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It was a hastily organised airbrushing by someone simply pressing the DELETE button on the photograph resulting in Rory's name and contact details ending up in the picture column.

I imagine that as the new week begins someone will be called in to do the do the "removal" properly.

We may even see a new curate appointed by Eamo - if he is not too busy this week.

More parishioners have contacted me from Armagh saying how sad they are at Rory's departure and how concerned they are that he is being looked after and not left alone.

Apparently the parishioners greatly enjoyed Father Rory's Masses and his homilies. They also say that he was always available to them and very easy to talk to about any subject.

He is especially missed, I believe, by the younger parishioners who liked him.

Rory (left) and Father Tom his fellow curate
The young people enjoyed his youth Masses with Fr Tom McHugh. The above picture is from Tom's Twitter account which is entitled: "These two made every Mass special".

 The parishioners are also upset that neither Archbishop Eamo or any of the Armagh priests have told them anything about Father Rory. One parishioner said: "Everything is happening in the parish as if Father Rory never existed".

The administrator of Armagh - Father Peter McAneney has not told anyone what is happening. 

This is the second problem for Father McAneney in a few weeks. A few weeks ago, as mentioned in this Blog, he was involved in the row that erupted about the plans to have the retired Cardinal Sean Brady confer Confirmation in adjoining Middleton parish.

Some of he Middleton parents had objected to Brady's presence over his role in the Father Brendan Smyth affair.

As it turned out the parents protests were successful and Sean Brady did not do the Middleton Confirmations.

THIS VERY DAY - MARCH 20TH - Eamon Martin Is publicly appealing for more information about the fate of the IRA "DISAPPEARED".

BUT EAMON - you have your own DISAPPEARED - THIS VERY DAY - Father Rory Coyle and you are pretending that he does not even exist! Is this not hypocrisy? 

Where have you buried him?

Why do you expect the IRA to do something YOU will not do?


You can't hide all day everyday eating birthday cake in your Mammy's!


  1. What on earth could Fr Rory have done to deserve this treatment? Or is he seriously ill? Had a breakdown??

    1. Personally I do not believe that Father Rory Coyle has done anything wrong. I would imagine that whatever has happened is a simple human situation.

      I certainly hope that he is not unwell and I do not think he is. I think, that in some way, he has simply not kept the rules.

      And instead of the Church handling it in an open, compassionate and loving way, they are trying to make the problem go away by pretending that nothing has happened or is happening.

      What would be to stop Eamon Martin saying: "Father Rory Coyle is taking some time out for personal reasons and I want to reassure all that he is safe, well and has the full support of myself and his brother priests. If there are any further developments I will let you all know immediately. Please pray for Father Rory and all his family and friends and his well being and happiness".

      Would not such a statement have been the Christian thing to do? Not to mention the loving and kind?

    2. As a priest of Armagh I wish to apologise for the horrible way in which the Father Coyle story is being handled by my "superiors".

      Not only is rumour rife among the parishioners of Armagh it is also rife among the clergy.

      You would not believe the stories I have heard this week - many of them totally contradictory.

      Why can we not have a Church that is open and honest?

      Have all our scandals taught those in power NOTHING at all!

      Jesus wept!

    3. The Republican movement buries their disappeared in bogs in County Louth.

      The Catholic Church "buries" their disappeared in bogs of silence.

      Tandragee Tanya

    4. Absolutely, so well put - Bishop Pat, Armagh priest and Tandragee Tanya. They have learnt nothing and silence is not golden.

  2. A number of years ago I had a relationship and a baby with a priest and I had a meeting with the bishop. It was clear to me that the bishop had three priorities:

    1. That we keep the baby and our relationship quiet.

    2. That I allow the priest to return to ministry and never contact him again.

    3. That I accept a paltry sum of money each month until our baby was eighteen and never tell her that her Dad was a priest.

    Thankfully my priest partner was a man of integrity and a true Christian. We shook the dust of the bishop's house off of our feet and told him to put his money where the sun does not shine.

    We are now married, happy and love being together and parenting.

    Neither of us will ever darken the door of a Catholic Church again.

    1. Well done to both of you. You preferred a life in the light to a life in some imposed, unhealthy and frankly evil darkness.

      May you live to see your children's children.

    2. MourneManMichael20 March 2016 at 23:13

      I'm delighted to read your story. Thanks for sharing it.
      I wish you and your family all the best. I hope it's an inspiration to others facing the same dilemma.

  3. Pat, Might I ask is there a Door of Mercy at Armagh cathedral. Perhaps Rory has walked through the door and "disappeared " A case of now you see him. Now you don't! Maybe Eamo is keeping the whole unfortunate event under wraps with a news blackout just in case it discourages the good residents of that ancient City from using the doors to rack up the indulgences and they vanish in the process.
    Not good for business.
    Dalriada Dick

    1. Could Rory be locked into an underground cellar in Eamon's mammys house? No one would ever think of looking there.

  4. Fr Coyle "has simply not kept the rules"??? It must have been some deal-breaker for the Abp of Armagh to land over to the Presbytery, in person, to tell him to get out!!!

  5. I suspect Archbishop Eamon does not share Bishop Treanor's laissez faire attitude to clerical celibacy. This may explain Fr Rory's hasty departure from the presbytery and the Armagh website ! In D&C errant Priests are just quietly given another Parish appointment. + Noel's motto in these situations is :


    1. When will Bishop Noel finally realise that the people of this diocese have no faith in him - has he not learned from the lessons of old that moving priests to a new parish does not solve anything. People no longer are willing to be treated like stupid donkeys - perhaps that is why attendances at Masses are rapidly falling. Priests, like everyone else in society, should have to be accountable for their errors and not merely moved to a new parish leaving a trial of destruction behind them - this is not commendable action for either priest or bishop and people are sick of it.

    2. replied by Cloughmills Cathy

    3. I'm afraid one horse here seems already to have bolted. Ouestion is: To where?

  6. Oh, Pat, I'm sure you always know much more than you let on. I'm terribly shocked by this, actually: how on earth did a heterosexual man get ordained a Catholic priest? Obviously the selection procedures are very faulty.
    Granted that complete silence is the worst way to deal with this, and that I'm no public relations expert, I have a feeling that your suggestion for a statement by the bishop would be open to misinterpretation anyway? Personal reasons which aren't illness or family could be interpreted as sex or addiction. You would think dioceses would get expert advice on media and how to deal with these things without causing scandal while preserving the individual's privacy.

    1. Anon at 11:32, there are still a quite number of "heterosexual" men in the priesthood and, anyhow, how do you know this particular problem is homo or hetero?

      If it is a question of not living celibacy in this case, then Abp Martin is to be commended for his decisive action. Ignoring the problem, looking the other way, moving the priest somewhere else, should not be options and solve nothing (Bishop Treanor take note).

      At the same time, one hopes the young priest (and the other woman/man) is receiving full support and assistance from the Church.

      Heterosexual Priest.

    2. It was a joke, love, based on what a comment said in the previous post on this subject.

  7. Perhaps on the back of the contributor at 11.32 could I suggest the following template be used on any further ocassions when a priest resigns for " relationship reasons".
    I should point out that the evidence would suggest that the Catholic Church has learned nothing,absolutely nothing, from its previous dealings in pr related matters. I can only think that they are taking "advice" from from well meaning bishops men ( probably lay) with a little bit of interest and even less experience in public relations matters. Perhaps they don't even bother to take advice at all. The value of either approach forms part of the many reasons why people's trust in the hierarchy has eroded and is refleted in the decreasing attendance at services.
    I worked for a major PR company in London and specialised in corporate damage limitation for 19 years.
    Simple template:
    Fr John Doe has indicated to the Diocesean authorities that he wishes to resign for personal reasons / change of personal circumstances / wishes to pursue a relationship.
    We thank .............for all his hard work and devoted service and wish him well for the future. May God blessing be upon him.
    Bishop ............
    End of story. Simple.

    PR Peter

    1. Bishop Pat. They have put Fr Rory's pic back on the parish website. Games within games !

    2. I know. I saw it. I wish they were not playing games with something so important. But - they have been playing games for nearly 2000 years. Thankfully most people see through them now.

    3. MourneManMichael23 March 2016 at 00:41

      As you say Peter, it's straightforward, simple, direct, and honest. So there's really no problem, .......except for the fact that the RC hierarchy remains intellectually and emotionally isolated from, and oblivious, of the need to publically acknowledge changing reality. Their mindset is still mired in a distant past where nobody dared question the clergy. So they remain in the thinking of 50+ years ago and just don't realise that today's young, educated, media savvy generation, of a worldwide view and understanding, simply regard the trad RC church and its edicts as insignificantly insequential and to be ignored.
      And as for you: well after all your 19 years of PR experience can't amount to much. You don't wear a roman collar!

  8. There are a number of 'disappeared' in the Derry Diocese these past number of years - names appear on the Diocesan website but no idea where they are or what they are up to or if they are still in the priesthood- all is given is an address c/o Diocesan offices. All very strange

  9. Indeed there are a number of disappeared priests in the Derry diocese. But it's the speed in which they disappear which is breathtaking. Probably the trailblazer for that is the former bishop,Seamus Heggarty. He suddenly took sick with an illness affecting his memory and just "disappeared " as quickly as you could say hay presto. Coincidently he disappeared the day before a report was published into child abuse in his former diocese Raphoe. The report was very critical of his handling of complaints. What a happy coincidence!
    Bog side Bertie

  10. Everyone has a right to privacy, but not a right to hypocrisy.