Sunday, 25 September 2016



YESTERDAY they ordained another Irish Catholic Bishop in Ireland - FINTAN MONAHAN for the diocese of Killaloe.

Is he going to be DIFFERENT or is he going to be MORE OF THE SAME?

Or is he going to be another member of the MAYNOOTH GOON CLUB?

My guess is that he will be MORE OF THE SAME :-(

He has already signalled this by his recent unequivocal support for GAYNOOTH.

Of course the Roman Catholic institution would not be appointing him if he was not a YES MAN.

He has also been the secretary to the RC Archbishop of Tuam - Mickey Neary - in other words he is an episcopal BAG CARRIER.

The Diocese of Killaloe is in melt down - very few vocations, dwindling number of priests - amalgamation of parishes - the youth disappearing from the pews etc etc.

And what do they do - the bring on a new line manager who will do little else that supervise the sinking ship!

The RC religion may have 1.2 billion members. But all the world's Christians, including the RC's only make 17% of the world's population.

That's 83 % who are not Christian - either dedicated or nominal.

I am a man who espouses the Christian Faith (not the RC institution) but personally I would like to see the destruction of the RC institution.

As an institution is has little or nothing to do with Jesus Christ, God or the Gospels.

Since the time of Constantine the RC institution has thrown in its lot with the state and the establishment everywhere it has existed. 

In Italy it got into bed with Mussolini.

In German it was far too tolerant - if not friendly - with Adolf Hitler.

In South America it has been friendly with - and backed dictators and murderers.

In Ireland's political history it played poker with Dublin and London and from 1921 until 1970 it ran the country as a confessional Catholic state - which was - let's face it - "priest ridden".

The "Little Weasel" Cahal Daly was never done running to Stormont, the Chief Constable of the RUC and the British Royals.

The RC institution has been much more an oppressor than it has ever been a slave freer. 

It has also been a major world abuser - of power, of money, of women, of children etc.

I personally thank God that Ireland is gradually throwing off the chains of Roman Catholicism.

Even though I believe that Cahal Daly did me an injustice in 1985 / 1986 I also believe that by accident he did me a favour.

I can still be a Christian - and even a catholic (with a small "c" - universal) but do not have to bow the knee to the RC empire.

I can still appreciate the Bible, the Sacraments and my spirituality without having to be in chains to men.

I was also very impressed during the week watching Joanna Lumley's trip to Japan and her interaction with Buddhist and Shinto spirituality.




Maybe the answer for those of us who want a Christian spirituality is to have that spirituality OUTSIDE an institution?

Maybe those of us who want to be "catholics" (small c) should be Irish Catholics or Free Catholics and not Roman Catholics.

That's roughly where I am - and it's actually a very free and healthy place to be.



"The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion". 

(Thomas Paine)


The Little Pets of St. Mochua
When St. Mochua knelt to pray
Each morning at the break of day
There always was about the house
A rooster, fly and little mouse
Three willing slaves to serve him well
And share his solitary cell
The rooster every morn would crow
And waken him for matins, though
When he slept too sound to hear
The mouse came forth and nipped his ear
And though he never had a clock
The mouse would call him or the clock
And if he had to leave a book
From out some dusty hidden nook
A fly, with patience and with grace
Would sit for hours and mark the place
[John Irvine]




  1. Pure fantasy but imagine if Jesus had decided to be born a Hindu or Buddhist? I wonder would the Kingdom of God in this world be now more advanced as those systems of belief seem to emphasise compassion, non-dualism and harmony more than we do. Christianity would not have been shaped by Greek thought and philosophy in its doctrines and dogmas. It's been said that popes, bishops and theologians have been more influenced by Plato and Aristotle than by Christ himself. Maybe there's some truth in that. There would not have been a constantinian amalgamation of church and state in the 4th c which lead to all sorts of compromises on the church's part- the city of God becoming too enmeshed with the city of the empire. We wouldn't have inherited the overly legalistic and hierarchical structures that defined the roman empire which is all left brain and less at home with the more feminine, right brain of the east which can comfortably hold contradictions and paradoxes and even opposing opinions! To this day, the western church is way too romanised in its dress and codes and power structures and absolute certainties.The unfortunate thing about the roman church is that we want to have a ready answer for everything and reduce even the unsayable and mystical to some sort of formula. It's a huge shame that we lost the vital mystical connection with our eastern orthodox brothers and sisters so far back- they don't seem to emphasise our juridical and pragmatic mindset. Even their soteriology seems more positive- Christ coming to us out of the motive of infinite love rather than to pay a debt or ransom for our sins. They seem more open to mystery than definitions.It even reflects in their ethereal liturgies. There's more emphasis on sophia/wisdom, the apophatic- I think Christ was more orthodox than catholic in his mindset and would find western catholicism quite strange. I think he'd be much more at home say with the maronites or coptics churches both culturally and spiritually.We rational romans think we have all the answers- thankfully the church is far wider, richer, and deeper than we care to realise.

    1. 21:16, whaaaaaaat?!

      Seriously, a good, well-informed comment. And I broadly agree with it.

      But the 'imperialisation' of the Church under Constantine was not entirely a rum deal. Constantine himself was a unifying factor in the theological division driven by Arianism, a heresy that threatened to result in serious schism in the Church over the denial of Christ's divinity by the Egyptian priest Arius and his followers. Constantine used his imperial weight to force the lancing of this Christological boil at Nicea in 325.

  2. Seems the only response that will work is to offer an alternative Church. However in Ireland especially will the sheep jump fields

  3. A very interesting comment Anon @ 21:16. Thank you.
    I don't recognise your 'writing style' and wonder if you've commented before/recently. Adopting a handle/pseudonym would help me watch out for any future comments you make, which would prob. be similarly interesting.

  4. The reason why Christianity is to blame for so much suffering is the teaching of love. Love is risky in the sense that it demands too much of the person and has them acting as if they know what is best for others. The Eastern teaching of compassion is vastly superior. Compassion insists that you do your best to dialogue with the other person so that you can put yourself in their place. Love has a patronising side while compassion recognises that risk and does all it can to avert it.

    Also if Catholicism is a man-made religion, calling somebody Catholic is really just a word. It has as much validity as saying a man from Rainville is a Rainvillian. There would be nothing special about the label except as a social appellation.

    As the creed says the Church is one and holy and Catholic (Catholic means it has the truth for all people and is an implicit claim to infallibility or access to unerring teachings) and apostolic the implication is that a person who knows what the Church teaches and denies it is no longer a believing Catholic but a cherry-picker. They may be culturally Catholic but even an atheist who was never baptised can manage that! Christ was very severe against those who were recognised as Jews but who were not really because their hearts were full of sin and heresy and pretence. Catholic Pharisees exist too.

    1. I dont see much wrong with eating good cherries and not eating rotten ones?

    2. Your ecclesial overview of Catholicism might be more alluring were it not missing one fundamental component: unconditional and all-inclusive love of neighbour.

      Jesus clearly meant his followers to love in this way. But this is most emphatically not what Roman Catholicism has taught for many centuries, and still does not teach. Its teaching on love allows for the taking of human life, whereas Christ's values all life to the point of dying for it. In this serious deviation from Christ's explicit teaching on the matter, Roman Catholicism IS man-made.

  5. why not be more radical? The Christian gospel with its preaching of hell etc. created a fanatical cult that burnt people at the stake -- and all its branches had a penchant for dictators, not just the Roman branch -- so why not just dump the whole show? Calling yourself a "bishop" labels you as very much part of the establishment, a would-be member of the cesaro-papist gang. you are doing a very good job of destroying the RCC, but you may find that nothing of the Christian myth survives your ministrations, and what role for a "bishop" then???

  6. Thank you for your comment challenge.

    I think that the Christian Gospel is far more about love than Hell and Jesus himself said little of hell and what he did say was said in parables.

    His two great commandments were love of God and neighbour.

    While not at all thinking that Christianity has ALL THE TRUTH it is none the less, for me, that facet of the SPIRITUAL DIAMOND in which I express SPIRIT.

    I see bishops, priests and deacons as servants and not in any way masters.

    I love to SERVE and I hope I am not too bad at it.

    the CHRISTIAN "MYTH" - to use the deeper meaning of myth is greater than man made things.

    I think that the Christian myth - as well as the Buddhist, Hindu myth etc is lasting.

    But I totally respect your view :-)

  7. I just wish , Pat, that you had set out to reform from within, us sheep might have had more understanding than you gave us credit for back then
    BTW..I never read that far back into your history.I've just recently took up blog reading.
    Glad I was dreaming yesterday when I saw this blog.
    My reply to it is...nice teeth...never heard tell of him before.

    Bishops..I don't rate.

  8. I never left - on indeed set out to reform.

    I had leaving and reformation thrust upon me :-)

    I am still WITHIN - within Christ, within the church (The People of God,

    Also in my 30's I did not have the wisdom / experience I have now.

  9. Thank you Pat
    I prob worded previous post badly
    Still loving your's giving me a better understanding of faith and it's good to talk with a real servant of God.
    I do know a few others too, but they few and far between.

  10. For God's sake be careful with your praise :-)

    I am only a leaky bucket :-)

  11. Is it not possible to give these new bishops a chance! Monaghan Eamon Martin etc?
    Tiberius - I think was made an Emperor because everyone thought he was a pussy-cat - turned out to be formidable.

    1. They are all summed up in a book published some years sgo - NO LIONS IN THE HIERARCHY.

      If Monahan is any better it will be a mirale!

  12. Is it possible to comment relating to categories - having to refer to times of postin is frustrating and inordinately messy.



      Does this mean down and connor have been spared him as an auxiliary bishop? I remember him as a deacon yes a deacon driving around Poleglass in his BMW. People in Poleglass hadn't a pot to you know what in and there he was driving around and lecturing people he was quite the little know it all.

      Cheers Pat

    2. TB sees all new jobs as steps to a mitre.

      I wouldn't care what he drove - he is from a wealthy family - if he wasn't such a jerk!

    3. TB is a great name for him.

      Eradication is the only answer :-)

    4. His family are not all that wealthy - they were small corner shopkeepers. But he certainly is a jerk.

      He himself tried, as a priest, to launch himself in the business world - something forbidden in canon law.

      He was running an eatery - Fatty Arbuckles - much to the merriment of many clergy all over Ireland who are aware of Bartlett's ambitions and girth. It flopped. Went fatty belly up lol.

      Then he went into the grief industry - Memory Cards - but that died a death too.

      He's hoping his episcopal scheming has much greater success. Everyone else is hoping otherwise.

    5. Bartlett as a deacon in Poleglass this I do remember. Driving his Beamer and the priests of the parish in their wee cars. Paddy Mac in an aul banger of a Honda and Fr Pat in a wee Renault. And Deacan Tim preaching over everyone's heads in the chapel. "Where the f*** did they dig him out of?" was what we were asking. He was shiteing himself too in case the hoods stole his Beamer lol

  13. Anon 21.16 I loved what you said. It gives me hope because I do find that it feels like an Angry Jesus In the Roman Catholic world. I too think he would be mystified by what he would find today in the West. I have nothing like your eloquence or knowledge to express this feeling. All I know is that for a while now I have found Roman Catholicism largely oppressive and the staunch advocates of such bitter and punitive in manner - like whatever you do is against God's teaching so that there is no joy in calling oneself a Catholic.

  14. What is Bartletts history. Where is he from etc

    1. He is from North Belfast. He joined the Christian Brudders very briefly before realising that you couldn't become a bishop if you were a brudder.

      In the Wing, he was known as Extreme Unction on account of his fawning sycophantics towards anyone he thought useful or important to his advancement in the Church.

      He is one of the most scheming and conniving clerical careerists currently climbing up the slippery pole.

      He served as PR for Sean Cardinal Liability Brady and it was Timbo who invented the wondrous epithet, "Wounded Healer", for the lumbering injurer who quizzed teenage boy victims of Brendan Smyth about whether they got erections as a result of Smyth's sexual assaults and then swore them to secrecy.

      Timo is very friendly with some of the illustrious faculty of SPC, Maynooth.

      Those are just some biographical details of the intrepid entrepreneur and clerical ambitionist, Timo Bartlett. Others might have some further fascinating info/facts.

    2. 17:09, so what you sayin',then, Dave?

  15. Anyone got a photo of this Bartlett fellow?
    Since I have a lively imagination and from what is being said about him continuously on this blog for the two years plus I've followed it, I've conjured up a wholly unsavoury mental image. But I wouldn't like to do the good fellow an injustice.
    So a photo might dispel any false impression. They say a picture paints a thousand words.

  16. Priests in Armagh have told me that Cardinal Brady did not put these crude questions to the two boys - it is not now - nor has it ever been I his nature to as coarse as that!
    It was another 'investigator' - who was never investigated himself - and is now deceased!
    For 17.09

  17. Replies
    1. Great pic of Timo praying "pleeeeze pleeeeeeze pleeeeeeeeze pretty pretty pleeeeeeeze make me a bishop". Lol

  18. Pip, I don't care what priests in Armagh have told you. The questions were part of a formula. Brady didn't compose them. But he would have had to ask them (or the other priest, it makes no difference). It was his "duty" to pose the questions. Sure wasn't he only following orders? It was his duty to record the answers. One of the victims, Brendan Boland, has described the nature of those questions. I believe Brendan Boland. I don't believe the so-called "wounded healer".

  19. Timo "praying" - now that photo is rare find!

  20. Such a question is part of a formula!
    Have you a copy of the formulated questions? Where did you get hem? What are they? I find it impossible to believe that such questions could even be considered - totally inappropriate and coarse!
    It was not the Cardinal's duty to pose the questions - but to record as a note taker - the answers!
    Yes - I do believe the priests I spoke to!

    1. Brendan Boland has written about all of this in his book, Pip. He is one of the victims Brady interviewed. But sure just you go on believing the "wounded healer" if that's what makes you feel good. Many other priests in Armagh, let me assure you, would not be so ready to let Brady off the hook.

    2. I have seen a copy of those questions. That commenter is correct in every aspect of his post. Such coarse and disgraceful questions WERE asked of those boys in an attempt to shift blame for what occurred from Fr Smyth to those youngsters.

    3. Well said, Magna Carta!

  21. What is the story re D&C getting a new auxillary Bishop?

    1. There is no story. D&C doesn't need an auxiliary bishop. Dublin is doing well without auxiliary bishops. Vicars Forane can help with confirmations. D&C certainly doesn't need Bartlett as an auxiliary bishop. Auxiliary bishops are all very well in very large geographical areas. No need for them in Ireland. In fact Ireland has no need of all the bishops we have currently. The number of dioceses and bishops should be reduced. All these bishops running about is a cod and an opportunity for self-serving careerists to promote themselves - which is what Bartlett spends his time doing.

    2. If Bartlett was appointed to a parish he would keek himself.

  22. Pip..he was a 35 year old cannon lawyer then.
    Most men at that age are married and rearing young boys...and trying to earn a crust.
    Stop defending that Brady man
    ..he should have resigned when his deed got exposed
    Priests in Armagh told you...yea sure

  23. +Pat, I really enjoyed today's blog. God has gifted you with wit: the photo of the Bishop-elect and his dog (he's the one on the left!!!!) had me almost incontinent with laughter; it's better than the wee joke / test-quiz I ask my grandchildren as to how to spot the Pig-Farmer in the Pig-shed. (Answer: He's the one with the hat on.)
    +Pat, I do suspect that Christianity and Romanism are not fully equal. since picking up the word of God, I have come to realize the unique love of God. I have accepted - in prayer - that Christ took the punishment for my sins on the Cross, +Pat (2 Cor. 5:21) and that neither Padre Pero's glove, a vial of finger-waving john paul ii's blood or the hallucinations of Margaret Mary or Faustina will save me. No: because only Christ can save me - He raises from the guttermost and saves to the uttermost. No need to calculate indulgences or other man-made mechanisms. What a wonderful Saviour is Jesus our Lord. We don't need to insult Him by trying to purchase our way into Heaven - such is an insult to His Vicarious Sacrifice. Yes +Pat, the Jansenistic / De La Salle formative knowledge of God is so different to the REAL God I now know.The Book and the Blood.
    Jarlath Vaughan

    1. Jarlath, little do you seem to know, that Jansenism has far more in common with the Calvinist nonsense you have affected to yourself (the jargon of bible-thumping paisleyites), than it has with Catholicism properly understood.

    2. Jarlath Vaughan's "born again" religious fervour is every bit as creepy and off putting as the more spooky forms of Catholicism.

    3. 21:31, er, Scripture is 'Calvinist nonsense'? You need a raincheck.

    4. 21:42, what's creepy about putting faith in God's word?

    5. Playing silly beggars as usual MC. Scripture of course is not Calvinist. Calvinism is unscriptural. There's nothing creepy about putting faith in God's Word. Jarlath though seems to think everyone else's faith (especially the poor benighted Catholics) is deficient and that only the "enlightened" like him know the "REAL" God. It's actually a very ancient heresy.

    6. 'Playing silly beggars'? My! A lot of intellectual effort went into that rebuttal.

      'Jarlath seems to think...'? Your cerebral talent doesn't stop at intellectualism, does it? It extends to heightened imagination as well. Jarlath said nothing that could be interpreted as you have done.

      Learn to read what's actually on the page and not in your head.

    7. Another scathing retort from Maggie Carter lol

      Here's what Jarlath Vaughan actually said: "We don't need to insult Him by trying to purchase our way into Heaven - such is an insult to His Vicarious Sacrifice. Yes +Pat, the Jansenistic / De La Salle formative knowledge of God is so different to the REAL God I now know.The Book and the Blood."

      It is a common slur against Catholics by esoteric "super-Christians", that they try to purchase their way into Heaven.

      Save your put downs for someone you might succeed in intimidating you acid-tongued old queen. ;)

    8. 10:07: Oh, dear! You're still smarting, aren't you old girl? And your silly little hissy fit has made you irrational, too. Catholics still do (some of them at least) think they can 'purchase' a place in Heaven by performing so-called 'good works' (which, actually, are works
      self-interest since they lack charity). There remains in Catholicism a strong undercurrent of Jansenism. So Jarlath is absolutely right, just not in the obtuse way you believe.

  24. Dear Pat, a few thoughts on this blog:

    Fintan Monahan is actually a very nice and decent man. I think he will be good to people. Most bishops are good hearted men doing their best. Some, indeed, are a waste of space. It's how things go. Fintan though deserves a chance.

    "Catholics with a small c", "free Catholics", "Irish Catholics", "Roman" Catholics for that matter: There is an institutional dimension to the Church that is inavoidable and even necessary. Aspects of the human institution will be sinful.

    However, what Christ established and promised to be with, what He said the gates of Hell would never prevail against - is what counts.

    You cannot write Peter out of the New Testament. You cannot reinvent the Catholic Church in your own image and likeness.

    The Irish people in the past refused to be severed from Peter and from the Catholic Faith that comes from the apostles. They resisted attempts to impose another form of Christianity on them against their will because it was not what their forbears had received from the saints of old. They suffered and died rather than submit.

    All the abuses and aberrations you highlight are real - part of the reality. But they are not its sum total. The weeds grow among the wheat until the end time harvest.

    Christ is not more "orthodox than Catholic" as one commentator has said in today's comments. He is the fullness of both. There is no dichotomy. St JP II said that the Orthodox East and Catholic West are the "two lungs of the Church". Both are needed for vitality.

    The early Celtic Church would have been very much influenced by Byzantine Christianity but it was before the Great Schism and there is no history of being anti-Rome in our Irish Catholic faith-heritage - quite the opposite - there is an an ancient and close affinity between Ireland and the See of Peter.

    Most of us do not experience the Church as an "RC Empire". The Church, until it is perfected at the end of time, is sinful on account of its members but also holy on account of the great love that is also present in so many of the baptised and ordained who are faithful. Sin abounds but grace does more abound.

    1. You poor long-winded fool, Peter can write himself out of allegiance to Christ by disobedience to his will

    2. Seeing as you take Jesus so literally MC - remember where He said: "if you call your brother:sister a fool you shall answer for it in hell fire".

      Peter, in fact, did not write himself out of allegiance to Christ, even though he sinned and was at times disobedient.

      Are you always fully compliant, totally obedient, to the Will of God, MC? You need to take a good long look at yourself.

    3. 09:59, didn't an exasperated Christ, straining on his apostolic tether, once exclaim to his followers: How long am I to bear with you? It was Jesus' polite way of letting his groupies know that he was thoroughly pissed off with them. Right now I know exactly how he felt; I really do.

      If uttering the word 'hell' at a brother, sister (or whatever) damns one, then Jesus himself is already in that eternal barbecue, because he called the Pharisees 'fools!'. (Check out Luke 11: 39 through 40.)

      'Peter' is not in allegiance with Christ at a most fundamental and scriptural level: that of unconditional and all-inclusive love. Peter does not value All human life since he permits the taking of it in particular circumstances. Christ permits no such thing. In fact a New Testament writer is unequivocal about the correlation of loving neighbour and God: He who says he loves God and hates his brother is a liar.

      Permitting the killing of people, as Peter disobediently does, is not an act of love, but an expression of utter contempt for human life.

    4. You really are obtuse, Magna Carta. Jesus Christ cannot possibly be in Hell because He called the Pharisees "fools" because He is Almighty God. He is the arbitrator - the Giver of the Law - the Maker of the rules. He is not subject to anyone or anything. If God calls a man a fool, He has good grounds to do so and let that man tremble and repent.

      You also, it appears again and again, have an obsession with the death penalty. The Catholic Church, whilst allowing for its use by the State as a last resort, opposes the death penalty and St John Paul II persistently opposed it and argued against it.

      All of that will be lost on you because you are an extremist, Magna Carta. It is impossible to reason with a fanatic's closed mind.

    5. Not uttering the word "hell" at a brother or sister but calling him or her "you fool" can incur the judgement of hellfire.

      God, you must know, is subject to no one's judgement so - if God calls you a fool - you are in deep doo doo!

      The death penalty is sanctioned by Scripture by the way.

    6. Dear God in Heaven! You're actually serious, aren't you?

      Jesus set the example that we are to follow. Yes? So if he can call people 'fools', then so may we. And as that particular cap fits you right now, I shall cheerfully and truthfully call you what you actually are: an utter and incorrigible FOOL. No offence.

      Oh! As for the Catholic Church's traditional approval of the death penalty (against the express teaching of Christ), you do know, don't you, that popes once employed their own executioners? No, I don't suppose you do. Well, here's another tidbit for you: at one time, the pope's executioner was paid 3 lire for each beheading. So much for faithful 'Peter'. Yes, Roman Catholicism is, and always has been, unswervingly true to Jesus' teaching. (Being the fool you so obviously are, I thought I'd better point out the sarcasm of that remark.)

    7. 11:59, God's word is IN Scripture, but it is not the whole of Scripture. (Sigh) I'm surrounded by half-wits, but I'm not sure you merit this much praise.

      Jesus made his universal (and transcendent of time and place) condemnation of the death penalty known when hr spoke these words: 'Let he among you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone.' I've lost you, haven't I?

      Let me explain. There was never a time when fallen humanity was without sin THEREFORE there was never a time when the death penalty was morally appropriate. Duh!

      Scripture is the word of God THROUGH the word of men. Those prescriptions for the death penalty in the Old Testament came not from God, but from men.

      Besides, you idiot, Jesus tells us to LOVE our enemies. Is it an act of such love to put someone to death against his will? (Don't make an arse of yourself by answering 'yes'.)

  25. With regard to Annonymous (faceless) @ 21:31 and Annonymous (faceless) @ 21:42, I would simply say this: get used to the liberty of free speech and religious liberty. I don't know what yours is - nor do I give a toss - but I will speak and pray, as I please, unfettered to God and unhindered by two-a-penny, corner-boy critics. And again, I say fearlessly and daringlyL FOR THE BOOK AND THE BLOOD.
    Jarlath Vaughan

  26. With regard to Annonymous (faceless) @ 21:31 and Annonymous (faceless) @ 21:42, I would simply say this: get used to the liberty of free speech and religious liberty. I don't know what yours is - nor do I give a toss - but I will speak and pray, as I please, unfettered to God and unhindered by two-a-penny, corner-boy critics. And again, I say fearlessly and daringlyL FOR THE BOOK AND THE BLOOD.
    Jarlath Vaughan

  27. +Pat, when I receive a patronising response from a (faceless, of course) critic, I am immediately struck by 3 noteworthy aspects of the critics' responses:
    i) Patronising;
    2)Know-it-all / Didactic (with an in-built intention of making me seem not erudite)

    +Pat, this is a forum available to us - courtesy of you - and I am happy enough to take on the undesirables who have a go at me through this very effective forum.
    What a pity my critics lurch behind anonymity. Would my critics - perhaps - like to shoehorn me into their religious system? I wonder. Ever heard of civil and religious liberties?
    Jarlath Vaughan (Always fearless).

    1. Jarlath, Jarlath, don't take on so. Civil and religious liberties also extend to those who disagree with your religious ideas.

  28. Magna Carta,
    I am perfectly well aware that the coarse questions were asked! Never denied that. - but what I am saying is that the commenter -2013 states that these were part of a formula! This I query and find impossible to believe! A canonical investigation would not have such questions as part of an official, specific questionairre!
    It was never and is still not in Cardinal Brady's nature to ask such questions!
    Thiese were asked by one of the other TWO priests - the principal suspect now deceased! He was never interrogated by journalists or the Bainbridge (was it?) investigation.
    I am no fan of the Cardinal.
    In making diocesan changes several years ago he nearly caused the death of one of his priests - a good friend of mine - did not listen to what he was told!

    1. Pip, the questions WERE part of the official questionnaire which the children had to answer - whether you are willing to believe it or not is an irrelevance. I suggest you read Brendan Boland's book - the testimony of a victim. Google it. It's on Amazon too.

    2. How the hell do you know it was not in his nature to ask such intrusive and revolting questions? Christ! You idiot! These questions WERE asked, I assure you. I have seen them. Brady was a revolting moral coward, but your head is wilfully plunged in the sand of self-deception. Grow up, for Heaven's sake!

    3. Sean Brady' "nature" was and is to do ANYTHING the church asks him to do.

      Thats how he got where he is.

      If the church asked him to make two boys "disappear" he would at least give it serious thought.

      He is and was an ecclesiastical robot!

  29. Is there any chance that TB will become bishop of Clogher? All change here at the moment so here's hoping that Tim doesn't get moved to Monaghan - we need a fresh start not a clerical careerist climbing the greasy pole.

  30. Who cares whither he does or not
    Another Tim Is neither here or there
    Bishops are no relevant

  31. Thing is pip, the fact that he was present when those obscene questions were asked of children makes him just as guilty.

  32. It does seem to be very easy to get Magna Carta to go ballistic!
    Just let him know what an unpleasant, arrogant, volatile and explosive pin--head he is - with a serious comprehension problem. It is quite possible - as noted elsewhere he does seem to believe that he is God.
    Pip & Sam Fan

  33. If you are not God, Maggie Cathatchera, are you a Rockweiller?
    The Fan Club

    1. I'm a sweet little poodle. Really.

    2. An awful pity Downton Abbey series came to a close. Maggie would have made a great character: Dame Margaret Carter, Dowager Duchess of Diddlesberry, whose acid tongue did every servant dread. Lol

    3. 13:35, thank you for that wonderful, backhanded compliment.

  34. Your pantomime dame/ugly sister attempts at withering sarcasm are wasted on me, Mags ;-)

    Jesus said: "Anyone who calls his brother a fool shall answer for it in hell fire". The Creator is not bound by the rules He makes binding on the creatures. If Jesus calls someone "fool", He can do so. Unlike us, God is not answerable. We, however, have no such right.

    Of course I know that, once upon a time, Popes employed executioners. It was the norm throughout society.

    And seeing as you are such a biblical literalist on the this particular subject, can you provide chapter and verse where Jesus expressly mentioned and forbade the death penalty?

    As regards Jesus' teaching on unconditional and all-inclusive love, all I can say is, Mags, it positively oooooozes from your every utterance. You are such a shining example of tolerance, humility and acceptance. You would have made a great medieval pope! :-D

    1. Oh, I don't think my sarcasm is wasted on you: I think every missile was bang on target. (You're a glutton for punishment, aren't you?)

      And Jesus called us to imitate his example, didn't he? So calling someone like you fool (or any of its verbal equivalents, e.g. dickhead, ass, moron, etc) can't be a damnable offence, now can it? Which means (have you managed to work this out for yourself?) that he was speaking FIGURATIVELY about the eternal punishment for that word. Isn't that great news? Cos I can now call you 'pratt', 'asshole', 'prick', etc with complete moral impunity...provided I was telling the truth (which, of course I would be).

  35. Sorry, Mags, "old girl", but use of the death penalty as an option may always need to be in place in the case of those who are intrinsically dangerous to society. For example, a policeman has the chance to take out a suicide bomber before he kills scores of people. The most "loving" thing to do is stop him killing all those innocent people.

    In any case, the Catholic Church TODAY does not advocate the death penalty but actively discourages it. Nowadays, there is no necessity for the death penalty as the penal system is mostly pretty secure and effective in protecting society.

    1. But would the policeman's action be loving of the enemy: the would-be bomber?

  36. Off topic, but Mourne Man Michael commented on a contribution I made in the last blog, first comment. Thanks for your complimentary tone as I value your numerous and sensible contributions. I don't know whether you are a Christian, agnostic, atheist or whatever but I salute the respect you show other contributors and the obvious quest for truth which we all share irrespective of belief or tradition. In my opinion, you are a man of good will which by the way the rc church keeps addressing its thoughts to. I btw am a former priest who got so disgusted by the 'dirty rotten system' (not my words but Dorothy Day's whose supporters include Pope Francis) that I left and got married like most normal, mortal, ordinary folk. keep me in your prayers and thoughts. I still strive to be a good Christian despite the fact that many have written me off as a defector and judas. Hard words i know.

  37. Thank you Anon @ 17:30, 27/9. Much appreciated.
    I left seminary just before sub-diaconate in 1967, and kept up RC observances for about three years after, largely due to the sensible ministry of Jesuit University chaplain. It was more his warm intelligent manner and practice than any 'preaching or teaching'. Afterwards I gradually drifted away as the cultural tribal ties diminished while living and working in England to point where religious requirements became seen as utterly meaningless. (As opposed to the requirements to lead an ethical life following what I later learned was the Golden Rule) The idea of there being a creative deity personally involved or interested in earth's happenings just became more unbelieveable.
    Only about five years ago I 'discovered' Humanism: a Eureka moment, to find that there is indeed a coherent belief system outside creationism.
    So 'Good without God', while being a Humanist tradition, is also very much my modus vivendi
    Keep posting those interesting comments.

  38. Magna Carta at 13:37 - I have come to the conclusion that you are a particularly nasty, moronic and poisonous little piece of work. Right back atcha. Cheerio.

  39. What did disgust you about the 'dirty rotten system 17.30?
    What was dirty and rotten?
    We have a good priest who take good care of this parish in every sense - frequent if not a daily to the hospitals, excellent care of the sick. Knows every man, woman, child, car dog and doll in the place! We have a fully operational pastoral council and a completely informed (and listened to) finance committee.
    Most of our parishes seem to be operating well.
    This morning's gospel mentions '.... Once you put your hand to the plough you do not look back.' I would never blame anyone for leaving the priesthood or religious life since it is Impossible to work with a broken plough ... However if your plough was not broken I would like to know what you mean by the 'dirty, rotten system' - so that if there is something fundamentally wrong it might be fixed.
    Could our priest be doing so well since - as far as bishops, VGs etc are concerned - he tells me he avoids them like the plague.
    Pip and Sam Fan,
    Still,a lot f good out there

  40. "But would the policeman's action be loving of the enemy: the would-be bomber?" Dame Maggie Carta.

    Sure, just like when he said to call no one a "fool", maybe Jesus was only speaking figuratively about all that love business, you twat? No? :)

  41. 00.49
    How long did it take you to arrive at that conclusion?
    Perhaps someone is putting powdered caustic soda on his cornflakes instead of sugar.
    He is in urgent need of care, attention and re-habilitation before being permitted entry (if not re-entry) into the human race -
    Would gladly help.
    Is there a qualified MD who can give an adequate diagnosis - and is it possible that there is any hope for a favourable prognosis?
    Pip & Sam Fan Club - getting bigger - have passed Donald Trump in the polls!