information, I am simply asking and seeking some advice! Advice that I could NOT seek internally and well you know it!!

So BROTHER D&C tell me, what should I do? Should I ignore my reality and the reality of those I have been involved with and continue to 'function' in my double life!

Will we ever get a chance to be real? I think of poor Bishop Dallat and his lifetime of lovely partnership, why should it not be acknowledged as a beautiful and good thing.

Priest - Belfast.

The (2) comment below is from one of his "brother" priests in Down and Connor condemning him:

(2) You are no "brother" of mine, you reprobate. Turn away from your sinful lifestyle and be converted, as the Lord demands/commands. "Function" is right; that is all you do! You probably couldn't hold down a job anywhere else. "Robot"? Speak for yourself!!

PRIEST (1) is like the man in the gospel who sat at the very back of the temple and said to God: "LORD, BE MERCIFUL TO ME A SINNER".

PRIEST (2) is like the Pharisee who paraded up to the front of the temple and who prayed: LORD, I THANK YOU THAT I AM SUCH A GOOD MAN - NOT LIKE THIS SINNER HERE AT THE BACK. I FAST TWICE A WEEK AND I GAVE ALMS TO THE POOR ETC ETC"

Jesus in the Gospel tells us that it was the sinner at the back - and not the Pharisee at the front - that went home at rights with God.

We basically have two kinds of priest in Down and Connor and elsewhere.

We have the human priest, compassionate, conscious of his own unworthiness and sinfulness who does his best in spite of it all to serve God and people.

And then we have the Pharisee priest - arrogant, judgemental, rude, self important, member of the "clerical club" who enjoys being on a pedestal. And inside he is full of anger, frustration, hyprocisy and living a double life.

He hates me - and this blog - because I tell the truth - and remind people that he is out there - lurking under a big rock - waiting to pounce on the weak - and those who cannot see through him.

Let me tell you about some of those priests I know:

A. There is the one who has sexually abused at least one boy in the past - and sexually abused his dog - who tells lesbians and gay people that if they present themselves for Holy Communion - he will refuse them publicly.

B. There is the one who has had gay sex in the seminary and on the streets of Rome who preaches about the importance of obedience to the local bishop.

C. There is the one who has used his cincture (part of the Mass vestments) to engage in sexual bondage who refuses to speak to me because I am a "sinner and heretic".

D. There is the one who has visited Thailand with other clerics to avail of the services of rent
boys who preaches against sex outside marriage, contraception and same sex marriage.

E. There is the one who cruises gay cruising areas in a skin tight black leather suit who is so well thought of by the diocesan authorities.

I could go on and on.

I know these priests. I have met with and counselled their victims. I have been at the rough end of their hatred and condemnations.

And these are the ones who go crazy when a "brother priest" admits he is human. They accuse him of "letting the side down". They accuse him of "giving scandal". They accuse him of "giving the enemy information".

The real enemy in the Catholic priesthood is THE ENEMY WITHIN.

Pope Francis is only scratching the surface of reform.

We need non-celibate married priests.

We need straight, gay and celibate priests living openly.

We need women priests.

We need a 21 century approach to human sexuality.

We need a church run by the laity in a democratic / collegiate manner with deacons, priests and bishops confined to pastoral roles only.

We need above all a massive SPIRITUAL RENEWAL of deacons, priest and bishops - fostered by daily prayer, regular day retreats and longer annual retreats.

And above all we need priests who are not functionaries - but passionate, believing, prayerful, humble servants of God and people.

There is a CANCER eating away at the heart of the Catholic priesthood. That CANCER needs surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and above all else the HEALING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Bishop Pat Buckley



  1. Priest 1 is nothing like the repentant Publican. He went home at rights with God because HE REPENTED. The priest of the scandalous and sinful lifestyle flaunts his wickedness and seeks accolades for it from the ilk of you Mr Buckley. The majority of priests are striving to live good lives, despite their human weaknesses. They are not running off with men, women or animals for that matter! It is all too easy for you to spout this nonsense online but be assured, Mr Buckley, most people see through you for the fraudster that you are.

    1. I am a good priest, I am gay and I have sinned!

      But once again 'brother' you show no understanding and no pastoral care! So as I repent and get on with coping with reality, my fellow PP is supporting his child with 'parish' money!!

      I suppose I am the wicked one because I am mentioned in the Old Testament!! I struggle in many ways! Thanks for your support.

      A priest whom no one will associate with in D&C.

  2. Father, most people have already seen through you and your clerical club colleagues.

    You are the Edwin Poots of Roman Catholicism.

    Thankfully your days are numbered.

    You need to repent of your Pharisee-ism

    Bishop Pat

  3. I am one of the victims of:

    The Very Reverend James Donaghy PP VF - Bangor.

    Others are victims of The Reverend Daniel Curran CC - St. PauL's Belfast.

    Others are victims of Dom Brendan Smyth O. Praem., whom Cahal Daly allowed to roam Down and Connor with impunity.

    Others are victims of The Reverend Sean Fortune CC, Ormeau Road, Down and Connor.

    Others are victims of the paedophile monk from Portglenone, Down and Connor.

    Others are victims of the dishonesty of The Very Reverend Conleth Byrne PP, Loughlinisland, Down and Connor.

    The Very Reverend Hugh Kennedy Adm., is a wonderful priest too.

    There are many others too.

    Bishop Cahal Daly and Bishop Paddy Walsh were cover up merchants.

    Oh! yes! God bless Down and Connor and its good priests.

    Victims of the Down and Connor bishop and clergy.

  4. And where is our diocesan Chancellor - The Very Reverend John MCManus?
    And where is the former diocesan seminary spiritual director - The Very Reverend Paul Symonds?
    And where the The Very Reverend Peter Donnelly PP. Drumaroad?

    Ballymurphy Curious

  5. Am I gettin old Pat? I feel like I heard it all before and still the suffering goes on. Looking at the long and pityful list above there are enough folk to make a decent stand and yet all we get is bitterness an talk. An old Roscommonman used to say "Die dog or shite the license" The Philosopher Hegel put it more eloquently in his theory of Thesis Antithesis and Synthesis-put simply-all the world's a circle...but its time the D & C folk stopped shitetalking and broke the bubble-Sean

    1. Sean I share your frustration. What can I do - I have been a cleric since I was a young man, I am in my 50's, I have NO experience in the world, NO experience in open and honest relationships, I have NO home, I have no pension and NO employment prospects. I feel too old to retrain!

      So I am closing my mouth, I am agreeing with everything and letting the clock tick until I can walk away with a pension and have NOTHING to do with them again!!

      Am I wrong, I know they are corrupt and many of us want OUT! The real reason we in D&C are annoyed at Pat is the recent fact of his HOUSE, he has had more spent on him that ourselves and it is all done in a vale of secrecy!

      Am I shitetalking Sean?

      D&C PP

  6. Dear Brother PP I can say I understand how you feel and honestly back up my thoughts from my own experience. When I left it was an explosion. I hadn't time to think and knew I could not stay. If I stayed I believed I would be brainwashed. When the leaving was over and the dust settled there was I with my arse in the snow and no trousers! I could not have foretold how the last 14 years would unfold. I cant say it was all romantic and never a worry. Looking back I can see God was looking after me but not insulating me from reality. Tomorrow morning I have an interview for a new job. I have gathered up all my qualifications and looking over the lot my wife is bewildered. Me I shrug my shoulders but have to agree I'm not a gobshite and neither are you Rev. PP. You have to make an informed choice based on the reality you see before you in the light of the Gospel. I was not always the pensive philosopher over the years. I was trying to survive and sometimes making a shitty job of it. I eventually found Clarice and through her I was introduced to living Christianity and she made my flat a home and helped me level my head. I stood up to preach last Sun in Collyhurst-with the blessing of C of E- I knew when I finished I was in the right place. No home, no pension I understand. It may sound airy fairy but if you do what your heart and informed conscience tells you is right I know the Lord will look after you. I know now that same Lord is keeping my arse out of the shitpot. You are not shitetalking. You are following a tried and tested path. Only you know if it is right. There is no way I can presume to stand in judgement over you or anyone else. Regards & Prayers Sean