Tuesday, 20 September 2016



THE BLOG has been given a copy of a recent letter to the Papal Nuncio - CHARLES BROWN 

- from concerned people in the Diocese of Ferns claiming that there is a strong HOMOSEXUAL SUBCULTURE in the diocese!


The letter (redacted) reads:

Dear Papal Nuncio,

We as a number of concerned parents write to you regarding the Diocese of Ferns with the issues and relationships which will be exposed in time in the local and national media. We are part of a network of parents who are exhausted of what has been tolerated and promoted in the Ferns Diocese under (Bishop) Eamon Walsh and especially (Bishop) Denis Brennan.

Everyone is aware that Denis Brennan was "not well" when he was parish priest of Taghmon before Eamon Walsh nominated him as Bishop of Ferns. How Denis Brennan was appointed, with his case history, is a question we are all asking?

We feel that there is a policy of promoting men from the gay subculture within the diocese. Continuous and persistent rumours are circulating about this. 

Pope Francis has spoken recently regarding the danger of clerical homosexual behaviour. Maynooth College is now highlighted with a similar culture as was St Peter's College in Wexford in the recent Ferns Report. 

Below are examples of gay clergy and their promotions:

Father XXXXX XXXXXXX who is the xxxxxxxxxxx in the Diocese is well known for his affair with Father XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX. They have shared houses together in various locations. 

There are also strong rumours about financial irregularities concerning these priests.

Father XXXXXX XXXXXXXX PP of XXXXXXXX is a known active homosexual. Father XXXXXXXX is also in a relationship with Father XXXXXXX XXXXXXX who is PP of XXXXXXXX.

Father XXXXX XXXXXXX PP of XXXXXXXXXXX is in a relationship with Bernard, an Asian businessman in his 30's who works part time outside Ireland. They are known to the Garda! 

Father XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX was appointed last year to XXXXXXXXX but refused to go because his boyfriend lives in the priest's private house where he ministers. He demanded XXXXXXXXX parish instead and was given it!

Father XXXXXXX XXXXXXX was appointed PP by Bishop Eamon Walsh even though he was not next in line for a parish and he is in an active and public relationship with a lay man called XXXXXX XXXXXXXX. They take morning beach walks together and Father XXXXXXX XXXXXXX also has diocesan responsibilities.

Father XXXXXX XXXXXXX is in XXXXXXXXX and his boyfriend lives in his parish. 

Certain clergy have been called to the Bishop's House by Bishop Brennan and Father XXXXXX XXXXXXXX regarding anonymous letters received about these priests being involved with women. 

Other priests were called in after anonymous letters were received about priests being involved in gay relationships. 


What is heartbreaking is that so many families have already suffered physical and emotional abuse by clergy, especially FATHER SEAN FORTUNE, and these abuses are continuing by other clergy.

There is a serious homosexual / gay culture here in Ferns Diocese and people are asking if we need to contact Rome regarding this and address this to save the diocese. 

This really needs to be addressed. The media have been contacted regarding the same and they know. 

We would leave our names and addresses as parents but we are fearful that our children would be targeted in our schools by the gay clergy/ Perhaps we have to in time? If needs be, we will. 

We would ask you, Archbishop Brown, to contact Bishop Brennan privately and directly and ask him to attend a meeting with you and take it from there. 

We as parents would like to write to Pope Francis directly - if we could find an address and a proper line of communication.

Good and Loyal Parents of Wexford".


Dear Parents,

Thank you for sending me a copy of your letter to the papal nuncio.

Sadly, in writing to him, you are wasting your time :-(  He will not act. He is part of the problem. 

The ONLY WAY to get action on your problem is to GO PUBLIC in the local and national MEDIA.

To help you with that I have passed your letter yesterday to the newspaper THE WEXFORD PEOPLE and I was told that the story would appear in TODAY'S edition of that paper.

I want to help you more.

I am willing to travel to DUBLIN or indeed to WEXFORD to meet with you as a group.

Please contact me by telephone on DUBLIN 01 5133199.

The rampant gay subculture of your diocesan seminary - St Peter's - has obviously infected your whole diocese.

Dysfunctional seminaries (like Maynooth and St Peters) lead to dysfunctional dioceses and a dysfunctional priesthood! 

Sincerely yours,

Bishop Pat





  1. He has appointed a whole swathe of neo-cons in the past five years as bishops. Obedient little men with petty agendas and no vision or leadership qualities. They'll hasten the demise of an almost sunk church.

    1. You are right. Browne, Kerry! Nulty, Kildare! Doran, Elphin! O'Reilly, Cashel! McKeown, Derry! Cullinan, Waterford!

      No substance. No courage. No principles. No vision. No leadership.

      Bland. Blind. Blinkered.

      All leading to oblivion.

  2. What we need are decent, traditional minded, intelligent men to lead our dioceses. Returning to tradition is the only safe guard. Since the start of discussions prior to Vatican II and since the disaster that was Vatican II we have had a decaying church focusing on modernity and the personality of the priest. There are so few humble, prayerful priests working to save souls in Ireland. They are only concerned about themselves... how they look, what car they have, how nice their houses are, holidays, being popular. The sex scandals is the current scandal, the next will be financial scandals. We need Holy men who pray to become priests. These men...bishops included do not live Holy lives. We must return to tradition. Look at the Society of Saint Pius X, who incidentally I used to despise for their breaking away, but they are Holy priests, they are prayerful, not concerned with money or image, only in saving souls. They remained loyal to tradition and it has been fruitful. That is how you know the worth of a tree...by the fruit it bears. The church since Vatican II has been producing rotting fruit.

    1. You're a reactionary idiot. What about all the sexual abusers, etc. before Vat 2? Also, some of those with appearances and pretensions towards "tradition", when they hang up their cassocks and lace gowns, they are straight down to the gay bars and hook ups. Wise up. What we need is HONESTY as well as holiness. In a word - AUTHENTICITY!

    2. The SSPX priesthood does indeed come across and sincere and holy. But the fact remains that it knowingly performed invalid absolutions from sin. It had no faculties from the Vatican to absolve sins and Catholic teaching is any absolution given without faculties is invalid. The SSPX confessional is a con, and a serious con, by any standards and proves the power of self-deception. Christ said the Pharisees would go to any lengths to appear holy and they would suffer to get a convert only to turn him into a hypocrite like themselves. It is no wonder that the New Testament teaches that there will be a lot of surprises on the day of judgement with so called saints being sent to Hell.

  3. The church lost all credibility when it issued Humanae Vitae. Priests,nuns, bishops and all the laity rebelled against it and saw it as an abuse of power. It further lost credibility with the child abuse scandals - the institution had become more important than the people and the gospels. Added to that it imposed on every one a pompous archaic - extremely expensive new mass. There has been no freedom of speech in the church since 1978 - the great theologians were silenced. John Paul 11 forbade any discussion on married priest and so has brought about a homosexual priesthood. (I have nothing against gay marriage, married priests or women priests) Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The church has become a sick abnormal joke.

  4. Anyone know what has happened to Father James Doyle from Ferns who featured in the Ferns Report?

  5. If, as we are told here on this blog, the Catholic priesthood mainly consists of gay men, well, who else have the bishops - who are also probably gay - got to appoint to the various parishes?

    1. Suppose they could move them around, so that their mates would be far from them
      Just like they did with the child abusers
      Also us gullible Parishioner Could stop funding them.

  6. Parishes should appoint from within their communities those who feel called to ministry and rotate every couple of years.
    We don't need decorations anymore ,now that people are educated.
    In the past we didn't have universal education.
    Does anyone posting here think that we won't enjoy the afterlife(if there is one) just because we don't practice religion according to Rome

    1. I believe that there is a God and an afterlife.

      Whether you belong to Rome or not will NOT affect you going there.

      In fact "BELONGING" to Rome, in the wrong sense, could be a problem!

    2. Thank you Pat, I've always worried that if a baby wasn't baptised he/ she would not enter Into the heaven as others do.

    3. Little babies and children are most special to God and will fly into Heaven regardless :-)

    4. Yeap, more pastors and less priestcraft. Get rid of the celibacy rule except for monks, nuns and those in orders if they so desire.How can one give a kiss of life to a dying church in the West in the twenty first century if the very institution rules against those wanting to be pastors with medieval rules made by an eleventh century pope-king who would most probably be burning in some eleventh level of hell if there ever were such a place.

  7. Unless you become like little children you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven!
    Seems to me that the Lord has give a safe passage to these innocent little ones guaranteed!!!!!

    1. And yet some were buried outside the consecrated grave areas.
      I hope that practice is now obsolete

    2. What has babies going to heaven to do with the priests in Wexford hopping in and out of bed?

    3. Nothing , but thanks for a giggle
      This is a blog by a lovely man who keeps us informed
      So naturally any question is allowed...ok

    4. Yes. ALL questions are allowed and ALL points of view can be expressed :-)

    5. The question also indicates that people's deepest concerns and fears are influenced by these people.

  8. Reading this in the Wexford People today it seems to me that these so-called "good and loyal parents of Wexford" (yeah right) are, in reality, a few nut jobs whose strings are being pulled by a small number of dysfunctional misfits in the clergy.

    According to these lunatics - "What is heartbreaking is that so many families have already suffered physical and emotional abuse by clergy, especially FATHER SEAN FORTUNE, and these abuses are continuing by other clergy".

    Are these loons saying that there is another, or other, Sean Fortune(s) continuing to abuse and cause heartbreak? If so, let them get down to the local Garda station immediately!

    In reality, however, the "good and loyal parents" is a gather-up of self-styled morons who have a very specific agenda. And there is a clerical collar, or two or three, orchestrating the whole load of bullshit.

    Bishop Brennan is one of the kindest and most decent men you would ever have the pleasure of meeting. He was just what the diocese needed after the Brendan Comiskey years of disaster. Bishop Brennan is a true priest of the people who knows County Wexford and the diocese of Ferns through and through.

    We are not stupid. Decent Catholic people in the diocese of Ferns see through this spiteful masquerade by a few (very few) head cases manipulated by one, two, maybe three, malevolent clergymen, who have little else to be doing.

    Ferns diocese parishioner.

    1. Ferns parishioner
      Dysfunctional Misfits....lunatics...loons...Morans...bullshit....spiteful masquerade
      Malevolent....3 clerical collars....lovely vocabulary...NOT
      Methinks you do protest too much...Don't you ?

    2. Anon at 14:03, as they say around these parts - go f*** yerself.

    3. Now, you have just LOST your case!

    4. Only saying what thousands are thinking! :-)

    5. In fairness - I should have pointed out that I am not Ferns diocese parishioner. I'm sure he or she speak for themselves.

  9. I had never heard of grindr until archbishop Martin drew it to my attention.He is so worried that he has withdrawn his seminarians to Rome because of active homosexuals. Perhaps he is a loon too with an malevolant adjenda. Something seems to be very wrong with the Catholic church, not only in Ireland but also in the UK. It needs to be investigated. At the end of the day, we pay for it. Any priest in a gay relationship, in the Catholic church is setting himself up to be blackmailed. It cannot be a healthy culture for anyone. The bishop may be very kind, but he is not doing the job he is paid for.

    1. In fact, Bishop Brennan is doing his job very well. There are "gay" priests in every diocese in the world. The bishop cannot "police" men who are not living as they are supposed to live. The bishop is not superhuman. Not many of us had heard of Grindr until Dermot Martin's intervention in the Maynooth scandal and his moving his innocent wee lambs out of harms way. I think we are agreed that priests living double lives is totally unacceptable. However I remain deeply sceptical about these so-called "good and loyal" Wexford people and the clerical goons pulling their strings.

    2. It seems then that the complainants have a case to prove?

      If things are as bad as they say they are going to have to step forward and push their case.

      If they do so we must give them a hearing.

    3. I question the judgment of the nuncio given his episcopal appointments. Doran is an egotist and adolescent. O'Reilly was a seminary professor in Africa and then a penpusher for the SMA in Cork- so that makes him eminently suitable for Cashel and Emily. Cullinane is an Opus Dei member so his 'option for the rich' will go down very well in economically deprived Waterford. Crean of Cloyne preached against the media at the recent diaconate ceremony in Maynooth, oblivious to the fact that at least two of the new ordinands were about to bring the seminary into disrepute- you hardly need to blame the media for all our woes. These new crop of bishops are very, very average by any standards. They are charisma free, intellectual lightweights, not politically astute, narrow minded and petty. They should barely make the grade as parish priests let alone bishops. How do they expect to rejuvenate a very tired and weary church?

  10. To get the Pope to appoint a special commissioner to come in appoint a new leader, close parishes, issue dire warnings and generally terrorise and 'kick ass', they have to have done something really terrible like the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate preferring the Latin Mass. These diocesan and seminary problems are minor compared to that one, of course.

  11. What do people and Priests feel and think of Brendan Leahy in Limerick ?.

  12. I am concerned that we are dealing with "concerned parents", the linkage of Sean Fortune with priests misbehaving sexually, and the reference to families who have suffered physical or emotional abuse by priests. The situations that these 'concerned parents' describe relate to consenting adults in relationships or having consensual sexual encounters. If true, it certainly seems to be the case that these priests are not living out the life for which they signed up and action should be taken. And if we were talking about cases of suspected abuse, then fair enough. But we aren't.

    I detect here an underlying note of homophobia and I am not sure, given the suspect motives of the 'concerned parents', that they should be indulged with publicity.

  13. I hope the people of Ferns contact you Pat and I know you will treat their names with respect. In CoE I believe the official line is that gay clergy are expected to remain celibate but in practice the reaction can range from complete tolerance to the opposite extreme. Many would say they are in a period of discernment-the jury is considering the issue... As for the ferns clergy Are they being "Appropriate" with each other and others. Are church funds being used as they should. Bishop needs to "man up" to use pun and not just tow the party line for the sake of a quiet life

  14. Pat you said that "the letter redacted reads:" Does this mean that you redacted the letter? Or that the original letter you received had all those XXXXXX's instead of names etc.?
    It seems very odd to me that anyone would send you a letter with these allegation and write XXXXXX instead of names of gay priests and then you would put it in your blog??
    If you did edit the contents of the letter and replaced the names and their jobs with XXXXXX's, I have to ask WHY?? You've named and shamed lots of gay priests in your blog, and even defenceless seminariens, but all of a sudden we are expected to believe there's lots of gay priests in one diocese? Unless of course you are protecting them by not naming them because the gay priests are your friends or acquaintances??
    This stinks to high heaven

    1. I redacted the letter.

      Unlike previous situations I did not know who sent the letter and was provided with no proof or evidence.

      I have no connection with Ferns and do not know any of the priests mentioned.

      If and when I meet the authors and satisfy myself about the truth of the stories I will publish names and details.

    2. "What is heartbreaking is that so many families have already suffered physical and emotional abuse by clergy, especially FATHER SEAN FORTUNE, and these abuses are continuing by other clergy".

      Sean Fortune's abuses are "continuing by other clergy"??? ARE THEY REALLY??? You "good and loyal" folk need to go to the Gardai urgently, if you know this to be true. Otherwise, you all are every bit as bad as Sean Fortune.

      I believe, however, this letter to the nuncio is a mischievous little exercise by a small group of malcontents with a very particular agenda.

      They do not know the difference between the reign of terror and utter devastation, wrought by a maniac like Sean Fortune, on Ferns diocese - and the ALLEGED activities of some ALLEGED "gay" priests they don't like.

      Bishop Brennan does not deserve the nasty antics of the individuals behind this vicious little exercise. He is an honourable and good man. He is held in the highest affection and esteem by the people and priests of the diocese. He is truly a genuine pastor chosen from among the good priests of Ferns - an inspired choice to tend our deeply wounded diocese.

      Only a very few twisted individuals could possibly be behind this slur and slander. One or two maladjusted clergy could also be involved. This group are neither "good" nor "loyal".

      As regards the priests they are accusing - let them put up or shut up.

      I think we will find, in due course, the "good and loyal" are really a spineless and evil little knitting circle, who have nothing better to do all day but plot devious schemes. They will never succeed.

      Ferns diocese parishioner.

    3. If there were more bishops in Ireland like +Denis Brennan we would be doing very well.

  15. We in Clogher are waiting on a new bishop and we despair at who we will get. We hope for an outsider because we've had local guys since 1970 and it's been one long disaster - no leadership or vision......our diocese is dying a slow death. We have 6 priests under 50 so we're up the creek without a paddle. An outsider can't be any worse. Please God it won't be Tim Bartlett......it may be Frank Bradley from Derry or Eugene Sweeney from Armagh.
    Some of you will say 'hang on a second, when did Clogher become vacant?' It becomes vacant at the end of this month - the dogs in the street knows it.

    1. Heaven preserve Clogher - and every other diocese - from Tim Bartlett!! Mind you Bartlett kissed Joe Useless Duffy's backside long and often enough.

      Eugene Sweeney is a good man though. He would be a good choice after Duffy and his clone, McDaid.

    2. Does Clgher really need a bishop now that there are so few clergy.
      Best if it were almalgamated with another area, it was always a very scattered dioceses.Another possibility is join with the Cof I.

    3. You need to brush up on your geography of Irish dioceses - Clogher is no more scattered than many other dioceses such as Tuam, Kerry, Meath, Killaloe, Down & Connor. Yes, we are vast in area, stretching from Bundoran on the Atlantic coast to within a few miles of Dundalk in the East but we do require a bishop soon. AS for joining with the C of I......not a bloody chance in a border diocese like Clogher!

  16. So homophobes anonymously denounce 8 gay priests. So different from Pope Francis: "If someone is gay and seeks earnestly after God, who am I to judge?", said with reference to gay priests.

  17. Yes, 71 in July past......bad health.